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New Golf Divot Repair Tool Technology: The Mark Mender

Unlike conventional golf ball divot repair tools made from plastic, today's divot tool technology has dramatically evolved. The new 4-prong, spring-loaded Mark Mender is a perfect example.

Not only is the Mark Mender effective, ergonomic and satisfying to use, but it's one of the few divot repair tools that makes it almost impossible to harm the golf greens. Below we take a closer look at this unique divot tool technology from Mark Mender.

Mark Mender Divot Repair Tool

One of the Best Divot Repair Tools

There's a reason why the Mark Mender has quickly earned a reputation as one of the best golf ball divot repair tools. Mark Mender has been a distinguished name since years in offering the best golf divot tool designed to cut down the damage caused to the greens while fixing ball marks.

Unlike the traditional forked tool with long prongs that damaged the green’s delicate roots, the Mark mender’s divot tool is a much efficient tool that performs its work flawlessly.

In order to repair divots properly, you simply need to push the grass in instead of pulling towards you using your divot tool. The simple and easy-to-use Mark Mender divot tool is designed to offer this same functionality, with just one squeeze. All you need to do is place the four prongs around the ball mark and press. The divot disappears and the putting green is restored without damage.

More Than a Gold Divot Tool

This lightweight, pocket-sized tool eliminates ugly ball marks quicker than any other divot tool. It also repairs them better. With a single click, the prongs will quickly surround the ball mark and pull the turf together. Mark Mender divot tool is made from a sturdy zinc alloy.

Saves Time

This efficient divot tool repairs ball marks in dramatically less time compared to other tools on the market. Since it has two sets of prongs (4 total), unlike other divot tools it does twice the work in about half the time.

Harmless to Golf Green

The Mark Mender ball mark repair tool is so efficient in its work that it doesn’t harm the green. The prongs are designed in a way that they grab the grass vertically aiding the green to heal faster.

First Ever 4-in-1 Divot Repair Toolgolf ball divot repair tool

Mark Mender divot is a multi-functional divot tool that can be used as a magnetic ball marker, cigar-holder, and grip rest to help keep your golf grips dry. In fact, the Mark Mender has become one of the best cigar holder divot tool products on the market.

Robust Design with Color Options

The tool comes in a variety of materials including a space-age polymer, a zinc alloy and a high tech aluminum alloy. Additionally, you get color options such as silver, pink, or dark blue. All of these are built to last long and withstand daily use.

Pocket-Friendly Ball Mark Tool Tool

The small size of the Mark Mender divot tool makes it easy-to-carry in your pocket anywhere. The Original Mark Mender is a little lighter, while the Zinc divot repair tool option is a bit heavier and more robust.

custom divot repair tools

Fully-Custom Divot Repair Tool

The Mark Mender golf divot tool can also be customized for special applications, like promotional products, wedding gifts, events, and trade shows. A custom divot repair tool from Mark Mender can be used for your next golf event, or as a company gift, it just about fits into any role assigned to it.

Why Mark Mender Is a Win

There are many advantages to using the Mark Mender divot tool.

  • A multi-purpose divot tool you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Made out of a sturdy zinc alloy that helps repairs ugly ball-marks with ease.
  • It can also be used as a grip rest and cigar holder and comes complete with a magnetic ball-marker as well.
  • It clips firmly to your belt loop, thus assuring ease of access.

With a range of benefits it offers, Mark Mender divot tool is something you simply cannot misuse. Not only does it ease your efforts repairing divots and ball marks (and performs so with perfection,) the tool will also prevent your greens from damage. Needless to mention, its fair price also means it guarantees value for your money.

You might be a great golf prowess but what about your proficiency at green lawns and divot tools? After all, your golf lawns are your valuable assets and their proper maintenance and care should be your top priority. While there are myriads of good divot tools available around, nothing can be as promising and competent as the Mark Mender’s divot repair tool.

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