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Siri is Sirious Technology

So much of modern technology is centered on user behavior. The core objective behind tech engineers is to make devices more efficient for the user. One new form of technology that achieves just that is the Siri technology now common in the iPhone.

Sirious Evolution

Siri is the latest technology innovation by Apple. It is voice recognition and interaction system which offers seamless interface for smartphone users. Siri is considered an intelligent application assistant and phone controller which functions as a personal assistant app for iOS operating system.

Initially, "Siri voice app" was introduced as an available application for iOS in Apple app store compatible for iPhone mobile. With the increased popularity of the application, it is now integrated as a part of the iPhone 4S and iOS 5.

Advantages of the Siri

Siri helps users in scheduling and planning appointments, meetings, sending mail, text messages, and much more. The user can expand the functioning of the phone by configuring it for more voice commands.

Siri technology minimizes the effort and reduces the amount of interaction required to carry out tasks. It is also capable of answering all sorts of questions, for Siri is built with pre-defined answers.

The advanced features of Siri enable users to control their phone remotely. If you are feeling lazy to turn off the ringer of the phone, you can just give a command like “change to Silent” and Siri will automatically handle the task for you. You can alter the command recognition accuracy and can even train Siri to understand the certain slang and dialect.

Siri also serves in finding information on the Web. With its advanced integration with online services like Open Table, Movie Tickets, Taxi Magis, and Google Maps, it is capable of assisting its user in many supporting ways. The Siri technology will eventually change the way people lead their daily routine wherever they are.

Visit to see how Siri works.


6 New Gadgets for 2012

As 2011 comes to end, many people are now anticipating the arrival of the newest and trendiest gadgets for 2012.

Since the dawn of smartphones, tablets, HD cameras, laptops, and other highly-advanced devices, many people can’t resist the newest gadgets to keep up with the crowd. But if still don’t have a clue of which gadgets to look out for in 2012, then read on.

Below we highlight a 6 of the hottest new gadgets for 2012:

Samsung Note

Samsung is about to release its latest and most highly-advanced smartphone yet, the Samsung Note. It has a 5.3 inch display, which is said to be the largest screen size yet. And because of the Note's enormous screen size, users will no longer need to use screen transitions or zooming and scroll-down functions to view word documents, PowerPoint presentations and webpages. In addition, the Samsung note also has the S Pen technology, which allows users to send handwritten notes and original drawings via SMS, email messages, and even instant messages.

Cyber-Shot TX55

The Cyber-Shot TX55 might look and feel like an ordinary digital camera except for one feature: the gadget is 12mm thin which makes it the thinnest digital camera ever manufactured. It can capture High Definition videos suited for amateur movie makers and 16.2 megapixel images for beginner and experienced photographers. The TX55 also has additional features such as the Intelligent Sweep Panorama HR mode to easily capture wide landscapes and a 3D camera feature to create 3D still images.

LG Smartscan Mouse

At first glance, the LG Smartscan mouse looks like an ordinary optical mouse, but if you look closer you will see that it has a built-in scanner. Users will only need to swipe the LG Smartscan over an image to convert it to any format and save it on a computer. In addition, it has a Character Recognition Technology that converts scanned text as normal text into a word document instantly, without the use of text converters.

Toshiba Z830 Ultrabook

Toshiba has released another innovative laptop model to compete with other models in the market. The Toshiba Z830 Ultrabook is only 15.9mm thin and weights 2.5 pounds while maintaining a fast computer processing speed, making it the ideal laptop for users who are always on the go.

Sony Personal 3D Viewer

If you want to experience 3D movies and games like never before, then you should look into the Sony Personal 3D Viewer as a hot new gadget for 2012. This glasses-like device has two separate image panels for each eye to deliver crisp and high quality images, resulting to a 3D-like vision. It also has built-in headphones and can easily be connected to almost any TV set, desktop computer, or laptop.

Apple iPad 3 & iPhone 5

Who would have forgotten the innovative iPhone and iPad from Apple? Even if these will be released in the first quarter of 2012, people can surely expect most speed, a slimmer design, and enhanced user efficiency.

If you want to have a unique and innovative device to show off in the next year, don’t ever forget about some of these cool gadgets for 2012.


Fewer Jobs With Information Technology?

In its very essence, Information Technology (IT) is concerned with the treatment and organization of information. Aspects of the IT world include the acquisition, processing, and storage of any type information.

The business models behind Information Technology include Web technologies, cloud computing, data  mining, network security, and image processing, to name a few. The sector is growing day by day and new technologies are emerging. But can we say the same about the workforce?

