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Leading Flail & Finishing Mower Technology from Land Pride

Land Pride Finishing MowersWhen you need to buy mowers, you should know the features of mowers before you can be in a position of making your choice. However, Land Pride has been a company that has been selling the best mowing machines when making your choice. Here is a review of the 5 leading finishing mowers from Land Pride that you can trust for exceptional quality cutting for years.

1. Land Pride FM21 Series Flail Mowers

Land Pride flail mowers are always the perfect choice when looking for the best option for schools as well as other recreational areas. These Land Pride flail mowers are durable when compared to others that you can ever buy during your market purchase.

The FM21 Series of Land Pride flail mowers also offers a 2-position hitch when you need the best for offsetting the mower, thus enabling you to have a closer cutting alongside buildings, roadsides or fences when buying from the market. It also has special series of features that has made it one of the best products that you can ever buy during your purchase.

2. Land Pride FM41 Series Flail Mowers

FM41 Series of Mowers feature a cast of machined hammers that you can buy when you need to buy them from a market. You will definitely be in a position to use them when cutting trees thus making them among the best mowers you can ever buy. They are also easy to maintain since you will spend less money on Land Pride parts and repairs compared to other finishing mower brands. The number of people who prefer buying it have also increased tremendously when making your purchase.

Land Pride Mower Parts

3. Land Pride FDR16 Series Finishing Mowers

The FDR16 Series rear finishing mower from Land Pride has the best features that makes it ideal for many homeowners when providing a high productivity with an excellent cut quality on your well maintained lawn as well as turf surfaces. With a rear discharge of cutting decks, you will be able to provide that superb quality cut that comes with a superior clipping distribution of grass especially when you need a good deal. The FDR16 is a popular model on the market, and is also easy to source Land Pride finishing mower parts online when repairs are needed.

4. Land Pride FDR25 Series Finishing Mowers

The Land Pride FDR25 Series Rear Finishing Mower is another perfect for campuses, parks, homeowners, and golf courses. With its amazing tapered rear design, you will be able to clean your grass easily especially when making your decision on what you would need. Its floating 3-point system will also allow for an excellent ground with capabilities as well as a uniform cut. You will definitely appreciate what you would need when clearing your grass with it.

5. Land Pride AFM4216 All-Flex Mowers

The AFM4216 is one perfect Land Pride mower for large estates, golf course maintenance, sports fields and city recreation areas. When you do use it, you will definitely be certain that you would get these deals during the process when making your perfect choice. It is also ideal for wider open spaces. For instance, you can use it when you need to cut a 22 inch swath workload to have a skillfully groomed lawn. Also, similar to the FM41, maintenance is a bit easier and sourcing Land Pride parts online is more efficient with this model.

In conclusion, the above is a review of the top finishing mowers from Land Pride to try when you need to keep the grass in your home short and beautiful. Most Land Pride dealers offer these models as they are some of the most highly-sought after finishing mowers from Land Pride.


5 Powerful Postage Meters to Take Your Mail Processing to the Next Level

Whether you are a small or large business enterprise, managing your mail can be a tedious, time consuming and expensive undertaking. In this regard, it is important to do some research and pinpoint the most affordable postage meters for businesses. Here is a brief and objective review of five of the top postage meters on the market, both for low and high-volume mail processing needs.

Neopost IS-440 Postage Meter

Neopost IS-440 Postage MeterConvenient to use and easy to operate, the IS-440 from Neopost is fast and efficient. Priding itself with having the shortest boundary dimensions in its category, this postage meter offers users whisper quiet operation, with the ability to handle up to 110 letters per minute. The Neopost IS-440 postage meter is without doubt one of the fastest meters in the market.

By using differential weighing, users can simply place all their mixed weight mail on the mailing platform. By using the Smart Start technology, every time an envelope is removed from the weighing platform that’s in differential weighing mode, the auto feeder can automatically dispense a secure stick postage label and process the mail. This allows users to manage their mail, be it larger packages of single envelopes with lots of ease.

Neopost IS-280 Postage Meter

Neopost IS-280 Postage MeterThe Neopost IS-280 is an ideal postage meter for growing businesses, offering users very sophisticated features in a very compact package. The postage meter is easy to use, with short-cut keys giving users easy access to the frequently used settings while minimizing excess postage meter supplies.

