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Walz Introduces New Dimensional Scanning & Weighing System

For businesses in the global marketplace, it has never been more important to reliably and quickly streamline parcel shipping operations, including dimensional scanning, weighing, and other warehouse inventory management systems. Walz Dimensioning Weighing Scanning System

For too many companies, dimensioning and cubing technology has been stuck in what seems like the stone age for far too long. What this ends up costing is time as well as money, not to mention the frustration of searching for a better solution.

But there's news on this front. Dimensional weighing, scanning, and cubing operations have come of age recently with a new development from Walz. The new Walz Dimensioning Systems provides a true dimensional scanning, weighing, and cubing system that can lead to greater accuracy and efficiency for shipping operations. With advanced technology and improved functionality in mind, what the Walz Scale can do for your business is truly remarkable.

Cutting Edge Technology Means Advanced Business Solutions

Today, it seems like even when you find a fix for dimensional scanning and weighing, it lacks the needed integration you really need. Here's where Walz Scale really shines. With WMS and ERP integration included in an affordable model, the Walz Scale brings a feature to dimensional weighing and cubing that was once expensive and beyond reach for many companies, but not anymore.

In addition, instead of complicated procedures, you just hook your PC to the Internet and you can start sending data safely. A novel plugin also lets you use Fedex, UPS, DHL, and TNT easily, which is a big benefit. This is one feature that most dimensioning systems fail to deliver users.

Quality & Functionality Defines Walz Dimensioning System

Another area where businesses often get hung up on for dimensional weighing is the quality of components. Walz developed their dimensioning system for weighing and scanning with a thick aluminum design that is perfect for industrial settings.

dimensional cubing system

This means you won't have to worry about it holding up to the rigor of your warehouse. It also features a well-integrated quality USB component for mobile use that really goes above and beyond other dimensional scanning devices, ensuring that staff has the flexibility they need in a weighing tool.

Surveying the Functionality

Now let's get down to the nitty-gritty: functionality. Once you add in the accurate internal auto calibration for your weights and volumes, this scale's usefulness is apparent. With a standard online booking system that skips difficult manual data entry, Walz has developed a great solution with plenty of functionality.

In the end, other cubing systems might boast about being the solution to your dimensional scanning needs, but they either don't measure up to the hype or they cost far more than most businesses can truly afford. But as you can see, Walz Scale does away with all that for a simple, up-to-date means of solving your dimensional weighing needs.


Social Media's Undeniable Influence on SEO and Page Ranking

Social SEOEverybody wants their web page to be at the top of Google's search engine rankings. It’s an endless struggle to find the right balance of content and keywords that still make the page reader friendly and relatable. But there are some ways to help boost your search engine optimization (SEO) and move you up on Google’s short list.

Crawling With Activity

Obviously, content is key when it comes to making a web page. And until recently, much about content management centered on cramming as many keywords into the text as possible. But the popularity of social media has caused even Google to rethink its approach crawling the web. Algorithms have been modified to factor in spikes in social media presence as an indicator of credibility in addition to popularity.

However, Matt Cutts of Google has noted that Google will not allow social actions to be a direct factor in web crawling results. He states that social signals are more likely to be correlation rather than causation of rankings. In other words, spikes in social activity probably indicate that something good is already going on with a company that people want to find out about.

He points out that Google has indeed tried to incorporate social media trends into its data, but that it becomes too unreliable risky with how easily the content can change depending on who is connected to whom and what statuses may suddenly change on the day after Google would get its results. There have even been times when Google was blocked from crawling certain content, which is another factor that Google considers when deciding which sources to index.

Mitigating Factors

Even so, there is no denying that social media can and will influence a page’s SEO ranking at least over time. A particular influence on that can be which social media device is active. Twitter, for example, can get the word out quickly. And Google will take into account how many retweets a post gets, how many unique individuals did the retweeting, and the time frame between the original post and the retweets.

The faster a post gets indexed by Google, the faster and higher it will show up in a search list. Linkbacks are also part of this game. As posts are shared and reshared, they are also likely to get a direct link back from the shared post to the original web page, thus inviting bringing more traffic to the site.

