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The Technology Behind On-Board Truck Scales

On Board Truck ScalesOn-board truck scales are a special type of truck scale that are also commonly referred to as "portable wheel 'weighers'." On-board truck scales are becoming an industry standard because they are highly-versatile in their application, and provide optimal convenience in weighing a vehicle's payload.

The weighing capabilities of on-board truck scales is very accurate given the sheer size and weight of the vehicle and its payload. Minor fluctuations in a vehicle's net weight (such as tire weight and fuel level) can be accurately measured on demand with these types of truck scales.

On-Board Truck Scale Technology

The technology behind on-board truck scales is simple and rather effective. In a nutshell, they are usually nothing more than very strong aluminum electronic pads that are wired to note the weights of objects placed on them.

On a truck, the on-board scales can be mounted individually on each side of the vehicle's axle or in pairs. One could couple two, four or even six weighing pads so as to achieve maximum accuracy. They usually come with an integrated or remote indicator for ease of use.

Delving into the technology behind on board truck scales entails taking into consideration the load cell and performance specifications of the device. An average on-board scale can take an overload of up to one hundred and fifty percent and still remain functionally sound. This is made possible by the machine having a full scale output of 3mV and a standard maximum excitation of 15VDC.

The typical on-board truck scale has the capability to weigh the most immense weights but is limited to what the maximum payload capacity of the truck in question is. So currently, it is common to see technologies that allow the on-board capabilities of up to 20, 000 LBS, the basal weight capability being 10,000 LBS.

This is made possible by having double ended shear beams (a good specification for some may be 2-ML 600). When coming off the conveyor belt, these shear beams have the capability of having an output resistance of up to 700 Ohms.

The proper operation of these on-board scales is often hampered by the conditions the apparatus is subjected to. When weighing payloads, there are elevated chassis temperatures to contend with. Similarly, the load may not rest equally heavily on all the aluminum pads equally; the hysteresis of the load must also be taken into account.

A properly manufactured on-board truck scale has a load cell specification of less than 0.03 % FS non linearity. This means that the load will still be measured accurately as it deducts the object's weight as the pressure exerted upon the axle and greater chassis body as opposed to the weight exerted solely on the aluminum pads.

The thermal sensitivity shift is also equally important as great keenness is taken to keep the specs within at least 0.0008% of reading /F. The temperature issue is further reduced in effect by the machine having a thermal Zero Shift of 0.0015% FS/F.

However, one must be careful to note that the usual operating range for this contraption that will ensure long and maintenance-free usage of the machine is -40 degrees Celsius to 57 degrees Celsius. Therefore, the placement of such truck scales should be on the sides and not directly on the chassis.


The Technology Behind Retul Bike Fit

Retul Bike FitLately, Retul Bike Fitting has caused a major buzz mainly in the cycling and triathlon world. A lot of people have purchased these bike fits, more so, those that are related to cycling. On the other hand, there are people who are skeptical on whether this equipment is worth all the hype it has generated in the last year or so.

If you are a regular rider, or you happen to be this person who likes to cycle for fun in a bid to keep yourself fit; this is the right equipment for you. Getting to have your own bike fit is considered as one of the most important cycling purchase that you will ever make.

In most cases, bike riders and cyclists who lack or do not have proper bike fits are always vulnerable to repetitive-use injury. Hence, if you become prone to this type of injury it will hamper your performance while you are on the bike. Nowadays, there are systems that have been manufactured in such a way that they enable the bike fitter to determine the correct position of any given rider.

With a Retul bike fit, the fitter will come up with certain body angle measurements while the rider is on the pedal stroke. It is these measurements that will enable the fitter to determine the proper position of the rider. The main area of concern when it comes to the use of such systems has always been measurements.

Benefits of Retul Bike Fitting

There are a lot benefits that come with a Retul bike fit system as compared to other type of systems. Instead of having to stay still at one point of your pedal stroke in order for your fitter to take measurements, the retul bike fitting system can be able to automatically calculate and average these measurements without the need of you having to stop your pedal strokes.

All you have to do is to set a special type of markers on different points of your body. This way, the system will be able to capture the measurements over a length of time. Thus, this helps to eliminate the chance of a measurement error.

