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Advanced Weighing Technology For Shipping Operations

Floor Pallet ScaleShipping companies demand very intricate and precise technologies for certain weighing operations and processes. In short, accurate weight measurements are a critical aspect of a shipping company's day to-day operations.

In this article we highlight some of the most popular weighing technologies used by various types of shipping and distributing companies.

Floor Scales

Floor scale is a popular weighing technology used for weighing in shipping companies and are extremely ideal for measuring weights in the range of 1000 pounds to 50000 pounds. The scale is made out of mild steel and structural steel and can be used in different types of surface areas including wet and dry areas. Floor sacles are typically low frame scales that come with a rugged industrial design. The floor scales make use of NTEP certified load cells that are capable of providing accurate weight measures.

As the scale is made out of stainless steel, it gets the capability to resist the formation of rust and corrosion. These scales are capable of providing repeatedly consistent weighing measures that are accurate in nature. Floor scales are a perfect fit for weighing uniformly distributed loads such as pallets. A basic weighing terminal is provided along with floor scales. This weighing terminal is very easy to operate and comes with a bright LED display that can be seen clearly from far-away distances.

Lift Truck Scales

Lift truck scales are one of the most dependable way of performing on-board weight measurements. These scales are extremely helpful in tracking the production data. The payload systems that are crucial for ensuring accurate on board weight measurements come with the state of the art patented sensor technology. The interface through which the lift operator notes the reading has been carefully designed to include all the tools required for performing the weighing operations.

The weighing terminal comes with a large and clear illuminated display through a Back lit LCD. The touch key pads provided with the weighing terminal have been designed for extended use. Lift truck scale is easy to install as it comes with a ready to assemble manual that is simple to understand and perform the assembly. Lift truck scales can be easily calibrated by making use of the certified test weights.

Pallet Jack Scales

The pallet jack scales help in performing the weighing operations on the spot, which can improve the efficiency of weighing operations. Pallet Jack scales typically come with a built-in scale that lets the operator to weigh the load as they continue to handle the load. The pallet truck scale frame is made out of heavy duty steel that increases the strength and durability of the scale.

Certain pallet jack scale model can be used in low height lifting applications. The Keyboard that comes along with this scale can be calibrated to take up different weight increments. One of the major highlight of this pallet truck scale is the digital filtering feature. This digital filtering helps to compensate the disturbances caused by vibrations and helps pallet jack scales to provide an accurate and a reliable weight measurement.

The weighing technology that goes behind the design of pallet jack scale helps in making this scale mobile. Instead of taking the pallet to the scale, using this scale, one can take the scale to the location where the pallets have been stored. The LED display comes in a protected housing and displays weighing data in a clear and a bright manner.

By choosing the technology, like lift truck and pallet jack scales, that best fits their weighing requirements, shipping companies can continue to optimize their weighing operations to achieve maximum weighing operational efficiency.


The F8000-Series of Samsung Smart LED HDTV's

F8000-Series Samsung Smart TVAs one of Samsung's most advanced and cutting edge lines of "Smart" LED HDTV's, the F8000-series has gained a wealth of popularity in the past few months. In addition to offering computer-like features and 3D viewing technology, the F8000 series of Samsung TV's offer slim and elegant design.

Samsung has definitely invested a great deal of time, energy and money in engineering its Smart LED HDTV's. But that investment is starting to pay off as consumers are finding Samsung Smart LED HDTV's to offer the greatest value in the TV market.

Because the F8000-series offers one of the greatest 'bangs for the buck' when it comes to big-screen Smart TV's, we focus on this series in this article. Below we go in-depth with this highly-sought after series of Samsung Smart LED HDTV's.

Features of the Samsung F8000-series

  • Smart TV 2.O
  • Active 3D Viewing
  • Four Pairs of 3D Glasses
  • Quad Core Processor
  • Ultimate Precision Micro-Dimming
  • Ultra Slim LED Design
  • 1080p Resolution
  • Clear Motion Technology
  • Smart Interaction 2.0
  • "Smart Evolution"
  • WiFi Availability
  • Smart Touch Remote

The F8000-series of Samsung Smart LED HDTV's offers a sharper image, as well as crisper sound quality compared to other Samsung TV models. The Quad Core Processor enables apps on the TV to load much faster, giving this type of Samsung TV computer-like features.