Our picture of society has completely changed because of IT, and continues to evolve at a constant rate. Advancements in IT systems have become so widespread and integrated into our lives. We constantly strive to make things faster, more efficient, and more compact. But as these advancements in Information Technology continue, the need for human help may diminish.

Dramatic Shifts from IT

The effects of Information Technology display a dramatic influence on the tasks related to the internal and external operations of any organization. Improved IT systems enhance organizational infrastructure and the capacity of workload performed by human intelligence.

Today a large number of tools are available for even the smallest tasks. Due to a large availability of task-oriented IT systems at reasonable prices, many businesses prefer the qualities of technology over an employee - less margin for error, less needs to be catered to, and less long-term expense to the company.

In developing or under-developed countries that are capitalizing on affordable business IT systems to help them grow, the workforce concerns are even greater. Not only does investing in IT over employees hinder the economy of developing countries, but such shifts hint at widening income gap between money-making executives and the unemployed.

One of the best solutions to help overcome the issue of fewer jobs with information technology is to make IT systems more integrated with humans. That is, develop technologies that require human intelligence to be run properly and more efficiently. It may be stretch, but its food for thought on protecting the economic well-being of the world.


The Future of Apple TV

We all know that Apple is an extremely successful company. And with that success comes great growth and new ventures.

One area in which Apple plans to take pursuit is TV. The Siri technology the company owns is a big part of the plan for their future in front of the television screen.

Apple has always been shy to reveal too much about their TV development plans because they've had various problems making it happen in the past. Bugs in early prototypes and problems figuring out how to build a truly interactive television were some of the obstacles they faced in the beginning.

One of the most likely scenarios is that Apple will broker a deal with some TV manufacturer. This way the company can focus the features of it's iOS platform and interactive app capabilities.

Many big tech companies have been trying to tap this market for years. Apple is certainly the leading company doing this today. The late Steve Jobs reported to many friends and colleagues before he died that he had finally solved the earlier problems of his television model, and was excited about the future of Apple TV.

The broad model may be promising, but there's still the issues of licensing content and making the unit affordable like the iPod. To ensure record sales numbers for their TV venture, Apple needs to make this product affordable enough for the majority of working Americans to own one. As it is now, Apple TV is just a small box you hook up to your state of the art flat screen TV.

Apple has not reported whether or not their new model will be an actual TV set or just the same box with more features. The tech industry is taking a watch and wait approach to see how Apple takes on this aspect of entertainment.


Droid vs iPhone: Reviews of the SmartestPhones

The iPhone and the Droid are two of the greatest Smartphones on the market today. With similarities in pricing, size, imaging quality and voice quality, both are great phones for many individuals.

For Smartphone lovers who are in love with both phones but are limited by budget, choosing one of either phone can prove to be quite the challenge. Here are some features and benefits as well as some advantages to consider before making your final purchasing decision.

About The Droid

Motorola's Droid uses a 2.1 Android operating system with motoblur. It comes with a 1540 mAh removable battery and lasts for 8 hours on talk time. There are 65,000 apps in its Android market application store which includes Swype, 8pen and Swiftkey for easy and flexible texting options and Tasker which allows you to turn on or turn off applications.

Weighing about 5.4 ounces, it boasts of a 3.4 inches display size, an internal storage space of up to 8G, and also allows for use of micro SD of up to 16G for external and removable storage space. The Droid uses an 8 MP camera with 480 x 854 pixels resolution coupled with dual LED flash for better image quality at night or in poorly lit places. It comes with a TBC RAM and a 1GHz processor. There is no camera for video call but it uses a 720p for video recording and has 3 microphones for noise cancellation.

Advantages over the iPhone

• Unlike the iPhone which does not allow users to fully customize their device, the Droid allows you to customize your ROM and use any tweaks that will make your phone more versatile and fun to use. It allows users to tweak and customize their phones anyway they want.
• The Droid can act as a mobile hotspot allowing you to connect other Wi-Fi devices to the Verizon network for a small monthly fee.
• The Droid has a stronger camera with 8MP, auto focus and flash.
• Equipped with a micro SD of up to 16 MB the It Droid also for greater data storage than the iPhone. All in all, its combined storage of 34G is 2G higher than the iPhone storage capacity.
• The Droid also comes with widgets, which even though consume space, can help improve your level of productivity and efficiency.

