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Nokia to Cut 4000 Jobs, Shifting Towards Asia

Nokia has stated that the major mobile technology company plans to cut 4,000 jobs by stopping assembly and production in Europe and focusing efforts in Asia.

The three manufacturing facilities that are going to be affected by the move include: Finland-based Salo (the oldest manufacturing facility of the company), Mexico-based Reynosa, and Hungary-based Komarom. However, Nokia included that these manufacturing facilities are not going to be closed entirely.

In an official statement, Nokia revealed that those three facilities are now going to focus on customizing smartphones to serve the mass customer-base in the Americas and Europe. The devise assembly is expected to be shifted in Asia which is the main source of supplies for the company. In addition, the region also holds the largest customer-base for Nokia, so logistics may also be improved.

According to Neil Mawston from Strategy Analytics, Nokia's decision "makes sense" since the labor cost, land cost, and other associated costs are considerably low in Asia compared to Europe.

It is to be mentioned that some of the key competitors of Nokia including Samsung, Apple and HTC, have a majority their manufacturing facilities in Asia, and Nokia's decision to follow the trend is expected to make it more competitive in the market, according to Niklas Savender, the executive vice president of markets of Nokia. According to him, getting closer to the suppliers in Asia will allow the company to be more innovative.

One of the biggest layoffs came from the company earlier when 10,500 employees lost their jobs after Nokia decided to adopt the Windows Phone operating system from Microsoft, abandoning the Symbian software. Nokia-made Symbian software was considered as one of the most popular smart phone operating systems in the past.

So far, Nokia has sold more than 1 million Windows Phone hand sets since it was first introduced during the fourth quarter of 2011. Nokia reported a $1.38 billion worth of loss during the same quarter.


Microsoft's Kinect For Laptops Too?

Motion capture technology has come a long way since the world was first astonished by its use in 3D movies. Since then, Microsoft has unveiled its unrivaled Kinect technology, which allows an individual to use his or her entire body to act as the central control for the device.

The Kinect, which is popular for the Xbox 360, will soon be available for desktop PCs. Quite possibly one of the most successful product launches made by the company, Microsoft has also recently announced that an updated version of Kinect technology will soon be available for laptops.

ASUS has already showcased two netbook prototypes featuring the technology while running the new Windows 8 operating system. The Kinect will offer laptop users a wide range of advanced functions, from full-motion gaming capabilities to increasing accessibility for the disabled.

Voice command control, which comes standard with the Xbox version of Kinect, would provide an entirely new way to interact with laptops, bringing the future right into our living rooms. The benefits are not limited to gaming and accessibility. Imagine the new dynamic style of business presentation that could be accomplished with this technology.

No matter how it boils down, one thing is for sure - when Kinect for laptops is finally released, it is going to rapidly become a major player in the constantly-growing laptop market.
Always hungry for new ideas to make their laptop with the new, must-have accessories, tech and computer companies are very excited about this revolutionary new update for laptop computers.


What Is Google Maps: Play Your World?

Everyone knows Google these days, and most people have probably heard of Google Maps. However did you know that they are now turning it into a playable game?

The game will be called Play Your World and will be launched in February of this year. This may seem a bit random for a search engine to suddenly come out with a game designed around one of the company's applications, but if your a Google+ user, then you may see the connection. Those of you that don't know what Google+, basically is it Google's social media answer to respond to Facebook.

On Google+ there are games that people can play and interact with, and this is where the idea came from for Play Your World. The game simply combines Google Maps with Google+ game play to get a mixture of both real life and gaming entertainment. From what Google has said about the game, it is loosely based on an old puzzle game in which you would move a ball around in a maze in order to get the ball in a slot or to certain point on the maze.

What inspired Google to make this was a real life video that was created in which two actors actually play a life sized version of the game, using a massive 3D cube with a marble and maze inside. Play Your World is something that we have never seen before and it also uses a piece of new software call WebGL. This software actually increases the capabilities of Javascript so that you can experience interactive 3D environments within your web browser.

