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Home Audio Technology: 3 Systems Evolving Home Entertainment

The home entertainment industry is booming, and advanced home audio technology is powering the industry.

Home entertainment buffs now have a plethora of systems to choose from for their entertainment needs, with home audio systems priced just under $1,000 and moving up considerably from there.

In this Technology Scribes post, we're going to take a look at three paradigm-shifting home audio and entertainment systems changing user experience with the help of amazing technology. The systems that we;re reviewing here can be enjoyed by every member of the family thanks to their ease-of-use and listening mode options.

1. Paradigm Soundtrack 2

As home audio entertainment manufacturers continue to push the soundbar business, it continues to boom. This comes as no surprise with the extensive marketing that manufacturers have done in recent years to awaken users to the convenience of adding a soundbar to their arsenal.

A popular choice for end users, the Paradigm Soundtrack 2 provides a convenient, easy to setup option. It's also a good quality build that delivers decent sound quality and requires very little power. The wireless subwoofer makes setting up the Paradigm 2 a very convenient option.

Fabulous Soundtrack 2 Features:

  • 2.1 channels
  • Immersive surround sound experience
  • Movie Mode
  • Music Mode
  • Bluetooth capability
  • Easy-to-use remote

Stream from any mobile device or portable and charge the device from another room while continuing to control functionality from the Soundtrack 2's remote-panel controls. Price: $899.99

2. MilleniaOne CT 2

It's no surprise that Paradigm wanted to take their Product of the Year, MilleniaOne speakers to the next level.

This high-performance speaker system includes a compact subwoofer and has a built-in Ultra-Class-D amplifier, which means it doesn't require a receiver, or other A/V equipment for power.

Cutting Edge Features of MilleniaOne CT 2:

  • Plug 'n Play technology
  • Bluetooth with aptX coding
  • 2-channel music mode
  • Multichannel movie mode
  • Doby digital encoding
  • Paradigm Virtual Surround processing

Don't let the plug n' play technology fool you, this little monster delivers high-quality sound and experience. Price: $899.99

3. Cinema 100 CT

The Cinema 100 CT is a home theater system to meet your budget, style and space while exceeding your expectations. The award-winning Cinema speakers have been delivering user experience that brings movies to life and makes music sound as if you're listening to a live performance.

Key Points of the Paradigm Cinema 100 CT:

  • Reference quality crossovers
  • Superior S-PAL Satin-Anodized Pure-Aluminum Domes
  • Superior 8" High-Excursion Drivers
  • Push-thru Binding Posts with Easy Glide Channels
  • Amplifier controls
  • Two aesthetic placement options (gloss or cloth)

The Cinema 100 CT will certainly add a new level of entertainment to any room in your home. Price: $999.00

To learn more about these home audio systems from Paradigm, visit Paradigm.

Before Buying Your Home Audio System

The advances in paradigm-shifting home entertainment technology over the past decade make it possible to achieve sound quality and experience like never before. Each of the paradigm-shifting home audio technologies that I reviewed here today deliver great sound in any room or setting.

Be sure to research and consider all paradigm shift home entertainment systems before committing to one as user end experience vary substantially from product to product.


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