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Simple, Discreet Home Security Solution

In 2009, the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program of the FBI reported that burglary victims suffered an astonishing $4.6 billion in stolen possessions. Additionally, such incidents in residential areas accounted for 76.2% of total crimes.

As a homeowner or leaser, you may own valuable items in which you treasure. There are number of home safes that provide optimum security for your possessions, but are many are obvious targets to a burglar.

Some security system companies have been at the forefront of providing innovative home safes. One such security product that offers exceptional mimicry is the drop down shelf.

The Advantages of Drop Shelves for Security

The concern with most safes is their conspicuousness and immediate allure for thieves. Safes immediately draw the attention of these unwanted visitors.

Drop shelves are designed to blend in with your home's décor, and are thus completely discreet from the eye. With a drop shelf safe, you can safely hide precious items in your domain with less worry of those items being detected.

Security Features of Home Drop Shelf Safes

* Immediate access: Unlike most home safes on the market today, drop shelf safes typically offer easy and instant access to your items through a uniquely engineered locking device. After opening the safe, a hidden compartment is dropped down to reveal your items. You can then lock your safe by lifting the lower compartment back to position.

* Mimicry: No will ever guess that floating shelf has a hidden compartment because the drop shelves is well carved and shaped to completely blend in with the surrounding environment

* Aesthetics: Drop shelves for home security are often crafted from high quality wood or other materials which can match your home's décor. In short, these home safes are not like the large metal boxes that standout to criminals.

* Convenience: Drop shelf safes for added home security are typically easy to install and use. In addition, these safes enhance efficiency while minimizing space.

* Customization: You can select your own wood finishing to match your home’s décor and style. Moreover, the compartment can be covered with whichever material you choose including hide or fabrics depending on items you need to store safely.

If you invest in a drop shelf, be sure that you choose a security system company that will provide reliable customer support and offers expertise in home security. Specifications may vary based on design, weight, and size, so if you're serious about protecting your possessions, consult with experienced professionals who know drop shelf safes and the nature of home security systems.


Main Attractions of Android's SwiftKey 3

SwiftKey 3 can be considered as one of the best features that Android system has ever offered. It was specifically designed to provide exceptional and reliable algorithms when it comes to word prediction while typing.  Android's SwiftKey 3

However, the true main attraction of Androids's SwiftKey 3 is its ability to predict and suggest phrasing without having to use the space bar. This is the main difference compared to the previous SwiftKey keyboards that were released before.

Fast Typing Without Comprising Correctness

This "Smart Space" feature has the capability to correct typing mistakes made by the user as he inputs multiple words without the need to break the words into spaces. The designed software can automatically identify the intended words and will even split up the words accordingly.

Having this feature prevents omitted or mis-typed spaces within the whole phrases. This is due to its auto correction capability which can correct up to three words back as the algorithm figures out what will the user type in next.

Incorporated with SwiftKey's text prediction capability, this tool will allow every user to type as quickly as possible without compromising the accuracy and correctness of the words or phrases. It also offers a wide spacebar if the user is not comfortable or do not trust the Smart Space software.

In addition to these amazing features, the SwiftKey 3 also houses a better layout for punctuation with two new themes to choose from that will let any user hold and slide across to the location of the desired word or character. A wide variety of emotion icon options can also be found on this updated version of SwiftKey. In essence, the new features cater to both business professionals as well as individuals.

The latest version supports new seven languages such as Serbian, Korean, Latvian, Farsi, Estonian, Icelandic, and Lithuanian. Having these additional languages makes this Android feature to be more flexible and more functional in most parts of the world. There are a total of forty-two languages which are available now in Swiftkey 3.

Have you tested out the new SwiftKey 3 for Android devices? Let us know what you think of this device in the comments below.


Improved Features, Better Quality with Google Maps 6.5 Update

Google has just introduced an exciting update to the Google Maps app for Android devices. The new 6.5 version offers a number of new features, including:

  • higher resolution viewing for more compact smartphone screens
  • a more intuitive design for navigation on the Android 4.0
  • the ability to request driving directions while on the road

Improved Zooming and Panning 

After installing this update, users will easily notice the differences in Google Maps 6.5. The network of roads and map grids will be much easier to see, for the map will be less congested by labels and the screen will have more color contrast. 

The 6.5 update is also capable of making maps respond faster to zooming, panning, and twisting. If the map is zoomed in to greater detail, the user will find a more precise amount of map labels which will help to reduce cluttering of the map while still showing street names.

There is also the feature of setting the preferred transit mode with this update. For instant, the user can set the preference for walking directions, bus, or subway. Moreover, the new update enables users to take the suggested route or an alternative, depending on the amount of traffic. This will save the trouble of adjusting the preference before getting new directions every time.

