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Leading Rotary Cutters Technology from Land Pride

Land Pride rotary cutters are rigorously tested and meet the conditions set by American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Land Pride rotary cutter technology is known for fast, clean, and dependable performance.

Most models come with a 5 year gearbox warranty and a complete spectrum of features. Below we take a closer look at five leading models of Land Pride rotary cutter technology.

Land Pride Parts

Land Pride RCR18 Rotary Cutters

The Land Pride RCR18 rotary cutters are the best choice for gently sloping or slightly contoured farms thanks to their widths (60 inches and 72 inches). The model come with a fully fused deck with a floating three point to increase their strength and improve the quality of the cut. Because the RCR18 is a popular model, it's easy to find Land Pride rotary cutter parts for this model when repairs are needed.

The Land Pride RCR18 rotary cutters are offered with either category 3 drive line with shear bolt for maximum protection or category 3 drive line with 2 plate slip clutch for convenience during continuous work. The full length skid shoes reinforces the sidewall. They are designed to protect the person cutting grass against flying debris with a long lasting 15 inches laminated tail wheel with solid rubber that ensures the wheel will never go flat.

Land Pride RC2512 Rotary Cutters

If you have a compact tractor and you need a large rotary cutter for your farm, the Land Pride RC2512 rotary cutters are best option. It is designed for small tractors; it is 12 inches in width. It features a sharp turning radius and a self-leveling, pull type tongue.

The Land Pride RC2512 rotary cutters are offered with a stump jumper that goes over debris, stumps and rocks and single chain safety guards to protect the person cutting grass from thrown debris. The blade tip speed (16,500 FPM) ensures clean and even material cutting with a 6 inches blade overlap that ensures there is no skipping during turns. The airplane tires provide cushion during transportation while the floatation lip feature offers floatation on soft grounds.

land pride rotary cutter

Land Pride RCR12 Rotary Cutters

These Land Pride rotary cutters are low in price. The Land Pride RCR12 rotary cutters are capable of cutting 1 inch diameter material and come handy in the maintenance of small lots. They are fast, clean and reliable in their operation thanks to their high blade tip speed, standard stump jumper, laminated tail wheel (long lasting and cannot go flat), floating top link for easy hooking to the tractor and round back design for better grass discharge.

Like other Land Pride models, the RCR12 rotary cutter offers rubber and metal guarding to protect you from flying objects. It features 1 1/4 - 10 inches cutting height and 1/2 inches by 3 inches swinging blades.

Land Pride RCR15 Rotary Cutters

The Land Pride RCR15 series come handy in clearing grass, weeds and small brush. It offers the basic Land Pride rotary features such as high blade tip speed, standard stump jumper, safety guards, floating top link, fully fused deck for maximum strength, full length skid shoes for sidewall reinforcement and laminated solid rubber tail wheel for durability and reliability among others.

This rotary cutter is offered with a 1-3/4 inches to 11-1/2 inches cutting height to ensure a wide cutting range and 1/2 inches by 3 inches heat treated free swinging blades for protection from obstructions and for durability.

Land Pride RCR1884 Rotary Cutters

The Land Pride RCR1884 rotary cutter offers 84 inches of cutting width and can easily cut material up to 2 inches in diameter. This rotary cutter series is ideal for light maintenance around the farm or small lots in the city. It features category I and II three point hitch for easy attachment to the tractor and is Quick Hitch Compatible.

The Land Pride RCR1884 rotary cutters come with category 4 driveline with 2 plate slip clutch for swift continuous work. The model is offered with 9 1/2 inches deck height to handle heavy cutting conditions and a cutting height of 2 to 11 inches. It also features 1/2 inches by 4 inches free swinging blades. The 15 inches laminated tail wheel withstands rough conditions.



Postage Meters & Mailing Machines for Small Businesses

It's a fact that small businesses will always need to mail something out, whether it's a coupon, an invoice, a package or a product. Because of this, they need to work with a postage meters, mailing machines, and various other forms of mailroom equipment to better support these needs.

Postage Meter MailingWith postage meters and related mailing machines, small businesses can print postage on the item to be delivered without having to psychically visit a postal office. In fact, with postage meters, businesses save money since the cost of using them to print postage is lower compared to that of traditional stamps.

