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IDenticard's Rack Armor Server Rack Security Technology

Rack Armor Server Rack Security by IDenticard is an innovative security solution that allows businesses to have maximum control over your physical data centers. It is a revolutionary physical security system that protects your assets and provides you with information you need.

The Rack Armor Server Security system has many beneficial features. It combines technologies such as video surveillance, AV equipment, and card readers to create a security solution that will protect your physical data centers from a variety of potential threats.

Features of the Rack Armor Server Rank Security System

The dynamic mapping feature is useful for organizations that have a variety of centers in different locations. With dynamic mapping, it is easy to see which center an alert is coming from.

Rack and Door Actions is another useful feature that allows you to quickly verify the status of server racks. A single screen allows you to easily and conveniently check the status of your racks, including a link to live video feeds.

This advanced digital security system by IDenticard also features Alarm Acknowledgement, which allows a number of different alarm notifications to be delivered. Not only will this notify you when a server rack has been opened, it can also tell you how it was opened and by whom. The system can be configured to notify you when unusual events occur, such as forced entry or when a latch has been left open.

Multi-party Control & Security Monitoring

Multi-party control is a beneficial feature for organizations seeking the maximum amount of security. In order to be granted access, two cards must be swiped within a certain time frame. The Video Integration feature is a built-in camera that is conveniently placed at the top of the server rack, which records keystrokes on a computer device.

Video surveillance feeds are readily available, and can be programmed so that they automatically appear on the screen in case of an alarm. The Reports Generator feature allows you to create records of employees who access your server racks. A robust report generator provides you with a detailed report that indicates who accessed your racks, and when and what actions were performed. T

he Rack Armor Server Rack Security IDenticard has many benefits, as it gives you control over your physical data centers, which enables you to have a maximum amount of security. It is also very secure. It restricts access to server racks based on needs.

This solution from IDenticard is scalable, meaning that as you need grows, you can add readers to more server racks. Rack Armor Server Rack Security IDenticard is a useful, innovative way to gain maximum control over your physical data centers. This rack protection device can not only give you protection of your data, but also has the ability to give you a peace of mind by knowing that your data is being protected.


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