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Portable Truck Scale Load Cell Technology

Understanding the technology behind portable truck scales is helpful when deciding which types of portable scales will be the most beneficial for certain tasks at hand. The load cell, or transducer, built into most portable truck scales utilizes force as a measurement tool and then converts the information into an electrical signal which can be easily interpreted and understood.

portable truck weigh scale

The four most common types of load cells found in most industrial truck scales include: strain gauge load cells, piezoelectric load cells, hydraulic load cells, and pneumatic load cells. Each type of load cell uses a different mechanism by which they can measure force. Additionally, certain load cells utilize specific attributes that make them more or less efficient in specific circumstances and conditions.

Strain Gauge Load Cells truck scale load cell

With strain gauge load cells, the most widely used of the four due to their accuracy, life cycles, and resonance quality, strain is measured as the load is applied. The strain gauges, which can range in number from one to four, convert the amount of deformation created by the weight of the load into an electrical signal that is then amplified by an instrumentation amplifier.

The gauges are connected to a beam or bridge that contorts as weight is applied which in turn creates electrical resistance which the gauges can effectively measure and use to calculate weight. These load cells, which are common on many types of portable truck scales provide impressively accurate measurements and are more and more common amongst portable truck scale users.

Piezoelectric Load Cells

In the case of piezoelectric load cells, which also utilize deformation as a means by which to calculate weight, their use of piezoelectric material in direct correlation to the strain incurred by the load cell to create voltage output as opposed to the gauging systems in strain gauge load cells can make them a more reliable choice for frequent and strenuous loading conditions.

Hydraulic Load Cells

Ag Weigh Portable Truck ScalesThe standard organization of pistons and cylinders comprise the inner workings of the hydraulic load cell. There are no electrical components to this load cell as it utilizes pressure to measure weight and due to this fact it can be very useful in hazardous circumstances and outdoor environments where other load cells may fail.

Inside of a thin elastic diaphragm, assisted by mechanical stops to prevent excessively heavy loads from over straining it, is where the piston is placed meaning that it never actually comes into contact with the load cell itself. The load cell is filled completely with oil and the pressure created by the load placement onto the piston, effectively moves the piston and diaphragm as the oil pressure changes.

This change in pressure is manifested on a Bourdon tube, which measures gauge pressure instead of absolute pressure which means that vacuum is sensed as a reverse motion. The most common uses of hydraulic load cells are in tank, bin and hopper weighing.

Pneumatic Load Cells

Pneumatic load cells also utilize pressure as a means by which to calculate weight. The way the load cell is designed allows it to immediately regulate the balancing pressure. Air pressure escapes from a nozzle placed at the bottom of a load cell while the other end is where the pressure is administered.

This transfer of air pressure is then measured by a pressure gauge. Pneumatic load cells are not as widely used for truck scale load cells as some of the other models and can have varying accuracy. Understanding the inner workings of load cell sensors is important and can be a great asset when deciding which option will work best for your needs.

So whether you're in search for a portable truck scale for rent or are looking to buy a portable truck scales, understanding what types of load cells in the scale unit can help you invest in the ideal system to meet your needs.


An Inside Look at PFREUNDT On-board Scale Technology

PFREUNDT On Board ScalesScales are one of the most important technological developments for many different businesses and applications. Weigh scale technology is constantly evolving to meet unique and rigorous demands. So much so that weigh scales today are fitted to handle tens of thousands of pounds.

One industry pioneer is PFREUNDT, a German-based engineer and manufacturer of on-board scale technology used throughout the globe. These types of scales are on-board scales that are integrated on heavy-duty vehicles to provide weight data based on the loads the vehicles are carrying.

Because these scales are integrated onto heavy duty trucks, they are just as portable as any other portable scale; however they can also handle heavier loads which cuts down on labor time which of course means these scales are more efficient. And efficiency is the most important part of running any business.

A Leader in On-board Weigh Scales

PFREUNDT is a company that specializes in solely in on-board scales for heavy duty vehicles, and this why they have defined themselves as an industry-leader. On-board scales can be used in a wide variety of professions. For instance farmers should be using the types of scales in order to weigh out their crop.

Large scale construction workers will be able to weigh out how much concrete they use when they laying the base for a building. And of course, charity workers that are weighing out the how much food they are giving out to people in need.

PFREUNDT is obviously not the only company that is specializing in this type of product. In fact there are quite a few companies specializing in this product; however they do not compare to PFREUNDT. This company is using advanced technology that most other companies simply don't have access to, and because of the type of technology behind the scales, it makes them unrivaled in quality.

