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Walz Introduces New Dimensional Scanning & Weighing System

For businesses in the global marketplace, it has never been more important to reliably and quickly streamline parcel shipping operations, including dimensional scanning, weighing, and other warehouse inventory management systems. Walz Dimensioning Weighing Scanning System

For too many companies, dimensioning and cubing technology has been stuck in what seems like the stone age for far too long. What this ends up costing is time as well as money, not to mention the frustration of searching for a better solution.

But there's news on this front. Dimensional weighing, scanning, and cubing operations have come of age recently with a new development from Walz. The new Walz Dimensioning Systems provides a true dimensional scanning, weighing, and cubing system that can lead to greater accuracy and efficiency for shipping operations. With advanced technology and improved functionality in mind, what the Walz Scale can do for your business is truly remarkable.

Cutting Edge Technology Means Advanced Business Solutions

Today, it seems like even when you find a fix for dimensional scanning and weighing, it lacks the needed integration you really need. Here's where Walz Scale really shines. With WMS and ERP integration included in an affordable model, the Walz Scale brings a feature to dimensional weighing and cubing that was once expensive and beyond reach for many companies, but not anymore.

In addition, instead of complicated procedures, you just hook your PC to the Internet and you can start sending data safely. A novel plugin also lets you use Fedex, UPS, DHL, and TNT easily, which is a big benefit. This is one feature that most dimensioning systems fail to deliver users.

Quality & Functionality Defines Walz Dimensioning System

Another area where businesses often get hung up on for dimensional weighing is the quality of components. Walz developed their dimensioning system for weighing and scanning with a thick aluminum design that is perfect for industrial settings.

dimensional cubing system

This means you won't have to worry about it holding up to the rigor of your warehouse. It also features a well-integrated quality USB component for mobile use that really goes above and beyond other dimensional scanning devices, ensuring that staff has the flexibility they need in a weighing tool.

Surveying the Functionality

Now let's get down to the nitty-gritty: functionality. Once you add in the accurate internal auto calibration for your weights and volumes, this scale's usefulness is apparent. With a standard online booking system that skips difficult manual data entry, Walz has developed a great solution with plenty of functionality.

In the end, other cubing systems might boast about being the solution to your dimensional scanning needs, but they either don't measure up to the hype or they cost far more than most businesses can truly afford. But as you can see, Walz Scale does away with all that for a simple, up-to-date means of solving your dimensional weighing needs.


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