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Hiring an Ecommerce SEO Company: What You Need to Know

It's unfortunate, but far too often I see ecommerce site owners contacting to our ecommerce SEO company needing help. The unfortunate aspect of this scenario is that they once hired an ecommerce SEO company, and after thousands of dollars spent and months of time past, they either saw no increase in rankings, or actually lost existing rankings.

After conducting an ecommerce SEO site audit, it's apparent that the practice employed by this self-proclaimed ecommerce SEO company where complete dog shit. So, our job here at often centers on cleaning-up the mess left behind by other ecommerce SEO companies. Ecommerce SEO Cart

So if investing in ecommerce SEO services and getting your online store ranking atop Google is your top marketing priority, then hiring a truly professional and proficient ecommerce SEO company is paramount. The only issue is that there are hundreds of SEO companies that claim to specialize in ecommerce SEO.

The fact of the matter is: only a handful of ecommerce SEO companies are actually capable of helping you attain top rankings and drive in-market shoppers to your website.

The Nature of Ecommerce SEO

Ecommerce SEO is one of the most competitive sub-categories of search engine optimization. Because we're dealing with product-level keywords (e.g. Nike running shoes for men) there are often many authoritative websites that we have to compete with and outrank if we want to gain quality exposure in Google organic search. Some of the authority figures are,,, and several others. These companies, without requiring intensive ecommerce SEO, are able to rank hard and sticky. This makes it difficult for the average e-retailer to outrank them.

With all that said, ecommerce SEO is often times a long-term endeavor. To truly realize the potential of your ecommerce SEO investment, it may often times take several months, even years, to get sticky top 3 rankings that are making you money. However, when such feats are achieved, the result can be a profit-making game changer for your online store.

Finding an Effective Ecommerce SEO Company

Now that you understand the competitive nature of ecommerce SEO and have some expectations in regards to what you're getting into, it's time to take a look at some of the primary considerations that you want to keep top of mind when seeking a high-caliber ecommerce SEO company that will deliver the results that you're look for.

Like I mentioned above, almost all ecommerce SEO companies are unique. Many SEO providers are indeed effective, however the practices in which they use might be sketchy and actually harmful in the long-term (because Google is always changing it's ranking algorithm to ensure the best results possible.) The ecommerce SEO strategies that might work now might actually be detrimental in the future.

To help avoid the ecommerce SEO companies that use sketchy practices, and seek out those that can offer quality-focused ecommerce SEO services, we have provided information below that underscores that basic fundamentals of ecommerce search engine optimization and what defines SEO best practice.

Off-page Ecommerce SEO and Link Generation

There is no question that to get ranked in Google search, link generation (or link building) will help get you there faster and for longer periods of time. The only thing about manually generating links to your website is that it's not something Google wants you to do. And as a result, Google has become very, very good at pinpoint websites that have huge influx of unnatural links to their websites. Furthermore, they don't hesitate to penalize these websites.

So when seeking a solid ecommerce SEO company, the manner in which they generate links is absolutely pivotal. In essence, any links generated to your website should come from quality and relevant sources so that they appear as natural looking as possible.

Natural link generation goes beyond the source of the links. The manner in which a link is built (the anchor text and the URL destination of the link) can also define how natural it appears. If all the link pointing to your website use keyword-optimized anchor text (regardless of the source) it will raise a red flag to Google, and your ecommerce site can quickly become the victim of being penalized.

Ask prospective ecommerce SEO companies how they generate links. If they're still using press releases, directory submissions, and other old-school methods, walk away!! Run away, in fact. You need quality-focused link generation that will actually respect Google's guidelines and drive your ecommerce site to the top, for a long time.

On-page Ecommerce SEO and Content Creation

On-page ecommerce SEO and creating content around your website is still pretty fundamental in nature. That is, not too much has changed. Only, you don't need to keyword stuff the shit out of your webpages. Rather, simply establishing keyword relevancy using basic best practice will do the trick.

When it comes to on-page SEO, the true difference making in finding a legit ecommerce SEO company is pinpoint a firm who staffs experts in technical SEO. In other words, you need to find an ecommerce SEO firm who can tap into your ecommerce site's back-end and optimize the code for fast and fluid crawling and indexing.

Technical SEO is critical for ecommerce sites. This is because there are so many layers (and often hundreds of pages) that need to be optimized. If a technical SEO expert can dedicate a month to optimizing your sites back-end, Google will better interpret its content, keywords, and rank it faster and harder as a result.

So the question is, prospective ecommerce SEO company "A", "do you staff technical SEO experts who can optimize and trim down the cumbersome coding structures on my website?"

Social Media & Content Marketing

The last component that defines truly awesome ecommerce SEO companies is whether or not that play a role in your social media and content marketing efforts. Although seemingly unrelated to ecommerce search engine optimization, having a strong social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and maybe even Pinterest can empower your ecommerce SEO potential 3-fold.

Social media can be used in conjunction with content marketing. For instance, lets say you just added the new 2014 Nike triathlon shoes in your inventory (these shoes may not actually exist.) A solid content marketing strategy would be to write an in-depth product review blog post, or better yet, film a product review video, that goes in-depth about these new triathlon shoes from Nike.

Once complete, you can share this brilliant content on your social media accounts. If the post or video is well-like among your audience, the social signals (Likes, Shares, Tweets, +1's, Pins, etc.) will generate greater credibility and authority in your website. As a result, Google will recognized these social signals and may accredit your site with higher potential to rank in organic search. Although this whole concept is still under experimentation (with respect to it's true correlation effective on rankings,) brilliant content can earn links naturally.

Remember the importance of links? A solid content marketing strategy coupled with a strong social media presence can greatly empower your site's ecommerce SEO potential. And if you can find an ecommerce SEO company that can offer the guidance, tools, and resources to help make the most of the elements, you'll be on the righteous path toward success.

Last Word Ecommerce SEO

So now that you know (primarily) what to look for in an ecommerce SEO company - get to searching and start asking your prospects a lot of questions. If you're interested in working with me (Tyler Tafelsky) and Click Centric SEO, visit our website and request a free, no-obligation SEO site audit. I personally will conduct the audit and provide you with the information you need to move forward with ecommerce SEO, whether it's with Click Centric SEO or with another SEO company.

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