The Neopost IS-280 postage meter does also come with an easy to install, high speed Local Area Network (LAN) connection for quick and easy rate change updates and software downloads as well. This does ensure that the unit can be re-credited online with postage on 24/7 basis. Further to the above, the unit is ergonomically designed, making it quite easy to integrate the machine into any business environment.

Pitney Bowes DM400 Digital Mailing System

Pitney Bowes DM400 Digital Mailing SystemWith the ability to process mail at speeds of up to a hundred and twenty (120) letters per minute, the Pitney Bowes DM400 Digital Mailing System does combine streamlined performance, easy operation and solid design. From small stacks to weekly runs, the mailing system ensures that the mail is processed as fast as possible.

With the Pitney Bowes DM400, it is possible to process mail of various sizes and also use the fitted automatic tape dispenser to process larger items. Further to the above, the meter does give your mail a very professional look using its crisp and clear inkjet printing technology. It is also worth noting that the meter can track and report postage expenses for up to three hundred (300) accounts.

CentorMail MAX Mailing System

CentorMail MAX Mailing SystemThe CentorMail MAX Mailing System does excel at reliably and swiftly processing high volumes of mixed mail formats without breaking stride. With a nearly one inch pass-through, this system is one of the widest in the industry, making it possible for it to handle padded, fat and thick publications.

The CentorMail MAX is also one of the few machines that feed mail vertically. Processing mail at a blistering pace of one hundred and twenty (120) letters per minute, the dynamic scale does automatically calculate accurate postage while the mail is processing. Whereas extended feeder and output options significantly increase run times for improved efficiency. On the other hand, the master and user cards allow for advanced operator security as well as accounts.

PostBase 85 Postage Meter

PostBase 85 Postage MeterThe PostBase 85 postage meter does raise the bar for flexibility, simplicity and good looks. With a simple sleek appearance, smooth jam free operation and an intuitive touch screen, the system is a remarkably good fit for nearly any small to mid-sized business. With the ability to handle up to eighty five (85) letters per minute, the unit is not only efficient bit also quite effective as well.

The integrated 15lb scale on the PostBase 85 does automatically set accurate postage stamps. It can also track postage costs of up to 200 departmental accounts. The included PC software does allow for numerous postage presets, accounting and reporting options.


5 Advanced Warehouse Automation Technologies Changing the Game

With ever increasing labor costs and heightened supply chain pressures for more accurate, faster and client responsive operations, warehouse automation technologies have significantly grown in popularity over the years.

These technologies have gained acceptance and are currently changing the face of warehouse automation since they deliver productivity, throughput capacity, enhance accuracy and streamline accountability for businesses. They also offer an efficient and cost effective flow of goods to consumers.

Here are 5 advanced warehouse automation technologies changing the game of the industry.

In-motion Cubing & Dimensional Weighing Systems

These systems provide the complete automation that’s needed for advanced shipping and warehousing operations requiring high accuracy dimensional weighing and cubing functionality. With current technological advancements, these systems are capable of high speed operations if the situation or application demands.

In most instances, cubing systems can either operate as a standalone or easily integrate into an existing conveyor system. To ensure ease of maintenance, most of these systems utilize off the shelf components, making it easy to replace components locally. They are widely used in real time cubing for freight and inbound manifests as well as DHL/UPS/USPS/FedEx dimensional weight compliance demands.

Automatic Strapping Machines

These automatic strapping machines are ideal for fast strapping high volumes of cartons or other packages. With most of the machines capable of anything between 20 and 30 straps per minute, they do give businesses a reliable and fast solution to virtually all strapping needs.

Most of the automatic strapping systems do come with an external tension control which can be used to suit various pack applications. Automatic strapper machines are also fitted with a short feed sensor that automatically prevents instances of misfeeds.

Depending on the brand and model, automatic strap systems normally have three methods of activation, these include the console button, foot pedal or ball switch; these make operating the system relatively easy.

Sortation Systems

Sortation systems are generally designed for very diverse product handling and high throughput industries. Automated sortation systems can either be categorized as circular, linear, divert or pouch sortation depending on the model and brand one is using. These warehouse automation systems are extensively used by hardware, catalog, parcel freight and the retail industry.