Google also favors its own Google+, which is for obvious reasons. However, every little bit of activity on a Google+ account brings attention. Spending even a few minutes a day updating content or sharing a review may be enough to keep attention on you.

Also, you may be connected to another individual who places a +1 or reviews a business or topic in your search profile, and that will boost you as well because of your connection there.

Branding and individual profile identities are becoming more significant for Google indexing, and there are plans over the next 10 years for this to be one of the top ranking factors. The more expert or known a person is on a topic, the higher their ranking will be. At some point, as Cutts says, it may be very difficult but also necessary for an article to be posted anonymously. Perhaps better approach then solely SEO is web presence optimization.

Bottom Line

Social media is here to stay, and there is no way around it. Any successful website is going to have to embrace it and utilize it. And rather than be directed by social media trends, it is more effective to set the trends that will affect SEO and social media and direct it back to you.


When to Hire an IT Support Consultant for Your Small Business

IT Support ConsultantsThe complex handling and management of a business' computer related operations can be streamlined, optimized, and made more effective with the help of IT support and consulting providers. Business IT support consultants handle a number of IT processes, from system integration to maintaining software regulations.

And there is no doubt about the fact they will be more reliable than a single employee handling the IT systems of a firm. Here is quick look at six reasons why hiring an IT support consultant can be highly useful for any small business.

1. IT consulting companies employ a large number of professionals and hence they have a much larger pool of expertise. This helps them provide significant advantages in a number of different fields. Professionals working here are aware of the latest developments and can usher in the latest technology for your organization.

2. A dedicated IT support company will have far greater experience than a single person. They would have been handling such projects for a many years now and will know how to go about any problems that might crop up. It also gives them an advantage in handling high workloads.

Working with a demanding management, developing a project and using different varieties of software are all easy enough jobs for them. This combination of experience and expertise can help your company in a big way. You can draw on their knowledge to finish your projects in a fast and efficient manner.

3. Knowledge and familiarity with different tools is an absolute must when it comes to IT support work. Apart from this, a good knowledge of various platforms and tools is also essential. When it comes to an IT company, they offer all these tools for the use of employees.

IT support and consulting companies, like, also provide ample training to ensure that they can finish off all jobs quickly. The experience also helps them in the day to day handling of these tools. A single employee will have a hard time keeping up with various aspects of IT systems. Providing training for this will also be an unnecessary expense for you.

4. With a dedicated IT consultant, you can sure that all your work will be finished off in no time. When IT processes move without a glitch, it helps the entire organization run faster. There is little room for error since implementation of newer technology also takes place. This also ensures that there is no scope for recurring problems. Hence the entire organization runs in a productive and streamlined manner.

5. When you bring in outside help, it always adds a fresh perspective for the problem. This is true in all cases, and not just IT support. These professionals for IT consulting firms will be able to help you with a number of ideas and suggestions. They will make sure that it aligns with your project goals in a wholesome manner.

6. With business IT support firms, all the work is to be done on a required basis. Do you save money in the long run because you only have to employ them when there is requirement. This enables a flexible relationship with the IT firm that can be changed according to your requirement.


What To Do When You Get Computer Virus

Computer VirusIf you notice a message saying “virus detected” or you notice your computer is slow or unreliable, there are things you can do to remove the virus(es), spyware, and/or malware. Most viruses and other forms of malware are normally designed to cause chaos although there are individuals who use them to steal sensitive information like credit card numbers.

Preliminary Virus Removal Steps

If you happen to see a message pop up saying a virus detected, you should not worry. Your antivirus was quick to notice a virus and removed it before it could cause any malfunction. The message doesn’t really mean that you have a virus attack running on your PC.

It is likely that you downloaded a file containing a virus but the antivirus removed it. The antivirus could also have noticed an infected webpage and dealt with it before it caused issues.

Alternatively, if you notice the words “virus detected” while your computer is working normally, this does not mean that your computer was infected or the virus did anything. In case you see the message, most likely you are visiting an infected website or you have downloaded a harmful file. Just keep off from this habit in the future.

