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Top Industry Influencers in Multi-Spindle Rotary Cutter Technology

Multi-spindle rotary cutters are specialized forms of machinery that are designed to quickly and efficiently cut or chop a range of grasses and brush. With so many different multi-spindle rotatory cutter brands and models to choose from, it can be really tough to know what's the best technology to use for you needs.

In this Technology Scribes post, we take a look at the top three industry influencers in multi-spindle rotary cutter technology, and explain what benefits and features their rotary cutters have to offer.

Bush Hog

Bush Hog Rotary Cutter PartsBush Hog are a highly respected brand most famously known for their extensive selection of boom movers, construction equipment, finishing machines and hay tools. Bush Hog also have six top-of-the-range multi-spindle rotary cutters available to purchase.

The SQ84T series rotary cutter is the smallest of the range, and it is suitable for mowing grass and weeds. The 3413 series has a 14-foot cutting width which allows it to easily clear crops and maintain larger pastures.

All Bush Hog rotary cutters come with a selection of hitch types and mounting options, plus they have been powder coated for extra durability. A 5 year gearbox limited warranty is also available with all purchases.

Servis Rhino

Servis Rhino Rotary CutterServis Rhino are a leading manufacturer of diggers, blades and cutters that are used in the agricultural sector. They offer a large range of multi-spindle rotary cutters which are categorized into one of three groups: SE Series Medium Duty, TW Series Heavy Duty, and Turbo Series Super Duty.

Medium Duty cutters are able to cut natural materials that are up to 1" in diameter. Replaceable skid shoes come with each rotary cutter, and shielded drive-lines have been installed to improve safety functions.

TW Series Heavy Duty Cutters have been designed to maintain pastures, orchards and other larger areas that need mowing. Models available in this category include pull-types and three-point lifts.

Last but certainly not least is the Turbo Series Super Duty Cutters which are made for more industrial mowing applications that require a powerful rotary cutter. Features of this category include a double layered deck, free underside decking area, and a transport latch which makes it easy to move the rotary cutter around.


Woods Rhino Rotary CutterEstablished in 1946, Woods have grown to become one of the leading mower manufacturers in the United States. Their current range includes 12 different models of multi-spindle rotary cutters. They include semi-mounted, pull type, or full mounted settings that require anywhere from 25 hp to 90 hp in order to pull.

All models in the Woods rotary cutter collection have been specially heat treated to make them stronger, plus the blade spindle comes on adjustable bearings which helps it to last for longer. The models also come with a 1 year full warranty on the gearbox.

Listed above are three of the most popular multi-spindle rotary cutter manufacturers around. When you purchase a cutter brand new from one of the listed manufacturers, you can rest assured that you will be buying a high quality piece of equipment which has been designed to last.

Each of the manufacturers also offer warranties which protects your purchase should something happen to malfunction. You can find out more models specifications from the retailers websites, or by contacting their customer service team directly.


5 Online Resources for More Efficient & Effective FQHC Billing and Coding

There's no question that most federally qualified health centers (FQHCs) are severely perplexed and burden by the complexities of FQHC billing and coding. Unlike other forms of medical billing, FQHCs face further difficulties due to their unique, community-based patient scope, as well as their lack of resources and technology.

FQHC patient billing resources online

If you operate a FQHC and are facing difficulties with patient billing and coding processes, read on before investing in expensive software, or hiring a professional for FQHC patient billing services. The resources outlined below offer actionable help to make for more efficient and effective FQHC billing and coding.

1. FQHC Billing Guide by iFinance

The FQHC Billing Guide by iFinance is a great resource for anyone in the FQHC billing and coding field. Accessing the URL, you will find a power point presentation converted to a PDF file for online viewing. The document succinctly and clearly articulates the responsibilities of the FQHC billing. You can find details on denials versus returned claims and provides a good explanation, with examples, of each.

The causes of lost revenue are fully identified and explained. The denials section goes into the right amount of detail regarding the types, sorting by department and specific plans of action to address the denial.