Comprehensive Applications of On-board Scales

On Board Truck ScaleThese scales are some of the most accurate, and for the size of the scales the most affordable scales on the market. Additionally PFREUNDT is making a multitude of products that can help in any profession requiring a heavy duty vehicular scale. But the most important aspect of PFREUNDT is that they provide the service too. There is also a global network of PFREUNDT on-board scale suppliers. In North America, the primary supplier of PFREUNDT on-board scales is Walz Scale.

They have a large network where PFREUNDT trucks will come to your work site and do the work for you. Because who buys a scale without purchasing the service. And that's just one more reason that PFREUNDT is one of the top of the line scale companies out there.

Because scales are so important in running a business today, companies are looking for the top of the line in scales. And that is exactly what PFREUNDT provides. PFREUNDT is the top of the line in the scale market because of the high tech technology that is put into the creation of these scales. The scales can put integrated to almost any type of heavy duty vehicle and because they are able to be integrated onto the heavy duty vehicles, they can handle as much weight as the truck/vehicle can handle.

continue... A Site Where Creative Design Meets Innovative Technology

Being a company that's renowned for its classy designs, it does not come as a surprise that tech giant Samsung has come up with one of the most well-designed websites you will ever come across in the online market space. The site, aptly named, is not only well designed but is also well structured.

Samsung Design Display

For starters, being fully aware of the move towards mobile friendly sites, this site has implemented a responsive design and is therefore easily accessible through mobile device such as Smartphones with lots of ease, making it readily available to a large percentage of the online population.

Going Beyond a Brand Statement

Even though the site does have lots of information about a wide variety of issues concerning Samsung design, philosophies and product stories, it is interesting to note that it has been arranged in such a way that you don't really realize the presence of this load of information. The site achieves this by having fluid, scrollable pages; allowing the user to just scroll down the items he or she want to see while still on one page. This has the effect of keeping the user on one page but at the same time giving him or her access to a load of information.

Exceptional Usability & Web Design

Appreciating that a user may get tired or bored scrolling down, the site does have a 'Go top' clickable menu item at the bottom of the page, this allows the user to immediately go back to the top. This also inspires visitors to use products in ways that evoke creative custom design, arts, and other unique forms of technology utilization.

The overall usability of the site is also greatly enhanced with its adoption of the 'highlighting' technique, once on the site, you just move to the story or blog you want to read using a mouse and without clicking, the story opens up for you to read.

Creativity Meets Functional Design Strategy

The site is also very clean and neat. Samsung adopts a rather bare design strategy that's devoid of lots of colors; as a matter of fact, the main colors used are grey and black with a white background; this makes the site quite legible and easy on the eye. It is worth mentioning though that there are several colors professionally sprinkled over the site's web design to give it some life and vim.

To make the site more accessible to the huge market base that Samsung commands, the online innovative web design has accommodated a language menu button which allows users to read the site in a different language. It is also worth mentioning that the site does have a news menu item link which provides readers with the latest news on the particular item they are reading; a truly unique feature for a website.


Advanced Weighing Systems for Warehousing & Logistics Companies

Walz Scale is a company that provides a variety of industry-defining products and advanced technologies for heavy-duty weighing and data management. Some of the products and solutions the company provides includes truck scales, on-board weighing systems, automated kiosks for ticketing, printers, axle scales, floor scales, pallet scales, software/apps, lift truck scales, and pallet jack sales, among many others.

Logistics WArehouse Weighing Solutions

Walz Scale is mostly renowned for its advanced weigh scales for sale, which are widely used by logistics companies to measure weights. They not only help centralized logistic centers that distribute goods, but also companies that own their own warehouses and need to establish their own weighing system for proper order fulfillment and distribution logistics. Some of the most notable and applicable solutions are in detail below.

Rail Scales

Rail scales are among the top solutions for many companies. These can be either bought or rented for short periods of time. They provide a variety of benefits including multiple scale sizes, field serviceability, can handle multiple capacities and have local support. There are also static and in-motion rail scales that can be used in diverse settings such as farming, construction, and mining.

Most of the rail scales are portable and easily assembled by the company in diverse scenarios. If your company needs to constant moved many loads, rail scales are the right choice for you. This rail scale technology that can be easily disassembled to free up space in your building.

Walz Pallet Scales

Walz Scale offers a diverse variety of floor scales and pallet scales. They're used by companies all across the country and in many parts of the world. Once integrated into the operation environments of many logistic companies, Walz pallet scales allow for easy weighing of loads, packages, heavy boxes and much more.

