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Computer Optimization Tips to Avoid Viruses and Expensive Repairs

Computer Virus OptimizationComputer viruses are some of the major reasons why home computers become slow and others break down completely. With the integration of the internet into the daily lives of many people, it is important to learn how to defend your home computer from these frustrating viruses. This enables you to avoid the need for computer repair that might become necessary once viruses affect your computer.

Although there is nothing that can guarantee 100% security of your computer, there are ways you can lower the risk of virus infection to your computer.

Here are simple but effective tips that will help you ward-off frustrating viruses:

Install security software: Installing a strong anti-virus in your home computer keeps it protected from viruses, Trojans and spyware. This software runs a scan on the email attachments, disks and internet files as well as documents that are generated using spreadsheet and word processing to ensure that they do not have viruses that can affect the performance of your computer.

Keep windows updates on the automatic mode: Enabling automatic updates of your windows or downloading Microsoft updates on daily basis enhances the security of your computer. This is because it keeps the operating system of your computer patched against popular vulnerabilities. When other software manufacturers distribute patches, you should also install them immediately. As long as your computer is fully patched behind firewall, then it is protected against spyware, viruses and Trojan installation.

Ensure security precautions for cell phone, Wi-Fi devices and PDA: Viruses can be spread through data or files from other computers. Currently, there are mobile phone viruses that are passed when people share internet content. Therefore, if you connect your cell phone to your home computer, use a PIN code on it regularly and avoid installing applications that are downloaded from unreliable sources.

Be cautious while opening attachments: You should never open any unsolicited attachment or email if you did not expect it even if it comes from someone you know. It is also advisable that you configure the security software of your computer so that it can scan attachments and emails automatically. This way, you will avoid opening files that carry viruses that can affect your computer.

Adjust your browser setting and use a security conscious ISP: Some browsers such as the Internet Explorer allow you to adjust security settings. This enables you to specify the amount of information that you want your computer to accept from the websites that you visit. Using this feature and others like SmartScreen Filter you can protect your computer against viruses. There are also Internet Service Providers who have strong anti-phishing and anti-spam procedures. These can greatly protect your PC from computer viruses.

Remote Computer Virus Removal ServiceHackers target high-value victims who use peer-to-peer networks. They do this by incorporating viruses, mass-mailing worms, Trojan and other threats in free downloads. This way, viruses spread to as many users as possible stealing information which they deliver to cyber criminals.

Eventually, the criminals forge identities to commit fraud. Additionally, some viruses can damage the hard disk of your computer and this will cost you unnecessary computer optimization and repair expenses. Stay tuned on Technology Scribes for more great computer-related posts and how to protect your machine.


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