About The iPhone

A wonderful Smartphone invention from Apple, the iPhone runs on the iOS 4.0 operating system. It uses a non removable TBC battery which lasts up to 7 hours of talk time. The iPhone also comes with a 1G processor but 512 RAM. It boasts of 225,000 apps in its application store which include iTunes for music and videos selection and downloads.

Weighing 4.8 ounces, the iPhone comes with a display size of 3.5 inches with display resolution of 640 x 960 pixels and a VGA camera for video calling. It also uses a 720p camera for video recording and uses one LED flash. The iPhone has an in built storage space of 16/32G and does not allow the use of external storage devices like the micro SD.

Advantages of the iPhone over the Droid

• The iPhone is known to be more sleeker, stylish and more elegant than the Droid. It also boasts of better hardware made mostly from glass.
• The iPhone has better voice quality than the Droid which offers a greater calling experience.
• The iCatcher app from Apple also helps you to download and listen to podcasts on your iPhone. It also allows for easy tracking of your podcasts.
• The iPhone also has higher data speed for faster browsing and downloads
• The iPhone boasts of a VGA camera for video calling, which the Droid is missing.

Both are great Smartphones but choice is usually dependent on users' preference and tastes. We hope this Droid vs. iPhone battle review will facilitate your decision.



New Space Technology Set To Expand Human Understanding Of The Universe

Imagine a telescope so powerful it will be able to look into the past, maybe even to the beginning of time. NASA engineers are hard at work on what promises to be the most exciting space telescope launch since Hubble. The James Webb Telescope, named for NASA’s second director, will launch in 2014. It’s an incredible piece of space technology with gold-plated primary mirrors that will be cryogenically cooled to near absolute zero. This super cooling will enable the telescope to detect light so distant and faint that it shifts into infrared and thus can only be detected as heat.

James Webb Space Technology

So the James Webb Telescope is primarily an infrared device. Scientists hope it will see billions of years into the past, perhaps to the time very close to when the universe was just forming after the Big Bang. The primary mirror will be 21 feet wide, made up of 18 hexagonal segments when completed. Each segment will be supported by an actuator that can move each piece independently. The James Webb Telescope will be installed in an orbit 932,000 miles from earth.

Curious Exploration

Equally as exciting as the Webb Telescope is a sophisticated space lab that will explore space much closer to home. The Mars Science Laboratory was launched Nov. 26, and will reach the surface of Mars in about eight months. The main component of the space lab is the Mars rover dubbed “Curiosity.” It is the biggest automated, robotic device of its kind ever developed. It dwarfs the previous two rovers, “Spirit” and “Opportunity,” which began explored the surface of Mars in 2004. (Spirit went inactive in 2010, but Opportunity is still sending data).  Curiosity weighs one ton, and is twice as long and 10 times more massive than Spirit and Opportunity.

If all goes well, Curiosity will arrive near the foot of a mountain next to Gale Crater on Aug. 6, 2012.  The expected life-span of Curiosity is two years, but NASA scientists are hoping this probe will be an overachiever as were the previous Mars rovers, which have outlasted their projected functionality by at least four years, and counting.

Curiosity is a six-wheeled vehicle about the size of a small SUV. It will be able to drill into rocks, collect samples, scoop up Martian soil for testing, and the hope is that it will have what it takes to locate microbial life forms on Mars. NASA expects Curiosity to beam back huge loads of data that will keep planetary scientists busy for years.

Advanced Technology for Aggressive Pursuits

While NASA continues to aggressively pursue robotic and space-based platforms for gathering scientific data, the space agency insists that it has not given up on manned space flight, and is working diligently on designs for a new class of boosters to replace the retired fleet of space shuttles. NASA wants to leverage the International Space Station as a stepping stone for launches of manned missions pushing further out into the solar system.

A full-scale test flight for a 130-metric ton SLS (Space Launch System) is scheduled for 2017. The new SLS will require significantly higher thrusting capacity that any solid and liquid-fueled launch systems developed by NASA so far. But NASA says it is determined to construct a robust launching system that can meet the demands of sophisticated and manned missions deeper into space, to Mars, the asteroid belt and beyond.


Nokia N9 SmartPhone Review

The next bit of smartphone technology to take the shelves is the Nokia N9. Most consumers had expect the N9 to run the Windows Phone 7 operating system, however the new, sleek looking smartphone is the first of its kind to run MeeGo 1, 2 Harmattan OS — a joint venture that was formed between Nokia and Intel.

The Nokia N9 offers a look that was of clear focus to the engineering team. It has a curved, slightly trapezoid-looking frame with comfortable handling grip. Its 3.9inch touchscreen has the same shape. The N9 has no buttons, utilizing an all-touch screen platform.

