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What does Google have up its sleeve for October 29th event?

Google October 29th EventNext week seems to be a big deal in the technology world. With a Microsoft Windows Phone 8 event taking place on the 29th, Google has sent out invitations for its own event on the same day.

A reliable source over at TheNextWeb is claiming to know all the details of the event that will take place next Monday. The source has stated that Google is planning on announcing two new variants of its popular Nexus 7, this time in 32 GB, one having 3G support for on-the-go data connectivity.

Another device that has been rumored for quite some time has also been claimed by the source to be announced at the event. A Samsung-made 10 inch tablet dubbed “Codename Manta” is to be shown off. This tablet would come with a 2560×1600 pixel screen and the all new Android 4.2.

Speaking of the all new Android 4.2, Google is said to have made the update focused around ‘content in the center’. It is rumored that a widget featuring Play Store content and the ability to use ‘tablet sharing,’ which would allow more than one user to have an account on a tablet.

Also to be announced at the event is a phone that has had many photo leaks recently, the LG Nexus 4. The phone is slated to have a quad-core 1.5 GHz Qualcomm APQ8064 Snapdragon processor, 2GB RAM, 16GB on board storage for applications, photos, and music, a 4.7-inch 1280 x 768 multi-touch display, an 8 megapixel rear facing shooter, a 1.3 megapixel front-facing camera, and a 2100mAh battery. The new Nexus device would also come with Android 4.2.

What do you think about the new slew of Nexus devices that are to be announced at the event? We will keep you updated as soon as the details from the event arrive.

This article was written by Tech Blogger Brandon Johnigan. Connect with Brandon on Google Plus.


Electric Bike Technology: Ideal for Energy Efficiency

IZIP e3Bike transportation has just become more convenient with the release of the IZIP E3 Compact. This is a bicycle that can be folded and has been created by Currie Technologies who have worked together with Dahon Bicycles.

With this new bike, you can now take it everywhere with you. This greatly reduces the inconveniences that come with travelling with a full bicycle. It is recommended for individuals who are constantly on the move as it can fit almost anywhere.

This bike is set to debut at the Interbike tradeshow that is hosted in Las Vegas. It will be the first of its kind in regards to the collaboration between Currie and Dahon. Its technology merges the best of E-Bikes with folding technology. If you would like to discover modern mobility, this will be a must see.

When it comes to E-Bikes, Currie Technologies have been in the business for a significant amount of time. As such, they are a well-established company. By partnering up with Dahon, Currie Technologies have been able to make use of Dahon’s foldable technology. This is what has enabled them to come up with the IZIP E3 Compact.

Dahon on the other hand is a leader in foldable bicycles. It has been in the business for almost three decades. The company was created by Dr. David Hon whose niche field was physics. He worked as a physicist for Hughes Aircraft Corporation. In the year 1982, Dr. David Hon came up with his first foldable bicycle.

This proved to be a runaway hit receiving numerous awards for its design and thus paving the course for foldable bicycles becoming mainstream. Over the years, Dahon has mastered the art of foldable bike technology and this has led to their bikes being retailed in over thirty countries worldwide. However, this foray into partnering up with Currie Technologies is a first time thing.

According to the President of Currie Technologies, Larry Pizzi, the E3 compact bike comes with everything one would ask for in regards to personal mobility. The two companies have combined a range of attributes including power, lightweight convenience, and strength to ensure that the bike is above and beyond. The main aim for the collaboration of the two companies was to come up with an electric bicycle that has all the features of a regular bike with the added convenience of portability.

So what features does the IZIP E3 Compact have? For one, its frame is made of aluminum and it is foldable. It also has a 36-volt drive system. The bike has a Samsung lithium-ion high capacity battery to ensure longer battery life. Check out the video of the bike to learn more about it's features.

It also has a PAS/TAG system that is designed to allow the rider to make a choice on either pedal assist modes or power on demand modes. With that, you have a bike that is as portable as any other foldable bike in the market but that is also as fast and as powerful as the IZIP bikes. Carry the E3 Compact with you wherever you go and experience modern personal mobility.

This bike offers exceptional energy efficiency. It is only sold at select bike shops, so research a store near you to find one.


