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Sport Watch Technology, Evolved

The technology in today's sport watches has advanced greatly over the past decade. New features that enable users to sync up GPS or MPH while running or riding a bike are just a couple of examples of how sport watch technology has evolved to meet the needs of various athletes.

Garmin Forerunner 410

Garmin Forerunner 410

One of the most advanced is the Garmin Forerunner 410. Ideal for endurance athletes, the Forerunner 410 offers a wealth of benefits.

Garmin's Forerunner 410 leads the pack as solid sport watch for serious athletes. Priced at about $325 for the watch (and $375 with the heart rate monitor) this watch comes equipped with loads of training features. In addition to tracking heart rate, distance traveled, and pace, the Garmin Forerunner 410 also offers a "Virtual Partner". With Virtual Partner, you can upload data to customize specific workouts, such as setting a certain pace or alerts for points of distance.

Consumer review of the Forerunner 410 claim the watch connects with satellites faster than other models of Garmin sport watches. The 410 also utilizes a touch bezel for navigation, which has been slightly upgraded from its predecessor, the Forerunner 405. Additionally, the look offers a more slim and sleek design, as opposed to past models that were often more bulky.

Tech4O Traileader Jet

Tech4O Traileader JetAnother great watch that offers exceptional technology and features is the Tech4O Traileader Jet.

The Tech4O Traileader Jet offers an array of features, performance and value without having to spend over $300 on a sport watch. Some of the features of the Tech4O sport watch include an altimeter, barometer, chronograph, digital compass, and thermometer. This makes the Tech40 ideal of camper, backpackers, and other outdoor enthusiasts.

The Traileader Jet also monitors distance and speed through an onboard accelerometer, making this watch also great for hikers or trail runners. The sport watch provides a large display so the data is easy to read in a number of conditions.

Although the watch is a bit on the bulky site, but most reviewers say that the features override this minor pitfall. The Tech40 Traileader Jet is water-resistant to 10 meters, however many reviews claim that the watch fails to work properly when wet.

These are just a couple of examples of how technology has help expand the features and benefits of sport watches. Do you have any favorites? Let us know in the comments section below.


Google Gets Mobile With Motorola

Larry Page, the CEO of Google, announced the acquisition of Motorola Mobility from Motorola on the 22nd of May 2012.

According to Page, the acquisition was informed by the fact that people are doing more and more things with their mobile phones. Mobile phones have turned into supercomputers and they are changing not only the way we communicate, but also the way we live.

We are now able to do things that seemed like magic on Star Trek just a few decades ago. We are able to get directions from our phones, to watch videos on YouTube, to take pictures, to share memories with friends and to write and read emails.

Motorola Mobility

Motorola is a tech company that was in the forefront of the mobile revolution. The company is still a big player in the mobile phone industry. It has been in the industry for over 80 years and it was responsible for making the first mobile/cell phone, the Motorola StarTAC. Motorola was one of the earliest companies to make an early bet on the Android OS. As such, Motorola was an important partner to Google even before the acquisition of Motorola Mobility.


Following the acquisition, Sanjay Jha, the architect of Motorola Mobility and the person responsible for making the bet on Android, has relinquished his CEO position. Motorola Mobility’s new CEO will be Dennis Woodside, a long-time Googler. Larry Page and the entire Google fraternity thanked Sanjay Jha for his service to Motorola Mobility and wished him the best in his future endeavors.

Intellect Infusion of Google

The new man at the helm, Dennis Woodside, has been working at Google for over a decade now. He is responsible for some of the biggest bets by Google and he has been building great teams for these bets. He was the one who built Google’s businesses across Africa, Russia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. His more recent role has been, as the American region President, increasing Google’s U.S. revenues from $10.8 billion to an impressive $17.5 billion. He achieved this in less than 3 years.

Larry Page and the Google team believe that Dennis Woodside will bring the same team-building expertise and customer-oriented service he is known for to his new job. The tri-athlete certainly has the energy for this.

People often overestimate the role technology will play in the short-term, only to underestimate the role it will pay in the long-term. It is amazing to see that most Web users today never saw desktop machines. Many are banking on the fact that the rate of innovation will only continue to skyrocket.

Equally profound will be the shift towards doing most computing tasks on a phone. Google believes that this is the perfect time to join the mobile phone business. It has entrusted the task of creating the next generation of mobile phones and other mobile devices to the team led by Dennis Woodside.

Google Inc.’s acquisition of Motorola Mobility is worth an estimated $12.5 billion. This is the biggest buy for the tech giant to date. The move is likely to intensify battles with Microsoft Corp. and Apple Inc. for patent supremacy.