These heavy duty, NTEP certified pallet scales that are fabricated with top industry materials including stainless steel to avoid cohesion and mild steel. The designs of these scales are resistant to heavy duty and their reliability has a proven track record of trust by many companies.

Walz Conveyor Belt Scale

Walz Scale provides onboard scales that are state of the art, resistant and reliable which can be assembled to any vehicle. These include portable mining scales, rental scales, weigh bridge truck scales, conveyor belt scales and many others.

If you want to set up a logistics management operation but your company is on a tight budget, you can rent all you need and set them up in your distribution branch. After your company starts to reap some profits from such operations, then you can move on to buying your own equipment. This is the best approach that has been done many times by various logistical companies that are scattered across the country.

Walz Scale is the company for you to consider once renting or making your scale purchases. They provide onsite services such as industrial truck scales rentals, calibration, offering a wide variety of systems for retail, shipping, freight and many others. Their systems incorporate heavy duty axle technologies to ensure high endurance and heavy duty resistance. They have proprietary technology installed in all their pallet jacket scales, wheel weigher, duty axle scales and others in order to ensure a long product lifetime.

This company is your optimum choice once considering to make a logistical investment. Call them today at their toll-free number (800) 747-0701 and learn the payment methods for rentals and new purchases. Satisfaction is guaranteed.


Google Insights on How to Hire a Legit SEO Company

For most companies, SEO is of the utmost importance to the business' digital marketing program. As a result, the need to hire a legitimate SEO company is inevitable.

However with the ever escalating demand for SEO services most companies are masquerading weak (and potentially hazardous) SEO services that are far from legit. And since Google is also evolving its standards and cracking-down on sketchy SEO services, most SEO companies need to respect Google's SEO guidelines. As a business seeking SEO services, you should too.

Hiring an SEO Company According to Google

HIring SE Company Google

Below we share a few questions to ask a potential SEO service provider (as outlined by Google.)

Do you have any previous work portfolio and what is your performance track record?

Your chosen SEO company should have an incredible work portfolio. They should provide you with details of clients they have previously served and the feedback as well. In fact you can as well get in touch with some of these past clients and ask them if they were satisfied with the services offered.

Do you understand and even follow Google Webmaster guidelines?

Ask them if they are aware of Google webmaster guidelines that relate to SEO. Such guidelines include design, content technical and quality guidelines. These guidelines provide a benchmark through which SEO practices are conducted.

Do you offer any complimentary services such as online marketing services?

A good and well-grounded SEO company should offer complimentary services. SEO strategies cannot yield results if other factors are not put in place. For example things like an online marketing strategy and quality web design have to be available to make SEO more effective.

What is your work time line and what results should I expect to see?

Depending on the state of your website, the SEO service provider should be able to gauge the time frame required to make things work out. This timeline should be supported by valid and realistic reasons. Also the company should let you know how they normally measure results. How do they get to know if the SEO strategy is working or not?

What is your level of experience or expertise?

Experience and expertise can be measured based on either specialization or location of operation. Does the company only serve local clients or it has international customers as well? In terms of specialization get to know how well they serve a given industry. The level of expertise can also be determined by how long the company has been in business.

What SEO techniques do you consider important?

When asking this question, be sure you have adequate knowledge on SEO. This way you will be able to tell if their techniques will truly fuel your SEO strategy.

How will I reach you? Will you always be available to update me on the changes you implement on my website? You need to know how you will be communicating with them.

Do they have a specific person handling different client accounts? If so these people should be available via phone, email or online chat services whenever you need them. Also the company should inform you of the changes made to your website and give you reasons supporting such changes.

Signs of Reputable SEO Companies

Below are a few indicators that represent solid SEO companies that you can trust, or warning signals of sketchy SEO companies that you should avoid. At the first glance, the SEO company should provide a free audit, like that of

Will never just send you emails from nowhere

Fake SEO companies tend to bombard you with spam emails from all corners. They will always send you unnecessary emails on what they think you need and can offer you. Be wary of such companies.

Will not guarantee you top ranking on Google

If a company does this, then they are probably just sweet talking you into hiring them. A good company will tell you the situation as it is. They will never promise something like number one ranking and be 100% sure of it.

Should be honest and transparent

Illegitimate SEO companies tend to be very secretive. A good one openly discusses with you what they plan to do with your website. Such an organization provides you with concrete evidence on the ongoing work.

