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FQHC Billing Software for More Effective Billing Systems

When it comes to different forms of medical billing, FQHC billing is one of the most complex and challenging. As a result, utilizing a sufficient FQHC billing software platform can pay dividends for the financial health of FQHCs.

While there are a number of medical billing software solutions, some are better for FQHCs. Below we review some of the leading FQHC billing software platforms currently available.

NueMD Billing Software

NueMD is a great system that offers a comprehensive mix of software and services to cater for the needs of all sizes of practices. The system has robust medical billing features to ensure proper filling of claims.

NueMD FQHC billing software operates its own claims clearinghouse. With NueMD, you do not need any other software to file claims directly to government and commercial payers. The software allows you to verify insurance and make adjustments to the bill and to follow up on overdue, rejected and accepted claims.

It features Claim Scrubber, a functionality that allows you check every claim against a database of 10 million similar claims and scrub and make claim edits before filing. It also features electronic remittance advice which include post copays, deductibles payments for government and commercial payments instantly to patient accounts.

The Batch Payment feature allows you to monitor claims and tickets all at once. Lastly, the software enables you to manage patient statements, collections, reports and analysis.

PrognoCIS Billing Software

PrognosCIS has been designed with the end-user in mind. This software by Bizmatics comes with cutting edge technology to ensure swift practice management. It is scalable to cater for the needs of sole practitioners and large FQHCs. Many FQHC service providers experience maximized revenue by using this FQHC billing software.

Leveraged by many of the top FQHC billing companies offers specialty specific database libraries making it possible to make personal office workflow changes. PrognoCIS has great features to replace hundreds of payment personnel. The billing data and codes are automatically forwarded to claims for payment. This rids you of the need to create Superbills from the practice to the billers.

PrognoCIS FQHC billing software takes care of patient statements, Explanation of Benefits (EOBs), insurance payments, Electronic Remittance Advice, RCM report and scrubber checks to meet all billing regulations and claim follow-up.

MediTouch Billing Software

MediTouch is a product by HealthFusion. The software offers both web-based and touchscreen user interface functionalities. To this end, it is well differentiated and easy to use. In its core, the software offers charting, medication management, problem lists, electronic prescribing and much more.

The billing software controls the cash flow of your practice. It allows you to manage insurance and payment of patients accurately and without hassles. It allows you to charge, post, manage denial and bill patients. Cloud-based electronic medical billing allows you to match medical claims to millions of other claims submitted to prevent and manage denials.

MediTouch is offered with a reporting function that comes handy in helping you learn and improve the financial health of your practice. Lastly, MediTouch FQHC billing software is a fully integrated system offering billing, clearinghouse and scheduling all on a single interface.

Benchmark Systems Billing Software

Benchmark FQHC billing services offers comprehensive services such as answering your phones, scheduling services and managing bills and collections. The software allows maximum reimbursement, increase collections and payment based on the success of transactions.

It also features real time analytics. Benchmark handles claims submissions, denial management and follow-up and eligibility verifications. They have experienced CPAs to help you will all matters accounting.

Like other high rated billing software, Benchmark is cloud-based. This enables you to manage your practice’s billing anywhere you are in the world and to match claims against millions of other already submitted claims.


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