When used with letter folding machines and other supplemental technology, they can quickly fold letters, documents, and brochures for convenient and timely delivery. With respect to this demand, here are top seven brands and product lines of mailing equipment that every business in the 21st century should consider investing in.

Data-Pac Postage Meters

Dat-Pac makes mailing equipment that combines the use of software, a printer and a computer to get mailing tasks accomplished. With this system in place, users have a fully-fledged mailing system equipped with various US postage service rates and options. Being compatible with 25 to 75 pound scale, it can be used to process a number of documents. It also contains a feature called EZ mailer which can print at the rate of 140 letters per minute.

Formax Folding Machines

Formax folding machines fold different letter sizes at the rate of 7,400 sheets per hour. The FD 300 is particularly good for this purpose. The other option is called the FD 320 which handles 11 3/4'' by 18'' letter sizes at the rate of 11,000 sheets per hour. Step it up to FD342 and you get a machine that can handle various letter sizes while folding at the rate of 15,500 per hour.

formax folding machines

Formax folding machines for sale are some of the best in the industry. They are known to be dependable and accurate for many years without needing service or repairs.

Hasler Mailing & Folding Machines

Hasler manufacturers a number of postage meters and letter folding machines aimed at small and large business entities alike. Some of the equipment come with in-built features ideal for handling letters and packages that weigh up to 5 pounds.

Hasler is also involved in manufacturing postage equipment that can handle up to 70 pound weight limit for letters and packages. The speed at which these equipment process letters fall within the range of 18-45 letters per minute, and this is considered the industry standard. Besides this, Hasler's letter folding equipment come in different sizes and capacity to process letters with different speeds. They've been known to process letters at the rate of 15,500 to 20,100 per hour.

Martin Yale Folding Machines

This company offers a wide range of folding machines ideal for small businesses and organizations alike. Martin Yale Industries folding machines can handle sheets measuring 8 1/2'' by 11'' or 12'' x 18''. They also come equipped with a feed-table capacity which holds up to 500 sheets of paper. The slowest folding machine from Martin Yale can process sheets at the rate of 2,200 per hour, while their best-performing folding machines can do over 20,000 sheets in one hour.

Neopost USA Postage Meters & Folding Machines

They have a comprehensive mailing system which consists of both letter folding machines and postage meters. Three of their postage meters feature an in-built 5 pound scale with a capacity to process between 20 to 45 letters in a minute.

Neopost postage meters accepts more than 140 U.S postal services and rates. In addition to this, they have machines meant to fold and also offer inserts. The rate of folding is above 2,000 letter per hour for their most powerful mailing machine. has one the best selections of Neopost postage meters and related mailing machines.

Pitney Bowes Postage Meters & Folding Machines

Pitney Bowes make different types of folding machines and postage meters. All their postage machines come with an in-built scale and an efficient, high-speed printer to facilitate letter processing.

The DM125 model is their smallest postage meter that is designed to handle between 100 to 1000 pieced every month. In addition to this, the DM125 can print up to 35 letters in a minute. The DM225, on the other hand, has a larger capacity which supports large quantities of mail. It also boasts of speeds of up to 45 letters per minute. Pitney Bowes' most powerful letter folding machine can handle up to 20,000 pieces in one hour.

Secap Postage Meters & Folding Machines

They manufacture both folding machines and postage meters. Their postage meters have been divided into 3 categories to suit small business owners. Every postage meter comes with an in-built scale as well. Secap has a small model that can hold up to 5 pounds, while the largest model holds up to 70 pounds. Letter processing speed is between 30-65 per minute. Their largest letter folding machine can work at a top speed of 3,500 pieces per hour.

With such efficient mailing solutions, there's no reason why small and large enterprises can't streamline and optimize costs when it comes to their mail processing needs. It saves cost and time spent preparing mails for delivery. That's how business should be done in the 21st century.


Top Triathlon Training Apps for Better Triathletes

triathlon training appsWhen it comes to effective triathlon training, there are a number of tools at a triathlete's disposal. One type of tool are smartphone apps that can help track, research, program, and provide other insightful data on a triathlete's triathlon training.

