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Samsung UN65F8000 LED HDTV Review

Samsung UN65F8000One of the newest models of Samsung TV's is the Samsung UN65F8000 LED HDTV, and this model has far surpassed its predecessor.

The Samsung UN65F8000 has a slimmer frame design which adds to the attractiveness. With its wide screen and new cutting-edge features, the Samsung UN65F8000 is a consumer favorite for ultimate for any entertainment experience.

This 65" flat panel television has enhanced user interface and Samsung's Smart Hub technologies which feature new specific applications and software. The Samsung UN65F8000 LED HDTV is a high definition TV that's more a multimedia center with options for owners to control 5 panels including music videos, photos, social media, films, suggestions and films with a simple swiping motion in the remote control. Toggling between so many panels has never been simpler.

Samsung didn't stop there. As one of the most highly sough-after Samsung LED TV's, the UN65F8000 has micro-dimming technology which allows the TV to provide an improved vivid viewing experience.

This breakthrough technology allows for different parts of the image to be dimmed to provide richer and darker blacks on the screen. Conversion of 2D to 3d has also been improved so that the 3D images look more realistic and brighter in this model.

Core Features of the Samsung UN65F8000

Aside from the aforementioned features of this smart television, the Samsung UN65F8000 LED HDTV also has the following features:

  • Full 1080p Hi-Def Resolution
  • A Refresh Rate of 240Hz
  • Built in WiFi
  • Quad Core Processor
  • Built-in Camera
  • Improved Voice Technology
  • 5 Panel Control
  • 1 Year Warranty on the Samsung UN65F8000 TV

It is no secret that consumers are demanding more from their electronics and Samsung is delivering it with products like the Samsung UN65F8000 LED HDTV. Following consumer demands for family viewing and entertainment experiences with internet connectivity, family members of all ages were kept in mind when they created this new model.

For these reasons, this television is increasingly becoming a popular choice for electronic consumers and would make a great addition to any home theater providing a cinema-like experience. Our experts here at Technology Scribes have scouted for the best deals for the Samsung UN65F8000, and seems to offer the best bang for the buck.


New Automotive Technologies That Help To Save Lives and Fuel

automotive technologiesNowadays, it is increasingly common to find automobile engines that automatically turn off at traffic lights to conserve gas, cameras with the ability to check around cars for pedestrians and traffic, and radar systems to prevent drivers from veering off in other lanes.

These are just some of the technological advancements being incorporated in cars and trucks in an attempt to save lives and fuel. And the good news is that they are getting cheaper and better. This means that these technologies are no longer confined to luxury brands such as Volvo and Mercedes, and are instead showing up on mainstream vehicles such as the Nissan Rogue and Ford Fusion.

What is viewed today as elitist technology is changing rapidly as automakers add more high-tech options to their vehicles and technology improves resulting in the plummeting of costs. Below, we take a look at some up-and-coming technological advancements that drivers can look use to not only to save lives, but fuel as well.

Advanced Automobile Cameras Systems

Ahead of a U.S. government requirement that all cars should be installed with backup cameras by 2015, automotive cameras are becoming a common feature in cars. And with these cameras getting cheaper and smaller, automakers are not restricting them to the back of the vehicle any longer.

For instance, Nissan's around-view monitor is known to blend images from cameras tucked around the car into a composite view that helps drivers scale distances when backing out of a parking spot. Further, Honda's side cameras automatically come on as soon as a turn signal is employed. And with cameras that can read the color of traffic lights, read wrong-way signs, or detect animals such as deer, driving promises to be a safe endeavor in future.

Automatic Braking With Collision Warning

An outgrowth of adaptive cruise control that first came out 15 years ago, collision warning coupled with automatic braking has seen newer cars with camera systems and radar that warn drivers of a possible front crash through the use of beeping sounds. Some even go as far as bringing the vehicle to a halt or slowing it enough to mitigate the scale of crash consequences. More sophisticated systems will even apply brakes if the car is heading towards a fixed or moving object, or veers off the road.

With Mercedes, Toyota, Infiniti, Honda among the brands offering automatic braking, more are soon to follow. The success of these systems in reducing accidents is not easy to scale with automatic braking doubling that benefit.