Manufacturers and third-party logistics providers of fast moving consumer goods typically use such systems to handle cartonized products as they come off their production lines. Smart IT systems have led to an increase in overall responsiveness by most manufacturers and retailers alike as they can receive and dispatch goods just in time. Most also adopt flow through and cross docking handling processes to ensure that cases and packages are efficiently distributed once they are received.

Automated Conveyors & Checkweighers

These automation systems for warehousing and logistics have found extensive use in a number of industry sectors such as the food and pharmaceutical industry. Available in automatic as well as manual operational modes, these systems allow precision weight checking of packaged items, with those items having different weights than the tolerated limit being automatically removed from the process. The system not only allows for quick weighing solutions but also offers a wide choice of customization options for clients.

Shrink Wrapping Machines

These machines are highly sought after in the market for efficiently catering for various bottle wrapping needs. The system is ideal for industries that move bottles, mineral water bottles and cans. They can easily be designed and fabricated in fixed or variable speed conveyor speeds as per individual needs and requirements. Most of these machines are energy efficient, fast and smooth functioning as well as durable and reliable.


3 Awesome Computers to Keep in Mind for 2016

There is a notion that home computers are only good for surfing the web and a bit of homework. However, these computers can do more.

You can use them to stream media, edit audio and video, download HD movies and play video games among other tasks. Nevertheless, these computers offer optimal functionality with the above mentioned tasks. Below are three notable home computers to look out for in 2016.

The Acer PredatorAcer Predator Computer

The Acer Predator is one of the best home computers for sale in terms of performance, processor power and affordability. The computer is offered with dedicated graphics and 5 USB ports. It has excellent components and its speed is impressive making it a top choice for 2016.

The base model Predator operates on top-tier Intel i5-4590 processor. On its own, the CPU can perform any task that you throw at it at home but the Predator adds you a mid-grade graphics card for those who do graphical processing at home.

Like many other modern models found at your quality computer store, the Predator comes ready for upgrades. The Predator is offered with a SATA 1TB hard disk and 8GB installed RAM. You can expand the RAM up to 32GB. However, you do not need more than 8GB to run a 64-bit home computer.

The Acer Predator comes with an SD card slot and a VGA monitor port. With all new desktop PCs, you are offered 1 year warranty.

Dell XPS 8700 Dell computer xps 8700

The XPS offers you a great home computer for homework, watching HD movies and playing video games without taking thousands of dollars from your bankroll. It is a versatile computer that gives you the option of upgrading components rather than buying a new machine. 

The Dell XPS is a strong computer though not the best for gaming. It uses Intel i5-4460 coupled with 19th-tiered Nvidia GeForce GT 720 Graphics card to up video streaming capabilities. You can also upgrade the computer by adding high quality components to make it better for gaming.

The XPS comes with 1TB hard drive and 8GB installed RAM. Though this computer can run on this RAM perfectly, you can add more by installing new RAM sticks when needed. The hard drive spins the internal disk at 7200 rpm. Ensure the monitor you buy has a DVI port. Unlike the Predator (reviewed above), the XPS comes with 10 USB ports (6 USB 3.0 and 4 USB 2.0 ports). New computers come with 1 year warranty.

Lenovo K450e

The Lenovo K450e offers style and functionality; it is a computer for all your home needs. Though it is less powerful than the Predator and the XPS, it still remains one of the best home computers to look for in 2016.

Lenova K450e Computer

The base model uses Intel i5 processor which is upgradable to Intel i7. This means that the computer can run any task you throw to it without slowing. It utilizes integrated graphics. When playing video games, you need to adjust the settings to average to get a smooth experience.

Like other computers in its class, the K450e comes with 1TB hard drive and 8GB installed RAM. You can, however, install more RAM if needed. It is offered with 6 USB ports; 4 USB 3.0 ports and 2 USB 2.0 ports.


Home Audio Technology: 3 Systems Evolving Home Entertainment

The home entertainment industry is booming, and advanced home audio technology is powering the industry.

Home entertainment buffs now have a plethora of systems to choose from for their entertainment needs, with home audio systems priced just under $1,000 and moving up considerably from there.