While there are a number of triathlon training apps, there are a few that are better than others. Below we've compiled five of our top triathlon training apps for better triathletes.

SwimRadar ($3.99)

For those who often travel and aren’t familiar with the area, but still want to work on their triathlon training (specifically swimming,) the SwimRadar app is worth the download and the $4 fee. The app has mapped over 17,000 locations. When traveling within the U.S. or abroad, it can help users find a nearby pool.

The SwimRadar app works using the user’s GPS on their phone and will list all pools in the nearby area for the user to choose from. Triathletes or swimmers may be quite particular with the type of pools they use so there is also a list of details about the pools. The details include whether the facility is indoor or outdoor, pool length, lap pools and open water swimming. Pools can also be bookmarked so that it can be found if ever in the area again.

TriEssential (Free)

Triathletes can sometimes get discouraged in their triathlon training. Whether it is a loss or reaching a roadblock in training, TriEssential is an iOS app that will give athletes encouragement. The app gives inspirational quotes and training photos. The quotes include Aristotle to MacGyver. They are geared toward providing motivation for workouts and setting the tone for better triathlon training.

The photos on TriEssential are those of high-quality action that will inspire users to continue to train and race. Another great part of this free app is 365 training tips given straight from star triathletes.

My Tri Swim Coach ($1.99)

With a 4.5 out of 5 rating at the Apple Store on iTunes, this swim-focused triathlon training app from My Tri Swim Coach provides a workout for the beginner and experienced triathletes. This app works as a virtual triathlon training coach and creates customized swim workouts so users can create what they want to work on for each workout. If the user is feeling strong and wants to work on the Ironman instead of sprints for this workout.

Users can also improve their swim technique by performing specific drills. When picking a drill, a detailed description appears on how to perform the drill as well as a video demonstration. (Free) training better triathlete

This triathlon training app from helps racers and potential racers search for clinics that can help with their triathlon training. There are also triathlon camps listed on this training app from as well. It works as a GPS to search for camps. If the triathlete wants to check out the competition or participate in a race, the app also lists race events as well. There is also triathlon content that will help in preparation of race day, such as workouts and tips.

TrainingPeaks (Free)

TrainingPeaks is a very detailed triathlon training app with loads of features. It helps in all three legs of triathlon training. The details shown in this workout can help the user with areas they need to improve on. Power, speed and distance are measured in all three legs.

If the users power needs to be worked on, the TrainingPeaks app will show it. If the athlete has great power, but not-so-great speed, the app will show that as well. The advanced metrics include Training Stress Score (TSS).

Progress can also be tracked from previous workouts to present workouts on the Performance Management Chart. The comprehensive triathlon training app can also plan workouts and meals for the next trail or road.

At the end of each workout, you can check off the completed workouts and post comments and notes about each workout, including what the user needs to improve on or what the user did improve upon.

Triathlon Training Apps to Become a Better Triathlete

These triathlon training apps not only support the interests of triathletes and helping them excel in the sport, but they also have made it possible for individuals to start a business in triathlon via technology and catering to a unique need.

Do you have any awesome triathlon training apps that you use or suggest? Let us know in the comments section below.


Inside Paperless Picking & Order Fulfillment Automation Technology

Efficiency in logistics allows businesses to complete and fulfill orders in a more timely, cost-effective manner. One major aspect of logistics and supply chain management that's central to fulfillment (and driven by efficiency) is picking and packing orders for shipment.

Picking Packing SystemOne of the most helpful technologies that aids this key process is the paperless picking system. Using these systems allows logistics and supply chain management companies to expedite the order picking process, helping lower cost and advance efficiency to the next level.

Walz Label & Mailing Systems is a company that hosts a number of advanced business automation systems designed with this level of efficiency in mind. As a leader in automation systems for warehousing, logistics, and related supply chain management operations, Walz offers state of the art paperless picking technologies tailored to the unique needs of all types of companies.

While Walz offers an array of picking systems for business automation, the company equips all available systems with its trademark technology, SolidPick. Below are some of the most highly sought picking and packing systems provided by Walz. Learn more below, or visit to see some of the solutions the company offers.