Nevertheless, in order to for the Retul bike fitting system to come up with the right measurements, the fitter has to ensure that the markers have been placed on the appropriate points on your body. As a result the system will be able to determine your position over time.

Getting Your Bike Dialed-in with a Retul Fit

Other than just coming up with exact measurements of your body position, the other thing that the Retul bike fitting system can also be able to measure with precision is your bike. In light of this, it will be totally unnecessary not to dispose off your current bike for fear of not getting another bike with the correct measurements. With the help of the Retul bike fit system, it will help to ensure that you buy a bike that not only fits you, but it will also help to ensure that it is properly set up.

It is important note that it is not a Retul bike fitting system that makes the difference, but a good fitter does. However, this system will provide you with the experimental way that will help you to measure up on your bike. After all said and done, it is time for you to walk the talk. This may good on paper, but what if get you to practice it?

Getting a Retul Bike Fit

Retul bike fit systems are a rather emerging technology and may limited in terms of access. You can typically find Retul fitting services in more metropolitan or cycling progressing cities.

Searching the Internet is a good places to start to find a Retul bike fitter in your area. It's best to search for Retul bike fitter by state, because they are a bit selective based on geographic region. For example, Craven Cycling is the only Retul bike fit in Michigan, so you'll want to search accordingly.


How to Protect Your Business Computer System from Security Threats

Protect Your Business Computer SystemDigital business documents and information are a crucial part of enterprise and are even referred to as assets in some contexts. Considered that most business organizations now prefer working in paperless environments to optimize on production, most of these documents are stored on computers and IT systems which are susceptible to security breaches, data theft and other undesirable activities by employees and third parties if stringent measures are not put into place.

To safeguard your business's information, below are some IT security practices you should consider enforcing.

Establish a Password Policy for Your Business Computer System

Usage of passwords is a basic but powerful way to protect business computer systems. The passwords used within your business should be complex and well defined. For instance, all passwords should contain more than 8 mixed characters to make cracking hard. In addition, you should enable account lockout and ensure that all users have a unique password. When an employee vacates or retires, ensure that their password is disabled for optimal security measures.

Protect Against Hackers

One of the best ways to get assurance that your system is protected from hackers is by installing a business class firewall. There are several of them in the software market but you need to consider one from a vendor who provides regular updates to clients. However, even when the firewall is in place, you need to perform regular checks on the logs to be ascertained that unauthorized parties are not trying to gain access to the system. Additionally, encrypt all data transmission, ensure that SSID broadcast is disabled and restrict usage of certain terminals on your network if necessary.

Install Software to Minimize Viruses and Malware Attacks

Malware and viruses might have devastating effects on a businesses' information data bank. To protect yours, invest in a centralized malware and spyware management system. The virus protection software should have automated updates which should preferable be made daily, spam filtering capabilities and capable of performing a scheduled spyware check on the entire system. If such precautions are not implemented, the cost of professional virus removal services can be quite steep for a business. For this reason, investing in virus and malware protection measures now can save you the headache and money down the road.

Protect Your Computer System from Data Loss

Data loss is one of the inconveniences all business entrepreneurs working in a digital environment dread. To protect your company from such a scenario, all your documents, emails and contacts should be stored on a server. Additionally, you should have your automated backup system located away from the business premises and comprehensive data recovery and backup procedures kept in place. To ensure that everything is working fine, consider running a data restore test on your IT system.

Data Access Restrictions

Employees should have just enough access privileges to enable them do their work. Setting up permissions and user level access strategies will help you ensure that employees are not getting access to information or business documents they shouldn't see.

Invest in a Contingency Plan

When it comes to business information, nothing should ever be left to chance. Your business should be capable of recovering its data, hardware, software and internet connectivity should anything undesirable happen. Important too is to replace outdated hardware and software periodically as this might pose a threat to your business computer systems.

For medium to large scale business operations, it's often best to consult with an IT support and consulting company with expertise in computer systems and security. Hiring an IT specialist can help you define the specific threats that your business may encounter, in addition to ways to protect against them.


5 Awesome Innovations Re-Shaping Mobile Technology

Mobile Technology Mobile technology trends come and disappear; some like iPod are cutting edge and others (think Zune) seem too late. Some, like the iPad, begin a totally new category. Others such as the Wi-Fi used to be conceptual but are now evolving. While wearable technology is still developing, it is really coming up and according to the prediction by ABI, 485 million wearable devices will be shipped yearly by 2015.