In this Technology Scribes post, we're going to take a look at three paradigm-shifting home audio and entertainment systems changing user experience with the help of amazing technology. The systems that we;re reviewing here can be enjoyed by every member of the family thanks to their ease-of-use and listening mode options.

1. Paradigm Soundtrack 2

As home audio entertainment manufacturers continue to push the soundbar business, it continues to boom. This comes as no surprise with the extensive marketing that manufacturers have done in recent years to awaken users to the convenience of adding a soundbar to their arsenal.

A popular choice for end users, the Paradigm Soundtrack 2 provides a convenient, easy to setup option. It's also a good quality build that delivers decent sound quality and requires very little power. The wireless subwoofer makes setting up the Paradigm 2 a very convenient option.

Fabulous Soundtrack 2 Features:

  • 2.1 channels
  • Immersive surround sound experience
  • Movie Mode
  • Music Mode
  • Bluetooth capability
  • Easy-to-use remote

Stream from any mobile device or portable and charge the device from another room while continuing to control functionality from the Soundtrack 2's remote-panel controls. Price: $899.99

2. MilleniaOne CT 2

It's no surprise that Paradigm wanted to take their Product of the Year, MilleniaOne speakers to the next level.

This high-performance speaker system includes a compact subwoofer and has a built-in Ultra-Class-D amplifier, which means it doesn't require a receiver, or other A/V equipment for power.

Cutting Edge Features of MilleniaOne CT 2:

  • Plug 'n Play technology
  • Bluetooth with aptX coding
  • 2-channel music mode
  • Multichannel movie mode
  • Doby digital encoding
  • Paradigm Virtual Surround processing

Don't let the plug n' play technology fool you, this little monster delivers high-quality sound and experience. Price: $899.99

3. Cinema 100 CT

The Cinema 100 CT is a home theater system to meet your budget, style and space while exceeding your expectations. The award-winning Cinema speakers have been delivering user experience that brings movies to life and makes music sound as if you're listening to a live performance.

Key Points of the Paradigm Cinema 100 CT:

  • Reference quality crossovers
  • Superior S-PAL Satin-Anodized Pure-Aluminum Domes
  • Superior 8" High-Excursion Drivers
  • Push-thru Binding Posts with Easy Glide Channels
  • Amplifier controls
  • Two aesthetic placement options (gloss or cloth)

The Cinema 100 CT will certainly add a new level of entertainment to any room in your home. Price: $999.00

To learn more about these home audio systems from Paradigm, visit Paradigm.

Before Buying Your Home Audio System

The advances in paradigm-shifting home entertainment technology over the past decade make it possible to achieve sound quality and experience like never before. Each of the paradigm-shifting home audio technologies that I reviewed here today deliver great sound in any room or setting.

Be sure to research and consider all paradigm shift home entertainment systems before committing to one as user end experience vary substantially from product to product.


Payload Pros Pioneers Truck Scales & Load Management Technology

Why do so many industry-based companies opt for truck scales and weighing systems from Payload Pros? Simple. Payload Pros has grown to become one of the most reputable suppliers in the industry when it comes to on-site payload management and advanced weighing technology. The company designs a full spectrum of weighing systems ranging from on-board truck scales to weighbridges to portable truck scales.

By using the latest technology, Payload Pros offers nothing but precise and durable truck scales. The company is specialized in load management systems and heavy-duty weigh scales. As the company has been around for many years, its measuring systems are not only accurate but can also handle and efficiently analyze huge amounts of data. Take a look at some weighing systems below.

1. Portable Weighing Scales (Wheel Weighers)

Portable weighing systems also go by the name portable truck scales or portable wheel weighers. If portability is of the essence, you should consider using these portable truck scale systems from Payload Pros. The best thing about our portable weigh scale units is that they are easy to carry, install and dismantle.

Wheel weighers are commonly used in construction, agricultural plants, mining industries and more. They have the following advantages:

  • Come in multiple designs which favor portability.
  • Steel and aluminum construction which makes them durable.
  • Simple and intuitive.
  • Can be used to weigh truck scales.

If you cannot afford to purchase portable wheel load weighers and other types of truck scales, Payload Pros offers rental options to their customers.

Heavy duty portable weighing scales are designed to weigh both off-road and over-the-road vehicles. They come in various brand such as; AXW 30T, AXW 45T and AXW 90T.