Basic Order Picking Systems

This technology is meant for low volume operations. The system requires a pick ticket, which is generated through the ordering process. The picking system will then use the ticket to pick items then set them for individual or groups of orders. They will be available immediately for delivery.

Pick to Light Systems pick to  light picking system

Known as Walz's most popular system for high volume picking procedures, the Pick to Light system promotes hands-free order picking from the main terminal. The system will command the pickers of the orders' SKU and quantity, allowing minimal intervention from users and save time and money on the workforce.

Pick to Monitor Systems

Pick to monitor is a comprehensive way of picking up orders, especially if pickers are doing additional tasks such as scanning or data entry of items. This system utilizes flat panel monitors to ensure correct zone picking and guarantee that orders are picked accordingly.

Picking Combination Systems paperless picking systems

Walz created a number of picking combination systems that meant to save companies time and money through expedited picking procedures. Examples include the Pick and Pack, Pick and Pass, and Pick to Belt. Pick and Pack system combines unique picking methods then set them for packing and delivery. Pick and Pass is designed for companies with high SKU exist at each picking terminal or split case picking. Pick to Belt is ideal for companies that require full-case picking then prepare them for shipment.

Automatic Dispensing Systems

This paperless picking system utilizes A-Frame systems together with custom automatic dispensers. It is meant for facilities requiring high volume shipping.

Robotic Picking Systems pick pass automated picking systems

Companies requiring full-speed and full-force picking and packing will benefit from robotic case picking. Consider it as an artificial technology that speeds up the picking process while minimizing the errors that come with it.

The Walz Difference

Walz sets the standard of paperless order picking systems with its comprehensive offering of paperless picking systems. Its technologies are something many distribution centers require today.

As companies work their way towards expansion, getting assistance from order picking systems not only speed up the ordering process, but also minimize errors that come with order processing. Each system can be configured according to company's' unique requirements, ensuring they will work as the best of their capacities.

Overall, paperless picking is now the future of distribution centers looking for correct and quick order processing. Walz technologies guarantee logistics and supply chain companies will have the right systems according to their needs and budget to satisfy customers while cutting down manual workforce intervention for utmost efficiency.


Essential Tips for Hard Drive Data Recovery & Backup for Businesses

Accidents do not warn before they happen but the impact they have can be quite devastating and even at times fatal. We're talking about technology here, and this is exactly how hard drive failure can be to any business.

Losing critical business data when hard drives fail has serious implications on the company and could even be the end of the business. All businesses are advised to have a data backup plan in place so they prevent any data loses.

But what if the damage happens before you have a backup plan in place? It does not have to be a matter of helpless blames and “I told you so” claims. What about when the backup restore fails or backup files are stolen? Here are a few hard drive recovery and backup tips that have been proven to work effectively.

Get professional, qualified help

Hard drive data recovery is not a DIY attempt and a business should never assume the role of correcting any damages. Even the IT guys operating the computers in a business may not have the necessary expertise on how to handle such cases of hard drive data recovery and computer network backups.

In most cases, only a certified data recovery professional should be trusted with the task hard drive data recovery. Any handling by a non-qualified person will result in more damage to the drive and most probably permanent data loss.

Handle the hard drive carefully

Data loss may be due to physical or non-physical damage but no matter what the cause is the hard drive needs to be handles with care. The computer should be turned off and the hard drive removed from the computer as soon as it ceases functioning.

It should not be shaken or disassembled by anyone who is not a certified in data recovery. Recovery software should be avoided as it could cause further damage. If the hard drive is fire-damaged, the best solution is to send the entire computer to the experts without placing it in a fridge for cooling. If water is the cause of damage, do not expose the drive to heat in an attempt to dry it.

Establish a backup plan

Once you have got professional help and have all your business data intact again, it is time to take precautionary measures and avoid having to deal with data recovery scenarios in the future.

The best way to go about this is by putting up a backup plan. You could opt for a physical hard drive (internal and/or external drives) or to backup your data online in what is now commonly referred to as cloud computing.