Furthermore, you can check your antivirus’ quarantine or the virus detection logs. It will provide you with more details and the action it took.

Make Sure to Install Quality Antivirus Software

If you have not installed an antivirus software and your computer gets slow and unreliable, chances are that you still have a nagging virus. This may also happen when running an outdated antivirus. You should install an antivirus immediately, if you're not running any.

After installation, the antivirus will help clean up the computer and fix most problems. In case you have installed an antivirus which is not effective; you should uninstall it and then install a new one.

Steps to Solve PC Virus Infections

Some malware can dig their hooks into the computer system and are hard to remove with any antivirus software you install after the malware had time to run through the computer and perhaps downloaded more forms of malware.

You can solve such problems by booting into the safe mode. In the save mode, windows never load any third party software that has the virus and you will therefore run your antivirus without the present virus interfering with it.

To boot into the safe mode, restart the computer. Press F8 key while your computer is still booting up. Select safe mode in boot options menu. Run the antivirus in a safe mode and then restart the computer once you have cleaned it up. When you need to internet access while in safe mode, you can select a safe mode on your computer with networking.

If running your antivirus in the safe mode does not work, try booting from antivirus rescue CD. Once you boot in a rescue CD, the antivirus will get a very clean environment you can work on. It will scan your computer hard drive while malware is dormant. This way, you will remove any hard to remove virus.

Remote PC Computer Virus RemovalYou can also rely on remote virus removal services if the malware has caused severe damages to your system. Remote virus support easily detects, removes and most importantly prevents infections. Remote services are more efficient such that you can clean up your hard drive remotely. You only need an internet connection.

If you follow the steps properly, but don’t realize results revert the computer to the factory setting. Consult your computer manual to know how you should do it. You can also reinstall your computer operating system.


5 Modern Innovations in Health & Medical Technology

Medical TechnologyEvery passing year brings about revolutionary changes and technological advancements in the medical and healthcare system. Through such innovations, human life has been improved and the overall life expectancy has increased by around 25 years in the past century.

The 21st century has witnessed new developments and discoveries in the field of medicine. For instance, the new advancement in science engineering and technology has really brought a positive paradigm shift in the healthcare system. The adoption of computers and technologies has led to new practices, treatments and methods in the recent past.

In fact the delivery of healthcare and the collaboration among different medical practitioners has been made easy and more meaningful. The following are some of the technological innovations that are new and emerging in various health and medical practices.

Development of MRI to Map Brain Activity

The use of MRI to map brain activity is also a great milestone that has helped in transforming the overall healthcare sector in the world. This innovation was motivated by the fact and aspiration to solve some of the complexities and challenges within the healthcare system.

Use of Cold Laser Therapy

The use of cold laser therapy is also the latest medical innovation that has played tremendous roles in the field of medicine. For instance, the use of the laser, which is a safe, painless class-IV laser treatment that helps stimulate cellular regeneration and promotes greater healing efficacy.

Laser therapy is one of the latest innovations that have helped in improving the health of many different patients, spanning from cancer victims to those undergoing chiropractic care. Now, models like the K-Laser are available in both traditional medicine and holistic health practices, such as chiropractors.

Medical Robotics

Another current trend in medical innovation and technological advancement in the field of medicine involves the use of robotics in the rehabilitative therapy. This application is also used in helping the elderly, disabled persons and also incorporated in drug delivery, image guided surgery and patient monitoring.

It is one of the innovations that have helped in reducing costs and improving the overall healthcare service delivery. Service robots are also employed in hospitals to assist in patient care and the transportation of the medical equipment. Other robotics is employed in hospitals to dispense intravenous solutions.

Adoption of Digital Medicine

The use of computers in the medical field is one of the latest emerging innovations that have been utilized in various parts of the world. For instance, the Electronic Medical Records commonly known as the EMRs has been a primary objective and a goal of the medical fraternity for decades.