2. On-board Truck Scales

On-board weighing systems designed by Payload Pros and Walz Scale enable operators to record and print out data from the comfort of the cab. Loaders can enjoy various types of on-board weighing systems such as:

  • Backhoe Loader Scales
  • Skid Steer Loader Scales
  • Wheel Loader Scales
  • Industrial Loader Scales

In addition, on-board weighing systems can be used with any loading system using proper configuration. This ensures that operators enjoy a seamless weighing process, enhanced efficiency and advanced throughput. By investing in an on-board loader scale from Payload Pros, you will also enjoy:

  • User-friendly and simple weighing systems.
  • Accurate results in rough environments.
  • Can-bus and multiple communication protocol options.
  • Low maintenance costs.

Operators can also use software offered by Payload Pros to improve management of stock inventories and production.

3. Load Volume Scanner

The volume load scanner is a very powerful tools which can optimize loading and haulage of assets. In addition, this 3D volumetric load scanner can be installed on site and start operating instantly.

It generates real-time results by scanning the weight of assets using laser technology. First, it enables operators to view high definition 3D images of their truck loads. Then, it translates these images into weight via a software platform offered by Walz Scale. To use this system, you will need a laptop or tablet and a Payload Pro Load Management Software.

The Load Volume Scanner is also very efficient when it comes to managing body and back design. This implies that users can assess displacement of the load in any truck bed. To learn more abou the Load Volume Scanner, visit

Payload Pros aims at only designing intuitive and flawless weighing systems. The company wants to make weight management in mining industries easier and accurate for operators. For more information about all of Payload Pro's truck scales, visit the parent company


3 Innovators in Automatic Box Opener Technology

Automatic box opening technology is comprised of unique systems by which boxes and cartons are opened automatically on a conveyor or any other pass-through environment. This technology was invented to fill the gap of automation that existed in warehouses, distribution centers and shipping industries.Automatic Box Opener Machine

Since the invention of automatic box opener machines, the trend has continued, evolved and advanced to new state-of-the-art automatic box openers. Automatic box openers perform work that can be done by up to 10 people in the fastest and safest way possible. In this article, we review three automatic box opener machines, namely: IBOD Box Opener, the CCU Automatic Box Opener, and the RED Stamp Cutters.

IBOD Box Opener

The IBOD box opener is perhaps one of the top industrial-grade box opening machines found on the market today. This state of the art machine has been designed by Walz and has found a wide range of applications in operations found in warehouses, shipping and receiving just to mention but a few. The IBOD Box opener provides the safest, easiest and the fastest way to open boxes in industries. There are three main types of IBOD Box opening machines, namely; the IBOD single, the IBOD double and the IBOS 12M Casecutter.

The IBOD single also known as intelligent box opening machine/device is fully programmable and is capable of cutting and removing the carton tops automatically at rates up to around 600 cartons per hour. Not to mention, the IBOD single is also perfect and its 100% safe. It has unmatched logic and price and also adjust for random carton sizes and cuts fairly well, whether they are in line, or even stand alone with casters.

IBOD Automatic Box Opener

On the other hand, the IBOD double auto box opening machine is an extension of the IBOD single and can open up to a thousand cartons per hour. These machines have also been fitted with 2 in-feeds and have various options such as sorting added to it. The 12 M Case cutter on the other hand is designed to open Dc’s cigarette cartons at a rate up to 12 cartons per minutes or even faster for standard cartons. The speed at which these automatic box openers open the cartons highly depends on the size of the box and the cut of the depth among other variables which may alter the cut times.

The IBOD box opener is also capable of emptying contents of cartons to dustbins conveyors or even hoppers once the top of the carton and the liner is opened. In case you need to change the blade the IBOD box opener will never slow down the operations since it has been fitted with an option to have blade changed without altering the speed. This option ensures fast moving of DC’s at high volumes. Besides that the IBOD box opener is also fitted with another option, which will help you to cut tape lines only in case of a need. This option helps to save you carton in case you will need to reseal it later.

CCU Automatic Box Opener

The second automatic box opener in my review is the CCU Automatic Box opener/cutter. The CCU Automatic Box opener/cutter is an automatic box cutting machine which is designed to open HSC and RSC boxes. This auto box cutter typically cuts the top sides of the boxes making hand-cutting unnecessary thereby reducing labor and improving safety. Besides that, this technology speeds operations, minimizes injuries, save carpal tunnel and saves insurance premiums.