An impressive feature of the Nokia N9 is the 8MP autofocus camera that has Zeiss optics technology built in. The smartphone’s camera has a wide-angle lens, dual LED flash, and captures 16:9 quality images. In addition, the phone can capture 720p mpeg-4 videos at 30 frames a second.

In the Nokia N9 are all the features one would expect from a top-end smartphone. These include WI-FI, HSDPA speed, GPS, free maps and e-mail applications. Not to mention, the N9 is said to provide up to 11 hours of talk time battery life.

Even though the company has lost a great share of the market from Apple and Google’s Android phones, Nokia is still the largest producer of cell phones. Nokia reported a share of 24% of global mobile device sales in the third quarter.


Concerns About Web Content in India

Government officials in India have asked Internet-based businesses and social media providers such as Facebook to pre-screen content that India's users see, and extract any content of disparaging, inflammatory or defamatory tone before it's accessible to users.

India-based officials from Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Facebook are meeting Monday afternoon with Kapil Sibal, India’s acting telecommunications official. They are set to discuss the concerns of sensitive content that is available to the Indian public.

Roughly six weeks ago, Mr. Kapil Sibal requested a meeting with legal representatives from the top Internet service providers into his office in New Delhi. During the meeting, Mr. Sibal displayed a Facebook page that had a negative connotation about Sonia Gandhi, the Congress Party’s president. 

“This is unacceptable,” Mr. Sibal told attendees, and he asked the representatives of each company to find ways to better monitor what is posted on their websites.

During a second meeting toward the end of November, Mr. Sibal said that he planned to see the companies employing humans to screen the content on their websites, not technology. The roll of these individuals would be to spot objectionable content and remove it before it is posted live.

It is said that the representatives from the major Internet companies plan to tell Mr. Sibal at the meeting Monday that his requests are impossible to meet, given the extreme volume of user-generated content coming from India. The representatives would add that they cannot be responsible for determining what is and isn’t defamatory or disparaging, especially content coming from individual Web users.

These matters are of great interest to the global Internet society for India is a dominant player in the Web world. The outcome should yield an interesting recreation from Mr. Sibal. Stay in-tune to learn more.


U.S. Teenagers Would Rather Web Surf Than Drive?

The internet has drastically changed our social lives in American, especially for our youth. The impact is most obvious in a lot of teenagers. In fact, a recent study by Gartner, an information technology research and advisory firm, discovered that a great portion of teens would prefer for having Internet access over owning a car.

Turning sixteen used to be a big deal for American teens – a time to finally get one’s drivers license, buying a car, and having a bit more freedom. Recently though, such freedoms might not be as big of a deal as they used to.

The study by Gartner revealed that 46% of people aged 18 to 24 said they'd rather have web access than having their own car. This is supported by a comparative study done by the U.S. Department of Transportation that showed 50% of 16 year olds have obtained their driver's licenses in 1978 and only 30% of the same age group was able to get it in 2008.

Though the internet is one reason why the number of U.S. teenaged drivers decreased, the increasing prices of gas which reached a high of $4 per gallon in 2007 is also considered a major factor. Surfing the web is a much cheaper entertainment alternative compared to cruising around using up gas. And with social media platforms like Facebook, all you friends are virtually at the tip of teen’s fingers – virtually…

Learn more about this phenomenon at BBC news.


Google Music Offers Service For Everyone

As Google’s new music service erupts into the web, the Internet search giant announced that it is freely available for everyone. They also announced that they are adding a music marketplace which offers millions of tracks through the Android Market.

Universal, Emi and Sony are music labels sure to be in on the service; however Google mentioned that smaller, independent labels are also included. Google executive Zahavah Levine revealed that the service launched with 13 million songs and a lot more to come.

Google Music allows users to have up to 20,000 songs for free and offers tracks from some of the music industry's most influential artists. Google Music customers can expect to get hits by Coldplay, Shakira, Pearl Jam and the Dave Matthews Band. In addition, the Rolling Stones have agreed to publish six unreleased live concerts between now and 2012.

The new online music platform is breaking new grounds for music artists to interact with listeners, as well as monetize their work. Artists will get a boost from the service by creating their profiles for just $25 and sell their own music at own price (with Google keeping 30% of the revenues.)

Google's Music Store will feature user recommendations to promote more sociability. Google+ figures largely in this campaign with members able to share songs or albums from the purchasing screen, for the public or just a few friends in the Circle. In short, Google is banking on the social media impact to capture the interests of Internet users.


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