Lane Centering Technology

Lane centering technology involves the use of cameras and brakes to gently nudge a vehicle back to the center of a lane in the vent of veering off it. Variously referred to as the Lane Keep Assist, these systems are available on models such as Ford Explorer, Ford Fusion, Toyota Prius, Lincoln MKZ, Mercedes Benz etc.

An outgrowth of lane-keeping systems that first featured in commercial trucks about 10 years ago, lane centering will vibrate the driver's seat or sound a beep when the camera notices that the vehicle is swerving out of its lane. In addition to on-road driving, lane centering technology also aids large truck drivers when pulling up to certain weigh scale systems, such portable axle scales.

Stop Start Technology

Experts scale that by 2025, new trucks and cars sold in the U.S. will be averaging about 55 miles per gasoline gallon up from the current 31. And one feature on such cars will be a stop-start device that automatically shuts off the engine at a stop light and immediately turns it on as soon as the driver releases the brakes.

This system first surfaced in Europe owing to the high gas prices and is now featured on most gas-electric hybrids as well as some trucks and cars with conventional engines. Currently, about 5% of cars on U.S. roads have this system as standard or optional equipment with the figure expected to rise to between 40% and 45% by 2016.

As more car and truck technology scale the scener, we can see our highway systems becoming a safer route for transportation.


Samsung UN75F7100 Smart TV Review

Samsung UN75F7100 Samsung has become one of the major contenders in releasing "Smart TV's," and one of their top items is the Samsung UN75F7100. This article is going to cover the many benefits and feature of the Samsung UN75F7100.

The Samsung UN75F7100 Smart TV has a HD pixel resolution of 1920 X 1080, a large screen to maximize its entertainment value. This specific Smart TV has the capability to play movies in 3D. The package also includes 3D glasses, 4 to be exact. With additional features of having Micro Dimming and Wide Color Enhancer Plus, it is sure to bring an extremely good picture quality.

Though is not recommended that you rely on the built in TV's audio system, Samsung UN75F7100 is still able to provide a decent audio output through its two 10W speakers.

Most of the UN75F7100's features are accessible and provided by the TV's Smart Hub. The Smart Hub is already incorporated within the TV's set. On top of that, there are a lot of content that is accessible and made available through the hub. It is also worth mentioning that the interface is very intuitive. In fact, it is a lot more intuitive when you compare it with other Smart TVs in the market today.

The interface features 5 main screens in which you can access the main areas of the Smart TV. This Smart TV features a Social page, in which you are able to access social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. There is also an App page in which you can access the games and web browser. The TV page allows you to channel surf and watch live TV feed.

Movies and TV page allows you to access content that are considered as demanded content, including streaming videos from the Internet. Finally there is the Photo and Video page in which you can view your own videos and photos that are accessible through the home network.

Another great feature of Samsung UN75F7100 is the ability to recommend content, videos and movies that may interest you based upon the kinds of content you have previously watched.

As a summary, if you are someone who is looking for a Smart TV that features a high picture quality with a huge flat screen without needing to pay a huge ticket price, then this Samsung UN75F7100 may be the perfect Smart TV for you. The TV features a LED HDTV technology with a huge 75" screen. It does bring a good performance to price ratio.

To learn more about the Samsung UN75F7100 Smart TV and purchase this TV for sale, click here.


A Computer That's Beyond Repair: The Historic Apple 1 Now Up for Auction

Apple I ComputerThe Apple I computer may look like a pile of junk that needs drasitc repair, however if any computer repairs are done to this relic, the value could severly diminish.

As the initial creation of Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs back in 1976, the now up for auction Apple I computer is predicted to be worth $500,000 or more.

The Apple I computer is the ancestor of today's MacBooks, iPhones and iPads, although you couldn't tell it just by looking at it. The historic computer is currently being auctioned off (online) at Christie's, a popular online auction house for high valued and historic items. The bidding started at $300,000 and will probably go up to half a million dollars.

The owner of the particular Apple computer, Ted Perry, has said about his valuable possession that it's an historical item that has changed the world and started the computer revolution that's going on around us today. He obtained the computer secondhand as a swap for other computer equipment.