Not to mention, CCU Auto box cutters also operate independently from any human interventions by measuring, metering, cutting and automatically indexing cases from the cutting cell. Regardless of the box size, CCU Box opener cut 3 or 4 sides of the box presented to it at certain designated locations.

Advanced applications, such as bar code and other form of identification are also incorporated in this box opener to enhance the efficiency of operations. To further enhance efficiency of operation, the system has been equipped with high tech cameras which are used to inspect and sort the cut items.

So how does the CCU automatic box cutter/opener work? The CCU Auto box opener uses a state of the art 24 VDC conveyor system to index box case entering into the opening area. The case is then measured in three dimensions, namely the length, width and height using a high resolution sensor.

The robotic servo motors then positions the blades as needed and cuts the box case at designated locations as specified the Auto Box cutter operator. The round shaped blades provide a wide surface area hence increasing the life of blades by helping them to resist breakage. This superb machine opens the boxes perfectly every time and in case there is an over current, the machines stops immediately. Besides that, CCU box opener has numerous maintenance and logging alarms, which are used to enhance efficiency of operations.

Unlike other competitive models, CCU auto box opener logic and functionality are contained in a single user-configurable PLC thereby allowing customers’ freedom to help or support the machine themselves at their own will. The cutter also includes safety guarding package which interlocks the machine automatically in case any guard is opened.

RED Stamp Automated Box Opener

The third automatic box opener that we reviewed is the RED Stamp’s Automated Box opener. This machine is ideal for large distribution centers warehouses and shipping and is a top choice for opening tobacco cigarettes or any other tobacco products. The RED Stamp’s automated box opener is a productive alternative to all manual case cutting since it ensures fast, safe and efficient opening of various product box tops by minimizing product damage throughout their entire operation.

The RED Stamp automatic box cutting machine is also known for its speed, versatility and is designed to reduce human labor and increase output. This smart machine measures the size of every incoming carton and cuts it in a designated location as specified by the operator at rates up to 1800 cartons per hour. During feeding, boxes are fed in sizes and order and do not mix since batches of the same sizes are grouped together.

RED stamp’s automated box opener, find a wide range of industrial applications, it assists in order fulfillment, re-park and reverse logistics buy opening boxes and cartons. RED Stamp auto opener also facilitates faster replenishment, access to returned products and order picking.

Boxes of different goods are opened in a way that ensures safety of the product inside and ease of access. Some of the feature of this automated box opener include, precision multi-axis cutting, automatic product sizing, precision sensors which measures to within 0.001’’ and integrated touch screen operator interface just to mention but a few.



Advancements in Wheel Load Weigher Technology from Payload Pros

Are you looking for the best wheel load weighers for heavy-duty weighing and payload management? Do you need an accurate, seamless and user-friendly wheel weigher system that's fully portable and offers weigh-in-motion capabilities?

If so, then Payload Pros is your go-to source for advanced wheel load weigher technology. Paylod Pros is a division of Walz Scale, a reputable company is well-known for offering the best truck scales to mining, agriculture, and transport industries, to name a few. Payload Pros customers enjoy top-notch portable wheel weighers that offer advanced capabilities and extreme heavy-duty capacities.

portable wheel weigher scales

An Inside Look at Portable Wheel Weighers

Wheel load weighers or portable wheel weighers are totally mobile axle scale systems which are suitable for a wide number of applications. They are also known as portable wheel axle weighers. There are different types of portable wheel load weighers which come with unique qualities for specific operations.

Types of Portable Wheel Weighers

Payload Pros offers a wide range of portable wheel load weighers, spanning from heavy-duty weighing systems to in-motion axle scales. Below are some of the various types of portable wheel weighers from Payload Pros.

HDAW Series Wheel Load Weighers

truck wheel weighersThese axle weighers are specifically designed for heavy duty weighing under harsh conditions. They are tested thoroughly during construction hence are very accurate during operation. The HDAW models are constructed from aluminum and come with removable ramps. Their unique design make them superior over other models when it comes to portability. Lastly, they come with a digital weighing terminal, two weighing pads and access ramps.