Common scams to look out for when working with SEO companies:

Use of shadow domains

These domains are created by unethical SEO companies. Such domains can later be redirected to a completely different site. As such you may end up paying the SEO to develop a competitor’s site.

Use of doorway pages

The SEO will load a doorway page with keywords on your site. They will assure you that this is very important. The worst is that such pages link to other client’s websites. This is not beneficial to you since the links may redirect your users to bad websites.

As much as SEO is crucial to your ranking, make sure you choose wisely. Make sure the company itself is listed on Google’s index. Hire a legitimate company that will serve your interest and not their own.


Top SEO Tools for 2015 [in Review]

Tools SEOAlthough, there are numerous ways to generate traffic to a website, SEO still remains the backbone of inbound marketing strategies. Attributed to fierce competition among SEO's and search marketers, many professionals rely on powerful SEO tools and software to stay on top of the competition.

However, there are a ton of different tools that get introduced every year and choosing one can prove to be a gargantuan task. Thankfully, we did all the hard work for you by filtering out all the weak SEO tools and creating a list of some of the top SEO tools for 2015.


SEMrush is a great tool to research and monitor the performance of any site. SEMrush not only allows you to analyze the performance of each keyword in your website but also lets you monitor the keyword performance of other websites. SEMrush opens up a comprehensive keyword list which tells you how much traffic each keyword is drawing into the site.


Helps You Monitor Your Competitors: SEMrush is a great tool if you are struggling to keep up with the SEO strategies of your competitors. SEMrush can give you a detailed report, revealing all the keywords and their individual performances.


Even if you have a winning list of keywords, you still need to incorporate them into a content strategy that is interesting and are more likely to generate a buzz. This is exactly where BuzzSumo comes in.

BuzzSumo lets you search a certain keyword and opens up a list of posts written by bloggers that use the same keyword. BuzzSumo also gives you a report on how many times these posts got liked, viewed and shared on different social media platforms.


Creative Ideas For Content Creation: By browsing different posts and their report cards, you can understand what’s working and what’s not. This should give you a pretty good idea about the content you should be focusing on.

Authority Labs

SEO is all about knowing what your competitors are doing and constantly tweaking the content to stay ahead in the game. Authority Labs opens up keyword list for any site and gives you a report of their performance on different search engines over a period of time. You can also use Authority Labs to compare different website and understand how their SEO strategy is performing against each other.


Report Card For Your SEO Strategy: Authority Labs is one of those SEO tools that serves a report card for your keywords and helps you judge their performance over a period of time.


When it comes to researching on the strategies of your competitors, SpyFu is definitely one of the best SEO tools in the market today. It generates a report that tells you the competitor’s CPC and PPC budget. The report also tells you the performance of each of these strategies in terms of traffic generated.


SEO Budgeting: By pulling out data about how much your competitors are spending on SEO, with SpyFu you should be able to estimate how much you need to spend to bypass them in terms of ranking.


Improved Performance Among 3PL's is Driven by Technology

Logistics TechnologyWhen in regards to third-party logistics and supply chain management, technology has always had a pivotal role. This is even more true when you consider the deregulation of the transportation industry because third-party logistics (3PL) has recently provided customers with innovative technology which is bound to truly alter how the industry operates.

In the past, businesses have perpetually looked for various avenues of getting goods out more quickly, in bigger amounts and in a good range of economy as well. The invention of the railway to automobiles, all the way to the creation of the computer have completely revolutionized supply chain management is such astonishing ways that when it is looked at closely, it is awe-inspiring.

Third Party Logistics SolutionsWith the help of 3PL and the ever emerging logistics technologies of the modern era have revealed products built of speed, security, accuracy and a seamlessness developed to produce quickly and effectively. Some of these profound technologies are products such as driverless vehicles, 3D printers, drones and augmented reality. This article will give you some ideas of just how unique and innovative these products really are.

Driverless Vehicles

They are still a prototype but what is known as of now is that driverless vehicles can pose as a fantastic tool for the supply chain management industry. These special vehicles will completely change the way things are currently because there will never be human interventions and errors to slow down the overall process. Another aspect is it will cut down the cost of operation because of the lack of paying driver’s salaries. 3PL will be able to cut their overhead by quite a margin by utilizing the lack of salaries as well.

3D Printing

Even though it’s concept has existed far back as the 80’s, 3D printing is a myth technology which is finally becoming reality. Not only a reality but 3D printing products are being produced on a large scale. What this innovative technology creates is special metals, plastic, various materials and believe it or not, human tissue. Additional manufacturing will free-up everything within the manufacturing process. This will also give businesses a way to easily print on-demand and what this will ultimately do is enable the supply chain to be shorter.