There are also various useful flowcharts scattered throughout the presentation that are practical and a useful tool for developing or dealing with the FQHC billing at FQHCs.

There are plenty of examples that give the reader a good understanding of the various nuances involved in the FQHC billing process. There are some good insurance tips included. The presentation too does not take its eye off the purpose of FQHC billing: getting paid.

Learn more about the FQHC Billing Guide by iFinance at

2. FQHC Billing Training by Synergy Billing Academy

FQHC billing training courseThe Synergy Billing Academy offers onsite or online training for everything related to the FQHC billing process. The company offers detailed courses in five areas: FQHC Billing, FQHC Coding, Billing Claim Denials, ICD-9 Training, and ICD-10 Training.

Their online training courses are broken down into a course list offers training modules directed towards IT, Clinical, Leadership, Administrative, and Leadership. The length of each course is specified also. The courses are specifically for certain types of IDC-10-CM too. There are courses for Dental, Mental Health, OB/GYN/Family Medicine and more.

The onsite instruction offers the same courses. The two-day onsite course provides comprehensive and specialized training for all Federally Qualified Health Centers.

To learn more about FQHC Billing Training by Synergy Billing Academy, visit

3. Rural Assistance Center

The Rural Assistance Center is a great site with a comprehensive list of websites and tools related to FQHC billing. There are sites that have webinar recordings with lectures and information sessions. There are various links to sites that list requirements, specific billing issues, and many more. Some of them are Federal Government sponsored and many are private organizations.

The site menus include a page with links to various useful publications in the FQHC field. Relevant CFRs, fact sheet lists, and many more are included. A total of 74 different sites related to FQHC publications are hyperlinked on the page, with short synopsizes of each one.

One link lists nothing but funding opportunities. There is a peer-to-peer fund sharing link along with ideas and ways to reduce the costs of medication purchases.

The links to events and news are up to date. Each event from around the country has a brief synopsis regarding the specifics of the event and who is the intended audience. There is a list of guidelines for each state too which allows you to review any nuances in the billing process related to thes pecific state.

A very useful link includes model rural community centers. There are various "best practices" in billing and other FQHC topics discussed too. Visit, to learn more about the Assistance Center.

4. One Hundred FQHC Billing Questions

This site, provided by Medicaid University, offers 100 Frequently Asked Questions regarding FQHC billing. The questions are practical and realistic. They include simple questions such as where do I find a list of revenue codes, to practical matters such as can I bill bandages for a patient along with his office visit.

There are a number of hyperlinks also that are very useful for FQHC billing in general. Some of the questions involve, "where do I find…" and in the answers, they provide appropriate links to comprehensive publications that have the answers.

You can find the One Hundred FQHC Billing Questions PDF at

5. Basic Billing Guidelines for Federally Qualified Health Centers

This link will lead you to a 90 page PowerPoint PDF authored by Medicaid University with a detailed explanation of everything to do with FQHC billing. The text is broken up into key areas including reimbursement methodology, covered services, FQHC billing, telehealth services and supplemental payments. Better FHQC billing processes

  • The FQHC reimbursement module has clear instructions on pay-per-visit, cost sharing and how the reimbursements calculations are made.
  • The definitions of encounters, multiple encounters and how to bill them are clearly outlined.
  • There are examples of different kinds of billings throughout the presentation in relevant sections.
  • The resource section provides a good list of publications and online services that help in optimizing the FQHC billing process.
  • The course itself is also accredited and by going through the power point and is worth one continuing education credit through the AACP.

Download the complete PDF of Basic Billing Guidelines for FQHCs by Medicaid University and click here.


7 Essential Tools for Technical SEO Site Audits

Technical Site Audit SEOWhen it comes to doing SEO, technical SEO is extremely important to ensure a website is properly coded and structured for fluid search engine crawling and indexing. This is particularly important for large enterprise-level websites, such as ecommerce stores.