Other preventive measures

Each of these methods has its advantages and disadvantages so be sure to make an informed decision. No matter which of the two you opt for, be sure to save files to the backup plan often. Daily backups are best but you could opt for hourly or weekly basis depending on the amount of data you handle.

Other preventive measures you could put in place to ensure you do not lose data in future include:

  • Keeping your computers away from vibrations and heat
  • Installing Uninterrupted Power Supply for all computers
  • Installing, updating and running anti-virus software scans regularly
  • Defragmenting hard drives regularly

Implementing these basic preventive measures can help your business better protect valuable data in the instance disaster strikes.


Measuring Temperature for Security: FLIR Thermal Cameras

FLIR thermal security cameraFLIR is the acronym for Forward Looking Infrared, which is integrated into thermal cameras used for security purposes. FLIR Thermal Cameras are thermo graphic cameras that detect infrared radiation or in simpler terms energy.

This radiation is usually emitted from a heat source -like any mammal- against cooler backgrounds to make an electronic signal that will be processed into a video made of pictures for surveillance and control keeping.

FLIR Thermal Cameras for Security Systems

These cameras play a very important part globally to keep the security of different places and people. They are used in a variety of places for safety measures that include search and rescue operations, recognition of ignition points in fires and for military usage where drivers of aircrafts, tanks and trucks can still do so even at night or under harsh conditions like fog and smoke.

Because this is the reason most of us know them we do not take them into consideration for our own daily lives, but think of it this way: a little extra security never hurt anyone.

In the last couple of years this advanced piece of technology that has innovated security measures around the world, has been changing the lives and improving the tranquility of millions of people internationally so that they can feel safer in their homes and even at work -in their offices.

They have even been implemented on regular civilian vehicles to warn people of sudden obstacles in the road, imagine the amount of accidents that can be prevented on roads every night. Here are few benefits you could receive by personally using these cameras.

Recognize Potential Threats

The main difference with these temperature measuring cameras and a normal infrared one is that the latter may confuse the information it is receiving while the former will be more efficient and effective for you to recognize potential threats as the image it is receiving by its temperature measurer is far more precise than any other camera in the market besides the ability to see farther too.

Furthermore, these thermal security cameras come with staff that are experienced and highly qualified to keep your cameras up to date and maintained for optimal conditions, consumer friendly guides and digital thermal calibrated images for measurement at any time with their memories.

One of its features is that they can turn “night into day” and make threats that are in the darkness clearly visible to the naked eye. Another great advantage is that their cost has dropped significantly recently due to improvements in their technology.

They come in multiple types of cameras that range from wireless to High Definition to motorized thermal cameras to fit clients specific needs. They deliver 24 hours a day 7 days a week video detection of intrusions both human and vehicular, lighting control, rugged exterior frames for durability and integration, control in analog networks as well as IPs, video alarms, long range/short range shots for different requirements all of it practically without human interaction.

The development and evolution of this cameras will sure mark the history of video security surveillance, with its low false alarm rates and meaningfully higher hardware software connectivity it has improved beyond expected what it mean to feel safe inside a home or office. If you want to protect your valued things more effectively FLIR Thermal Security Cameras are the way to go.

For more information about FLIR advanced security cameras, visit Illinois-based security system company:

Seico Security
132 Court Street
Pekin, IL 61554


3 Universally-Applicable Portable Truck Weighing Systems

Portable Truck Weighing Systems ScalesTruck load weighing technology continues to evolve as new and more advanced truck scale systems come to market. Among the most popular types of truck scales, portable truck weighing systems make truck/load weighing significantly more convenient. And with some of the most ground-breaking portable truck scales available today, all types of companies can leverage advanced technology and features for their weighing needs.

It is critical to choose the best truck scale that suits the user in all aspects of portability, functionality and dependability. Below are the three different truck weighing scale systems that have been advanced and designed to match the unique needs of clients in farming, construction, mining as well as public works. In short, these are universally-applicable truck scales that are fully portable and fully functional for many different needs.