A drone is an aircraft which is flown entirely without the on-board supervision of man. They are typically flown by remote or they may be controlled by software which is embedded within their system. What makes drones so special is that they have the ability to fly into areas where other types of transportation have no way of doing. They are very small, light and economic, proving to be an asset to the transportation industry.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is truly special because it enables a look at the planet that can be totally direct or indirect and it is operated by sensory-inputs which is totally computer generated. These CG realities also incorporate sound and even video and it will give businesses a live open-world look that will create an awareness of the environment. This type of technology will be highly effective for 3PL and the supply chain challenges in the industry. This will ultimately increase the speed of delivery and it will also make it much cheaper to operate.


Load Scanner Replacing Modern Mining Scales?

Weighing heavy, cumbersome loads accurately and consistently is a critical need for a multitude of industries. Most weighing solutions are made up of old fashion technologies, such as cumbersome fixed weigh bridges or steel deck truck scale systems.

Load Scanner

However, with the inception of newer technologies such as load scanner system, the mining truck scale market is going through a rapidly changing phenomenon.

Benefits of increased efficiency and improved cost-ratio are the primary reasons for the truckload weighing market have such a high appeal for a load scanner. The mining industry is a fine example with many companies seeking to make a considerable shift of their weight measuring techniques and processes.

Different than the heavier and more expensive truck scales, portable scales and other truck weight measuring scales, load scanners required less maintenance. They reduce such maintenance costs, reduce guessing, outdated truck counting methods and enhance the weighting system of companies as a whole.

The Walz Load Scanner

The Walz Load Scanner is among the top load scanner scales in the market. It provides accurate, fast and simple in-motion or dynamic load scanning which is convenient, reliable and profitable. And it's precisely when you mention the word profit, that companies start eye-popping.

Walz Load Scanner's advanced technological advancements include proprietary technology that's capable of scanning volumes very fast and accurately. And since the scanner is placed above the truck's path, it requires little maintenance and is highly efficient.It is a system that's much more efficient than portable truck scales and heavy-duty weighbridge scales which require greater maintenance. Since they are located underneath the tucks' path, they require constant replacement and adjustments. But truckload scanners are able to work day in and day out at all times.

A load scanner is capable of working smoothly and seamlessly under all weather conditions, such as rain, snow or rail. They are heavy duty but still don't have the same wear noticed in other truck scales which require intense maintenance.

Revolutionizing Load Management for Mining Applications

Now it prompts the question. Why are mining companies seeing this as a great alternative to other types of truck scales?

The reason for this is that the loading and unloading truck systems and processes used in mining companies are still using old traditional methods. But with load scales, they've realized that since loads are pretty much standard, with the same types of mining contents, that load scanners are precise and accurate at scanning and weighing these.

Also, differently than other load volume scanner systems, the Walz Load Scanner is able to circumvent problematic measuring by knowing how to differentiate loads by contents, humidity and density. This diminishes problematic loads making mining companies able to load and unload their loads fast.

As one of the most creative solutions for payload management, the Walz Load Scanner also contains an application which allows all loads to be measured and served through the cloud from one central location on the web. This means that you can view it anywhere, even using cross-platforms such as computers, notebooks, palm tops, mobile phones, iPads, and others.

This way you can manage trucks that are in transit, stock piles, and many other varying elements which allow for smarter managing capabilities for mining companies that want to optimize their business operations, and now all companies in the industry that don't want to stay behind need to also implement these new strategies.


How to Remove Viruses From Your Windows PC

Personal computers (PCs) help us to accomplish a number of activities in our professional and leisure lives. They help us to calculate figures, learn about and find information, make illustrations, as well as schedule the activities that we are engaged in on a daily basis.

PC Virus

Unfortunately, computers can be infected with destructive pieces of software known as viruses. These are small yet problematic programs that are developed with the sole purpose of destroying, modifying or stealing information from your computer. Viruses can cause mild problems such as slowing down of the computer, or extreme problems such as complete breakdown of the computer.

As a result, it is important for every Windows PC owner to know how to get rid of these destructive viruses. There are various ways through which you can remove viruses from your computer. Below we delve into a few ways to remove viruses form your Windows PC. Using these virus removal steps can help you avoid the expense of hiring remote virus removal services, like that of Nerds on Call.