The problem is that many SEO's and webmaster neglect the technical aspects of their websites. Technical SEO is not easy and often requires the right skill-sets and the right tools. It's also vital when conducting SEO site audits to better understand the current performance and standing of a website.

So whether you're doing a simple local SEO audit or a comprehensive ecommerce site SEO audit, these tools and resources will help along the way.

Built with

Purpose for SEO Audits

This tool is good at giving you lots of information about anything sitting behind a computer. For instance the built of the framework, the CMS it uses as well as the analytic packages it uses and more

Importance for SEO

This kind of information may prove to be useful at times, like when you run into technical SEO problems caused by the software or platform you are using. Take for example the well-known problems that come with using WordPress or a .Net framework. You will quickly spot them if you are aware of them.

Where to go:

Web Page Speed Test

Purpose for SEO Audits

This one comes quite useful helping you to compare your competitor’s website speed against yours. The output is usually a video that shows the websites loading together, side by side. It is also possible for you to change the test server location to take into account where they are located.

Importance for SEO

Looking from an SEO point of view the speed of the site might not matter much but it is important to the users. If you are on an e-commerce in particular, make sure that it loads as fast as it should. Having such a tool can make you quite persuasive, as you will have a great visual indicator of the speed of your site.

Where to go:

Check Websites on Same IP C-Class

Purpose for SEO Audits

With this, you will be able to see the domains hosted by the same C Class IP by just entering a list.

Importance for SEO

Despite the fact that it is better with link analysis than on-page SEO, it is useful so I thought better to include it. If you happen to do link profile analysis, ten you will find is useful.

Where to go:

Screaming Frog

Purpose for SEO Audits

Screaming Frog is a very powerful crawler that will return information about a set of URLs like META data, response code, duplicate content as well as rel=canonical.

Importance for SEO

It should be in the SEO toolkit because it gets easy to do technical site audits with it. It is good for two reasons. First, it is very easy to setup, and secondly it can be used to crawl lists of URLs that are across different domains, which will be useful in link profile analysis.

Where to go:

XML Sitemap Validator

Purpose for SEO Audits

What this does is quite simple because it will check your XML sitemaps for broken URLs for you.

Importance for SEO

If you have broken links in your XML sitemap then you are likely to lose the trust of the search engine. The one thing you should not forget is that every URL in your sitemap should return a response status of 200 headers.

Where to go:

W3C International Checker

Purpose for SEO Audits

The moment you enter a URL, the tool will look for elements indicating whether it is a target, to a specified country or language.

Importance for SEO

You might happen to be targeting a particular country, and you need to be sure you are not sending any wrong signal from a markup perspective. There are normally subtle signs that can go to the target. It will also highlight if you are targeting an incorrect variation of languages like either GB English or US.

Where to go:

Bulk HTTP Header Response Checker

Purpose for SEO Audits

This tool is excellent for checking the HTTP header codes on multiple URLs at the same time. You will also be able to compare the response of different user agents.

Importance for SEO

There is a need to keep an eye on the replies that are not 200, and this is why you need it. Commonly they are things as 404, 301.302, and you might find good reasons for them, but it is best to keep an eye on them so you can fix them when the need arises.

Where to go:

Do you have any awesome tools for technical SEO site audits? Let us know in the comments section below.


5 Advanced Security Technologies Leveraged By The Top World Banks

Statistics demonstrate that fraud accounts for $4 trillion dollars a year around the world. To that in retrospect, if fraud was a country, it would be the 5th most productive country in the world, ahead of top countries such as Canada and France.

Due to the innovation of the internet and online access to banking accounts, experts estimate that this number will continuously rise.

Digital Security World Banks

However, as technology advances, so does the security systems that banks utilize. In this overview we'll take a look at the top five advanced systems leveraged by the top world banks and how they help to deter and in some cases prevent fraud.

1) Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR)

One of the technologies that banks utilize to minimize the instances of check fraud is the Magnetic Ink Character Recognition technology. MICR differs from the traditional type of ink in the sense that it produces a matte finish.