D.I.Y. Home Security System Technology

For most homeowners, the fear of someone gaining illegal entry into their home is quite real. With the increasing crime rates, it is more important than ever to invest in a security system.

Home Security SystemsBeing robbed due to poor security system measures is only one of the concerns that homeowners deal with. Fire is another risk that will affect your life as you could also lose all your possessions. As such, most people will look to having security systems and fire alarm systems installed in their homes.

This can be a costly affair especially if you are enlisting the services of a security systems company. This does not mean that you should do without protecting your home altogether. There are some home security systems that one can install in their home without professional help.

1. Powermax: This security system comes with wireless installation. The configuration tends to be user friendly thus ensuring you do not have a problem of doing so without professional aid. An added advantage to this security system is that the sensors that come with it are already pre-programmed. This ensures you avoid the hassle of having to program it on your own. One thing to note though is that each sensor that comes with the system should be individually configured to the main system. The home security system also comes with a myriad of features that give you the ability of keeping tabs on your home while you are on the move. It retails at $195.

2. Powerskit: This home security system from DSC gives homeowners the chance to select any additional accessories that they may want. It incorporates the precision that is expected of hardwired systems coupled with the convenience of wireless security systems. The main system will have an eight-zone monitoring system which can be expanded if necessary. It retails at $139.50.

3. RWA 300-R: This is a motion detector system that will monitor all movement whether human or from vehicles and alert you. The system can be integrated with your home alarm to alert you when it detects motion. It retails at $69.95.

4. MICROEYE: This is a surveillance camera that can be incorporated into your home security system. Any movement will trigger the camera to take videos or images of the property. The system is also portable meaning it can be installed in a vehicle or any other place other than the home. It retails at $225.

5. 20700 Fingerprint safe: This is a wall safe that can only be accessed through a biometric scan. Valuables can be stored here for peace of mind. It retails at $479.

6. GV-BCC723 bullet camera: This is a surveillance camera that can be integrated into your home security system. It retails at $165.

7. MC750 intercom: This device enables homeowners to screen guests before they gain access to your home. It retails at $465.

It seems surreal when someone else gets robbed. However, this does not mean that your home cannot be susceptible to the same crime. It does not matter what time of the day or night. Whether you are at work or asleep in your home, there is a chance that someone can come in and take your belonging, while putting your life in danger.


Amazon Fuels the Fire with more Kindle

Amazon released a new crop of Kindle devices into the market. These are three models that come with their own range of prices as well as their unique features to make each of them stand out.

The concern is that not too long ago Amazon already released the Kindle Fire Tablet, which was deemed as the iPad’s first real competitor. Now with this new roster of hybrids, the competition may have gotten even more saturated in the technology market.

Amazon Kindle

So what are some of the features one can expect from the three new models?

1. The Paperwhite eReader

This is an upgrade of the basic Kindle device. It has been fitted with sixty two per cent more pixels than the previous Kindle touch. It is expected to have a touch screen. The lighting will be done by a fiber optic system, which has been developed for several years. Even as the lighting is on, the device will still have enough charge to last eight weeks. The versions that have Wi-Fi exclusively will retail at $119 and the 3G versions will retail at $179.

2. Kindle Fire

This is an updated version of the regular tablet. It contains twice the random access memory and is forty per cent faster in processing. It will also come with a longer battery life. The retail price at will be $159.

3. Kindle fire HD

This device will come in two sizes. The first will be 8.9 inches big while the second will be 7 inches. Its operating system will be Google’s Android system though a modified version. It has a laminated display, which works to reduce the amount of glare experienced from external light sources.

This tablet also comes with a front facing camera, dual stereo speakers, Bluetooth connectivity as well as an HDMI port. The two different sizes will also come with varying memory capacity. The 16GB will retail at $199 for the 7 inches and at $299 for the 8.2 inches. One can also purchase the 32GB or the 64GB versions.

Bottom line, there have been some considerable software upgrades. This can definitely be observed with the basic Kindle which now has a touchscreen, longer battery life as well as in-built lighting.

So what is the impact of all this? One thing to note is that tablets help people to consume less. Whether it is in terms of books, DVDs and more. For a first time buyer, you will notice that it gives you the chance to decrease your carbon footprint as you can now have all your media digitally in the Kindle. However, for veteran users, this presents a problem of eWaste, as you would now want the upgrade and this makes your previous tablet redundant.