Keep a look-out for Google's Play Your World, and thanks for reading Technology Scribes.

continue... A Masterful B2B Search Engine is a popular search engine that contains specifically business listings for B2B (business-to-business) relationships. In essence, enables other businesses to search and find the precise business organization they need.

Users of can identify potential partners, suppliers, and vendors through this comprehensive search engine that contains over 83 million companies across 75 countries. was founded in Denmark in 1999 by Rasmus Refer and Jorgen Trgyved. Its estimated worth is currently at about $275 million, and it handles more than 90,000 business to business searches per day. More than 300,000 new business profiles are getting added daily.

Advantages of

The key goal of is to provide an innovative approach to connect business organization across the worldwide through a simple search engine. Features of the B2B search engine include a full fledge indexing system which classifies businesses by type of company, industry, or niche, as well as by products and services. has its own search algorithm and SEO methodology for their content. The technology backbone can cater to content breadth, depth, keyword precision, and performs constant, up-to-date searches regularly.

The key benefits of are:

1. Enables collaboration, negotiation, and purchase decisions for organizations that are looking for a professional or organization that can suit their business needs.
2. Businesses can find the right organizations to partner and get supplies. It acts as a conduit for B2B services.
3. Reduce costs through online advertisements and overhead of searching at multiple places.
4. Targeted advertisements by term, industry and region.
5. Fixed subscription rate and very respectable price that offers lot of value.
6. Supported in 26 languages for listing the business and advertising the products.
7. Statistics are provided as service for page visits, popular searches on your business.

The pricing model has 3 different options: a basic profile for free, "Plus" profile for $149 per year, and Premium profile for $249 per year. The premium and plus profiles offer additional features like adding keywords to get more visibility.

In summary, is an ideal platform for businesses to connect with other businesses for many purposes. It is a niche provider of B2B search services with excellent track record and web presence across the globe.


Google Mobile On The Go

Internet users once relied solely on their computers and laptops to handle their daily online activities. But ever since smartphones started supporting Internet browsing, one can practically access anything, at any time, and anywhere - just by using his or her mobile phone.

And of course, Google is never left behind when it comes to advancements like these. Today, Google Mobile has rapidly become a very famous and widely-used smartphone application.

Google Mobile provides several different apps that offer users convenient access to Gmail, Google Calendar and Docs, Google Talk, and more.

Aside from these classic features, Google Mobile also has smartphone apps for a number of different functions, such as:

Google Mobile Search: Perform a search for anything from your mobile phone. You can even search by querying based on voice and picture recognition.

Google Goggles: Take a picture using your smartphone to search specific information about the image you captured. This app available in Android and iPhone.

Voice Search: As a feature of the Google Search app on iPhone and BlackBerry, voice search can help you save time from typing.

Google Maps: This is common PC app is also available for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Windows phones. This is helpful when seeking directions and pinpointed locations while on the go.

Google Latitude: Be able to share your location and let your selected group of people know the details about it.

Google Earth: Available for Android users and iPad, now you can search the globe with the same Google Earth used on a desktop.

Aside from these apps, Google Mobile also features Google Voice, Google Reader, Google eBooks, Google Translate, and Google Shopper, amongst many others.

Obviously, Google Mobile offers nothing but convenience and productivity anywhere, and at any time.


Technological Advancements Lead to a Bankrupt Kodak

It is always sad to hear of an industry pioneer or a cultural icon bending to its knees and accepting failure. However, Eastman Kodak (NYSE: EK) has been struggling for a long time to persist relevant as the world moved on from film cameras to digital cameras. Like the days of photographic film rolls, the reputation of once great company was also gone and it seemed bankruptcy was the only option.

There are still many camera shops that process film rolls and they depend on the film processing machines, but the shops with digital processing has completely outnumbered them long ago. This has happened because of nothing but the technological advancements. In the golden days the film processing machines could process thirty to sixty rolls of films per day. But when these machines started to get older, they could process only a few rolls per day. The quality of the images has also improved dramatically in the digital ages.