OTR Wheel Weigher Scales

The portable wheel weighers offered at Payload Pros are designed to cater for heavy duty trucks with OTR tires. This makes it easier for you to weigh oversized off-road vehicles from any location at any time. These axle wheel weighers provide real-time data for people who work in shipping, freight, mining and farming industries.

AXW-Series Wheel Weighers

The AXW-series is made up of different types of portable wheel weighers. Each of these models come with lightweight removable ramps which makes setting up and dismantling very easy. To increase the data analysis capabilities and features, the AXW-series models come with a integrated weighing terminal, which offers: wheel weigher terminal

  • An operator interface – Makes operation easier.
  • Weigh study software – Enhances accessibility, interpretation and organization of data.
  • Integrated printer – Enables users to print total vehicle and axle weight for tickets/receipts.

These wheel axle weighers are self-contained digital scales with an internal receipt printer and battery operation. The integrated weighing terminals are suitable for various types of portable truck scale systems. These terminals are very user-friendly and compatible with a majority of wheel weigher scales designed by Walz Scale. Below are some of the more popular options among portable wheel load weighers from Payload Pros and Walz Scale.

AXW-30 Wheel Weigher

It’s a very affordable portable load wheel weigher which can withstand weighs of up to 30 tons. Regardless of its affordability, AXW-30 is ideal for most field operations.

AXW-45 Wheel Weigher 

Just as its name suggests, AXW-45 is specifically designed to take weighs of up to 45 tons. If you need to weigh extra loads, this is the ideal choice for you.

AXW-95 Wheel Weigher

Constructed from high strength structural steel, AXW-95 can withstand total truck weights of up to 95 tons. This is a popular choice for people who desire high-capacity wheel weighers.

AXW-110 Wheel Weigher

They offer a greater weighing capacity of up to 110 tons. The AXW-110, despite its high load weighing capacity, is light in weight, very accurate and durable.

portable wheel weighers technology

AXIM In-Motion Wheel Weighers

The AXIM-series in-motion wheel load weighers enables users to take weights of a truck while it’s still moving. These weigh-in-motion axle scales operate by taking measurements of each axle weights and total weight of the truck while the vehicle is in motion. Just like other portable wheel weighing systems, they are very simple and cheap to install.

The portable wheel load weighers present at are the best for taking real-time truck loads from any location. They are also very easy to use and can withstand harsh working environments.


FQHC Billing Software for More Effective Billing Systems

When it comes to different forms of medical billing, FQHC billing is one of the most complex and challenging. As a result, utilizing a sufficient FQHC billing software platform can pay dividends for the financial health of FQHCs.

While there are a number of medical billing software solutions, some are better for FQHCs. Below we review some of the leading FQHC billing software platforms currently available.

NueMD Billing Software

NueMD is a great system that offers a comprehensive mix of software and services to cater for the needs of all sizes of practices. The system has robust medical billing features to ensure proper filling of claims.

NueMD FQHC billing software operates its own claims clearinghouse. With NueMD, you do not need any other software to file claims directly to government and commercial payers. The software allows you to verify insurance and make adjustments to the bill and to follow up on overdue, rejected and accepted claims.

It features Claim Scrubber, a functionality that allows you check every claim against a database of 10 million similar claims and scrub and make claim edits before filing. It also features electronic remittance advice which include post copays, deductibles payments for government and commercial payments instantly to patient accounts.

The Batch Payment feature allows you to monitor claims and tickets all at once. Lastly, the software enables you to manage patient statements, collections, reports and analysis.

PrognoCIS Billing Software

PrognosCIS has been designed with the end-user in mind. This software by Bizmatics comes with cutting edge technology to ensure swift practice management. It is scalable to cater for the needs of sole practitioners and large FQHCs. Many FQHC service providers experience maximized revenue by using this FQHC billing software.

Leveraged by many of the top FQHC billing companies offers specialty specific database libraries making it possible to make personal office workflow changes. PrognoCIS has great features to replace hundreds of payment personnel. The billing data and codes are automatically forwarded to claims for payment. This rids you of the need to create Superbills from the practice to the billers.