In the same vein, here are five great ideas re-shaping mobile technology:

1. Apple’s iWatch - According to Apple’s patent applications, an iWatch could include the caller ID, flexible screen, and apps like those on the iPhone. According to Bloomberg, Apple has been developing this mobile design but it is unclear whether the device is coming to the market. Bloomberg further predicts that if Apple brings the iWatch to the market, it might cost around $200 to $300.

2. Google Glass - Besides being an eyewear, it is a headset that may take pictures on verbal instruction, record video or provide directions as required. A member of the Google Glass Developers shows it will have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The device seems to be a concerted effort as recently, Google solicited applications from various developers to share ideas for the new technology. This device may encourage Google users to interact more naturally.

3. Voodoo Device - Colin Popa, a specialist in acrobats, designed a strap-on computer to assist with aerial stunts. The Voodoo Trimbulind Robot (VTR) allows him to know when exactly to release or release control lines. Popa confirmed that Sebastian Borquin, World Champion could be testing the gadget this April and learn the Rhythmic towards infinite moves. There is potential for developing the VTR for other users. Paratroopers could use it and what are needed are particularities and the training plan followed by adoption of the technology to match the needs.

4. 3D Garments - During a private runaway show that occurred in New York on March 4, Dita Von Teese, wore a body-conforming black dress that featured thousands of links and at least 13,000 Swarovski crystal studs. This was quite unusual for the fashion trends in the world. Francis Bitonti and Michael Schmidt created this nylon mesh design and a 3D printer, Shapeways printed it. Michael created the initial designs on his iPad. The final design resulted from a blend between the proprietary software and the 3D modeling software that Bitonti’s team developed. After this, selective laser sintering helped to manufacture the dress.

5. Helmet of Justice - While riding his bike back home from dinner in the evening, a vehicle hit Jason Poindexter, the chaotic Moon’s designer. He woke up within the ambulance and could not recall what had transpired. His team soon arrived at the health facility. However, Poindexter could hardly identify the driver or car that hit him. Chaotic Moon’s CEO suggested that they design a ‘black box’ for bicyclists. Initially, they developed a helmet that could capture the entire motion range in the 360-degree view. This app allows for pulling and recording of real time data from the USB card. Currently, the company is looking for ways of licensing the Helmet of Justice. They may develop the product such that it sends real time data to smartphones and other gadgets.

Want more about mobile technology? Stay tuned on Technology Scribes for more articles on the emergence of mobile tech.


Tips To Help Secure Your Business With Technology

If you are setting up a new business or already have an existing business it is important that you protect your business and your investment. There are many options to consider but it is definitely worth it as crime against businesses can be very expensive and result in the loss of money, stock, equipment or data.

What measures you take to protect your business will depend on a range of factors including:

  • Location of your business premises.
  • Hours that you operate.
  • The type of goods or services you provide.
  • The staffing situation.
  • The type of premises you have and the equipment you use.
  • The information and data that you hold.

Below are some common security systems which you should consider for your business, although not all will suit your needs.

Protecting Your Premises

As highlighted above, there a number of factors that will determine which security features best suit your business premises. However it is important to consider each measure below and if it will help protect you and your business:

Security Doors: In some businesses it may be necessary to restrict access to certain rooms and areas. This can be easily done with the addition of security panels requiring a swipe ID card and pin or even fingerprint to access a particular area. Remember to wear your ID Card around your neck on a Lanyard for Safety.

Alarm System: This may seem obvious but it makes a difference if you have a reputable alarm company to install your system. They should offer a maintenance package as part of the install which will mean that your system is always operational. Make sure that alarm boxes are visible from the outside of your premises as this can be a deterrent in itself. Advice staff on the importance of using this system on a daily basis.

Security Cameras: Security camera technology is constantly evolving and improving. You can monitor the outside of your premises and displaying signs that your premises are protected by CCTV will also deter thieves and vandals. Having cameras inside your business is a good way to monitor what goes on in the workplace at all times. Nowadays you can have remote access to your security camera system which will allow you to view and control the system from anywhere with your computer or laptop. The security hardware will also contain a data card which will be capable of saving many hours of footage before it is recorded over.

