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Granola: Reduces Computer Energy Consumption by 15 to 35%!

Granola is affordable, easy to install and works on a variety of computer systems. But what exactly does Granola do?

This little download was initially used in Japan to reduce energy consumption after the Fukushima meltdown. Now made available by developer Miserware as a free download for a limited number of systems, Granola promises to reduce power usage by 15 to 35%.

Granola runs in the background of the computer’s operating system and works just like the dimmer switch in computers. Its power saving benefits are most apparent when computers are not being used actively, in which case, Granola automatically initiates the system's own energy-saving hardware to reduce energy usage.

Miserware, Granola's developers, offers a great advantage for its users, on top of its electricity saving features. It is offered as a free download for everyone, including its Enterprise version, but is only limited to five computer systems. Bigger companies can purchase licenses that could pay-back in energy savings within four months.

Granola is easy and quick to install. With this power saving software, you'll have access to your data anytime without compromising energy costs.  It works on laptops, desktops and servers. All these have unique demands in terms of power. Granola adapts to each system's workload and environment, allows energy savings across all systems and consequently reduces energy expenditure.


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