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How Businesses Should Embrace Content Marketing In A Tech-Driven World

Business Content Marketing TechContent marketing is becoming an essential part of every Internet marketing campaign. It's vital to help generate formidable amount of traffic to business website by increasing its organic search traffic as well as social prowess on sites like Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.

Implementing a solid content marketing approach is an indispensable part of every modern business strategy, and yet the importance is often underestimated by many companies. Nothing can in fact damage your business image and reputation as sharing low-quality content, as often happens with companies that delocalize their content writing jobs to low-level cheap writers.

The purpose of content marketing is in fact much more than just gaining visibility to a given business website by grabbing some useful keywords and redirecting some random traffic from search engines. The content that visitors will read represent in fact the first thing they will know about your company, and nothing talks about lack of professionality and seriousness as a cheap, badly written content that reeks of underpaid freelance employees or Google Translator tools.

Content Represents Brand Image

Think of content writing as a new car model showroom presentation. Will you ever employ some ugly girls just to cut on the expenses? Will you ever paint your vehicle with a cheap paint to cover for its numerous imperfections? Presenting your readers with great content means showing that yours is a serious business, and this does not applies just to the content shown on your own website.

Even when you produce SEO-focused blog posts or write content that would funnel your readers toward your business, quality is of primary importance. The blog that includes your link is like a person who is recommending your business. Think about this: if you’re asking about what’s the best restaurant in town, are you going to hear the advice of a nicely dressed, well-educated hotel receptionist, or the advice of a smelly, unkempt hobo with disgustingly yellow teeth?

Content Marketing Supports SEO

Getting the best links can just be a consequence of a good content marketing campaign: if you focus on quality, a lot of new good links will spontaneously be produced by new customers or other independent writers who may start talking about you. Content-driven SEO strategies and techniques are still very important to increase your traffic, but we cannot ever stress enough how a good reputation is way better than just a couple of SEO tricks.

Unlike the old times of TV and radio, people can easily walk away from any kind of unwanted advertisement. If your content sounds boring, irrelevant or just plainly annoying, users can just go to a different web page, or choose to avoid your bad content entirely. Catching up their attention while providing them some level of entertainment value helps you keep your customers and attract new ones.

Developing a Customer-Centric Content Marketing Strategy

Try to understand what your customer base’s characteristics are and plan accordingly. If they want a serious content, don’t go overboard with colored, flashy pics and silly jokes, but if you’re going to sell entertainment and leisure products providing them with something genuinely fun or innovative is much more important than ever. Perhaps a guide or educational strategy will win the trust of your audience.

Also try to understand what’s the best social network you should focus in relation to your potential customer needs. Focusing on just one or two platform usually gives much better results than dispersing your efforts on several platforms. Building a solid bastion on a single platform will help funnel a lot more of traffic as random people will end up watching your page, and word-of-mouth is always an important mean to reach your ends.

Magnify Your Content Marketing Efforts

The content’s quality is even more important on social media than in search engines, as people can and will share quality content as a way to demonstrate their friends how “good” and interesting are the things they read. If you manage to get a lot of shares, you make your content viral, and your website traffic may really enjoy a boom in total visits number increasing your positive feedback.

You should try to get your shared by the so-called “influencers.” Influencers are people that manage large social media instruments, like media people, or blog authors with a large number of followers. Having these people share your content can really make the difference, as you can reach a completely different fan base, which will read your content with great attention as they’re proposed by an influencer whose reputation they already tested out.

Discussions, debates and flames may even be sparked, especially on social media further increasing the amount of random people whose attention will be grabbed toward your content… and more importantly, toward your business. This, coupled with consumer-centric SEO and quality content will help your business thrive in the digital age.


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