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3 Innovative Products Designed to Automate Shipping & Receiving

Automation Warehousing TechnologyTechnology has revamped processes in warehousing to make simple day to day tasks easy to perform while helping to save time.

Automated systems is the new buzzword in the shipping business describing the cluster of machinery, technology, and software that are highly sophisticated and engineered to get things done faster and with minimal errors and effort.

Here are three top-tier products designed to automate shipping and receiving at for warehousing, logistics, and related supply chain functions.

Automated Inventory Management Software (AIMS)

Automated Inventory Management Software or AIMS is warehouse management software that taps into the three main areas of manufacturing, distribution and the 3PL environment.

AIMS comes with features that assist in management of accounts, 3PL (third-party logistics) environment, management of orders, billings and invoices, RFID and Bar-code scanning as well as management of returns. Additionally, AIMS provides specs for managing shipment, inventories, purchases, demand planning as well as receiving and storage management.

One can also use the system for location control and customizing categorized processes in the warehouse. AIMS is basically the backbone of all virtual or physical tasks that happen in the warehouse.

Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS)

Also known as ASRS, Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems are systems used to send or fetch goods to and from their designated storage point. This system not only compliments the normal conveyor belts, it also provides a cheap and fast alternative to manual labor and conventional fork lifts.

ASRS handles goods of high density, tasks dedicate to sequential buffers or the mini load cranes and generally completing all scheduled goods-to-man orders.

The Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems comprise of a cluster of machines like the one level shuttle, unit loads, multi level shutter, mini load cranes, elevators among many others. There are advanced forms of ASRS; two common ones include the Robotic ASRS and the High Speed Buffer ASRS.

The Robotic ASRS can palletize goods and stock them in a mixed pallet ready for shipping while the High Speed Buffer ASRS is mostly used when handling high volumes because it is fast saving time and space.

Automated Mailing Systems

As electronic purchasing has become an accepted trend, warehousing companies are leaning more towards e-commerce transactions. Automated mailing systems are designed to handle all processes that concern dispatching of goods to their destination, receiving new orders online and managing all orders from clients synchronizing them harmoniously to the in built systems like ASRS. 

Automated mailing systems also come in many form depending on the warehousing operation, its size, and the overall needs for shipping and distribution. Some of the most common are mailing and postage machines, address printers, document handling equipment, and dimentional scanning and weighing systems.

Automated mailing systems help warehouses react faster to the growing demand in ecommerce while minimizing any errors in recording, handling or logistics that may potentially arise.

With a state-of-the-art mailing system, warehouses can deliver brochures and price listings to clients, organize orders and dispatch them to clients automatically while keeping real time records of all tasks completed. Warehouses can also handle returns logistics better, ensuring seamless record keeping whilst maintaining stable warehouse operations. Much of this is all supported using solutions like neoShip mail management software, a powerful platform from Neopost USA.

The growing demand in ecommerce met with the need for a faster and seamless process in warehousing is what has led many shipment companies to upgrade to automated systems. The automated technology is in the form of hi-tech hardware and software that synchronize all processes inside the hardware to ensure an error free and faster service delivery to clients by shipping companies.


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