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5 Leading Models of Industrial Barcode Scanners & Imagers

Industrial barcode scanners, like the name implies, are designed to survive dropping, extreme temperature changes, and use in harsh, abusive environments. Incredibly rugged designs and components allow industrial barcode scanners to take a beating while still scanning barcodes quickly and easily. 

Imager barcode scanners, also known as image-based barcode scanners, have an embedded camera inside the scanner that captures the image of the barcode and then decodes the information before sending it to the computer for storage or processing. Imagers under the category of industrial barcode scanners are more durable and are often seen in factories instead of retail stores. Below are some of the leading products when it comes to industrial barcode scanner models.

Baracoda D-Fly Wireless Barcode Scanner

The Baracoda D-Fly Wireless Barcode Scanner is a wireless industrial barcode scanner weighing only 52 grams. Features include up to 10 meters with Bluetooth Class 2, 10 hours of battery life, integrated stylus for optimized use with touch screens, scanning distance of between 6cm to 35 cm and a speed of 200 scans per second.

Cipherlab 1100 LR Linear Imaging CCD Scanner

The Cipherlab 1100 LR Linear Imaging CCD Scanner is a long-range linear barcode scanner with multi-function decoder built in. Features include ergonomic design, lightweight, reading distance of 2cm up to 29cm. This barcode scanner is often seen in retail stores, unlike many other image based industrial barcode scanners.

Zebra Omni-Directional Barcode Scanner

The Zebra barcode scanner is which offers two-dimensional reading has a scan element as a visible laser diode or linear imager. It has a standard range designed for intensive scanning of paper (PDF417 bar codes) and electronic (1D/2D) barcodes. It has a single pass scan mode with Omni-directional scan pattern and offers convenient speeds not less than 100 scans per second.

It has a rugged design: IP43 sealing plus a 6 feet drop to concrete; it is built to last, providing reliable operation despite spills and drops. It supports all common interfaces and is compatible with a Remote Scanner Management (RSM). It can, therefore, be easily integrated with any existing technology.

Datalogic Gryphon D432 2D Imager/Scanner

The Datalogic Gryphon D432 2D Imager Scanner offers two-dimensional reading which is unique in the industry. Features include Omni-directional scanning, supports most 1D, 2D, and Postal code symbols, image capture and intuitive five-dot laser aiming, standard and high-resolution models, multi-standard interface, and USB, RS232, Wedge emulation.

Honeywell 3200 Handheld Imager

The Honeywell 3200 Handheld linear imager offers a user-friendly ergonomic design that is easy to use. Features of this imager barcode printer include the unique pistol style design with an index finger trigger; fast barcode scanning, common interfaces are integrated to ensure easy and fast connection to your computer.

Baracoda Tough Runners Cordless Scanner

The Baracoda Tough Runners Cordless Scanner is a tough scanner that is lightweight and easy to use. The cordless scanner is a Bluetooth class 1 up to 100 meters with a battery life of over 80,000 scans. Features include one button to turn on, connect, and scan the barcodes, available with IP54 or IP65 rating, easy to integrate, and a scanning distance of 6cm to 27cm.

These are just a few of the high-quality industrial barcode scanners you can find in the market. The best way to find the perfect barcode scanner for your business is to learn which ones will work in your environment including indoors or outdoors. In most cases, imager barcode scanners are more durable as they do not have moveable parts that can become damaged from dropping or bumping. These are often the choice for many companies that wish to have a more durable scanning option over the laser scanners, which have moveable parts.

Of course, you should pay attention to the needs of your company to ensure you purchase image scanners that work with your requirements. It will not do you any good to purchase a scanner that does not work properly for your environment such as one with a short range or if you need one that can be moved from its host. Bar code readers are an essential gadget for the growing and modernized point-of-sale. This is also vital in warehousing applications. High quality scanners produce high quality results.


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