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eCommerce SEO Services: Getting The Most From Your Investment

Ecommerce SEO ServicesThe importance of SEO for an eCommerce business can not be overstated. An online store or eCommerce business sells products to customers using their website, thus having a high ranking website makes the difference between a being successful or failure.

With many eCommerce SEO providers, one can easily get overwhelmed when choosing the most important services that can ensure the website is highly user friendly both to customers and search engines. Hence, to get the most value for your investment, choose an eCommerce SEO services provider with an understanding of eCommerce business and ensure you conduct the following:

Business Analysis

Understanding the business is key in any marketing strategy and eCommerce SEO is no exception. Ensure the provider clearly understands your business concept and model, the products or services, brand, target market and competition.

Also, the platform that you use in important in marketing. With a clear understanding of the business and the platform, it is possible to design a SEO strategy that can give you a higher return on investment.

Keyword Research

This is the most important element of eCommerce SEO. The three common types of keywords are informative keywords, investigative keywords and transactional keywords. Investigative tend to answer all questions about a product and tell a customer why your product is the best in the market.

They are commonly used in blog content, buying guide, articles like how to use a product. Investigative keyword indicate the weight, size, and color and are ideal in generating content for website pages. Transactional keywords indicate why a customer should buy the product from your website for instance you have the cheapest price.

A good eCommerce SEO strategy should carefully select and choose the appropriate keyword basing on factors like search trends, search volume, most sought keywords, and competition.

Content Marketing

Customers go online to search information about products. If your website content is irrelevant, outdated, incomplete or inaccurate, customers simply click on the next website in the hope of getting this information. Content marketing is the most important aspect of digital marketing. Hence, your eCommerce SEO strategy should ensure that you should review, update or add new content regularly.

Informational Architecture

Informational architecture reveals how well a website is suited for eCommerce business. Some of the most important elements under information architecture include:

  • Page speed or how long it takes for the pages to load. Page speed or load time is the biggest determinant of user experience, if your results take longer to appear, it means the you are losing customers and hence there is need to improve.
  • On page factors determine features like keyword usage, meta descriptions, header tags, images, URL and title tags. These are the important elements in any website and for a eCommerce website, on page factors are the backbone hence ensure your eCommerce SEO strategy to improve the functionality of your website by improving on such factors.
  • Indexed pages (versus submitted pages in Google Webmaster Tools) can improve your opportunity to rank higher on search engines hence, ensure you seo strategy targets to increase your indexed pages.

In addition to the latter elements that center on your eCommerce company's website optimization, backlinks makes it possible for other sites to link you. More back links means greater opportunity for customers to be redirected from popular sites to your website. Also, back links are highly friendly to search engines hence you can use them for higher rankings.

eCommerce Site Audit

After analyzing all the features of a great eCommerce website, you need to make modification to your own site to improve its performance, navigability, use experience and rankings. An eCommerce site audit begins with site architecture which is the process of aligning the goals of your business to the features of your site.

Begin with creating a visual representation of the websites site map, analyze each page and determine the best way to position it for better visibility. Site audit calls for critical analysis of the pages, URL, social engagement, content, product feeds, links among others and identify the factors hindering the performance of a website in terms of visibility and ranking in search results. An eCommerce SEO strategy should outline an action plan explaining how to fix it.


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