Google's Getting Wicked Smart

Google has further developed its search results to the point of extremely intelligence. In essence, Google search has changed to help you identify exactly what it is you are looking for (outside the realm of basic semantics.)

Now in Google, if you enter a general search term, there is a new window that appears on the right hand side of your screen that requires you to be more specific in your search. From the new window you can pick the exact category you wanted from your search query. To really comprehend the changes that have taken place you should be aware of the basic changes that Google's development team has made.

Google Search Knowledge Graph Technology

Google is attempting to move away from the sole identification of keywords (semantics) to the actual recognition of entities, relationships and nodes. To make such a tremendous change as this Google has tapped well into its resources including Wikipedia, Free Base (which it acquired in the year 2010,) Google maps, Google local and Google shopping. All of these center's on Google's Knowledge Graph.

To date the search engine has a database of over 500 million people worldwide, things and places which in turn have in excess of 3.5 billion attributes related to them. This new change to Google is big and is expected to be experienced worldwide and the new search result status will have a greater impact than the image, news, books and videos updates.

The new search window will be complemented by a summary of things in the main search and this summary is expected to be comprehensive since it will be tapping into the databases that Google has. For instance a search for a celebrity will not only bring up that person's profile but also images, most popular projects and other people connected to that person since the most people are not only interested in the celebrity but are also curious about other aspects of that person's life as well.

In other words the results you get when you make a search on Google are tailored in such a manner that you can access even more information than you were originally looking for. By having a more detailed approach to answering searches, Google seeks to have its users have access to more information about the search topic right there along the initial search query.

Of course not all searches made by users will yield the correct answers. Google has therefore incorporated an error reporting system into its knowledge graph so that when users find any wrong information Google is able to inform the source and hence the information can be corrected.

For now, it is still unclear how the Google knowledge graph which favors artificial intelligence and relationships has impacted search engine optimization since it tends to ignore keyword results or how it will affect Google+ but it is said that Google will make an announcement of this at a later occasion. Even with this new improvement Google still needs your help to get the right answer for your question if you make a general search. Google's knowledge Graph will first roll out in the United States on all Google platforms and will eventually go global in the near future.


Access Control Systems for Bank Safes & Security

Access control systems are security systems whereby you exert control over who can gain entry. There is typically a single authority who does the controlling of who has access, such as bank manager or security operator of a facility.

One of the most common applications for door access control systems is for bank vaults and safes. This is more common in large, high profile banks and financial institutions that demand an added level of security to prevent robberies and theft.

In addition to bank safes and vaults, access control is common in large commercial complexes, government buildings, universities and educational institutions, and other facilities that require security of entry points.

How Access Control Technology Works

So, how does an access control system work? When one presents his/her credentials, the reader sends the information contained in the credentials, which is usually a number or a card, to a control panel that features a processor that is highly reliable. The control system will compare the credentials to a per-determined access control list and then grant or deny access. It will also send a transaction log to a database for future reference.

The door remains locked if access is denied, and vice versa. Two factor authentications are very popular because of the added layer of security. There are several factors/types of authenticating information, the most common being something that the user knows such as PIN, a pass phrase or a password, something carried by the user such as a smart card and something the user is such as a fingerprint or a voiceprint. Several types of readers are used, but the most common today are intelligent readers that have memory and the processing needed for independent decision access.

Access Control for Banks Safes, Commercial Offices, and More

 Access Control for Bank SafesA door access control system has several applications. Most banks have door access control systems. These control systems are used in safety deposit boxes, night deposit boxes, bank safes, bank vaults, and other types of bank equipment.

Door access control systems are also commonly used for offices. It is often desirable to have certain rooms inaccessible to some people. These control systems are used in rooms where sensitive information and materials are stored such as libraries and museums.

Door access control systems find wide applications of security systems for all types of industries. The control systems are used to lock rooms where dangerous processes are taking place, where sensitive experiments are being conducted or where restriction is required for any other reason.

Clean rooms in the IT industry and elsewhere need restricted access to prevent contamination and door access control systems are therefore used. The control systems are used in hospitals and other medical facilities to prevent unauthorized access since access could lead to outbreaks. It is also a requirement that most military facilities have these systems.

More and more cars are coming with door access control systems. This greatly reduces the risk of car theft. Some members-only clubs have door access control systems. These systems are also used in hotels and in the hospitality industry in general.


Features of New Dell Workstations

Dell recently released a series of new workstations, namely the Dell T5600, T7600, and T3600 series.

