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3 Roles to Help Support Your Company's SEO Strategy

Growing SEO StrategyTechnology today changes at a rapid pace and your business must be able to keep up with it. With today’s technology, you must make sure that your company's website is search engine optimized, or as it may be called, an SEO-friendly business website.

When someone searches online for a service, your business should be the first one to show up and it should show up as much as possible. There are several ways to make sure that will happen. The foundation is to staff individuals who have the right skills and capabilities to help support your company's SEO strategy.

Your Content Strategies Fuel Your SEO Strategies

First, you should hire a content strategist. This will be someone who researches and analyzes your existing users. A good content strategist should be able write and produce high quality content to be posted online, speak in public about your business, and produce content that make people want to look at your website.

They will figure out your target demographic and find the most efficient way to obtain you more customers within this demographic. They will attempt to reach customers who are not within your demographic, but who will benefit from your services.

Content to accomplish this should be made available in a steady and timely manner. After the content is released, they should be able to analyze the results and adjust future content. Essentially, they will provide your business with a series of goals to make them more visible to the public eye in a professional and concise way.

For example, if you're doing SEO for a surgery practice, you'll want your content strategist to pinpoint topics that resonate with both your core surgical specialties and the information your target market is seeking. As part of your surgeon SEO content strategy, you may want to consider in-depth, long-form articles that are educationally-focused.

Social Media: The Glue That Holds SEO Together

Next, you should invest in a social media manager. This should be someone that puts your business in the public eye in a more casual way through forums such as facebook, twitter, or Instagram.

They will use all of these forums several times a day and talk about things such as ongoing promotions, what your business can offer, and various items to keep you in the public eye. A good social media manager should be organized, dependable, and have great marketing instincts. They should provide friendly and personal interactions with your business’ demographic.

They will also make your business visible outside of your demographic and allow it to spread through word of mouth.This can be an ideal way to grow through brand recognition. The more people that are talking about your site, the more it will show up on search engines.

Technical SEO Expertise is Always Vital

Finally, and most importantly, you will need to obtain a technical expert. The website for your business must be as user friendly as possible. A good technical SEO expert should be extremely knowledgeable and comfortable with coding and technology.

They should be able to optimize your site so that it looks clean, professional, and technically SEO friendly. They should also ensure that the coding itself for your website is efficient and won’t slow down any potential customers’ browsers. Even more importantly, they should be able to make sure that your website has permission to appear in a search engine.

No matter how well you market your business through social media or the public eye, it will not matter if they cannot search for or access your website.

If you are able to equip your obtain people who can do these jobs well, you should be able to become an search engine authority business and keep up with the ever-changing technology.


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