A Christie's computer repair expert examined the Apple computer and also turned it on. It was confirmed that the motherboard had not undergone any computer repair but other parts, like a monitor and a keyboard, were added at a later time. The serial number of the old Apple states 01-0025 and has been signed by Steve Wozniak.

The item that will be auctioned off doesn't even look like a computer, in fact, it's a piece of green plastic with a bunch of chips and a lot of wires sticking out. It's memory capacity was only 8 kb, which is a million times less than computers of 2013. Yet, it was sold for $666 when it was released as one of the first 25 Apple computers. There were only 200 Apple I computers sold because Apple II soon followed and users were encouraged to upgrade.

Ever since Steve Jobs died in 2011, vintage Apple computers and other products have sold for huge prices. For example, last month a German auction house sold an Apple I for $671,400. Previously the same models have sold for $640,000 and $375,000.

Although it's true that without Apple I computer there will be no Apple Inc and any of their products, specialists are still surprised to see auction prices rise so high.

The auction will is being held online and is set to close on July 9. This particular Apple I computer will be on display in the Mountain View Computer History Museum.

Together with Apple I, other old Apple devices, such as floppy disks with spreadsheet and word processing programs and a prototype of one of the first portable Apple computers will also be auctioned off. Although winning bids for these won't be going as high as the Apple I, it's true that all Apple antiquities can be sold for a decent price.

This article was contributed by the Peoria, IL computer repair experts at Nerds on Call, a trusted local source for laptop, PC, and computer repair services, virus removal, and various other solutions.


Samsung UN46ES7500 LED HDTV Review

Samsung UN46ES7500 One of the best sources of indoor entertianment after the Internet is the TV. With the enhancement in science and technology, the brand Samsung has brought huge collection of LED and LCD plasma TV's at your doorstep.

The Samsung UN46ES7500 TV is one the top-rated (from various customer's ratings) high definition televisions Samsung has brought to life. Because we were so found of the UN46ES7500, we were inspired to write a review on this Samsung TV.

The Samsung UN46ES7500 is an HDTV LED TV, and based on other reviews that we scoured, customers of this Samsung TV are highly satisfied with the product.

Pro's of the Samsung UN46ES7500 TV

  • The UN46ES7500 holds the facility of both 2D and 3D technologies. The picture quality of both the 2D and 3D is spell bounded.
  • The weight of the UN46ES7500 is very light which is 30.4 lbs having the dimension of 41.3 in x 10.9 in x 27.2 in including the stand. The TV is very easy to assemble.
  • The technology of noise reducing is excellent in this product.
  • One can play 3D enabled games by connecting laptop via HDMI with the Samsung UN46ES7500 HDTV.
  • Pictures can be cropped from the edges.
  • A number of applications like Pandora, Netflix, VUDU, etc. work great! One can chose more applications from the application store which are in built in the setup of the HDTV.
  • The Samsung UN46ES7500 has a built in camera with it, so one can go for video conference via the application of Skype easily. A perfect video quality of 1080p is recorded in the video conference.
  • The setup of wireless network can be easily configured.
  • 'Speaking of Voice Commands' is one of the most interesting features of the Samsung UN46ES7500 Smart TVs.
  • The touchpad remote provided along with the configurations give an excellent performance.

Cons's of the Samsung UN46ES7500 TV

  • A little trouble is seen in the motion gesture features of the Samsung UN46ES7500.
  • Stereo type sound output mode in there, yet the speakers are very tiny.
  • USB keyboard does not support. Wireless keyboard are required to access the internet browser. Keyboard can be connected through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.
  • The customer care services of the Samsung are very poor. They took a huge amount of time to visit to the customer's resident in order to fix any disorder urged by the customer.

The Samsung UN46ES7500 HDTV is ideal for those who are seeking for both 2D and 3D LED screens in a single device. The gaming addicts will also feel amazed after playing high definition games in the 46 inches wide screen. There is not a single scope to get hanged in the middle of the game.

The Samsung UN46ES7500 TV typically retails in the mid $2K price range, but we found a killer deal at the The High Definition Store. Visit the product page of the Samsung UN46ES7500 to learn more.


Innovative Technology for Swimmers: FINIS Waterproof SwiMP3

FINIS Waterproof SwiMP3FINIS is a reputed company in the field of swimming related equipments production. Lately the company has caused much discussion among the swimming community when it launched the first waterproof MP3 player: the SwiMP3.