Enter "Safe Mode" & Delete Temporary Files

If you are having serious problems working with your computer for example hanging, it is possibly as a result of virus infection. The first step is to disconnect it completely from the internet. This is done by switching off your Wi-Fi connection and unplugging any internet cables that you may have connected to your computer. After doing this, you should boot up your computer into the Safe Mode.

This is a mode of operating your computer where it is only running the basic necessary programs required to do light tasks. If you are running the Windows 7, Vista or XP versions of Windows operating system, you can achieve this by first shutting it down.

After that, turn it on and as soon as you see activity on the screen, repeatedly press the F8 key. This will bring up a menu featuring Advanced Boot Options. On these options, use the up and down arrow keys to select the one that says Safe Mode with Networking. After selecting this option, press Enter.

Cleaning & Restoring Your PCs

If you are using a computer that is running Windows 8 operating system, the process is a little different. You should first of all restart the computer. When you arrive at the Windows 8 Login screen, you should select restart and then press and hold the Shift key on your keyboard. After doing this, you will see a Windows screen that has options to start the computer in Safe Mode. Select this option and wait for it to start up.

After starting up your computer in Safe Mode, you can then delete all temporary files that are stored in your computer. This will help because some viruses are stored in the temporary files folders. You can press the Start button, navigate to All Programs then Accessories to System Tools and then Disk Cleanup. At this stage, choose to delete the temporary files.

Install & Use Malwarebytes Software

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is a virus scanning software that you can install to find and eradicate malware and spyware, as well as most common computer viruses. It is free to download and install. You can navigate to their website and then download the software.

After this, switch off your internet connection and install the software. After installation, start up the software and click on the button that says 'Perform quick scan'. This will get rid of computer viruses on your windows PC.


7-Step Guide to Making Your Site Mobile-Friendly

Mobile Web DesignAbout 80 percent of Internet users all over the world use their mobile phones to browse the web. The increased number of mobile Internet use has lead to Google refining its ranking algorithm to adopt to this mobile revolution.

On February 26, 2015, Google announced intended changes on its mobile search algorithm. It made it clear that Mobile Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) will be affected by how friendly a website is to mobile phones.

The changes are expected to take effect on April 21, 2015. Google’s intentions are to improve surfing experience for people mobile phone Internet users. Google made the announcement early enough to give website owners enough time to configure their websites.

Ensuring Your Site is Mobile-friendly

Below are seven steps that will help webmaster prepare their sites to be mobile-friendly.

1. Perform a thorough analysis of your website’s voice features and compare them with those of competitive sites. Evaluate how the website ranks relative to top competitors.

2. Keep updated on keyword trends used on mobile ranking, as well as, other devices such as tablets and desktops.

3. Inspect how well your site is friendly to mobiles. If you cannot do it on your own, hire an expert.

4. Evaluate mobile ranking and results at the page level, as opposed to website level.

5. Report treading keywords and rankings across devices for local, as well as, global results.

6. Ensure you follow Google’s best practice strategies. Google has done its part by making the announcements early, and it is now you part to heed the warning.

7. Finally, rinse all the above-stated strategies with regard to mobile Internet search tactics.

There's also great guides and articles on this topic at Moz and Search Engine Watch.

The Elements of Mobile-friendly Design

Google puts the number of mobile Internet users at over 1.5 billion. The number is too large to be ignored and there is need to look at their interests with keen. As of now, a majority of websites are already configured to friendly mobile versions, but those that are yet to make the changes continue to enjoy ranking devoid of mobile optimization.

Online businesses that depend on Internet searches to get customers will be hard hit if they do not conform to proper mobile web design requirements. Google has no intentions of harassing website owners, but to provide consumers with the information they want.

It is important to remember that Google insists on a responsive site design, which is reflective in its Mobile Usability Report in Google Webmaster Tools. Some of the elements that counts for this design are such as:

  • If the font is easy to read on small screens
  • The ease of use of the touch elements and how they are spaced
  • Avoidance of cross links that are irrelevant
  • The load time and speeds of mobile pages
  • Use of CSS and JavaScript

This is not the first time Google will make changes on its search and ranking strategies. It continuously updates its search algorithms to enhance how it meets the needs of Internet users. Websites, therefore, stay on the look out and do their best to optimize their content based on latest algorithms set by Google.

Ecommerce SEO players should take advantage of these changes to capitalize on the ever-growing mobile-Internet marketplace. It is time to consider all the things mobile users might want and use the concepts as a guide to configure the navigation menu and other website features. It is vital to ensure that navigation is easy and intuitive to the use of fingers instead of the mouse.


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