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What To Do When You Get Computer Virus

Computer VirusIf you notice a message saying “virus detected” or you notice your computer is slow or unreliable, there are things you can do to remove the virus(es), spyware, and/or malware. Most viruses and other forms of malware are normally designed to cause chaos although there are individuals who use them to steal sensitive information like credit card numbers.

Preliminary Virus Removal Steps

If you happen to see a message pop up saying a virus detected, you should not worry. Your antivirus was quick to notice a virus and removed it before it could cause any malfunction. The message doesn’t really mean that you have a virus attack running on your PC.

It is likely that you downloaded a file containing a virus but the antivirus removed it. The antivirus could also have noticed an infected webpage and dealt with it before it caused issues.

Alternatively, if you notice the words “virus detected” while your computer is working normally, this does not mean that your computer was infected or the virus did anything. In case you see the message, most likely you are visiting an infected website or you have downloaded a harmful file. Just keep off from this habit in the future.

Furthermore, you can check your antivirus’ quarantine or the virus detection logs. It will provide you with more details and the action it took.

Make Sure to Install Quality Antivirus Software

If you have not installed an antivirus software and your computer gets slow and unreliable, chances are that you still have a nagging virus. This may also happen when running an outdated antivirus. You should install an antivirus immediately, if you're not running any.

After installation, the antivirus will help clean up the computer and fix most problems. In case you have installed an antivirus which is not effective; you should uninstall it and then install a new one.

Steps to Solve PC Virus Infections

Some malware can dig their hooks into the computer system and are hard to remove with any antivirus software you install after the malware had time to run through the computer and perhaps downloaded more forms of malware.

You can solve such problems by booting into the safe mode. In the save mode, windows never load any third party software that has the virus and you will therefore run your antivirus without the present virus interfering with it.

To boot into the safe mode, restart the computer. Press F8 key while your computer is still booting up. Select safe mode in boot options menu. Run the antivirus in a safe mode and then restart the computer once you have cleaned it up. When you need to internet access while in safe mode, you can select a safe mode on your computer with networking.

If running your antivirus in the safe mode does not work, try booting from antivirus rescue CD. Once you boot in a rescue CD, the antivirus will get a very clean environment you can work on. It will scan your computer hard drive while malware is dormant. This way, you will remove any hard to remove virus.

Remote PC Computer Virus RemovalYou can also rely on remote virus removal services if the malware has caused severe damages to your system. Remote virus support easily detects, removes and most importantly prevents infections. Remote services are more efficient such that you can clean up your hard drive remotely. You only need an internet connection.

If you follow the steps properly, but don’t realize results revert the computer to the factory setting. Consult your computer manual to know how you should do it. You can also reinstall your computer operating system.


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