Since the first SwiMPR has released four years ago, many newer versions have evolved this unique piece of technology. The most current version offers 3.1G of memory which can carry a lot of tunes for those long swims. Other features of the new SwiMP3 from FINIS are:

1) Uses bone conduction technology to transmit sound

2) Can play MP3, WMA and iTunes

3) 2GB storage for almost 500 songs enabling 30 hours of music playback

4) Hydrodynamic clips attached

5) Easy to charge and load music using the built in USB plug

6) Rechargeable battery (Lithium ion)

7) Waterproof (of course)

8) Easy to use controls

9) Includes carry case and well written documents

Swimmers can also experience a number of benefits with this waterproof MP3 player.  Some of which include:

1) Listen to music even if you are swimming: The waterproof technology FINIS incorporated in this device is one of the main reasons for this device's popularity. You no longer have to get rid of listening to music just because you are going to swim.

2) Bone Conduction Technology: Bone Conduction Technology is the safest and well established technology for hearing sound using the acoustic property of water. When the device is placed on the cheek bones, it leads to creation of vibration in the inner ear. The sound coming to the swimmer's ear is no less clear than normal.

3) Clear sound: The sound quality of the music is well retained in the output of the MP3 player.

4) Gets rid of ear buds: The MP3 players generally swimmers use contain ear buds. But the problem with ear buds is that while swimming almost in no time water enters the ears and the sound gets muffled. SwiMP3 player gets rid of ear buds enabling users to enjoy non-stop quality music. Also it has a pause button so that you can talk to anybody during swimming.

5) Easy to load music: Loading music is so basic that any average computer user can do it easily. It also supports storing music by drag and drop process.

6) Battery life: Battery life is very exciting. It can be used for almost 1week for several swimming sessions.

7) Hydrodynamic clips: Presence of hydrodynamic clips enable you to attach the player with googols or snorkelling mask.

8) Formats supported: Mp3, WMA and even iTunes are supported in the newest model. So playing song is not a problem.

Considering all these points it can be concluded that is a handy product for people who love swimming. Learn more about this technology, or to buy the SwiMP3 by visiting


Hi-Def TV Evolving With New Technology

Samsung Hi Def TVNew technologies in the Hi-Def (High Definition) television market are simply revolutionizing the way people watch TV. One of the new technological advancement is ultra-HD or Full HDTV. This technology has given birth to new television sets, like the Samsung LED D6000 TV.

The biggest difference that this tech brings to the HD market is sharper images and video quality. For Full HD, you will get a screen resolution of 1920 * 1080 pixels. This is a much higher resolution than the conventional HD televisions in the market.

With this particular Full HDTV, you will get vertical resolution of around 1080 lines compared to the 720 of ordinary HD TV's. Also, with this technology you will get progressive scanning abilities. It is widely viewed that progressive scanning is superior to interlaced scanning when it comes to HD. Fast moving images will appear more sharper when there is progressive scanning.

The various LCD and Plasma display television sets, such as the Samsung LED 1080P TV, work best at rending sharper images when they are using progressive scanning. Full HDTV works extremely well with large home theater systems at rendering crisp images and videos.

The slicker and versatile Hi-Def television has began taking over various homes and replacing the conventional CRT sets. This is due to the various functions that they can perform while still maintaining amazing picture and sound quality.

Plasma screens are known for their ability to deliver deep color displays. The LED is famous for its slimness, energy efficiency, and versatility. Currently the market is ablaze with the new phenomena of 3D display systems. There are various 3D Hi-Def television sets from market leaders like Samsung that take television to a whole other level.

Different TV Models, Different Features, Different Prices

Naturally, different makers of the HDTV will come up with different screen sizes, resolution rates, features, prices, and models. The pricier the television set is, the more features and abilities it will have!

The price range for some of the top rated models in the market start from $500 and can go up to $5000 (like the Sharp Elite Pro 60X5FD). The Sharp Elite Pro 60X5FD is a Full HD 60 inch mammoth that has impressive 3D abilities. It delivers on everything it promises and is one of the best in the market.