New Dell Workstation T7600

A lot of emphasis is placed on manageability of the 3 Precision workstations with the option of RMT (Reliable Memory Technology). This is a popular Dell innovation that is meant to reduce memory errors.

The ECC (error-correction code) that is built into the DIMMs of other workstations identify and correct single-bit errors, but RMT allows for the identification of the location of the corrected memory error, thereby ensuring that the system does no writing to it on reboot.

Dell T5600, T7600, and T3600 all use the Xeon E5 series chips from Intel. The Dell T7600 also features a quick release HDD that is front-accessible. This feature is particularly important for people who deal with sensitive information that has to be locked up at the end of each day. In essence, these platforms are ideal for that added level of computer security.

You can covert the Dell T7600 into a rack-mounted unit for remote access. The T7600 will be shipped with an Nvidia Maximus graphics card, up to 2 16 core E5-2687W 150-watt processors and a 1,300-watt power supply. The workstation will come with up to 4 full x16 graphics slots that are capable of powering up to an Nvidia 6000 graphics card and 2 Nvidia Tesla C2075 coprocessors.

The Dell T5600 comes with 635 watts or 825 watts power supply options. It also comes with Tesla C2075 processor and Nvidia Quadro 5000. The Dell T3600 supports E5-1600 or E5-2600 family. It features up to 64 GB of non-ECC or 1600 ECC memory. It will be shipped with either 2 of Nvidia quadro 5000 cards plus a Tesla C2075 coprocessor or Nvidia Quadro 6000.

Dell Precision workstations are high performing sets of computer systems that are designed for graphics-intensive occupations. The target market is the professional consumers ("prosumers") such as animators, product designers, engineers, and digital imaging specialists. These workstations are readily available over the Internet. Also in the pipeline is the Dell T1650.

Pricing for the Dell T7600 begins at $2,149, that of Dell T5600 starts at $1,879, and that of Dell T3600 begins at $1,099. Dell says the development of the 3 workstations is based on feedback from its customers. According to Dell, customers value serviceability more than anything else does. It therefore follows that the 3 workstations are greatly serviceable. They have externally removable power supplies that you can easily swap in and out through the built-in handle.

Have you had any experience with any of these computer platforms? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


The Future of Smartphone Technology

Numbers do not lie; it might be a hackneyed cliché but one that carries a lot of weight.

According to the UN ITU, internet users will hit 2.5 billion by 2015. Currently, that number already stands at 2.1 billion.

Previously, PCs were the main conduits for connecting to the Internet. However, a report by Gartner, the technology research firm, indicated that smartphones will outsell PCs in 2012 which basically means most people are now relying on smartphone connection.

In the U.S. alone, a survey by Pew Internet & American Life Project indicates over 53% of the population own a smartphone and this proves that numbers don’t lie. The future of smartphone technology is already igniting interest in business circles and it is imperative to understand the reason.

Commercial Collaboration

Over the last few years, research companies have collated data indicating that online business platforms are very active today. The reason has been attributed to more penetration of smartphones and embracing of ecommerce by shoppers.

The days when one had to queue for services in a store are long gone and all services are available online. The new smartphones are coming up with applications which make uptake of unique online services such as casinos possible.

Smartphone Mobile Promotions and QR Code CouponsAll major smartphone manufacturer from Samsung, Google, Nokia, Blackberry, Sony, and Apple have phones which make it easy for a user to check email, get updates from social media and in all these platforms, there is a likelihood they will encounter products and services they wish to purchase.

Another factor being touted is the growth of cloud computing and the capacity this accords to smartphone users. As a business executive, your phone’s processor will be sufficient to carry all your files with you as you traverse the world. This will take virtual business to new heights. With the entry of baby boomers in the global economy and their innovative ideas, smartphones will propel new frontiers of business.

Other factors to consider include the highly competitive market between companies such as Google, Apple, and Nokia. Such leads to development of business tools that will help with Internet marketing and advertising.

As analysts continue to assess the future of smartphone technology there is no denying that social media integration and faster phones will be the perfect tool for technologically savvy companies. You can effectively market to millions of smartphone users who are using similar OS such as Android very easily. Whether through QR code promotions, mobile coupons, or applications, the creative possibilities are virtually endless.

In essence, smartphones are shaping the new path of global business as you can let people know about your services while they are at the other corner of the globe just by incorporating a simple app on your website. Why not join the revolution?


