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Droid vs iPhone: Reviews of the SmartestPhones

The iPhone and the Droid are two of the greatest Smartphones on the market today. With similarities in pricing, size, imaging quality and voice quality, both are great phones for many individuals.

For Smartphone lovers who are in love with both phones but are limited by budget, choosing one of either phone can prove to be quite the challenge. Here are some features and benefits as well as some advantages to consider before making your final purchasing decision.

About The Droid

Motorola's Droid uses a 2.1 Android operating system with motoblur. It comes with a 1540 mAh removable battery and lasts for 8 hours on talk time. There are 65,000 apps in its Android market application store which includes Swype, 8pen and Swiftkey for easy and flexible texting options and Tasker which allows you to turn on or turn off applications.

Weighing about 5.4 ounces, it boasts of a 3.4 inches display size, an internal storage space of up to 8G, and also allows for use of micro SD of up to 16G for external and removable storage space. The Droid uses an 8 MP camera with 480 x 854 pixels resolution coupled with dual LED flash for better image quality at night or in poorly lit places. It comes with a TBC RAM and a 1GHz processor. There is no camera for video call but it uses a 720p for video recording and has 3 microphones for noise cancellation.

Advantages over the iPhone

• Unlike the iPhone which does not allow users to fully customize their device, the Droid allows you to customize your ROM and use any tweaks that will make your phone more versatile and fun to use. It allows users to tweak and customize their phones anyway they want.
• The Droid can act as a mobile hotspot allowing you to connect other Wi-Fi devices to the Verizon network for a small monthly fee.
• The Droid has a stronger camera with 8MP, auto focus and flash.
• Equipped with a micro SD of up to 16 MB the It Droid also for greater data storage than the iPhone. All in all, its combined storage of 34G is 2G higher than the iPhone storage capacity.
• The Droid also comes with widgets, which even though consume space, can help improve your level of productivity and efficiency.

About The iPhone

A wonderful Smartphone invention from Apple, the iPhone runs on the iOS 4.0 operating system. It uses a non removable TBC battery which lasts up to 7 hours of talk time. The iPhone also comes with a 1G processor but 512 RAM. It boasts of 225,000 apps in its application store which include iTunes for music and videos selection and downloads.

Weighing 4.8 ounces, the iPhone comes with a display size of 3.5 inches with display resolution of 640 x 960 pixels and a VGA camera for video calling. It also uses a 720p camera for video recording and uses one LED flash. The iPhone has an in built storage space of 16/32G and does not allow the use of external storage devices like the micro SD.

Advantages of the iPhone over the Droid

• The iPhone is known to be more sleeker, stylish and more elegant than the Droid. It also boasts of better hardware made mostly from glass.
• The iPhone has better voice quality than the Droid which offers a greater calling experience.
• The iCatcher app from Apple also helps you to download and listen to podcasts on your iPhone. It also allows for easy tracking of your podcasts.
• The iPhone also has higher data speed for faster browsing and downloads
• The iPhone boasts of a VGA camera for video calling, which the Droid is missing.

Both are great Smartphones but choice is usually dependent on users' preference and tastes. We hope this Droid vs. iPhone battle review will facilitate your decision.



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