Memory cards have replaced the rolls of the film. Memory cards can be reused and they have the size of a postal stamp. The days of hours of photo processing are also gone. One can process digital photos with simple photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop which has reduced the demand of film processing machines.

Once photography was confined to only few professionals but now there are millions of professional as well as amateur photographers. They started to demand more and technological change was bound to happen. Kodak failed to compete with its film rolls and processing, as digital processing is easier, simpler and most importantly cheaper. 

The lack of creativity and product innovation were some other reasons behind the fall of Kodak. Like its competitors Kodak could not successfully deal with the rapid change in technology, for instance it failed to reinvent itself in new industries like printer or photocopier industries. So when Kodak has filed for Chapter 11 reorganization, many technology experts are not surprised.


Recap of CES 2012 in Las Vegas

In our fast growing electronic society, people are always looking for the next best thing in TVs, computers, video games, music devices, and all the other electronic platforms out there.

The Consumer Electronics Show, or CES, works every year to bring people the innovation and marvelous wonders they so desire. This year's show took place in Las Vegas, NV, and absolutely compelled the audience in showing the future of technology and entertainment to the world.

In this Technology Scribes article, we'll recap just a few of the cool things that were showcased at the CES this year.

First up is Wikipad Inc.'s very own tablet. Now I know what you're all thinking, "Another tablet," but what sets this bad boy above the competition is its 3D support. The new Wikipad 3D tablet sports a very snappy game-pad that clips right on to the gadget. The game-pad features a full D-pad along with four face buttons, a start and select button, and two analog sticks. So in essence, now you can play Angry Birds in full 3D goodness.

CES 2012 also showed us that new innovations in television are coming, with the reveal of LG's own 55-inch OLED TV - fondly dubbed the 55EM9600. While the name seems like something from a Terminator movie, rest assured this baby will surely be around for many years to come.

The LG 55EM9600 is set to be one of the world's thinnest TVs at slim 4mm thick. Now just because this television is thin, do not assume it's all about the eye candy. The 55EM9600 is packed with features that are sure to make the most hardcore techie salivate.

The thin new TV from LG sports many smart functions, such as a built in mic and passive 3D rendering. The best part about this new TV is it doesn't require a back light due to the OLED technology. OLED offers a fourth pixel in the standard red, blue, and green formula of norm to grant viewers a better all around picture quality.

Now as many have heard, another not so cool highlight of CES had to do with Microsoft. Around November of 2011 Microsoft stated that this would be the last CES the company attends. Those who were expecting the entertainment giant to go out with a huge bang were sorely disappointed.

Microsoft made no big announcements at the conference, though they did show off just a bit about the upcoming Windows 8 platform that shows a much different and streamlined experience than any other OS.

On a more positive note, Sony announced in their CES keynote that the upcoming Playstation Vita will be released on February 22. There will be a 3G model priced at $299 USD and a standard WiFi model priced at $249 USD.

Sony's 3G model will include two different data plans by AT&T. Both plans are contract free so you can cancel at any time. They include a $14.99 plan that offers 250MB data, and a $25 plan that gives you 2GB of data. The Vita is also set to support many social and entertainment features such as Facebook and NetFlix.

So as you can see, these are just a few of the many highlights of CES 2012. he show was full of exciting news for techies everywhere, so start saving up!


Swiss Army Knife for Techies

The Victorinox Flash Collection is the next generation of pocket utility knives from the world's official producer of the Swiss Army brand. The collection boasts over 20 products, including a USB flash drive neatly tucked away inside the knife's casing. When the drive is needed, it easily flips out to function like any other standard memory stick.

Currently, the Swiss Army Knife is available with up to a 64GB capacity. The slim, blade-less version can hold up to 128GB of data, with plans to quickly add 1TB options. Each USB drive also features high-performance speed data transfer and a write-protections switch.