AXW-Series In-motion Axle Scales

The AXW-Series In-motion Axle Scales are excellent products manufactured by WalzScale. They provide accurate weighing results and high capacities for heavy duty weighing. The series of portable weighing scales can be used for a broad range of applications that need weighing off-road conditions and weighing large tires. These axle scale products from Walz are equipped with portable carry cases that provide easy moving by hand.AXW In-motion Axle scales are designed from heavy duty quality steel material that makes it ideal for durable use. There is also a notable LCD screen that provides a user-friendly interface. It also has an in-built rechargeable battery that provides extended hours of weighing tasks.

As one of the most fully funcational portable truck weighing systems, it has an integrated printer that aids in printing weights of vehicles. Moreover, AXW In-Motion Axle Scale comes with removable ramps that are light in weight. The removable ramps provide hassle-free access to scale pads. It also allows for an easy visual alert to drivers. Installation and removal of these ramps are pretty simple and easy to use. Simplify truck weighing tasks by using this AXW In-Motion Axle scale series.

VTS231 Premium Portable Truck Scales

The VTS231 portable truck scales are another solid truck scale series designed by Mettler Toledo. It is a highly portable scale that is ideal for wide range of use in construction, sand, gravel demolition as well as logging, agriculture scales and much more. It comes when assembled hence reduces the stress of assembling and installation. It has power load cells that aid in transmitting powerful signals for the reliable and accurate truck weighing results.

This series of truck load scales are compatible with wide range of standard steel weighbridge deck models. It utilizes a highly bolted frame that has been assembled on site. Its portability makes it a cost-effective pick for seasonal relocation needs. It is also equipped with a stainless steel sheath that makes it ideal for long-term use.

MD400/500 – Portable Wheel Load Truck Scales

The MD400/500 are another series of top rated truck weighing scales from General Electrodynamics Corporation. It is a heavy duty weighing scale that provides an efficient weight measuring performance. It is light in weight and is ideal for wide range of applications. It is a trusted weighing scale that has been used for a long time in commercial weighing applications.

The notable unique features in this weighing scale include an easy-to-read vernier scale with visible markings and rugged design for easy maintenance. What makes this scale highly versatile is that it can operate without the use of a battery. There is also a dust-proof casing that seals the essential parts of this scale. It can, therefore, be used in areas that are hard to access power. It is an accurate and easy to set up and install. It is one of the recommended scales for a high level of accuracy.

Truck weighing can be simple and fun when using the right brand of portable truck weighing systems. Besides, it also aids one in evading overload fines that result from poor weight measurements. The above are the three pretty good and efficient scales that provide seamless operations.


3 Innovative Products Designed to Automate Shipping & Receiving

Automation Warehousing TechnologyTechnology has revamped processes in warehousing to make simple day to day tasks easy to perform while helping to save time.

Automated systems is the new buzzword in the shipping business describing the cluster of machinery, technology, and software that are highly sophisticated and engineered to get things done faster and with minimal errors and effort.

Here are three top-tier products designed to automate shipping and receiving at for warehousing, logistics, and related supply chain functions.

Automated Inventory Management Software (AIMS)

Automated Inventory Management Software or AIMS is warehouse management software that taps into the three main areas of manufacturing, distribution and the 3PL environment.

AIMS comes with features that assist in management of accounts, 3PL (third-party logistics) environment, management of orders, billings and invoices, RFID and Bar-code scanning as well as management of returns. Additionally, AIMS provides specs for managing shipment, inventories, purchases, demand planning as well as receiving and storage management.

One can also use the system for location control and customizing categorized processes in the warehouse. AIMS is basically the backbone of all virtual or physical tasks that happen in the warehouse.

Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS)

Also known as ASRS, Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems are systems used to send or fetch goods to and from their designated storage point. This system not only compliments the normal conveyor belts, it also provides a cheap and fast alternative to manual labor and conventional fork lifts.

ASRS handles goods of high density, tasks dedicate to sequential buffers or the mini load cranes and generally completing all scheduled goods-to-man orders.

The Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems comprise of a cluster of machines like the one level shuttle, unit loads, multi level shutter, mini load cranes, elevators among many others. There are advanced forms of ASRS; two common ones include the Robotic ASRS and the High Speed Buffer ASRS.