This innovation has helped in the standardization, digitization and consolidation of the medical records, as well as medical patient billing processes (and for many practices, such as billing for cardiologists as well as CHC & FQHC billing. This has played an instrumental role in enabling a quick delivery of health care service to patients in different parts of the world.

Stem Cell Research

This is one of the latest innovations that have proved to be more promising in the 21st century. It involves the insertion of healthy genes to a person to replace the unhealthy ones by the means of a virus.

This research involves the study and use of two main types of cells namely the embryonic stem cells and the adult stem cells. Within the past decade, researchers have come up with ways of how to program the adult cells to assume the stem-cell like state.


Volume Load Scanning Technology To Soon Replace Truck Weigh Scales?

Weighing heavy trucks and truck loads accurately and efficiently is a critical element in many different industries spanning from mining to farming. Conventional weighbridges, axle scales, and other truck weigh scale systems are both expensive as well as cumbersome given that they often require some degree of maintenance, calibration, and upkeep.

Now a new form of volume load scanning technology introduces a more efficient and unique weighing solution. Unlike the heavy-duty truck weigh scales and weighbridges dominating the market, load scanning systems require less maintenance, are easy to use, and measure load weight and volume, and help to save on costs. Additionally, most load scanners are fully portable and available for rent.

Walz Load Scanner with Portable Trailer

Enter: Walz Load Scanner

Among the top rated load scanners on the market today is the Walz Load Scanner. The highly-advanced and quickly-emerging Walz Load Scanner underscores heavy-duty weighing qualities that are fast, dependable, accurate, convenient, and cost effective.

The fact that Walz Load Scanner system provides in-motion load scanning makes it even better and more efficient that most truck scales of today. Its adoption of proprietary laser technology allows the system to scan and measure load volumes, which can then be calculated into weight metrics.

How The System Works

The load scanner (also referred to as a volumetric load scanner,) first scans the empty truck bed and saves the empty volume data in the system. Then, the same loaded truck is scanned, enabling the system to calculate the difference volume.

And with basic operator inputs telling the system the material density of the load (i.e. grain, coal, etc.), the system can provide immediate weight metrics that are equally accurate as most truck scales.

Simple Load Scanner Components

The Walz Load Scanner works with the use of a PC (or laptop), 3D laser scanner units, and simple connecting hardware. This translates to inexpensive setup costs and easy portability. Integrated with the system, the Payload Pro Operating System from Walz offers load scanner users with all the software and tools they will ever need to monitor and manage truck load data.

Load Scanner Technology

This advanced load management software that has been specifically designed to work with volumetric load scanners. One advantage of this software is that it has been designed to operate on all types of computers and smartphones. And because all data can be saved and stored in the cloud, accessing and monitoring load scan data can never be easier.

Why Companies Are Opting for Load Scanners?

Given that same content loads are always standard, industries are preferring a more convenient and accurate way of weighing their trucks. The mining industry, for instance, still uses the same old loading and unloading methods which, if the mining content is the same, provides standard loads. To this end, the load scanner systems offer precise and accurate weights.

Load scanners, such as the load volume scanner system from Walz, can differentiate loads by content, density and humidity to reduce instances of problematic weighing. Companies are thus able to load and unload their trucks fast given that the issue of problematic weighing has been kept at bay.

The Payload Pro software allows users to weigh loads and serve them through a centralized location on the web. This application allows you to view the weights from different parts of the world; you can view it on your computer, iPad, mobile phone, laptop, notebooks and more. This makes it easy for industries to manage trucks that are in transit as well as stock piles and many other aspects that allow them to optimize their operations.

load scanner in action

Put simply, load scanning technology is for any industry that wants fast, efficient, reliable, convenient, portable and cost effective truck weighing alternative to the cumbersome and costly truck scales. To learn more about the official Walz Load Scanner system, visit for information, case studies, and other related resources.


The Best of Bush Hog Technology for 2015

Bush HogThe Bush Hog brand has been involved in the manufacturing and development of various forms of equipment used for agriculture, landscaping, earthmoving, lawn maintenance, and other related applications. For years, Bush Hog technology has been successful in delivering high-quality performance for a wide range of customers.