High Resolution Map

The high resolution map will be displayed when visiting new places on the map. However, users will need to clear the cache in Map settings to get updated resolution for earlier visited locations.

Better Navigation

Apart from the re-styled home screen for the Navigation on Android 4.0 devices, the update has improved the quality of the map. The new high resolution map update will deliver a crisper, less tangled map which is easier to read by users.

Google has ensured that this would allow the user to take complete advantage of the pixel compact displays on devices such as the Droid Razr, Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy S II.

What features would you find most beneficial for the next Google Maps update? Let us know in the comments section below.


The Technology in Today's Security Systems

Whether at home or in the office, we all have a need to feel safe and secure. Security systems are very important in aiding that peace of mind. Used for monitoring activities, intrusions, and/or emergencies, the advantages of security systems offer a number of benefits for many applications.

The technology in today's security systems includes a wide range of equipment that can be used for various contexts. Some of the most popular are CCTV-video surveillance systems, secret cameras, wireless security systems, and motion detectors.

Common Applications of Security Systems advanced security camera system technology

There are several functions that are associated with security system equipment. Cameras can be placed in and around the household to help keep an eye on activities that go on around the home. One of the most common applications is placing security cameras at homes entrance to recognize visitors before granting them access.

Also ideal for homeowners and residential communities are motion detection systems. These can also be placed in strategic locations around the home, and offer an added level of security when triggered. Motion detection is beneficial for residential security systems as well as light activation during dark times of the night.

CCTV Video Surveillance Systems

Although applicable for high-end homes and residential communities, CCTV-video surveillance systems are most popular for business premises, such as convenience stores and supermarkets. Video security systems are a good way to deter shoplifters as well as to record activity in the instance of a robbery. In fact, banks are primary customer for CCTV-video security systems, and installing these systems alone can ward-off unwanted visitors.

Security systems can also be employed at sporting venues to help pinpoint problematic guests who may be suspect to starting violent demonstrations during games. They can also be used to help monitor security for public figures and politicians, since they can be easily installed in high-profile areas, such as during campaigns or events.

Creative Uses of Advanced Security Systems

Some security systems are equipped with basic monitoring abilities, which can be used for unique functions such as baby sitting. Cameras or audio recording devices can be placed in the rooms where babies sleep so families can monitor their rest from different areas of the house.

These are just some of the ways that one can use security systems. The technology in the security systems of today offer great flexibility and creativity when designing a system that right for you.


Apple Announces Release Date of New iPad

Online and retail stores will being selling the new iPad earlier than anticipated. Apple's new iPad is set to be releaseed at 8 A.M. local time on Friday in the U.S., U.K., Japan, and many other countries.

Tech savvy tablet shoppers all over the globe are eager to line-up for the new iPad to hit the shelves. Apple announced today, the third-generation iPad plans to go on sale in Apple's retail stores and online store time on Friday across several countries. For Apple Stores, the event will be an early opening, for they typically do not open for shopper until 9 or 10 A.M.

The countries where the new iPad will be sold include:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • U.S. Virgin Islands
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • France
  • Germany
  • Hong Kong
  • Japan
  • Singapore
  • Switzerland
  • Puerto Rico

Individuals who buy their new iPad at an Apple Store will receive personalized services from a store employee for free. The employee will help customers customize their iPad, allowing them to set up e-mail, and load new apps. For shoppers in the United States, the new iPad can be found at retailer like Best Buy, Radio Shack, Sam's Club, Target, and Wal-Mart.

Customers can also buy the new iPad on Apple's website, with convenience of picking their tablet up at a local Apple retailer.

On March 23, more countries around the world will have the chance to purchase the new iPad. Some of the countries include Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, and more.

Are you getting the new iPad? What do you look forward to in Apple's newest tablet?


All About the New Apple iPad

Apple has announced the launch of its newest entrant into the world of iPads. This new Apple iPad, while retaining the of quality of its predecessors, slightly diverts from the conventional product naming of the line.

While most people who are familiar with Apple's line of iPads would expect this new model to be given a fancy name, like the iPad 3, Apple have diverted from the norm. They named this particular iPad simply as the new Apple iPad. 

Features of The New iPad

It should be pointed out that unlike most other product launches that Apple has previously made, the new iPad does not come with any real groundbreaking features. Most of the features on this new gadget are available in the previous model, the iPad 2.

Of course, this is not to say the new iPad is a simply a replica of its predecessor. Rather the features themselves are minor upgrades (that some users may not be aware of) to meet more modern demands. Still, the new Apple iPad remains the best and most capable tablet PC available on the market today.