This special type of ink is readable by advanced mechanical sorters. What this means is that, if an individual produces a check with standard ink and it is placed within the mechanical sorter, if the sorter does not detect that matte finish that magnetic inks produces, it will refuse to read the check and essentially reject it.

2) Encrypted Code

One of the more interesting technologies that the banks utilize to prevent fraud is that all the major banks in the world print their checks with an encrypted code that contains the check information such as the real amount of the check.

What makes this encrypted code so unique is that, it is not visible to the naked eye and only appears when the check has been scanned, or copied digitally. The person who is scanning the check can actually pull up the information that lies within the encrypted code, to verify if the check is valid. We will definitely see more and more encryption over the years with banks and financial institutions.

3) Identity Theft Protection Plans

Another technology that banks utilize to minimize the instances of identify theft, is what's known as an identify theft protection plan. Essentially, once a customer enrolls for an identity theft protection plan, it will raise their level of security significantly.

For starters, each and every time a purchase is made, the customer will receive a notification via SMS and or email.

Additionally, their credit scores will be continuously monitored and the customer will receive a notification if there are any changes to their credit scores or credit profile such as newly submitted applications for credit cards and/or newly established banks accounts for example.

4) IP surveillance Systems

Essentially, IP surveillance systems would be like Windows 8 while a traditional CCTV system would be similar to Windows 95. The problems with CCTVs are that, only a small portion of a bank's CCTV system would be attached to networked video recorders.

As such, monitoring and maintenance had to be done at a branch level. What these meant is that it relied on people to recognize and make appropriate actions to events that they would categorize as being suspicious. The end result of this is that, it would be virtually impossible for the bank to make a coordinated real time response to a suspicious event.

However, thanks to the introduction of IP surveillance systems, video streams from any bank location, can be monitored from a PC in a main office or any other branch that is within the network. Additionally, IP cameras enable higher quality pictures than its outdated CCTV predecessors.

A great place for more information is the IP surveillance cameras at This organization showcases some of the most advanced IP-based security systems.

5) Facial & Voice Recognition

One of the more modern technologies that banks are in the process of deploying right now, is Facial and Voice Recognition technology.

What makes this technology so promising is the fact that, as opposed to utilizing a standard user name and password, if an individual wants to access their account on their mobile devices, they essentially have to take a selfie of their face and or speak into their phones.

The best example of face and voice recognition technology is that of USAA at This advanced system is being adopted in many respects across the world.


5 Revolutionary Technologies Taking Storm In 2015

We have seen great developments in technology in the last few years, multi-touch tablets, cloud-computing, smartphones, these are the innovations that have revolutionized the way we work and live. However, this is just the beginning, and technology will keep advancing for the better.

2015 is seeing great advancements on the technological front, with many gadgets being introduce and gaining immense popularity. Let us now get to learn about 5 such revolutionary technological gadgets that will prove helpful on business and personal front.

1. Google GlassGoogle Glass

Google, by introducing Google Glass, has taken things to the next level. Using it, you can view Google maps, social media feeds, text, take photos, and also navigate with GPS. You will also enjoy all latest updates while on the ground.

The co-founder of Google, Sergey Brin has already demoted the glass with creatives and skydivers. Though Google Glass is presently available only to some developers, but you can expect other companies trying it out, and offering you an affordable version of the same pretty soon.

2. Drones

Drones have already become popular with many business all over the world. Many brands like Dominos UK and Amazon have been experimenting with drone for delivery purposes. Google too had announced that it is developing a system of drones to deliver goods.RC drone with camera

Realtors use drones to get shots of real estates and properties for sale. Many media corporations also use this amazing gadget to capture documentary footage. In the entertainment industry, drone is popularly used while shooting many films.

Not just professionally, advancements in drone technology have made them used for personal and recreational applications as well. Many hobbyists use drones to capture cool videos of various outdoor activities. And you can now buy drones for sale from local business like Nerds on Call in Peoria, IL.