With the new wave of devices, it is natural to want to go out and get yourself an upgrade. However, it is recommended to take a step back and consider whether it is really pertinent. Newer models being released in short spans of time increase the amount of electronic waste that goes into the environment. It is highly important for manufactures as well as the consumers to come up with a greener middle ground that will avoid all this waste from going into the environment.


Cool Google Tools for Business Techies

Google Tools for Business TechiesIf you're into business and technology, you may be able to benefit from the many tools and products that Google has to offer. From business development and marketing tools to more personalized resources to help keep your professional life organized, there's an abundance of Google tools available.

In this Technology Scribes blog post, we are going to share with you a wide range Google Tools that suit the business techie.

Business Marketing Tools

1. Google Places: These tools enable businesses that have been signed up with Google’s geo-location service have their contact information as well as physical address displayed.

2. Google Display Network: This tool enables businesses to use powerful targeting tools to ensure the best placements of their messages to their desired audience.

3. Google AdSense: This tool ensures a business only displays relevant ads on their website and gets income from clicks on the ads.

4. Google AdWords: This tool enables you to create ads that include your website’s keywords so when these keywords are searched for, your ad will come up in the search results.

5. DoubleClick Ad Planner: This tool enables businesses to establish what would be the best marketing strategies to use by finding the 1000 most visited sites and understanding the behavioral patterns of your web traffic.

6. Insights for Search: This tool enables you to compare the volume patterns for different searches across regions as well as in different categories.

7. Commerce Search: This tool enables you to create a customized search engine so that merchants can find specific products according to the brand, the price, or any other category you can think of.

8. Google Merchant Center: This tool enables you to upload your business’ product so as to make it available to shoppers on Google Product Search.

9. Google Checkout: This tool enables potential consumers to purchase goods straight from your website through it.

Business Development Tools

1. Code: This tool enables you to stay up to date on what the Google developers are working on.

2. Code Search: This tool enables both developers as well as non-developers locate any publicly available source code in over seventy different languages.

3. Google Webmaster Tools: This tool gives you detailed reports on the visibility of your website on Google and is also able to diagnose any problems that your website may be encountering with Google.

4. App Engine: This tool enables developers to build as well as host web apps right in the same systems that powers popular Google applications.

5. Google Sites: Use this tool to create basic websites in a matter of minutes and use them for blogging, announcements, or even news.

Do you have any cool Google tools that you'd like to share? Let us know in the comments section below!


Importance of IT Security Systems

"Information systems" or "information technology" (IT) systems is business jargon denoting the technological management of various types of information solely through a computer network.

It is pertinent that you secure your computer network so as to ensure all the data it contains is kept safe as well as ensuring that employees are prevented from causing any harm.

In this blog post, we are going to underscore the importance of security systems for various IT infrastructures and networks.

Importance of IT Security SystemsInternet Security Basics

Typically, an office network that is being managed in a secure manner will incorporate a number of elements to ensure that its networks integrity is well maintained. Some of these security system elements will include the authentication of user data, protecting the data in the network as well as preventing any intrusion of the network.

Network Access Control

In this type of network environment, access is limited to the people who have the right data. In this network security scenario, the computer will be password protected and will typically have a log in screen. Any person that is trying to gain access into the computer is not only required to know the applicable username but also have the right password. In addition to this, the network access control can be further protected by keeping records of people that have logged into the network. However, it is recommended that this access control information is recorded on a different computer in the same network for security purposes.

Use of Network

When it comes to IT security systems, one of the things most people overlook is managing network activity. It is not appropriate for all the people to have all the access codes to various parts of the network. If anything was to go wrong, accountability may be quite hard to prove. Instead, certain people should have certain levels of clearance. This way at any time you will know which people will be able to gain access to what information. In addition to this, managing the use of network can help you find any questionable behavior or activity. For example, if someone who is not cleared keeps trying to access a specific area of the network, they may have ulterior motives or intentions.

Use of Internet

If there are computers that are accessing the Internet via your network, it is advisable to keep records of this. One of the best ways of doing so would be having a log of all the websites that these computers are accessing through your Internet. In addition to this, you can come up with Internet usage policies for the network. This will restrict the other computers access to certain websites that may have the potential to cause software malfunctions to your network system.