Security System Technology for Banks

Bank Safes for Bank Security Systems

Security System Technology for Banks There have been many advances in bank security systems and video surveillance technology over the past few years. Most notable are advances in biometric identification and fingerprint identification. The new technologies are now being used in standard banking equipment. So, what technologies should be employed for different bank security systems?

Door Access Control Systems

Door access control systems, also called entrance control systems, prevent armed intruders from passing beyond a particular point since a key or a card is required for access. Modern door access control systems use such advanced features as metal detection and motion to gain access. The best technologies for door access control systems are motion sensors. Whenever there is an unauthorized access, a warning alert is raised immediately and the door closes. Door access control systems go well with CCTV video surveillance system. The door has to be strong enough so that intruders do not have other entry options. Modern doors are made of bullet resistant glass and stainless steel, but customization is possible. Most of the doors also feature multi-functional operator consoles.

Bank Safe Deposit Boxes

Almost all banks have bank safe deposit boxes where customers can put their non-cash and even cash valuables. The best materials for bank deposit boxes are stainless steel and aluminum. Modern deposit boxes come with biometric identification for access.

Bank safe deposit boxes are exceptionally popular for both large financial institutions and small banks and credit unions. Safe deposit boxes provide an added level of convenience for members. When a member needs to make a deposit or a transaction, a safe deposit box allows for such activity when the bank is closed.

Bank Safes & Vaults

Banks store their money in bank vaults and bank safes for sale. Bank safes and vaults are very secure structures that are made to be durable and resistant to fires, bullets and several other elements. Note that high profile customers get vaults in some banks. There are 4 major classes of bank vault panes (Class 1 to Class 4). Most of these doors are made of stainless steel. The best security technologies for these doors are biometric readers.

Night Depository Systems

Another of the common arsenals of bank security equipment is night depository systems. These depositories are automated, meaning there needs not be anybody inside the bank. It, therefore, follows that advanced access control features have to be taken. Some of the most effective safety features are automated touch screen log-in and audit trails. Night depositories also feature video recording devices.

Other than these bank security equipment, banks also have other security accessories. They include ATM security systems and under counter cabinetry devices. PIN numbers issued by banks have traditionally been used to gain access to these security accessories, but more and more banks are adopting biometric technologies such as fingerprint and voice access. Contact a security systems expert for tips on the best technologies, equipment, and materials for your bank security systems.


Fire Alarm System Technology

It is important to overstate the importance of a fire alarm system at home and in a business premises. The most obvious advantage of these home security systems is the fact that you can save lives. Having a fire alarm system is particularly important during the night when people are not aware of their surroundings.

Fire Alarm System for Home Security

Importance of Fire Alarm Systems

Fire alarm systems are mostly important because they detect smoke, often before a fire gets out of control. In many cases, people are at risk of death due to smoke inhalation while they are sleeping. Having a fire system in place will give you a sense of security and peace of mind.

Another advantage of fire alarm systems is that early detection means you will be able to fight the fire before it spreads. This means you will avoid major damage or even the complete destruction of the property and everything therein. Having a fire alarm system brings down your insurance premiums. It also increases the resale value of your home or business premises.

Applications & Technology Advancements

Fire alarm systems have come a long way and they are now readily available. There are many options available, meaning there is something for everybody. Fire alarms are crucial in areas like hospitals where patients cannot do much to escape and in museums and libraries where valuable items are housed. Yet another advantage of installing and inspecting fire alarm systems is that it is often a legal requirement.

There are fire suppression systems that work by detecting temperature changes, which then activate overhead sprinklers. These systems are, however, disadvantageous in offices and in areas with furniture since the water might cause as much damage as the fire. This is also dangerous if there are exposed electrical wires. The best agent to put out a fire is foam.

There are fire suppression systems that work by isolating the room and sucking out the air. Fire is propagated by oxygen and removing air prevents this. This technology is popular in clean rooms and other highly sensitive areas.

One of the most popular fire alarm system technologies is a smoke detector. As the term suggests, smoke detectors work by detecting smoke and not the actual fire. This security system technology is advantageous in that it ensures the problem is taken care of even before it starts.

The most common smoke detection methods are through the use of magnetic smoke door holders and duct mounted smoke detectors. There are audio textual appliances that come with EVAC (Emergency Voice Alarm Communications) capabilities. These systems have high reliability speakers that notify occupants.


Wind Technology and the Future of Energy

The last few decades have seen a growing interest in production of sustainable energy. For a long time, environmentalists have argued that extraction of natural resources was bound to affect the ecological balance and also lead to environmental degradation. The thrust of this argument is that total reliance on energy supply that is not sustainable would eventually lead to dependence and this has come to pass.