3. Leap Motion Leap Motion

Multi-touch desktop is very common, but it is not that popular owing to the fact that your hands can easily get tired if you use it for a long time.

Leap Motion challenges this drawback, with a far better idea. Here too you will control the desktop using your fingers, but you will not have to touch the screen.

It is not the normal motion sensor, as using Leap Motion you can scroll up an down a web page, zoom in the photos and maps, play games and even sign documents, just by using finger and hand movements.

4. SmartThings

SmarthThings is a device that has been created to make all gadgets, non-digital or digital, connect together. With the help of SmartThings, you will get smoke alarms, pressure, humidity, and also vibration sensors to sense changes in your home through an alarm on your smartphone.


Yes, all this is indeed possible. With SmartThings can easily keep a track of who is entering your home, turn the lights on before entering your room, and shut windows and doors when you are about to leave.

5. Form 1 Form 1 Printer

Form 1 is a 3D printer, using which you can transform your digital design into a beautiful real-life solid product. Even though it might not be a new invention in the advanced mechanical industry, nonetheless, a 3D printer definitely is a revolutionary idea.

Using Form 1, you can create your own physical product based on your custom designs, and that too without the need of being approved by any giant manufacturer. This is the next generation of home 3D printing.


In-Motion Axle Scale Technology Drastically Advances Weighing Efficiency

In Motion Axle ScaleAxle scales are weighing instruments that are used in determining the weight of vehicles, and in most cases the loads be carried by those vehicles. The weighing process can be an inconvenience, especially in cases where vehicles are forced to stop due to the use of static truck scales. That is where the in-motion axle scales come in. 

This revolutionary weighing technology is capable of capturing and recording the gross weight of a vehicle while it is in motion. The information is not only accurate, byt is automatically stored and saved in the cloud for easy and secure access. These axle scales may also include more advanced features, such as wireless data transmission. This ensures efficiency in the weighing process.

Advanced Features of In-Motion Axle Scales

In motion axle scales are composed of many different technology features that make them more advanced compared to other portable truck scale models. Some of these features include:

1. Sensors: Weigh in-motion systems can employ different types of sensors. The vertical force is the most critical quantity to measure. Rigid force sensors that have quartz crystals are used to measure the weight along the vertical axis. When any form of force is applied on the surface of the sensors, the quartz crystals produce an electric charge that is proportional to that force. The resulting signal is a high impedance electric charge that is not prone to electrical interference.

2. Charge Amplifiers: The charge signals are amplified using the MOSFET based charge amplifier. It is then converted to a voltage output which is eventually converted to an analysis system.

3. Inductive Loops: These help in defining the vehicle’s entry as well as exit from the weigh in-motion station. The signals trigger the inputs to start or stop the measurements. This initiates the adding up of the axle weights.

4. Dynamic Measurement System: The dynamic measurement system has been programmed to perform calculations for different parameters such as individual axle weights, axle distances, vehicle speed, the gross vehicle weight and the distance between vehicles.

5. Communications: Wireless axle scale technology can be integrated into this system so as to convey the information to a central information system.

6. Data Archiving: The captured information is then transferred to the central monitoring server where it is retrieved for further processing and for enforcement purposes.

Benefits of In-Motion Weighing

In motion axle scales provide a wide range of benefits, depending on their application. Some of the most universal advantages of in-motion weighing include:

I. It is an efficient option which ensures a hassle-free weighing operation. There is automatic recording of the weight as well as the image of the vehicle.

II. It can weigh hundreds of vehicles on a single day.

III. It records the number of axles, individual axle weights as well as the gross weight of the vehicle.

IV. The weighing operation is quicker as the vehicles do not need to stop for the same.

V. The captured data can be stored for use in the future.

VI. In addition, this type of scale provides data with higher accuracy.

VII. Unlike static scales, in-motion scales are portable and can be moved from place to place.

In-motion axle scale systems are extremely versatile and can be put to different uses. For instance, they can be used by agricultural producers and large scale farmers who may need a portable heavy-duty weighing system for weighing farm produce.