In this agri-specific Technology Scribes blog post, we highlight some of the best of Bush Hog's incredible products and the technology that supports these amazing machines.

Bush Hog Rotary Cutters

The rotary cutter technology from Bush Hog comes in wide variety of ranges each with unique characteristic features. The rotary cutters are capable of performing even in the terrain with most tough surfaces. The tasks like shedding of crops, clearance of roadside, maintenance of orchard, or the mowing of pastures become easy with the Bush Hog’s rotary cutter with its outstanding performance.

Bush Hog rotary cutters are maintainable with fewer efforts and do not involve much of the expenses. The wing rod of the hydraulic cylinder in the rotary cutter does not move, hence extending the life of the cylinder. The performance of Bush Hot's rotary cutters to overcome the obstacles is attributed to the spring-loaded, auto-reset shanks which protect the equipment. The shank spacing is adjustable and can be done easily by the user. The plow points have the capability of being reversed and are made of high carbon steel which has high durability.

Bush Hog Load Attachments

The loader attachments from Bush Hog are quite robust and economical solutions for many applications. The performance is steady even after many years of usage. They are constructed with high-quality carbon steel and fittings are of tough features making their performance superior. They offer very high lift capacity of around 4950 pounds and can reach up to a height of 153 inches. The movements are very precise and works are done in a smoother way.

The mounting and dismounting of items are relatively easier with the loader attachments from Bush Hog. The equipment is provided with the grill guards for the mid-mounting and the grill guards are easily foldable downwards. The designs of the front-push are very attractive and strong. For absorbing heavy loads, heavy single cross tubes are provided to avoid metal fatigue.

Bush Hog Compact Rear Blades

The compact rear blades from Bush Hog comes a wise option for the lighter works like landscaping, maintenance of driveway, removal of snow during the snow season as well as for the heavy duty works like the construction of roads, building of dams, terracing or cleaning of feed lots.

Bush Hog Technology

The options of various adjustments in the blades like tilting, offset, angle are provided and they can be manually done by the user. The option of hydraulic adjustment is also available on Bush Hog compact rear blades. The moldboard is reversible in nature for the purpose of back filling. Depending on the blade width, they can be used across various tractors. The construction is robust and works under extreme conditions.

Bush Hog Cultivators

The cultivators from Bush Hog comes in various specifications. They are useful in getting rid of the weeds of the soil in a more effective way. They are involved in the aeration of the soil before cultivating and are helpful in the preparation of the land before planting seeds. The provision of mounting holes in the cultivator makes it useful for the seed planters.

Bush Hog Mowers

The mowers from Bush Hog have been widely used in many house owners and landscapers in the recent times. They are very rigid and have the long-lasting life with higher performance. The maintenance is easy for these mowers which make them more favorable. They are easily operable with the cutting works done perfectly.

For more information on Bush Hog equipment, replacement parts, and more, visit German Bliss, your trusted online source for all things Bush Hog.


New Face Recognition Technology May Change How We Use Bank ATMs

Since the introduction of ATMs in the banking industry, convenience banking has never been better. Some challenges however have faced this technology with the most common being security issues. So long as a person gets their hands on your ATM card and your pin, they can sweep your bank account clean and walk away without detection.face recognition technology

There have been many attempts made in dealing with this including installation of security cameras in ATM lobbies but little has been achieved in curbing it. The newest is the introduction of face recognition technology at ATMs. Will this be the breakthrough the banking industry has been waiting for in finally overcoming thefts? Or will it be another great idea that is simply not feasible?

An Inside Look At Face Recognition ATM Security

First, here is a quick look at what this face recognition technology is all about. It is a technology in which a machine with biometric authentication capabilities will be located alongside all ATM machines.

This biometric authentication machine is tasked with identifying the features of the person withdrawing the money and matching them with those on a predefined database so as to confirm the identity of the card holder. This is done by scanning facial features such as the iris, eyes and others. If the person attempting to withdraw is not recognized as the same as the one in the pictures used for registration, the transaction is denied.