The Robotic ASRS can palletize goods and stock them in a mixed pallet ready for shipping while the High Speed Buffer ASRS is mostly used when handling high volumes because it is fast saving time and space.

Automated Mailing Systems

As electronic purchasing has become an accepted trend, warehousing companies are leaning more towards e-commerce transactions. Automated mailing systems are designed to handle all processes that concern dispatching of goods to their destination, receiving new orders online and managing all orders from clients synchronizing them harmoniously to the in built systems like ASRS. 

Automated mailing systems also come in many form depending on the warehousing operation, its size, and the overall needs for shipping and distribution. Some of the most common are mailing and postage machines, address printers, document handling equipment, and dimentional scanning and weighing systems.

Automated mailing systems help warehouses react faster to the growing demand in ecommerce while minimizing any errors in recording, handling or logistics that may potentially arise.

With a state-of-the-art mailing system, warehouses can deliver brochures and price listings to clients, organize orders and dispatch them to clients automatically while keeping real time records of all tasks completed. Warehouses can also handle returns logistics better, ensuring seamless record keeping whilst maintaining stable warehouse operations. Much of this is all supported using solutions like neoShip mail management software, a powerful platform from Neopost USA.

The growing demand in ecommerce met with the need for a faster and seamless process in warehousing is what has led many shipment companies to upgrade to automated systems. The automated technology is in the form of hi-tech hardware and software that synchronize all processes inside the hardware to ensure an error free and faster service delivery to clients by shipping companies.


3 Leading R&D Companies of On-board Weighing Systems

On Board Weighing SystemsOn-board weighing systems are unique form of technology that is continuously being refined with new systems and applications for various types of vehicles and equipment. Affordable and easy to use, on-board truck scales offer industrial and transport business many benefits, including reduced fuel consumption, increased throughput, accuracy, and overall efficiency.

There are several global companies that manufacture and produce on-board scale technology, however only a few organizations are considered industry leaders in the research and development of on-board weighing systems. Below we profile three of those companies and what makes them so reputable for on-board systems and truck weighing scales for sale.

VPG On-board Vehicle Scales

One of leading on-board weighing system companies is Vishay Precision Group. Vishay Precision Group, or now VPG, manufactures industry leading and innovative business solutions for on-board truck control and efficient overload protection. This global leader understands that managing an efficient haulage often requires the use of the latest scaling technology.

VPG on-board scales are primarily aimed at the lighter commercial vehicles. VPG understands that transport/fleet corporations need to stay within safe operating tolerances on their vehicles while maximizing their efficiency.

Pfreundt On-board Weighing Systems

Another global leader in on-board scale technology is Pfreundt. Pfreundt's products have friends all over the world. Over 40,000 on-board weighing systems are currently in use. For this reason, Pfreundt is listed in the Lexicon of German world market leaders.

In addition to having select suppliers of on-board truck scales in North America and throughout the world, Pfreundt on-board scales offers own installation teams and on-site calibration service. Their special team will ensure that you receive the best service. They will help you save time and money. If something goes wrong, you can be assured that your request will always be handled in a fast and professional manner.

RDS Technology On-board Truck Scales Scales

The third global leader in on-board scale technology is RDS Technology. RDS Technology manufactures a wide range of instrumentation for the mobile machinery industry. They have a wide range of standard instruments that are supplied and supported through specialist distributors in many parts of the world. RDS Technology is always interested to hear ideas from potential new distributors.

Benefits of On-board Weigh Scales

There's a plethora of advantages of using on-board scales. These benefits extend into varied areas including heavy-duty and industrial scale weighing. Mining and industrial sites can also incorporate such weighing technologies in various kind of trucks or even vehicles like rail cars and articulated trucks.

Using an on board truck scale increases efficiency and saves energy too. Unlike other conventional systems used in truck scales, on-board weighing systems optimize efficiency for different weighing/scaling and operations systems. This technology is tested reliable and extremely accurate and has been proven to save money.

As they say, weight is everything in the trucking business. Because loads can be weighted directly on the truck and then tracked during transport, an additional money, time and energy taken to measure vehicle loads is fairly minimized.