Additionally, in-motion axle scales are designed for easier mobile enforcement operations hence can be used by government entities for regulating the legal weight limits of trucks on highways. They can also be used by transport and logistics companies which want to monitor their fleets’ weight.

Unlike static scales which require building of a weigh station by the road side, this type does not require such construction with lengthy implementation processes. It is therefore a more cost effective way of weighing vehicles and trucks. If you are looking for efficient, versatile and affordable axle scales, in-motion axle scales from Walz ( will be the best option.


3 Roles to Help Support Your Company's SEO Strategy

Growing SEO StrategyTechnology today changes at a rapid pace and your business must be able to keep up with it. With today’s technology, you must make sure that your company's website is search engine optimized, or as it may be called, an SEO-friendly business website.

When someone searches online for a service, your business should be the first one to show up and it should show up as much as possible. There are several ways to make sure that will happen. The foundation is to staff individuals who have the right skills and capabilities to help support your company's SEO strategy.

Your Content Strategies Fuel Your SEO Strategies

First, you should hire a content strategist. This will be someone who researches and analyzes your existing users. A good content strategist should be able write and produce high quality content to be posted online, speak in public about your business, and produce content that make people want to look at your website.

They will figure out your target demographic and find the most efficient way to obtain you more customers within this demographic. They will attempt to reach customers who are not within your demographic, but who will benefit from your services.

Content to accomplish this should be made available in a steady and timely manner. After the content is released, they should be able to analyze the results and adjust future content. Essentially, they will provide your business with a series of goals to make them more visible to the public eye in a professional and concise way.

For example, if you're doing SEO for a surgery practice, you'll want your content strategist to pinpoint topics that resonate with both your core surgical specialties and the information your target market is seeking. As part of your surgeon SEO content strategy, you may want to consider in-depth, long-form articles that are educationally-focused.

Social Media: The Glue That Holds SEO Together

Next, you should invest in a social media manager. This should be someone that puts your business in the public eye in a more casual way through forums such as facebook, twitter, or Instagram.

They will use all of these forums several times a day and talk about things such as ongoing promotions, what your business can offer, and various items to keep you in the public eye. A good social media manager should be organized, dependable, and have great marketing instincts. They should provide friendly and personal interactions with your business’ demographic.

They will also make your business visible outside of your demographic and allow it to spread through word of mouth.This can be an ideal way to grow through brand recognition. The more people that are talking about your site, the more it will show up on search engines.

Technical SEO Expertise is Always Vital

Finally, and most importantly, you will need to obtain a technical expert. The website for your business must be as user friendly as possible. A good technical SEO expert should be extremely knowledgeable and comfortable with coding and technology.

They should be able to optimize your site so that it looks clean, professional, and technically SEO friendly. They should also ensure that the coding itself for your website is efficient and won’t slow down any potential customers’ browsers. Even more importantly, they should be able to make sure that your website has permission to appear in a search engine.

No matter how well you market your business through social media or the public eye, it will not matter if they cannot search for or access your website.

If you are able to equip your obtain people who can do these jobs well, you should be able to become an search engine authority business and keep up with the ever-changing technology.


Innovative Train Technology Reshapes Rail Transportation

High Speed Train TechnologyCompared to the other transport technologies, train technology is progressing in a slower way. The main reason behind this is that train systems last for a very long period of time, and thus it takes more time to integrate new and innovative technology.

However, this does not mean that there is a shortage of ideas. According to the research, the number of rail passengers has increased by 3.5% all across the world. Thus, to cope up with the increased demand in railway service, new innovation needs to be done.

Different innovations are taking place in the fields of improved traction, braking and route planning. Modern trains are more energy-efficient and are more safe. Some of the latest innovations for passenger trains and the trains for commercial purposes are outlined below.

Formula 1 Technology in Trains?

Formula 1 cars have the carbon composites which light weight materials and they help the cars in their high performance. A team from Newcastle University in UK has researched for three years along with AP&M, a Portuguese manufacturing firm and Bombardier Transportation.