Working Out The Kinks

What if someone receives a face lift? Will the machine still be able to recognize him or her? How about identical twins or look-alikes? Can it tell them apart? What of differentiating between a photograph and the real person?

These are some of the challenges this new technology is facing. The very best companies in designing such technologies however promise that their machines will still be able to recognize a person in case of any changes to their face. This however is not guaranteed and you could end up walking into an ATM lobby and leaving empty-handed when your request is denied.

Bank Security Integration

When it comes to matters of security, this is a big concern in money matters. Facial recognition technology will definitely revolutionize this by offering guaranteed identification. You can be assured therefore that with this technology in place, your money will be very secure as only you can be able to access it. atm bank security

The use of this technology is not expected to be a stand-alone ATM bank security system measure. It is fully integrative with all the measures currently in place including security cameras and unique pin codes for accessing money on ATM machines. It is only meant to enhance what is there currently rather than replace it fully.

As with any new technologies, there are bound to be some challenges with its functionality and implementation. At the very top of this list is the cost. This technology will definitely be very expensive to install and manage but with the advantages it offers the banking industry it is definitely worth a try.

Its feasibility is guaranteed as similar technologies have been employed though in small scale. There are many phone and pc applications that use face recognition to allow or deny access. Their success stories are expected to resonate when this technology is launched in banks in the near future.

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The Top 5 IT Staffing and Support Companies in the U.S.

Business IT Staffing SupportThe world of computerization and information technology has evolved a great deal in the recent decades. Technological advancement has resulted in the sprouting up of many IT staffing and support companies in the U.S. that focus on helping other businesses and organization recruit the best talent to support their IT infrastructures.

Such organizations that demand professional IT staffing and support solutions include schools, colleges, and other educational institutions; banks and credit unions; business ranging from SMB's to large enterprises; and various web-based companies to name a few.

Some reputable IT staffing and support companies have worked tirelessly to get to the top the on the list. They have improved in all aspects, such as customer satisfaction, value to stakeholders, IT staffing and support services, and many others. Below are some of our top picks among reputable IT staffing and support companies in the U.S.

1. Facet Technologies, Inc.

Based in Illinois, the IT staffing and consulting firm of Facet Technologies, Inc. has since become one of the best performing firms in the U.S. for decades. Facet Technologies has been in operation since 1989; therefore have vast experience in the IT industry.

They provide customers with professional on-site IT staffing and consultancy, IT support as well as computer networking solutions for any business. The company has been passing business and IT Facet Tech designs, and also IT solutions that gather for needs of many organizations. The way they handle clients is quite remarkable.

2. On Assignment

On Assignment is the company that has worn hearts of many business owners. The staffing service company places highly skilled professionals in a contract-to-hire, temporary, and permanent positions in many sectors. Such areas include creative, life sciences, and technology industries.

On Assignment boasts of more than 30 years' experience of staffing characterized by quality services. It connects organizations with the talent they require to excel while offering individuals with duly rewarding employment opportunities. It is simply the best.

3. Randstad Technologies

Randstad Technologies is composed of a team of subject matter experts who search for the appropriate solutions that fit needs of every business. With expertise in many facets of technology, Randstad Technologies helps business leaders and clients know entirely that they they are settling on the right choices as well as the wisest investments in IT integration. 

The company ensures exactly that. The firm is praised due to its high-end IT consulting services. They advise clients on how to best make use of technology, processes as well as data to meet business needs. Their services stand the test of time.

4. TEKsystems

TEKsystems stands to be one of the best IT companies of all time, thanks to their high-end services. Its connection within the IT workforce them a real world pulse on what functions well and how to improve IT operations.

The IT support and consulting company assembles the best people to assist every business accomplish its goals. TEKsystems offers services such as Application Services, Training and Education, and Network Infrastructure Services.

5. Experis

This company has been complimented highly, thanks to its quality IT support and IT consultancy services. Experis provides many services ranging from consultancy to project management. They have a dedicated service representative who is always available for on-site visits and can help in all billing inquiries. Experis goes an extra step to give a dedicated toll-free number for easy contacting. Their services are merely impressive.