Smoke And Carbon Monoxide Alarms: Every business should have a smoke alarm system installed for obvious reasons. If you have high value or flammable equipment or stock in your premises you may also want to have a watering system installed. If you burn fuel in your business, as part of manufacturing for example, you will want to have carbon monoxide alarms fitted throughout the building to protect staff from fumes.

Money Safe: If your business regularly holds large amounts of cash on the premises it is advisable to have a secure safe to protect this money. Have your safe fitted to a wall or floor so that it cannot be moved easily. You may also want to consider a time lock feature on your safe for added security. Safes can be expensive but are worth the investment.

Window And Door Shutters: Depending on where your business is located and what type of products or valuables you have inside you may need to incest in secure shutters for your windows and doors. Nowadays it is possible to get high tech electronic shutters with built in sensors which allow security or management to be contacted immediately by text message or e-mail. This will protect your premises further and make it very difficult for perpetrators to gain entry.

Staff Protection

Staff health and safety legislation will vary depending on the location of your business but in most countries there is a strict legal responsibility on employers to protect their staff. The workers are an integral part of any organisation so they should be protected well above the minimum legal requirements. For example, if you are in the building or manufacturing industry high visibility and protective clothing may be necessary. Or if you are in the retail industry such as a gas station, personal alarms might be needed. If workers feel relaxed and safe in their work environment they will be more efficient and more productive.


Transforming Disposed Paper into Building Materials

recycled paperAt Technology Scribes, we often cover topics about gadgets, devices, and various other technological innovations. However in this article, we're covering a unique topic that involves technology more indirectly. In short, it involves the creative re-purposing of waste into something productive.

Paper is one of the most used commodities in the world today. Probably, by the time you are done reading this article, you will print it on paper. If you work in an office, you will come across many forms of paper especially through stationery such as invoices, letterheads, scribbling pads and files to name just but a few. For the manufacture of paper, trees must be felled. They are then taken to a factory where processing takes place. After many years of cutting down trees in order to manufacture paper, environmentalists raised a red flag on the rate at which forests were being depleted.

Consequently, this led to the green campaigns where nations were challenged to look for ways of recycling in order to minimize wastage of available resources. Today, most of the paper you use has been recycled from waste. This has in turn led to efforts to restore back the lost forest cover. It is not just paper that is being recycled, plastics are also following the same route. Apart from recycling waste paper into new paper products, you can now make building materials out of it. This has been tried successfully in other parts of the world. Keep reading this article for more.

It is important for you to understand the recycling process through which disposed paper is subjected. Here is a sneak peek:

  • All waste paper is collected from different places. Companies usually set aside a specific place where all paper trash is thrown. The same is collected by the local authority or another company contracted for this purpose. The main point here is that recyclers collect waste paper within their catchment area. It is then sorted and stored. Next the paper has to be turned into pulp. The already sorted paper is soaked to enable it to disintegrate. 
  • While the paper is soaking in water, the recyclers add special chemicals whose purpose is to separate the ink from paper. The chemicals also ensure that the ink does not reattach to the disintegrated paper particles. In order to ensure that all ink is removed and separated, the paper which has now turned into pulp is taken through deinking systems. This is where additives, coatings and trash are removed. Thereafter, the pulp undergoes further screening to remove any traces of ink left.
  • Lastly, the mixture goes into a floater where some additional chemicals and calcium soap are put in. The resultant bubbles of air cause any ink remaining to float on top. This is removed through a process known as skimming.

The pulp is now ready for molding into bricks, ceiling boards, wall partitioning boards, drywalls or posts. Special molding machines are used for this purpose. These and any other paper based building materials are cheaper than their wooden or concrete based counterparts. Now you can see that it is not only recycled paper that can be made from waste paper. You can live in a house or work in an office whose walls have been partitioned using materials made from recycled paper.


Advantages for Small Business in Mobile Technology

Mobile TechnologyMobile technology has been used for effective communication by businesses worldwide. Whether for marketing or internal operations, mobile technology use is expected to get bigger and better in the near future as more technologies are introduced in the mobile industry.

In fact, the real reason why the number of Internet users has sky rocketed to 2,400 million is, the development of social media and mobile technologies.

