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Can Hard Drive Data Recovery Services Save The Day?

Computer Hard Drive Data RecoveryA hard drive is made of multiple parallel platters and each of these platters is covered with a storage medium in which the data is actually stored. A head reads and writes the data when the platters rotate at high speed.

A hard drive can fail because of different reasons, such as a malfunctioning head, the stopping of the motor that spins the platters, or the malfunctioning of the arm that moves the head over the platters. Whenever a failure occurs, the hard drive must be powered down and handed to professionals who provide hard drive data recovery services.

Mitigating the Risk of Hard Drive Failure

In order to avoid data loss during such failures, it is important to perform regular backups. Some people are not aware of the fact that data can be recovered after a hard drive failure, even if they didn't make any backup of their files.

Each situation is different, but it is possible to recover each of your files, including the initial structure of file and file names. Usually, the services of data recovery include two types of services: basic and advanced. For the basic type, which is cheaper, the data recovery can be made without too much effort and without the use of special utilities. The advanced type of services involves higher fees, but uses professional data recovery software. The advanced recovery is mainly performed when the basic one doesn't work.

When to Find Hard Drive Data Recovery

Hard drive data recovery can help any personal computer user or business owner and the price can range from about fifty dollars to even one thousand, depending on the severity of the case. An example of the most expensive recovery cases can be the one in which the computer was flooded with water and has stopped due to a short-circuit caused by water.

When you use the hard drive data recovery services of professionals, the first step is going through a consultation, in which things like the best course of action and costs are discussed. Then, the client provides the media that was damaged and the media is analyzed.

Once the analysis is over, a report is made in a short period of time and shown to the client. From this point, the price can be guaranteed. The third step is the data recovery process, in which many types of tools can be used. The procedure is performed in a clean and secure environment. In the last step, the recovered data is delivered from the computer specialists to the client on the type of media that they choose for delivery.

Protecting Your Digital Assets

It can be great to solve a data loss problem, but you have to keep in mind that data cannot always be fully recovered. The best thing to do is to prevent hard drive failures by considering certain protection measures. You have to always use an antivirus program for your systems, as having to remove computer viruses can do more damage to a hard drive than you think.

Another type of program that is recommended by experts is an anti-malware and anti-spyware solution. For business and corporate situations, having the proper surveillance and security system measures in place are essential to ensure the protection of hard drive data. For instance, some companies have IP-surveillance systems which work with a business' network cameras and video encoders to enable video monitoring, recording, and oversight of day-to-day operations. Although an emerging and progressive technology, many different security and surveillance system companies are providing such solutions.

In case one of your hard drives fail, don't rely on a friend who thinks he knows how to recover data. Contact a professional and you will surely not regret. This way you can avoid having to resort to hard drive shredding and seeing all of your data disappear.


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