PrognoCIS FQHC billing software takes care of patient statements, Explanation of Benefits (EOBs), insurance payments, Electronic Remittance Advice, RCM report and scrubber checks to meet all billing regulations and claim follow-up.

MediTouch Billing Software

MediTouch is a product by HealthFusion. The software offers both web-based and touchscreen user interface functionalities. To this end, it is well differentiated and easy to use. In its core, the software offers charting, medication management, problem lists, electronic prescribing and much more.

The billing software controls the cash flow of your practice. It allows you to manage insurance and payment of patients accurately and without hassles. It allows you to charge, post, manage denial and bill patients. Cloud-based electronic medical billing allows you to match medical claims to millions of other claims submitted to prevent and manage denials.

MediTouch is offered with a reporting function that comes handy in helping you learn and improve the financial health of your practice. Lastly, MediTouch FQHC billing software is a fully integrated system offering billing, clearinghouse and scheduling all on a single interface.

Benchmark Systems Billing Software

Benchmark FQHC billing services offers comprehensive services such as answering your phones, scheduling services and managing bills and collections. The software allows maximum reimbursement, increase collections and payment based on the success of transactions.

It also features real time analytics. Benchmark handles claims submissions, denial management and follow-up and eligibility verifications. They have experienced CPAs to help you will all matters accounting.

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3 Leading Manufacturers of Sortation Systems & Sorting Technology

sorting machines sortation systemsThe technological advancements in sortation systems have been quite phenomenal over the past few years. This growth has been anchored on technological advancements, such as the use of laser and other sensors to accurately and efficiently sort out products.

In spearheading the development of more advanced warehouse sortation systems, here is a list of three leading manufacturers of sorting technology.


Without doubt one of the leading suppliers of sensor based sorting machines and sortation technology; TOMRA does create sensor based solutions for heightened and optimal resource productivity. The company is a pioneer in sensor based sorting in the mining, recycling, food industry and other specialty segments. tomra sorting machines

Established about forty years ago in a shed in Asker, Norway by two brothers, Tore and Petter Planke, TOMRA has undergone phenomenal growth. From its acquisition of material handling company NEROC way back in 1992 to some of its recent buyouts such as that of ODENBERG in 2011 and BEST Sorting in June 2012, the company has added leading technologies such as lasers into its product basket. The company has without doubt earned its place as one of the leading food sorters with an expanded technology portfolio that’s envied by all its competitors.

With clients in over 100 countries and a significant player in the European market, TOMRA continues to deliver some of the best sortation systems in the market. The company has it’s headquarter in Norway even though it has offices in both South and North America.

Sesotec (Previously S + S)

sesotec sortation systems

Formerly known as S+S Separation, and Sorting Technology GmbH of Schonberg, Bavaria; Sesotec is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of systems and machines for sorting of material flows and product inspection. Over the years, the company has acquired some leading manufacturers such as ASM Advanced Sorting Machines at the beginning of 2015. This has significantly improved its product portfolio as it can now provide improved food safety and higher productivity options for its clientele. 

Sesotec does offer clients machinery for separation of metals and foreign bodies, sorting of materials as well as separation of out of- specification products. The company has a vast catalogue of all magnets used for the efficient separation of metals as well as X-ray scanners for high quality inspection of plastic products amongst a whole list of product offerings.

Driven by its three guiding principles of precision, intelligence and customer focus, the quality of service provided is second to none. Its client base spans a wide variety of industries such as recycling and glass, cubing and dimensioning systems, wood to plastics, pharmaceuticals and food.

sortation systems


Founded thirty years ago by Hamish Kennedy, son of a kiwifruit orchardist, Compac‚Äč's first sorting machine was a university project. The initial machine has been turned into a world leader in high speed, accurate pack house technology for the entire industry. It has employed slightly more than 400 employees and provides solutions for clients in more than forty countries.

compac sorting equipmentThe company prides itself as the world leader in complete, turnkey packing and sorting solutions for the fresh produce market segment. In this regard, the company does work with some of the leading pack houses to consistently deliver not only end to end solutions that streamline operations and improve overall performance, but one that also ensures consistency and quality of the produce so as to reduce labor needs.

The success of Compac lies in matching superior design and engineering concepts with the different needs and requirements of clients around the world. The company is headquartered in Hawkes Bay- New Zealand.


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