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For most homeowners, the fear of someone gaining illegal entry into their home is quite real. With the increasing crime rates, it is more important than ever to invest in a security system.

Home Security SystemsBeing robbed due to poor security system measures is only one of the concerns that homeowners deal with. Fire is another risk that will affect your life as you could also lose all your possessions. As such, most people will look to having security systems and fire alarm systems installed in their homes.

This can be a costly affair especially if you are enlisting the services of a security systems company. This does not mean that you should do without protecting your home altogether. There are some home security systems that one can install in their home without professional help.

1. Powermax: This security system comes with wireless installation. The configuration tends to be user friendly thus ensuring you do not have a problem of doing so without professional aid. An added advantage to this security system is that the sensors that come with it are already pre-programmed. This ensures you avoid the hassle of having to program it on your own. One thing to note though is that each sensor that comes with the system should be individually configured to the main system. The home security system also comes with a myriad of features that give you the ability of keeping tabs on your home while you are on the move. It retails at $195.

2. Powerskit: This home security system from DSC gives homeowners the chance to select any additional accessories that they may want. It incorporates the precision that is expected of hardwired systems coupled with the convenience of wireless security systems. The main system will have an eight-zone monitoring system which can be expanded if necessary. It retails at $139.50.

3. RWA 300-R: This is a motion detector system that will monitor all movement whether human or from vehicles and alert you. The system can be integrated with your home alarm to alert you when it detects motion. It retails at $69.95.

4. MICROEYE: This is a surveillance camera that can be incorporated into your home security system. Any movement will trigger the camera to take videos or images of the property. The system is also portable meaning it can be installed in a vehicle or any other place other than the home. It retails at $225.

5. 20700 Fingerprint safe: This is a wall safe that can only be accessed through a biometric scan. Valuables can be stored here for peace of mind. It retails at $479.

6. GV-BCC723 bullet camera: This is a surveillance camera that can be integrated into your home security system. It retails at $165.

7. MC750 intercom: This device enables homeowners to screen guests before they gain access to your home. It retails at $465.

It seems surreal when someone else gets robbed. However, this does not mean that your home cannot be susceptible to the same crime. It does not matter what time of the day or night. Whether you are at work or asleep in your home, there is a chance that someone can come in and take your belonging, while putting your life in danger.


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