Samsung, LG, Panasonic, and Sony are known for making amazing television sets be it ultra slim TV's, 3D, Full or ordinary HDTV. Under Samsung's 3-Dimension HDTV, you will discover their next generation 3D sound system. This new sound depth is thanks to their various technologies like Audio Depth Control Algorithm. The 3D sound plus 3D images gives you a sense of complete 3D viewing that is rivaled by none!

As with all modern things today, Internet connectivity is a must for the leading Hi-Def television sets in the market. You get the latest apps allowing for social media interaction, video sharing, streaming live video content, etc. In addition, there is the ability to wirelessly connect to other devices like laptops, and smart phones, which increase the versatility function of you HD smart TV.

You can now find modest 21-inch screen sized HDTV or gigantic 85-inch Ultra HDTV in the current market thanks to the advances in technology. With improvements on technology used in television, broadcasting, filming and sound engineering, the future of Hi-Def television looks very bright!

'This article was provided by the TV experts of The High Definition Store, a leading supplier in Samsung TV's and other consumer electronics.


Tips to Diagnose & Repair Common Computer Problems

A clean and smooth running computer system could help you be more productive at work. With this, a lot of computer users today do their best to keep their computer running well. Maintaining your computer does not only involve software maintenance but includes addressing hardware issues.

Spend some time to learn the basics of computer troubleshooting and computer repair to reap the advantage of a fast running computer. You will enjoy the best performance of your computer if you are successful in dealing with common problems it encounters. Below are common computer problems with tips to deal with it.

Computer Viruses

A computer virus is a common computer problem which everyone is so familiar of. This is a malicious code run on your computer to cause nuisance. Its effect is more serious when it's intended to steal valuable data on your computer like account information and passwords.

The best protection against viruses is antivirus software. Be sure that you choose popular premium antivirus software. When you suspect a virus is on your computer, update your antivirus immediately. Remove your internet connection and do a full system scan. With this, you could prevent the virus from spreading. Never use your computer and browse the internet when there is virus on your computer. It would make the problem worse.

Slow Computer Performance

If the computer has no virus, but still is slow, optimize the computer performance by removing startup items. This could slow down computer performance especially when the operating system loads. Also remove any programs that you are not using anymore. Free your computer from junk files. These are files like documents, movies, music, projects and a lot more which you do not need anymore.

Computer Upgrades

Improving computer performance through computer upgrade is a good idea, but only the expert should do it. There are some hardware compatibility issues that only the experts know. It would be a waste of time to buy new and better computer hardware if it is unusable on the system you have. Some of the computer parts you could upgrade are memory (RAM), hard disk, processor, motherboard and graphic card.

Computer Hardware Problems

Some of the most common hard ware problems are damage on power supply, motherboard and hard drive. When computers fail to start, the power supply is the common cause. Errors in BIOS most likely mean motherboard replacement, and if computer frequently freezes with a blue screen of death (BSOD), your hard drive is about to die. Though it could be possible to replace this hardware on your own, it's best to leave this work to the experts.

Deleted Computer Files

Files could be deleted in several ways. The deletion could be intentional or by accident. It could also be due to system restore or computer reformat. To avoid any data or file loss, it is necessary to perform a back up on all relevant files that you have. You need to have an external hard drive to store your files.

Repairing with computer problems depend much on its severity. There are some problems which you could handle, but there also some where it needs the service of experts. Use information above to learn some of the basics of computer troubleshooting and computer repair.

Also, know the time when you need to call the aid of a computer repair experts. For more help regarding professional computer repair services visit the website of Nerds on Call, an experienced team of computer repair experts based in Illinois


Samsung Galaxy S4: Power-Packed, Super-Sleek Smartphone

samsung-galaxy-s4.htmlSamsung is reputable brand of various electronics spanning from high-definition TV's to advanced smartphone technology. Recently, Samsung evolved the marketplace of smartphone technology with its recent device: the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Inquire to any mobile phone professional about the mobile phone marketplace without Samsung, and you would get a cold look. Quite frankly, Samsung has had a significant edge on some of the biggest players; moreover it's turning the heads of big-brands by compelling them to re-think about their products, as well as positioning strategies.