Hardware features of the new iPad

  • Some of the most notable hardware features of the new iPad include the following:
  • A5X quad core processor. This is an upgrade over the previous NVIDIA Terra 3 processor, and the A5X is capable of running up to four times faster.
  • A 5 megapixel camera. There is also the inclusion of an iSight camera, which improves the video chat experience.
  • A 2048 X 1536 Retina Display
  • 1080p Video recorder
  • Up to 10 hours battery life
  • 4G LTE wireless capabilities for data connections. This is considered fastest internet connection on a tablet PC.

These are just a few of the more advanced hardware features that are available on the new Apple iPad. The general outward design of the new iPad is not very different from that of the iPad 2, but the insides are what boast the most change.

Software and Applications

In terms of software and applications, the following list includes the most notable new features that the new iPad has to offer:

  • The iPad has new iMovie and iPhoto applications pre-installed. These applications are designed to bring about a new experience in viewing movies and photos.
  • New games developed by Namco and Epic are also included in the new iPad.
  • An improved streaming box for Apple TV, which is a major upgrade over the previous one in the Apple iPad 2.

The pre-ordering of the new Apple iPad began on March 7th even though the official sales are scheduled to begin on 16th of March this year. Do you have any opinions about the new Apple iPad. Let us know in the comments section below.


What to Expect from the New Windows 8 OS

There is a lot of excitement surrounding the upcoming release of Windows 8. This new operating system from Microsoft is expected to cause quite a stir in the world of computer technology and software. This is mostly because the Windows 8 OS is not only designed for laptops and desktop computers, but also for tablet devicesWindows 8 OS

The Windows 8 OS Beta can be downloaded today, however it is not the full version. The downloadable Windows 8 is simply a consumer preview to give users an idea of what to expect from the new product. From a marketing standpoint, the pre-release beta helps spread the word of the new product so that the public will be more aware of the upcoming improvements and what makes the new OS better than its Windows 7 predecessor.

A Tablet-Friendly Operating System

Microsoft is designing the Windows 8 OS to be a tablet-friendly operating system. The major reason for this is the fact that tablet computer are a fast growing device amongst users, and Microsoft saw a great opportunity to exploit its spreading popularity. Microsoft recognized this opportunity and answered with the new Windows 8 OS.

This new operating system can run on two different views. One view allows the traditional icon view which is what you see in every Microsoft computer today. They call this view the "classic view" and this is perfect to use when you have a laptop or a netbook that does not have a touch screen feature.

The "metro view" is a new feature that only Windows 8 offers. This view is the type of view that you see in most tablets, where the apps can be seen on screen and all you have to do is tap the app and it will launch the program right away. Of course, this type of view can only be maximized with a touch screen tablet or a laptop that has a touch screen capability.

The new metro view though has other system requirements other than the touch screen. In general, the new operating system features better graphics with an impressive screen resolution. The only problem is that older computers will not be able to support these improvements because of the old hardware. To be able to fully maximize the benefits of the operating system, other system requirements like processor speed, RAM and considerable amount of hard disk space.

Potential Pitfalls of Windows 8

Although the Windows 8 will still run on products that still have the Windows XP processor or higher, these computers will not fully support the speed that is offered by the Windows 8. Instead of expecting much faster performance, it might lead to a slower performance because of the inability of the old computer to keep up with the operating system.

When the Windows 8 is officially released, the metro view will surely be a wonderful addition for Microsoft loyal tablet users. With this operating system, more app developers are expected to create new applications for the new Microsoft operating system, and it will not be long until the most famous tablets will have a Windows 8 operating system.


New Product Profile: The Asus Padfone

Technology is rapidly evolving, especially with mobile devices. One particular innovation that is setting the stage for what could be the next form of gadgetry, which combines numerous devices into one. 

If you are looking for a phone that does it all, then you are in luck because the Asus Padfone is the ultimate device. At first glance, you might think that it is just a regular android phone. But the Asus Padfone offers more than just the 1.5 Ghz dual processor, 4.3 super amoled screen, with an 8 megapixel rear facing and VGA front facing camera. The real magic happens with the accessories for the phone.

Holy Asus! That's Magical

The magic happens when you plug the Asus Padfone into the optional 10.1 android tablet accessory called the Padfone Station. Just plug the Asus Padfone into the docking station located on the back of the Padfone Station and this gives you the capability to turn this normal android phone into a complete tablet PC.

The great thing about this accessory is that it makes a seamless change from phone to tablet. This means that you have access to all of your programs and apps from your phone, but viewable through a larger screen on a tablet. There is no downloading or data transfers required so this ensures that your data does not have the chance to become corrupt during the transfer. All of your data is stored on one sim card for both devices.

You can even answer your phone directly from the Padfone Station without disconnecting it from the Padfone station. The Padfone station even doubles as a charging station for your Asus Padfone. So anytime it is plugged into the station it is also charging your phone too.