A Technological Knife?

For ease of air travel, the Flash Collection Swiss Army Knife also provides a detachable blade that can be replaced with an extra drive in some models. As with previous Swiss Army Knife collections, a variety of utility tool options are available.

Several models provide Bluetooth compatibility. For use as a presentation tool, a laser pointer, or ball point pen option is also present. There are the old standards- a knife blade, nail file, or screwdriver, among others- allowing users to enjoy the universal usefulness of the traditional Swiss Army Knife paired with increasing daily technological needs.

Each Swiss Army Knife comes with a lifetime limited warranty, with Victorinox guaranteeing that each knife is composed of first-class steel. They have also extended a special warranty to the Flash Collection that includes a two-year electronics guarantee against defects and workmanship.

Technical Specs

Each USB drive is protected by password or fingerprint recognition security. Password protected only modules are formatted using FAT32, but can be individually reformatted to meet the user's specific needs.

Biometric modules require both a password and at least two fingerprints and are formatted using exFAT. They should not be reformatted under any circumstance. All encrypted data is stored using the AES 256 bit procedure, preventing even seasoned specialists from corrupting private data.

While data transfer speeds may depend on the speed of the computer port, USB 2.0 sticks offer up to 60MB per second. Their USB 3.0 counterparts can transfer at a rate of nearly 625MB per second, a significant increase of over ten times the earlier version. Currently, most Flash Collection Swiss Army Knife models are equipped with USB 2.0, but Victorinox is replacing these models with USB 3.0 during their 2012 release dates.


Microsoft's Kinect Coming to Windows

The CEO of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer, has announced that on February 1st that the popular Kinect will be implemented for use with Windows.

This revelation has created quite buzz throughout various tech communities, especially among gamers and developers. The Kinect is currently an addition for the Xbox 360 gaming console that allows controller free use of the system and highly-interactive video game play.

In essence, Microsoft's Kinect can be controlled by both voice and body movements, sparking quite an interest for its new adoption.

It has been asserted that the Kinect for Windows will have new and improved features, such as new firmware for improved capabilities. Kinect for Windows will also include SDK, or software development kit, and free run time, which will allow commercial use of the Kinect for developers who wish to make their own apps and programs.

Prominent features of the SDK include capabilities of skeletal tracking and advanced audio tracking. The Kinect will be initially compatible with both Windows 7 and 8, but not the Xbox 360.

Originally, the Kinect for Xbox 360 was the move Microsoft made in response to the popular Wii console from Nintendo. Growth and development of the Kinect technology has been generated due to the realization of its great potential. Technological developments of the Kinect include uses in not only gaming, but also in software development, education, and health care.

Kinect for Windows is sure to impress with cutting-edge capabilities, such as operating a PC hands-free. The initial price point of the Kinect for Windows is expected to be $249, a full $100 more than the Kinect for Xbox 360. While the price may be steep, the total package includes the Kinect hardware, access to future software updates, and a one-year warranty.

During the latter half of 2012, Microsoft intends to release special pricing for Qualified Educational Users, including both educators and students, at $149. Keep visiting the Technology Scribes blog to learn more about next stages with the Kinect.

continue... A Way Around Old Man Winter

Residents of Chicago can better their weather outlook with a new resource called

The new website is supported by GPS technology to pinpoint the 300 or so city snowplows in real time as they make their way through the Chicago neighborhoods. will offer clear idea of what areas have been plowed, or have yet to be plowed. The chief technology officer of the project, John Tolva, said "If that’s happening, you’ll see it,"

Honest, Informative Resource

The primary objective behind Chicago's new snowplow tracking system is aid residential responses to harsh winter weather that hits that expansive area. The stranded motorist found along Lake Michigan during last year's blizzards was encouragement to unveil the new website.

Another goal behind is to counter the belief that snowplow routes are motivated by political power. This alleviates concerns many residents may have regarding theories of high profile residents getting priority snow removal.

To learn about the new website, visit


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