They have invented a 40% lighter train cab. They have used an aluminum honeycomb structure and polymer foam core and are covered with special glass-reinforced plastic. This helps to get the same performance as formula 1 but at a cost which is much lower compared to per unit cost of formula 1. It is said that the train cab will first be used for commercial purpose on suburban service in Paris.

Hyperloop Trains

High-speed trains have become quite popular in many parts of the world, like Japan, China and different countries of Europe. Recently, new innovative ideas have come into play to make the train even faster. Elon Musk's has discovered 'Hyperloop' which is a new form of train.

It consists of elevated and reduced-pressure tube. The tube has pressurized capsules, which are driven by a number of motors. Its innovator claims that, it will never crash and will go at a speed which is twice of the airplane. It will also be resistant to extreme weather conditions. The best past is, it will run completely on solar power. But unfortunately, it has not received financial and political support as yet to be a reality.

Commercial Train Innovations

Trains used for commercial purposes present unique and creative innovations that have lead to greater efficiencies in more ways then one. Among the most advanced involves how rail cars are weighed to determine both load weight as well as maintain rail car limits to sustain the quality of the tracks and cars over years of use.

Rail car weigh scales are the centerpiece to this innovative technology. Trains can pass over in-motion rail scales at slow speeds to have weight measurement taken. As a pioneering system that's redefining how commercial uses determine rail car weight, in-motion rail scales have progressed train technology to new heights. Rail car weigh scale companies like Walz Scale are making great strides in the industry by revolutionizing these weighing systems for trains.

Eco-friendly Trains

Several researches are being made to make the diesel powered trains more environment friendly. The researchers at the Institute of Vehicle Concepts in Stuttgart, Germany have invented a hybrid DMU concept. This concept includes a hybrid energy storage system which is made up of two layer capacitors and batteries.

This hybrid hydro-mechanical DMU concept is yet to go through some more modifications before being implemented on trains. It would be important to save 6 to13 percent of fuel in order to decrease the carbon-dioxide emission from a diesel powered train, so that it can become more eco-friendly.

Rail-weighing is an important feature of rail operations and has gone through certain innovations as well. Optimum efficiency can be obtained from in-motion rail scales which allows to move the rail car axle, wagons and trains while in motion. It is the ideal train weighing solution and can detect the weight, which helps in heavy duty load management.


The Most Advanced Lawn Mower Technology of 2015

Advances Tech Lawn MowersFor those who love their lawns but find it hard to mow with their old lawn mower, there is finally good news. 2015 is the year of great innovation and cutting edge technological advancements for lawn mowers.

This is the midst of a great lawn mower renaissance. The electric craze that has now been a revolution in the auto industry has trickled down to the suburban lawns. Just less than five years ago, you could not find a cordless electric mower with enough energy to trim anything bigger than a backyard of a town house. So if you're shopping for lawn mowers for sale, following are some of the technological advancements and cutting edge innovations in 2015.

Lithium-ion battery chemistry advancements

Thanks to lithium-ion chemistry, these machines are now quieter, muscled up and run time boosted considerably. While these cordless mowers once gave out a maximum voltage of 24 volts, the versions of today have batteries able for packing three times more than that. Some are even utilizing more than one battery in order to maximize their run time.

The almost maintenance free mower

This is another evolution in lawn mower technology in this category of machinery this year. In terms of raw power, gas-engine mower takes the day but it is more difficult and tiresome to maintain than its electric counterpart. Here there is no need of you to change oil, a cumbersome activity whatsoever in the whole mowing activity.

Immense power

Flail mowers are now in market to deal with the more hard core lawns. This technology has found something more elegant that the PTO of your tractor. This type of mower is best suited for providing a rough cut to taller grass. It has a flail fitted to its rotor to provide the cutting effect hence nothing is hard to cut now not like before when there was nothing to cut the hardcore lawns into at least a rough finish.