You can even further your experience with the Padfone Station by connecting an optional keyboard and mouse or trackpad and turn the tablet into a full-fledged, high powered Android Laptop. The possibilities are unlimited with the Asus Padfone and the Padfone Station. If you can imagine it, you can probably do it with this great device.

What are your thoughts on the Asus Padfone? Let us know in the comments section below.


Twitter Launches Self-Service Advertising for Small Businesses

Good news for small business marketers - Twitter has launched a self-service advertising platform that focuses on small businesses.

Eighteen months ago, Twitter only had six core advertisers. However just recently, Twitter has already convinced 2,400 companies to test advertising on the site, which averages about 230 million tweets in a 24 hour period. At the end of the day, it's time to monetize an audience of over 100 million active users, nearly half the daily visit.

Twitter is testing a new advertising platform that enables self-service ads. But what exactly does that mean?

Self-service advertising allows marketers to buy ad space directly online, without having to go through any other parties, processes or mediums - simply a credit card will do.

So far the self-service approach was only available to for two types of products: featured tweets (Promoted tweets) and outstanding accounts (Promoted accounts). Twitter's sales team prefers to be very cautious. The idea is to test the self-service advertising with a small group of advertisers, who are also existing customers.

Twitter Flying High

Next, Twitter will be opening this formula for more advertisers over the coming weeks. One of the biggest challenges is to keep out spammers and fraudulent advertisers, so the service deployment will be slow and gradual.

With this move, Twitter will be able to attract new customers among small and medium enterprises. This measure will help increase the company's income, from $45 million (34 million euros) as of December 2010, to 399.5 million dollars (300 million euros) by 2013, according to forecasts eMarketer.

This marketing method of advertising has really helped other companies like Google. It is also a source of revenue for other social networks like twitter, according to eMarketer estimates, accounting for 60 percent of total advertising sales worldwide.

Evolving Promoted Tweets

Since 2010, Twitter has sold "Promoted Tweets" to big business and last year the company developed a self-service system that could handle a much huge volume of transactions ads.

"It is a tool for small business owners to say 'here is the opportunity to expand what we are doing."

Officially launched on the website Twitter on Thursday, the new service is unlimited for all who use the social media site. Twitter plans to provide the service to other cardholders in the coming weeks.

"Small businesses have access to Twitter, Twitter tweets and promote accountable," Boorstein said Squawk Box. "Advertisers only pay for performance. Twitter accounts get charged when fans or people forwarded your posts in their tweets. "

Capitalizing on Social Media

It is no secret that Twitter has been looking hard at ways to generate new revenue from the interface of the same social network microbloging, but without getting anything in particular and with the constant specter that the network put away long-term if they find ways to capitalize through advertising social network that already has thousands of members who would be looking to receive some income from its investment in Twitter.

According to Dick Costolo, acting chairman of Twitter the hopes that this new strategy and advertising system for small and medium enterprises can end the rumors and uncertainty of the partners and investors of the social network, according to the statement that would have given Costolo CNBC's Julia Boorstein.


Amazon and Viacom Announce Game-Changing Video Deal

Amazon has recently announced a video deal with Viacom Incorporation that will add about two thousand titles to the list of streaming videos of Amazon, which are offered under the Prime Instant Video Streaming service at present.

This deal, proving the rumors right, has been discussed for a while in the Internet community. From now on, the prime members of Amazon can enjoy live streaming of TV shows from MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, VH1, TV Land, Spike, Logo, CMT, and BET.

Expanding Horizons of the

The new venture between Amazon and Viacom will increase the number of Prime Instant videos and television shows from 13,000 to 15,000. Many analysts have considered this increase as moderate; nevertheless it is a signal to Amazon's competitors like Netflix and Hulu.

Amazon has been building up its library of the streaming videos for a while and has inking licensing deals with PBS, CBS, Fox Broadcasting, NBCUniversal, Warner Bros, Sony, Disney-ABC Television, Twentieth Century Fox, ViacomMedia Networks to name a few. It has been a great run by Amazon in which it has added about 10,000 videos to its collection during the last 12 months.

This service is available to those customers who pay $79 per year for the Prime membership. This is about $7 per month and the rate is quite competitive in the video streaming industry. There have been some reports that Amazon may launch a non-Prime, separate video streaming service to promote its Kindle Fire tablet. Currently, the instant videos can be played on more than 300 different devices, including the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet.

Though Netflix is the market leader in streaming video industry at present, Amazon has been increasing its dominance in the industry and setting new challenges for Netflix. Amazon will need to increase its video library and provide other features in order to fight for more market share, let alone come out on top.


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