Superior business performance, as well as a competitive benefit, depends on understanding how to capitalize on IT to achieve desired results. As result, a suitable IT staffing and IT support company should be chosen. Now you know all that you need to know about the top 5 IT Staffing & support companies in the United States.


Top Truck Scale Technology In Review

Truck Scale TechnologyTruck scales, also categorized to as weighbridges, axle scales, and weigh pads, basically comprise of a number of perpetual, heavy-duty scales that are placed on solid ground. These scales are used to weigh all the heavy commercial trucks on the entire road including what they carry inside and also determine the value of the cargo.

The main purpose of these scales is to ensure that the roads are not damaged due to being subjected to too much weight. Just like any other technological device available in the market the truck scales keep on advancing in technology improving their features and functionality as well. Below are some of the most advanced forms of truck scale technology.

1. In-motion Truck Axle Scale

This particular truck scale is from Walz Scale and incorporates the latest technology in making the truck axle scale. Some of its outstanding features are listed below. To begin with, its accuracy is unrivaled. The measurements are precise and reliable with minimal qualms. The truck axle scale is also long-lasting and flexible made using the best and most durable materials.

It can withstand harsh conditions such as mining and can also be adjusted to incorporate more options to suit its specific purpose much better.

The In-motion truck axle scale is also relatively cheap and much more organized making it easy to operate. Another advantage of this truck scale is that after installation, operation can commerce immediately. The calculations are done in only a matter of seconds and the information retrieved in instantaneous time using the advanced software.

2. CWL-40 Axle Scales

This is a product of Cardinal Scale manufacturing company and is made using durable aluminum material with a compact weight of about 57 pounds. This scale has some fundamental handles with pads that are relatively light to ease the transportation of the scales.

With a capacity of 20 tons, the truck scale is strong and dependable. The scale also has some interlocking rubber ramps that snap in place which serves as the go ahead to start weighing the trucks. The scale is driven by lithium ion batteries which can be recharged when they dry up.

3. VTC205 Truck Scale

This truck scale from Mettler Toledo is specifically meant for weighing over-the-road legitimate vehicles. The truck scale is a complex design that utilizes a solid deck whose structure is made from steel. One of the main advantage of this truck scale is its easy installation process, maintenance and servicing.

It can also fit perfectly into a shipping container making it possible to ship to any part of the world without any hitches. The load cells of the VTC205 Truck Scale ensure that the scale work efficiently giving accurate and dependable calculation for years without breaking down. On top of this, the truck scale has components that are unaffected by corrosion.

4. Walz Load Scanner

This scanner from Walz usually abbreviated as (WLS) is not actually a weighing scale but it is equally important. It serves as an ideal alternative for truck scales. The Walz Load Scanner gives precise load calculations for open top cars as the car drives underneath the head of the scanner.

The Walz load scanner uses the most modern technology including laser technology and unconventional manifest imminent systems to give a vigorous solution for handling material truck loads. This scanner is made in such a way that it can withstand harsh conditions and be used for a very long time.

The scanner functions by equating empty scans of vehicles to their resultant weighed down scans. Normally RFID tags are attached to the cars to systematize this process. The truck should pass by the scanner at a speed of under 3.5 mph though the scanner can be adjusted to measure a truck passing at a much higher speed.

5. Avery Weigh Tronix Steel Bridge XT Concrete

This truck scale is manufactured by Superior Scale Inc.(SSI). This scale is efficient, heavy-duty, unswerving and requires minimal maintenance. It has some weight bar automated mass sensors that make it possible for the scale to rivet impact heaping and endure 2 million lethargy life series while giving precise and consistent results. This bar is actually ten times more dependable than the orthodox load cells.

The scale can handle more than 200 trucks in one day each weighing about 90% of the prearranged design load for 25 years without dilapidation. On top of this, the Steel Bridge XT has an amazing warrant of fifteen years and guarantees that the scale will not crack, flex or bend.


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