Zero turn mowers

These are types of self-propelled mowers which solve problems for home owners with small garages or shades. This is because of the size of the mechanical machine and its efficiency at doing its work. Like the Bush Hog, mower, it has a smart stow folds which allow them to be stored vertically hence saving on a lot of space. This way, the mower takes a third less space than the whole mower which is way much bigger on the horizontal posture.

The clever cordless finishing mowers

This type of mowers now uses shorter than normal nineteen inch blade and a pair of fifty six volt lithium-ion batteries which provide a longer run time than similar models. The superior handling and usability is the reason behind the position of this mower model in the list of innovations and technological advancements this year. This is comparable to many of the advanced robotic lawn mowers.

Advancements in technology is paramount as it has enabled us run our lawns without having to think too much on the welfare of the machines we are using since they are well taken care of. With technology in place, you can now just worry about where you can charge your mower and stop worrying about whether or not it will last long enough to finish the job you intent to do.


Progression & Advancements in Drone Technology of Today

On a technical level, drones are known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The concept of drones has existed for nearly 200 years, however just in the past decade they have been gaining popularity in many contexts spanning from military to commercial applications.

RC Drone With Camera

Long History of Drones

Drones started taking off in the early 1900s, concept-wise, but it wasn't before 1970 until what many consider the first modern drone was taking to the skies.

Drones have been heavily used in military operations for two decades now. Drones started penetrating consumer and business life in the past decade due to various factors, though. Cheaper parts, smaller designs, and user-friendly guidance systems have propelled drones forward.

Military Uses For Drones

Dozens of militaries utilize unmanned aerial vehicles in today's world. Of course, the United States is perhaps the largest user of surveillance and weapon-equipped drones. Most individuals have seen videos of drone strikes launched by the U.S. at various targets.

America isn't the only country that utilizes UAVs for these purposes. Still, everyone knows what a drone is thanks to their use during wartimes. Basic concepts from military drones have been employed to craft non-military drones.

Recent Developments With Non-Military Drones

Non-military drones don't utilize the same propulsion or guidance systems as their military counterparts. Most non-military UAVs take advantage of rotors and radio controls to operate. For that reason, these drones tend to come in the form of quadrotors with someone actively controlling the unit.

Quadcopters and similar drones have dropped in price in the past decade. Lower costs and new innovations have opened up new opportunities for businesses and individuals with drones. After decades of flying drones for surveillance and combat purposes, military UAVs have led to the popularization of non-military drones.

Business Uses for Drones

Drone For SaleRecently, companies like Amazon have stated their intentions to use drones for commercial operations. Amazon plans to deliver its packages through the use of UAVs. Other businesses want drones to handle warehouse operations and various tasks. By throwing drones into the mix, a company can automate its processes to save money and increase efficiency.

Countless commercial uses are available here, including package delivery and the filming of events, among other things. Several smaller business are now offering RC (remote control) drones for sale, many with cameras. These RC drones with cameras are most common for specialized business ventures (i.e. realtors filming expansive properties available for web marketing) in addition to recreational use. An example is the RC drones for sale by, a local computer and technology company in Illinois.

Recreational Uses for Drones

For consumers, drones are somewhat like remote controlled helicopters and planes. They act as the perfect recreational remote controlled vehicle after all. Parents can fly a quadcopter drone with their children. On the other hand, photographers can take breathtaking images from a drone in the sky. Consumer uses for drones are quite varied, too. Most people fly UAVs for fun at the moment. Once again, increasingly lower prices allow more individuals to try out recreational flying.

What Does The Future Hold for UAVs?

More and more countries continue to use drones. Everything from militaries to law enforcement and businesses to consumers has access to UAVs today. In the coming years, drones will penetrate even further into daily life. They'll still be used in combat situations, but drones should become even more associated with commercial and personal uses. Businesses will deliver products and services by automated drone; consumers will be able to use drones for increasingly intricate tasks.

Although there are concerns about drone safety, that's not going to prevent drones from permeating through society in countless ways.


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