Data Security Systems

Companies that deal in sensitive information or data such as health records, financial records, and legal records and so on are recommended to have data security systems. This data is secured through encryption processes. By encrypting the data that is on the network, you ensure that people who do not have any authorization cannot get access to this sensitive data. These types of security systems are especially important if you would like to avoid lawsuits due to leaked records or information.

For more information and resources, visit Facet Technologies, Inc.


TrapWire Security System Offered to Tech Giants

"TrapWire," the creators of a a video surveillance system developed in accordance with former U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), has made attempts to sell their technology to major tech companies. The news, which was spawned from leaked memos and internal emails, underscores as prospective investor.

An email back in 2010 leaked out and enlightened the public that TrapWire was to approach the search engine giant Google, adding the company was dealing with penetrations by hackers.

Adding to the concern is hacker collective Anonymous, which has vowed to work with the Peoples Liberation Front to combat the security protection of TrapWire.

TrapWire's Security Objectives

TrapWire Security System TrapWire describes its security system product as a predictive software program developed to pinpoint patterns common of hackers, criminal operations, and terrorist breaches. The surveillance software applies a unique, function-based system to pinpoint and analyze weary events. The security system software will then trigger alerts as early as possible in the instance of a breach.

The perspective of the security system is that hackers and criminals will visit a target multiple times to gather and assess data. What is unique is how video surveillance system feeds from potential targets are systematically submitted into the security software for interpretation.

The Three Security Systems of TrapWire

There are three different security systems that TrapWire offers. The first, known as Critical Infrastructure, is designed to identify behaviors by possible hackers around specific sites within TrapWire's network. TrapWire Community Member is the second security product that provides online reporting of suspicious activity by community members. An example of this system is the iWatch program in Los Angeles. The third, TrapWire Law Enforcement, lets law enforcement agencies gather, analyze and disseminate information culled from various sources, including the other two TrapWire systems.

More About TrapWire

The foundation of TrapWire stems from a company named "Abraxas," which was established by Richard "Hollis" Helms, a former CIA staff member who focused his career in counter-terrorism. Abraxas provided services for data collection and analysis, fraud investigation, and containment.

Abraxas developed the TrapWire software package in an effort to aid the company's services and expertise.

Whether or not is interested in the Peoria security systems technology is not clear. Right now it's just a rumor of potential interest.


Cloud-Based Version of Google Wallet Released

On August 1st, Google has released a cloud-based version of its Google Wallet, an app that makes your smartphone your wallet. Google Wallet, which is available on six different phone models from Sprint and Virgin Mobile, supports all debit and credit cards from American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa.

The Google Wallet can be used in over 200,000 retail stores in United States, in addition to making online purchases more efficient.

How Google Wallet Works

When using Google Wallet, users can save a card by submitting the card number into the mobile app, online wallet, or Google Play. When making in-store purchases, users can choose which card they would like to use on Google Wallet, and a transaction record is kept on the phone with purchase information. With the new version, users can see the history of all purchases. Additionally, users can remotely disable the mobile wallet app from their Google Wallet account on the Internet.

Some technology experts feel that the Google Wallet is a bit premature for its time and that it may not have the proper security systems. Others feel this is the great new wave of mobile application development and technology. What do you think?

Let us know your opinion in the comments section below.


Significance of Security Monitoring Technology

Burglars and other attackers have mastered most security systems over the years. They are able to get past most perimeters undetected. It is therefore, important that you detect anomalies early. Every system should be designed in such a way that it anticipates attackers hacking into the network. Information management and security monitoring technologies have been devised over the years. There are many devices that have been developed for this.

SIEM (security information and event monitoring) tools are meant to secure events by correlating disparate warnings and alerts with the aim of determining whether the activities are technology problems, actual attacks, or insider mistakes. A good SIEM tool alerts CISOs whenever there are anomalies that are likely to attack and reduces the complexities of network landscapes.

Today’s systems generate more security events than older systems and this means a lot more information is generated. Security monitoring allows for the sifting through of this information to find what is truly important.