Wind energy has been used for a long time but not many people had realized its commercial value until very recently. As wind technology usage increases, scientists are even taking the ante higher to make it even more efficient. Wind technology and the future for energy is a common topic of debate and the more you learn the better.

How Wind Energy Works

Wind is simply a moving air mass from an area of high pressure to low pressure. There are many factors affecting distribution of wind including topography, sea and oceans, rotation among others. Through the use of wind speed to turn large turbines, you can produce electricity or even turn water turbines though this is rare today.

Focus is mostly on power generation and this is the area scientists have focused on. To make this energy viable, wind farms which consist of many wind turbines are set up and the power generated is then fed to the grid to complement other sources including hydroelectricity. In essence, these initiatives are imperative for the security for our world's resources.

Efforts Moving Forward

One of the futuristic efforts being taken by wind energy specialists is the offshore wind farms. Large water bodies such as oceans and seas have very strong winds which are harnessed to produce more energy than on-land wind farms. However, these are more expensive, though the output of power pays off over time.

One such farm is the Thanet Wind Farm off the coast of Ramsgate in Kent UK. According to analysts, offshore farms wind capacity will reach 75 GW worldwide by 2020 according to Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) and this is an impressive output of clean and efficient energy.

Many innovations are being made in order to make turbines more effective. Larger and bulkier turbines in creative designs are being produced. Floating platforms for offshore farms are already in use while stealth technology has also been incorporated in manufacture of turbines. This means they cannot be affected by radar and mistaken for incoming aircraft.

Other upcoming innovations include air borne turbines at attitudes of 1,000 feet. Other projects include bladeless wind power harvesting, wind turbine lenses from Japan, vertical axis turbines, and eco whisper silent turbines from Australia to mention a few. With such focus on wind technology and the future for energy it is obvious that the world has at last embraced sustainable energy.


A Review of the New Ford Focus Electric

The Ford Focus Electric has been a much awaited model from Ford. The Electric has more or less the same conventional looks as the gas-driven Focus, but at closer look, there are notable differences.

Efficiency Beyond Electricity

The Focus Electric 2012 sports a charging outlet that is located on the fender on the front left hand side. The Ford Electric is electronic vehicle, meaning that it is an energy efficient model of its gas powered predecessor.

In fact in states where the model has been launched (such as California) buyers can access tax rebates that can lower the sticker price by as much as $2,500. Thus with the initial cost at $39,995, buyers may access the Ford Focus Electric at about $29,995, after tax cut off's and federal $7,500 tax credit.

Features of the Focus Electric

The interior of the Electric showcase a number of high-tech advances, including a stunning audio system from Sony, a Sirius radio, a voice triggered navigation, keyless starter, and easy access control. The Electric 2012 also features a 23-kilowatt hour battery as well as an EPA of 76 miles (however the range of mileage that you will get from this vehicle varies from time to time.)

The core of the Ford Electric is the 123-electronic motor that produces approximately 181 lb of torque power. This is obviously minimal energy, but offers enhanced torque compared to the regular Focus 2012 offerings in the market.

The Ford Focus Electric 2012 is a five-door car that also has a sitting capacity for five people. The five-seater and five-door function might have been Ford's strategy of making this particular model appealing to the international car buying market. In addition, the capacity of this model offers additional safety and security.

In spite of the large seating capacity, the Electric 2012 allows ample space for the dual battery packs, one of which is situated just beneath the back seat. The 23kwh battery pack is made up of units manufactured by Chem LG and built together by a Michigan supplier. Space is the distinguishing characteristic offered by the Ford Electric Focus 2012. Passengers who seat in the rear seats will be as comfortable as those in the front seat, thanks to this vehicle's flexible legroom.

User-Friendly & High-Tech

It seems that Ford was keener on making the Ford Focus Electric as interactive and as user friendly as possible. The Electric 2012 features My Ford Touch, an application that eases the interaction between the driver and the EV's entire configuration. It features readable screens that tabulate different information relating to the EV. The Electric 2010 also features MyFordMobile an application that allows users to interact with the car even if they are not physically close to the car.

If you are wondering about the driving experience with the Ford Electric Focus 2012, you might be pleasantly surprised. This vehicle is generally much quieter than the standard Ford Focus 2012 models. It seems that Ford was very keen on ensuring that the vehicle is thoroughly insulted against interior and exterior noses. It is unlikely that you will hear the changing of gears or the clicking of buttons. The magnet motor allows for a smooth gear transition and it restricts the production of torque force in the steering wheel.


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