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3 Leading Manufacturers of Handheld Mobile Computer Products

Handheld mobile computers are devices built for the task at hand. These computers combines the advantage of high-end industrial mobile computers and consumer PDAs into a single robust package. Like PDAs,handheld mobile computers are small and light weight and they provide target functionality, tactical keypad as well as enhanced connectivity. mobile computer handheld

Combining the latest Microsoft, Windows operating systems technology, device management manager as well as superior industrial designs, these smart systems can easily be deployed and used to support both small and large business enterprises. There are several manufacturers of handheld mobile computers globally, however in this article we will review and discuss info about three leading producers handheld mobile computer products. These include Zebra, Honeywell and Datalogic.


To start, we will review Honeywell’s handheld computer devices manufacturers. Honeywell is perhaps one of the most popular producer of handheld computers, custom engineered sensors, bar code scanners work flow printing solutions and RFID reader capabilities. With many years of experience in developing various mobile computing systems as well as intense focus of meeting customers needs, Honeywell offers variety of durable mobile computers which are designed to enhance the productivity of mobile workers.

In particular, Honeywell handheld computers are purposely built for hazardous locations, demanding healthcare as well as for outdoor applications. Honeywell’s computer devices features sunlight-readable displays, reliable wireless connectivity, extended battery life, IP-rated designs as well as versatile data capture technology.

Aside from that, these resilient devices can withstand toughest working conditions such as temperatures as low as -22 F and are even tough enough for chemical facilities as well as aircraft refueling applications. The top models of Honeywell's include CN51 mobile computer, CK3R Mobile computer and CK3X Mobile computers just to mention but a few.


Zebra is yet another global producer of handheld mobile computers as well as sensing and productivity solution. With many years of experience in development of mobile computers,data collection hardware and voice enabled software. Zebra provides business automation solutions that is of unparalleled precision and durability thereby improving efficiency as well as increasing operational productivity to enhance customers needs.handheld mobile computer

Zebra's product and service portfolio serves customers in health care, aerospace, supply chain, transportation and logistics as well as in automotives. In particular, handheld mobile computers from Zebra have revolutionized the shopping experience especially in busy retail shoppers. The top models that Zebra offers include MC40, MC45, MC55AO, MC55NO, MC65, and Zebra MC67 handheld computer, just to mention but a few.


Lastly but not least, we will review Datalogic handheld mobile computers. Datalogic is a world-class producer of handheld mobile computers, barcode readers, data collection mobiles and vision systems. Datalogic handheld mobile computers offers variety of choices for various cordless products and they are available in either rugged gun-grip device or small PDA-style device.

Today, thousands of businesses across the globe are in need of business automation, to meet these unique needs and business automation solutions, Datalogic offers a solution that fits your organizations budget, support requirements as well as specifications. As technology has changed and advanced, Datalogic products have increased and expanded too.

Datalogic mobile computers uses patented green spot technology which provide a good feed back after each scan hence improving efficiency and increasing operational productivity. Since these mobile computers can with stand toughest working condition, they find wide range of applications in manufacturing, retail, transportation and logistics as well as in health care organizations. Datalogic’s leading handheld mobile computers include Falcon X3+, Skorpio X3 and Memor X3.


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