About Samsung's Galaxy S4

Samsung's latest launch, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is an intriguing offering. Although a lot of people would find it difficult to differentiate between the Samsung Galaxy S4 and S3, the S4 is definitely a sophisticated version of the previous S3 and offers a lot to its ever increasing customer base.

The S4 screen is the next best thing to miniature Samsung TV. The complete HD AMOLED display on the Samsung S4 is becoming a signature for the product. It works to the benefit of the customer with improved screen resolution and looks. The body of this smartphone is thinner and smaller as compared to S3. However, the screen resolution barely gets faint thanks to the pan viewing viewpoint of the gadget.

The Internet browsing has gone up to a new level on the Samsung S4. With a battery of 2600 MaH that supports the device perfectly. A rare camera of 13 MP works just fine to its favor. The external and internal memory is frankly not a reason of concern.

The 2 GB RAM with a 1.6 GHz processor is a decent blend. Though, a Sony Xperia Z and HTC One houses better processor, S4's workstation does a good job for the Jelly-bean Android OS. The brand is definitely good at packing minute innovations with a huge impact on the consumers. With S4, the new Smart-Stay technology states to ad an instinctive feel to consumer experience.

Samsung learns fast from its faults. It definitely would've sensed the outlook after the S4's launch. With Sony Xperia Z and the HTC one that's knocking hard onto their doors.

This article was contributed by the technology experts of The High Definition Store, a leading supplier of various Samsung products.


Is IT Consulting the Right Investment for Your Business?

Business IT ConsultingIT consulting is a technical service that is provided by specialized IT companies; it offers big, medium and small sized companies an objective evaluation of the business processes and provides suggestions or plausible solutions to highlighted problems or weaknesses. Some of the advantages of IT consulting include but not limited to:

Offer Clarity

IT consulting does offer some level of clarity in the work structure of an organization. It does breakdown the work processes to small basic tasks that can then be clearly defined, managed and improved upon. Thus most businesses that employ some level of IT in their day to day operations can greatly benefit from some form of IT consulting.

Improved Productivity

Research has shown that IT consulting roles that have been well undertaken tend to greatly improve the level of productivity in an organization; irrespective of its size. In most instances several roles and tasks will be merged and technology will be deployed to ensure wastage is minimized, and best practices are implemented to ensure improved output. Enhanced productivity will in turn translate into more efficient, effective and better managed work processes.

Identify and Crystallize Business Needs and Requirements

As a business grows and spreads its tentacles to other domains or new markets, there usually tends to be some moving away or shifting of initial business vision and mission. This is especially so for those companies that experience huge growth levels. Adoption of various IT systems and other Business processes may cloud the way in which a company does its business. It is important to carry out some IT consulting to find out if the initial business goals are still being met; if not, then get the reasons why they are not being met and offer recommendations.

Provide High Level Expertise

As earlier stated IT Consulting is quite technical; getting this type of highly qualified personnel permanently on your payroll can be quite expensive, this is especially so for small and medium sized companies. Getting consultants on a temporary basis to offer their years of experience and high level expertise can be a strong facet to your company.

Offer Well Thought-out Recommendations

Consultants usually offer recommendations that have been well tested and tried. Even for deployment of relatively new technology; most consultants will have some kind of experience though not similar but somehow related to the problem or issue at hand. Their solutions are usually practical and specific.

Undertake Follow Ups

Though this depends on the kind of contract between an organization and the IT consulting firm that has been contracted; most consulting firms will tend to make follow ups on the recommendations that were made. Some may even change the recommendations if they have been overtaken by events or if there are now better systems that may solve the said problem.

IT consulting, just like any other business investment, does have its downsides. Some of the disadvantages of IT consulting


Due to its technical nature and the need for highly qualified personnel IT consulting is usually quite pricey. This is especially so when you consider the kind of recommendations they usually come up with which may involve buying new systems or replacing some modules.

Tedious and Time Consuming

For non IT staff; the entire consultancy period is usually time consuming and tedious, this is especially more pronounced when there is a lot of IT jargon use during those deliberations or in the reports and recommendations.


The entire process of IT consulting usually tends to be disruptive to IT users; especially if there are some evaluations to be undertaken, or tests to be done on systems and processes. Most employees usually don't appreciate the need as the current system usually tends to work pretty well for the casual observer.


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