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In-motion Rail Scale Technology: How Does it Work?

In-motion Rail ScaleIn-motion weighing systems use advanced weighing technology to measure and record axle loads and gross vehicle weights while they roll over a specific measurement site. In the case of in-motion rail scales, these weighing systems are designed to capture the weights of moving rail cars to calculate the load weight.

In most cases of measuring a vehicle or its load weight, the vehicle needs not come to a halt or taken off the rails in order for the weighing process to proceed. With in-motion rail scale systems, users are capable of capturing the weight while moving the vehicle or rail car is moving, often at slightly slower speeds. This makes the weighing process fast, effective and efficient.

Basics of In-motion Rail Scale Systems

In-motion rail scale systems have two main parts: the track-side components and the rail-mounted components. The track-side components consist of computation devices, communication hardware, power source and data acquisition. The rail-mounted component consists of cabling and sensors.

An in-motion rail scale system can capture a vehicle’s weight on different spots of the measurement track. It uses a statistical analysis of multiple vertical load measurements captured by the detector to derive an estimate of the static weight of the vehicle. From the data derived, it can be determined whether the rail vehicle is overloaded or imbalanced beyond normal or safe operation. The system not only monitors vehicle weights but also detects weight based alarm conditions to warn against rail vehicle overload or imbalance.

Advantages of In-motion Weighing

In-motion rail scales offer great advantages over traditional static scales. They are highly efficient and provide a superior measurement performance.

Rail Scale SystemUnlike other forms of rail scale systems, these in-motion systems offer a low-cost weigh scale solution for rail-based transport that reduces infrastructure damage by spotting and alerting on overload or imbalance vehicles on track.

In-motion rail scale technology reduces the conditions for derailment as vehicle weights are captured while they roll over the rail in a reduced speed. This means that the vehicles do not have to be taken to a separate weighing spot and returned back to the rail tracks for service.

These rail scale systems integrate advanced weighing software to help in effectively managing and timely reporting train weight. Its system and hardware components are easy to install and operate.

Installation of In-motion Rail Scales

Most in-motion rail scales are easy to install and can be installed onsite in under 30 minutes. No special installation training is required, but having the right technicians carry out the installation process is recommended.

Application of In-motion Rail Scales

In-motion rail scales technology has transformed the weighing and measuring platform by offering a time efficient and cost effective weighing method for rail track vehicles. Since the system allows the capturing of weights for vehicles while they still are on the roll over the scale, they greatly reduce measuring time.

The system is used in a number of application areas. They play a major role to the success of a number of industrial operations including transportation, mining, food processing, aggregate and chemical. The system has proved most efficient over the traditional static scales in these and more other areas of application.

In rail transport, the system is used to capture the accurate weight distribution of trains in order to avert accidents that may occur due to overloading or imbalance. Similar application areas like in the mining industry take measurements of the ore as it roles on the rail to the collection site.


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