Companies, in their bid to be more secure, are adopting SIEM tools for their corporate networks. It is estimated that almost 1 in every 4 companies uses or is deploying a security monitoring system. About 1 in every 5 companies plans to deploy a security monitoring system in the next 1 to 2 years.

The difficulty comes in prioritizing security monitoring solutions as part of your overall security program. On average, a company spends 6% of its IT budget on security. Some of the tasks to be catered for include building firewalls, buying anti-virus software, and establishing security operations centers.

Security Monitoring Technology Security information and event monitoring services are important because they protect a company's data. Sensitive information, when leaked out, can cause untold damage to the company. Most companies store logs from different hardware appliances, but this does not prevent attacks.

Companies must set security information systems to block behavior or traffic that violates the company policy. SIEM products have preventive modes. Companies must go beyond compliance if they are to be truly protected. The monitoring must be focused for true protection. Security monitoring is also important because it enables companies to respond quickly to threats. Such threats may be more than just burglars and intruders. Other security monitoring considerations such also focus on Peoria fire alarms, carbon monoxide monitoring, and more.

Enlisting the services of a security monitoring service is important because it reduces costs. This is because the company does not require an in-house team for the monitoring and it will not be necessary to invest in all the monitoring tools needed. You save money given that you do not need office space for the team, to pay administrative costs, and to pay salaries and other benefits. Hiring a professional brings professionalism. These security monitoring services have teams of well-trained and experienced professionals who know the best monitoring techniques and who know how to best use SIEM tools.

Hiring a team for security monitoring means you will have enough time to concentrate on running your company. Yet another advantage of hiring a professional in Peoria security systems is that you will get valuable tips on what you must do to maintain the security of your data generated by servers, networks, applications, and personal computing devices. You will also get tips on how to get the most from event data and security log.


Technology Spots Crime Before it Occurs

Future Attribute Screening TechnologyOne of the most effective ways of fighting crime is trying to detect it before it happens. This is particularly important in a country that is prone to terrorist attacks like the U.S.

The DHS (Department of Homeland Security), which has been charged with the responsibility of preventing terrorist attacks in the U.S, has been trying out technologies aimed at predicting future attacks.

This is not through crystal balls or gypsy psychics, but by simply using a series of battery sensors that determine human intentions rather superbly. The sensors monitor changes in such physiological markers and gaze and heart rate and use the information to determine if a person is likely to commit a crime.

The series of sensors together go by the name Future Attribute Screening Technology, commonly abbreviated as FAST. FAST is a $20 million project by the federal government and it is meant for use in airports. Authorities hope FAST will help them detect passengers who might harbor ill intentions such as passengers who might be jittery due to the bomb they carry. FAST is particularly effective in the last minute before a terrorist or any other criminal acts.

A Potential Security Nuisance?

Critics of this advanced security monitoring system are however, of the opinion that it will flag innocent travelers and it will let some terrorists and criminals through, thanks to false positives and fake negatives respectively. The Department of Homeland Security is adamant that FAST is here to improve on the older crime predictor that is more fallible, that is human judgment.

The Department of Homeland Security currently has about 3,000 DHS officers roaming the airports and using human judgment to scan for suspicious facial expressions and behavior. The DHS calls this SPOT (Screening of Passengers by Observational Techniques). FAST will be supplementing SPOT, not replacing it. FAST is aimed at catching signals that DHS officers might not catch. The system will not be responsible for the final decision to apprehend a suspect – this is left to the DHS officials. It is hoped that FAST will make screening easier and faster by scanning passengers and singling out those that are worth pulling aside.

Biology Based Sensors

The Department of Homeland Security recently did trials where it recruited subjects and involved them in a mock event. Some of the subjects were to perform objectionable actions like steal CDs. The system took precise measurements of all the subjects before the entered the event. The measurements were taken from 20 feet away. Respiratory and cardiovascular sensors measured breathing and heart rate and an eye tracker followed the position of the eyes and the gaze. A high resolution video surveillance system and floor sensors tracked the movement of the body while thermal cameras measured face heat.

An interview was conducted to act like a stimulus, with robust physiological responses being more visible in conspirators. Being able to spot crime before it happens through FAST is expected to save the federal government a lot of money since it will not need as many DHS officers to scan airports. Security systems of the like will also make airports safer since what the human eye cannot detect will be detected.


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