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Business Blogging: Creative Ways to Generate Sales via Content Marketing

Business BloggingDoes your business have a blog? Are you leveraging your business's blog to generate sales?

There are many ways to generate sales from your blog. Keep in mind that not all of them require you to offer content for sale or even to directly monetize your blog.

The Educational Approach

Some successful blog owners (like Tim Maliyil of AlertBoot) suggest an educational or consultative approach. In other words, empower your readers by educating them about something. In fact consider 'turning off the sales pitch’ in some posts.

This way, you will attract readers hungry for information and that in itself could translate into sales. This technique is called 'tell them something without selling them anything.’ It's all about telling and presenting 'who you are and what you do.’

A great example of the educational/consultative approach is content marketing strategy put into place by TC Top of Mind, a Traverse City-based SEO company. This local SEO firm in Traverse City publishes its "Traverse City SEO Guide" year after year to not only educate area businesses and marketers about how to embrace SEO, but also to offer services and consulting programs to interested companies.

The Offer Approach

Other bloggers take a converse approach. Marcela Devivo of National Debt Relief, for example, considers the blog to be the 'top of the sales funnel.’ After you have succeeded in getting a visitor to your blog make sure you capture their email address.

You can do this by offering up something in exchange. Offer something like a free webinar, or a tool or perhaps a free e-book or white paper. Eventually, those emails can be converted into sales. Many have made a business out of blogging.

The Influencer Approach

Another way is to feature on your blog people of influence. Write about well known CEO’s or VIPs who are making or have made waves. Then highlight these stories as examples of your goals and ideals, and more specifically to promote morale and to give honor to trendsetters in your industry. The important thing here is to give the reader some subtle link between your brand and the trendsetters that you have featured.

Repurposing Blog Content for Other Means

Republishing content of your blog into an ebook, or e-zine (digital magazine) is another way to generate sales, but also to stay in contact with your visitors.

Selecting the choicest content of your blog and repackaging it for download from your site can potentially add sales. The general idea is that people who download the digital content show more promise to purchase in the future than those who don’t.

Integrating Email Marketing

Ever heard of a 'Drip Email Course’? Neither have many business bloggers, but it represents a power tool to generate sales on blogs. It is using an email service like Weber or MailChimp to deliver emails to people that are linked together as a series on a particular topic, about your blog of course. The initial series is free but linked at the end of the course is a hard sell, such as another course or a value added product that you make available to the email list.

There are many different benefts and ways to generate sales from your business blog. These are just a few of the many. Why not give them a try. Don’t forget to have fun - as your blog some generate those extra sales due to your hard work.


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