Advancements In Weighing Technology

With the present competitive business climate, every business in the US has to look much harder on ways it can cut down on its costs in order to become more efficient. As many companies have taken action for this to happen, sometimes it's hard to see how far a business can go without causing some kind of harm in the long run.

In some cases, due to business inefficiency, a business could lose its customer base. However, from a transportation and logistics viewpoint, it's obvious that most businesses are not actually taking advantage of the new technology available. Even more, this technology is often viewed as a dispensable outlay. However, investing in a modern weighing technology such as on-board truck scales is beneficial.


How Businesses Should Embrace Content Marketing In A Tech-Driven World

Business Content Marketing TechContent marketing is becoming an essential part of every Internet marketing campaign. It's vital to help generate formidable amount of traffic to business website by increasing its organic search traffic as well as social prowess on sites like Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.

Implementing a solid content marketing approach is an indispensable part of every modern business strategy, and yet the importance is often underestimated by many companies. Nothing can in fact damage your business image and reputation as sharing low-quality content, as often happens with companies that delocalize their content writing jobs to low-level cheap writers.

The purpose of content marketing is in fact much more than just gaining visibility to a given business website by grabbing some useful keywords and redirecting some random traffic from search engines. The content that visitors will read represent in fact the first thing they will know about your company, and nothing talks about lack of professionality and seriousness as a cheap, badly written content that reeks of underpaid freelance employees or Google Translator tools.

Content Represents Brand Image

Think of content writing as a new car model showroom presentation. Will you ever employ some ugly girls just to cut on the expenses? Will you ever paint your vehicle with a cheap paint to cover for its numerous imperfections? Presenting your readers with great content means showing that yours is a serious business, and this does not applies just to the content shown on your own website.

Even when you produce SEO-focused blog posts or write content that would funnel your readers toward your business, quality is of primary importance. The blog that includes your link is like a person who is recommending your business. Think about this: if you’re asking about what’s the best restaurant in town, are you going to hear the advice of a nicely dressed, well-educated hotel receptionist, or the advice of a smelly, unkempt hobo with disgustingly yellow teeth?

Content Marketing Supports SEO

Getting the best links can just be a consequence of a good content marketing campaign: if you focus on quality, a lot of new good links will spontaneously be produced by new customers or other independent writers who may start talking about you. Content-driven SEO strategies and techniques are still very important to increase your traffic, but we cannot ever stress enough how a good reputation is way better than just a couple of SEO tricks.

Unlike the old times of TV and radio, people can easily walk away from any kind of unwanted advertisement. If your content sounds boring, irrelevant or just plainly annoying, users can just go to a different web page, or choose to avoid your bad content entirely. Catching up their attention while providing them some level of entertainment value helps you keep your customers and attract new ones.

Developing a Customer-Centric Content Marketing Strategy

Try to understand what your customer base’s characteristics are and plan accordingly. If they want a serious content, don’t go overboard with colored, flashy pics and silly jokes, but if you’re going to sell entertainment and leisure products providing them with something genuinely fun or innovative is much more important than ever. Perhaps a guide or educational strategy will win the trust of your audience.

Also try to understand what’s the best social network you should focus in relation to your potential customer needs. Focusing on just one or two platform usually gives much better results than dispersing your efforts on several platforms. Building a solid bastion on a single platform will help funnel a lot more of traffic as random people will end up watching your page, and word-of-mouth is always an important mean to reach your ends.

Magnify Your Content Marketing Efforts

The content’s quality is even more important on social media than in search engines, as people can and will share quality content as a way to demonstrate their friends how “good” and interesting are the things they read. If you manage to get a lot of shares, you make your content viral, and your website traffic may really enjoy a boom in total visits number increasing your positive feedback.

You should try to get your shared by the so-called “influencers.” Influencers are people that manage large social media instruments, like media people, or blog authors with a large number of followers. Having these people share your content can really make the difference, as you can reach a completely different fan base, which will read your content with great attention as they’re proposed by an influencer whose reputation they already tested out.

Discussions, debates and flames may even be sparked, especially on social media further increasing the amount of random people whose attention will be grabbed toward your content… and more importantly, toward your business. This, coupled with consumer-centric SEO and quality content will help your business thrive in the digital age.


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