For starters mobile technology has revolutionized marketing. Small businesses have identified this as a very basic and affordable way of competing with large corporations, which can still afford traditional forms of marketing like main stream media.

Through social media technology, small businesses have been able to spread vital news regarding the businesses in order to reach out to more people through word of mouth. Large businesses are also taking advantage of social media platforms to cut down on the costs of advertising.

A good example is the two most popular social media platforms, Facebook and Twitter. These two allow businesses to establish their own web pages for free. Any new entrepreneur can make use of this option to target a larger audience without the cost of investing in a website. However, as a small business, you have to learn how to take advantage of mobile technology in more ways than one.

Mobile technology should assist you in customer service. You should be able to make use of emails and phone calls to get through to your customers whenever there is a need. The mobile social networks will also present a good avenue for your customers to air out their views.

From a marketing and customer acquisition standpoint, you should always reply to your customers’ concerns and suggestions immediately via mobile technology. This will create a stream of loyal customers who feel like you are interested in their opinion. You should answer quickly to customer responses by collecting customer feedback data on social media sites.

Mobile technology should not only be of benefit to your customers but also your employees. Communication among colleagues should be faster with the help of mobile technology. There are so many applications on social media platforms like Facebook and Tweeter that can help you to maintain good customer relationship.

In order to make mobile technology work best for your small business, invest in the right business computer systems that are portable and effective. Consider replacing your desktop with laptops and small tablets. You can also develop QR codes and apps, which facilitate quick access to information.

At this high rate of growth experienced in the mobile technology, do not make the mistake of lagging behind. Your business could be doing well currently but you can never be sure of your future in case you do not make these changes. Invest in robust technology, user-friendly websites and easy to use applications for your business.

Mobile websites tend to attract more visitors since most people like accessing information using their mobile devices. If you have a strong desire to elevate your business then investing in mobile technology could be a great start. You will attain your full potential and succeed in the midst of massive competition.

To learn more about how to leverage mobile technology for your business, check out the IT support and consulting services from Facet Technologies. This company can help you learn the advantages of leveraging cutting-edge technology for your business.


Qualities of an Effective IT Consulting Company

IT ConsultingIT (Information Technology) is an integral component for many different businesses and organizations.

The priority for most IT consulting firms is to keep a business secure from various risks that can hinder productivity, such as viruses, hackers and downtime within a computer network.

IT consulting companies will often perform a preliminary inspection of a business's computer system before taking on a job. Adequate professionals will take the review the state of current IT system (or needs for a newly developed network) and compare their analysis with the most efficient and updated solutions available.

What Makes for a Strong IT Consulting Firm?

Strong IT consulting firms will get answers to important questions about the technology requirements of the company. Furthermore, effective IT consultants will take the time to learn about the big-picture goals of the business to best gauge a cost-effective solution.

Some questions that a dependable IT consultant will ask a business owner include:

What types of clients to you serve?

What are your clients’ primary needs?

How are your clients’ needs being met by your company's services?

What is the ROI for your primary service programs?

How do you inform your clients of the value and benefits of your services?

What are your company's USP (Unique Selling Propositions)?

Quality IT consulting firms will know and execute very specific tasks and responsibilities to a high standard. They will also understand how your business interacts and supports its client base. As a result, they can help to empower the larger activities and priorities of the organization.

To learn more about the qualities of an effective IT consulting company, visit for a wealth of information and resources.


Cervelo Continues to Pioneer Cycling Technology

CerveloCervelo is a Canadian manufacturer of racing bikes for cycling. Cervelo uses computational fluid dynamics as well as wind tunnel testing in a wide range of facilities. The frames are made of materials that include carbon fibers. It is currently making a 3 series of road bikes that boast of the R series that is multi-shaped, the S and P series that make good triathlon or time trial bikes, which feature down tubes that are air foil shaped. In addition, the company also manufactures the T series that are more suitable for track cycling.

Cervelo bikes are a relatively new addition throughout the cycling history. The company was started in 1995 but has since then experienced significant growth and is on the forefront in bike manufacturing and technology today. The Cervelo cycles brand came forth from the efforts of two cycling enthusiasts who ventured into developing trial cycles for sale in the general market. These were Gerard Vroomen and Phil White who were approached by an established Italian cyclist who also intimated that his financial backer could only create traditional bikes by combining the already tube sets but he desired more. This sponsor approached Gerard hoping that a new aerodynamic design was in the offing to be specifically used during time trials.

