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5 Essential Elements to Business Web Design in 2016

Today, a professional and well-optimized web design plays a significant role in determining the effectiveness of a business' online presence and attracting potential customers. There has been a pivotal shift as most website designers have adapted their focus to accommodate new website objectives as a primary marketing tool.

In short, that focus centers on the website as a product rather than a medium to showcase a company's services or products. Some of the strategies and components that professional business web designers are giving primary focus in 2016 include the following five elements.

SEO-friendly Coding & HTML Optimization

One of the web design areas that has gained prominence over the last few years is the need for SEO-friendly HTML code optimization. A well HTML optimized website is easier to search the contents and quickly responds over the huge internet traffic.

Furthermore, a correctly formatted HTML code ensures that the pages and content are indexed properly without roadblocks. The aspects that a web designer should consider when designing a writing a website with SEO-friendly code and legible HTML code include title tags, meta description, headings, subheadings and anchor tags and breadcrumbs.

When writing title tags, the designer should avoid including stop words that will likely be ignored by search engines search as but, it and as among others. It is also important to remember that including hyphens makes the tag easier for the user to scan the contents of the title tag. These are just a few of the basic elements of SEO-friendly websites.

Call-to-Actions (CTA’s)

A business website will not effectively function as intended without a call-to-action that drives action. Whether you want the visitors to buy something or subscribe to something, your call-to-action must entice the visitors to click to be effective. In a bid to make the call-to-action buttons more effective in drawing user attention, designers have embraced various web design techniques such as size, positioning, whitespace, and colors.

Making call-to-action buttons slightly bigger than other surrounding elements helps to grab the attention of the users. Furthermore, placing the call-to-action button in a prominent location such as the top section of a web page will likely lead to more conversions as users will easily find the button and take action.

Clean, Well-branded Web Design & Appearance

Branding your website is an important aspect of modern businesses as it allows businesses even startups to compete with multinationals on a level playing ground. It is also important to note that even if you fail to brand your website, visitors will have a certain perceptions about your website.

In short, the business' branding and Internet marketing/SEO strategy should be well-aligned with the website and the overall web design process. Some of the branding things that you should consider when designing a website include relevance, appearance, content and consistency.

Seamless Navigation & Usability

You should note that irrespective of how good your website is if the visitors cannot find what they are looking for, they will abandon your website for your competitor. You can ensure that everything in your website is to find by including clean simple navigation, prominent icons and easy to read menus. The website should also have quick load time.

Valuable & Engaging Content

Today businesses are interacting with their customers on daily basis and a good website should help businesses gather customer data. A web designer can make sure that the website is interactive by including engaging content that is easy to share across the social platforms.

Lastly, consider diversifying your skills beyond just web design. Whether you're up and coming designer, seasoned professional, or agency expert, investing in Google marketing training (specifically in SEO and PPC) can have major benefts as added skills in the web design profession. Consider earning greater expertise by learning Google Ads PPC or mastering SEO (or a specific niche of SEO like Technical SEO.)


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