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In-Motion Axle Scale Technology Drastically Advances Weighing Efficiency

In Motion Axle ScaleAxle scales are weighing instruments that are used in determining the weight of vehicles, and in most cases the loads be carried by those vehicles. The weighing process can be an inconvenience, especially in cases where vehicles are forced to stop due to the use of static truck scales. That is where the in-motion axle scales come in. 

This revolutionary weighing technology is capable of capturing and recording the gross weight of a vehicle while it is in motion. The information is not only accurate, byt is automatically stored and saved in the cloud for easy and secure access. These axle scales may also include more advanced features, such as wireless data transmission. This ensures efficiency in the weighing process.

Advanced Features of In-Motion Axle Scales

In motion axle scales are composed of many different technology features that make them more advanced compared to other portable truck scale models. Some of these features include:

1. Sensors: Weigh in-motion systems can employ different types of sensors. The vertical force is the most critical quantity to measure. Rigid force sensors that have quartz crystals are used to measure the weight along the vertical axis. When any form of force is applied on the surface of the sensors, the quartz crystals produce an electric charge that is proportional to that force. The resulting signal is a high impedance electric charge that is not prone to electrical interference.

2. Charge Amplifiers: The charge signals are amplified using the MOSFET based charge amplifier. It is then converted to a voltage output which is eventually converted to an analysis system.

3. Inductive Loops: These help in defining the vehicle’s entry as well as exit from the weigh in-motion station. The signals trigger the inputs to start or stop the measurements. This initiates the adding up of the axle weights.

4. Dynamic Measurement System: The dynamic measurement system has been programmed to perform calculations for different parameters such as individual axle weights, axle distances, vehicle speed, the gross vehicle weight and the distance between vehicles.

5. Communications: Wireless axle scale technology can be integrated into this system so as to convey the information to a central information system.

6. Data Archiving: The captured information is then transferred to the central monitoring server where it is retrieved for further processing and for enforcement purposes.

Benefits of In-Motion Weighing

In motion axle scales provide a wide range of benefits, depending on their application. Some of the most universal advantages of in-motion weighing include:

I. It is an efficient option which ensures a hassle-free weighing operation. There is automatic recording of the weight as well as the image of the vehicle.

II. It can weigh hundreds of vehicles on a single day.

III. It records the number of axles, individual axle weights as well as the gross weight of the vehicle.

IV. The weighing operation is quicker as the vehicles do not need to stop for the same.

V. The captured data can be stored for use in the future.

VI. In addition, this type of scale provides data with higher accuracy.

VII. Unlike static scales, in-motion scales are portable and can be moved from place to place.

In-motion axle scale systems are extremely versatile and can be put to different uses. For instance, they can be used by agricultural producers and large scale farmers who may need a portable heavy-duty weighing system for weighing farm produce.

Additionally, in-motion axle scales are designed for easier mobile enforcement operations hence can be used by government entities for regulating the legal weight limits of trucks on highways. They can also be used by transport and logistics companies which want to monitor their fleets’ weight.

Unlike static scales which require building of a weigh station by the road side, this type does not require such construction with lengthy implementation processes. It is therefore a more cost effective way of weighing vehicles and trucks. If you are looking for efficient, versatile and affordable axle scales, in-motion axle scales from Walz ( will be the best option.


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