Gerard and Phil began by analyzing the bikes that were available in the market in 1995 and came up with the most crucial features that should be factored in their new design which yielded a totally unique bike that was specifically built for the rider who had approached them. This bike pushed trials to the limit; something which had not been seen with any other bike. It soon became a phenomenon in the biking world and wherever it was in sight many enthusiasts inquired about where to get one for themselves.

In the year 1996, Cervelo launched two time trial and two road bikes. A revolutionary bike technology had been used which made pro cyclists hesitant to have a go with them. This came from being familiar with bikes in their possession at the time as they were not sure whether using the new bikes would compromise winning. In the year 2000 there came about new rules regarding cycling equipment, which made the bikes that were being used illegal. The company had already factored in these new developments and had already released a model that was already compliant. 

From then onwards the Cervelo has never looked back. It became the smallest as well as the youngest bike manufacturer in terms of providing bikes to a professional team in the year 2003. This team was CSC which took top spot consecutively for three years. This relationship came to an end in 2008 and in the following year Cervelo launched a professional cycling team of their own that was in the leadership of Carlos Sastre who had won the famous Tour de France in 2008.

Cervelo has made huge strides in the recent past where they had more than 40 riders on their bikes in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. This resulted to ten Olympic medals. The most current that they have released are in four categories that were launched in 2010. They include two road bikes named as S and R range, the P collection that consists of both time trial and triathlon bikes, the T collection that has track bikes and the Cervelo bike frames.


Fat Advancements in Bike Technology

Fat bikes are the one of the latest fad in biking both in racing and leisure. They have been around since 2005 but have recently gained tread on a global scale. Initially designed for snow biking, the fat tire bikes are now an all year trend. Cycling through sandy beaches and rocky terrain has also been made incredibly easier by fat tires.

Fat Biking

A special design is needed to accommodate fat tires from the frame to the back spacing. Lower gears are predominantly used in fat bikes but speed racing is still done on dirt tracks. In the case of racing, the front and back guards are significantly amputated to reduce weight.

The Specs of Fat Bikes

Fat bikes are mass produced with the 3.8inch size while race bicycles are usually 3inch wide. The ride is generally very comfortable with fat bikes as there is added balance and stability. However it's important to get a proper bike fit for one of these bikes. One of the best options is a Retul bike fit, is utilizes an advanced form of bike fit technology.

From Alaska, the fat bikes found renewed popularity in Michigan and in Minnesota. Surly's Pugsley was the first popular fat bike. The Mukluk and the Beargrease models followed on the assembly lines of the Salsa cycles company. They all utilize the famous karate monkey frame. The latest edition called the Krampus is actually a tricycle, which is on the verge of looking like a prototype.

Fat Bikes

Fat bikes are not only deployed for being practical but also because they are easy to spot, which goes well with exhibitioners. They are just as comfortable in the city where one can hop multiple pavements without feeling for the treads.

The Fun of Fat Bikes

Fat bikes are in a class of their own as far as leisure cycling is concerned. They threaten to revolutionize the field with something that has staying power. One may order the fat bikes online and then customize the rims, handlebars, and tyres on arrival. Some go to the extent of adding hydraulics on the bike with parking features or higher clearance for rough terrain.

To really enjoy the fat bikes floatation qualities, you have to go out in the bush or on the shoreline. It is really an all-weather bike that gives traction even on muddy areas. It can also be tried out on frozen lakes and rivers cutting down on trekking time or dependence on the local commute.

In extremely rough terrain, alternator dropouts are used to give superior handling and versatility. Single speed fat bikes are usually deployed in such terrains. On the snow or tracks, gears can be shifted because the inclines are well defined. The low rider version is used when lugging along backpacks or any other kind of cargo.

Newer versions of fat bikes released are more nimble, which is a relief for riders of these manually powered beasts. To make things lighter and corrosion resistant, aluminum tubing is used on the frame. Thus, melting ice will not compromise the ride and the constant exposure to salt water will not introduce rusting. Fat bikes seem to thrive on dreadful terrain making quick work of any trip across the country. The interesting thing is that they are still suitable or the city having higher than minimum requirements.


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