With all features taken into consideration (including an attractive price,) the F8000-series of Samsung Smart LED HDTV's provide great buy for anyone looking to enhnace their home's entertainment. At the The High Definition Store, we found the 46", 55", 60", 65" and 75" versions of these F8000-Series Samsung TV's. Not to mention, they seem to offer the greatest prices on all types of Samsung TV's compared to other online retailers.


The New Samsung Curved OLED TV

Samsung TV SalesThe new Samsung OLED TV is an outstanding-looking set, with stylish, somewhat curved screen balanced within a metallic stand that's rectangular in shape. The Samusng TV curve helps to create a more immersive watching experience, giving its viewers a sense that the Samsung OLED TV is larger than its real screen dimensions. From viewer's seating location, you can see the curve from the frame's outer profile, which has a curved contour at the bottom and top of the screen, much similar to a cinerama projection screen in movie theaters.

One advantage to the TV's stand, it provides a little extra space to house many arrays of speakers. The TV can also produce very good quality sound, at adequate volumes to fill an average-sized room. Samsung's OLED TV makes use of "active" 3D technology that works with active-shutter glasses, which yield complete 1080p resolution, with amazing deep blacks and bright image.

Samsung OLED TV is slightly angled back on its stand; hence it faces a little upward. This shows that the ideal position for the Samsung TV is below or at eye level to the screen. Due to the curve, there's an implied watching sweet spot which limits the best possible seating position to two or three viewers straight in front of the screen. However, unlike that of many LED TV's, this TV's high definition picture does not seem washed out while you move off the angle from the center of the Samsung TV.

Unlike the other OLED TVs, Samsung's is incredibly thin; possibly half an inch thick although it is not pretty as noticeable because of its position within the stand. All the connections, for instance a Blu-ray player or a cable box are made to the Samsung TV through a separate module that includes an Ethernet slot, four HDMI inputs, a USB port (there are other two extra USB ports on this TV), an antenna input and a component-video input. The module will then connect to this Samsung TV using one proprietary cable, thus minimizing visual clutter. The only additional cable is the power cord of the Samsung TV.

Samsung is not the first OLED TV. There were others such as Sony XEL-1 which cost $2,500 when it was introduced. It had a small, 11-inch screen that made it unsuitable to be used as a main TV. Making larger sets has been a big challenge, but Samsung OLED TV was worth waiting for. It is arguably the most excellent all-around Samsung TV, with the top overall picture-quality perfomances and without major shortcomings.


Tips to Troubleshoot & Repair a Slow Performing PC Computer

Computer RepairSlow, choppy performance is a common problem issues with Windows-based PC's as well as other types of computers. Typically, computer sluggishness occurs when PC's take too long to open and save files in the hard drive, launching applications, and browsing the Internet.

Although the problem of slow PC performance could be due to several reasons, there are some basic tips regarding PC diagnostics and computer repair to help alleviate such issues.

Firstly, computer users can diagnose any new hardware or devices that maybe the cause of the reduced computer speed. This troubleshooting process involves the removal of new devices, such as scanners and printers, followed by system reboot to establish the speed of performance in the absence of the newly installed devices. In case the user notes a slowdown arising from new devices, repairing or fixing the computer in this case could involve the installation of the latest drivers for the concerned devices.

The diagnosis and computer repair of slow running systems also include the verification of the availability of system resources. The user should verify that he/she has not run out of disk space since this could happen unknowingly. A computer system must have adequate system memory and video memory for normal running to take place. In the event of low disk space, computer repair would involve temporary file cleaning, defragging of hard drive, and removal of programs currently not in use.

The slowdown of a computer system could also be as a result of new software that does not meet minimum requirements of the system. The user can easily establish this possibility by referring to the information accompanying the new software; this could either be available on a sticker or a jewel case of a DVD/CD. Software requirements are related to memory, hard disk space, compatible operating system, video requirements, among others. In the case of new software, computer repair would involve removal of the affected programs and a reboot of the system. User could possibly upgrade his/her system to meet the requirements of the intended software.

Computer repair of a slow performing system also involves a routine to ensure that the virus scanner and operating system are up to date. Errors in the operating system and presence of viruses are common cause of system slowdown in Windows based computers. The user can make use of internet explorer to find out whether the OS and Virus scanner are up to date. Windows update is the common tool used to validate the virus scanner and operating system of a Windows-based computer.

The user should acquire an auto-updater to ensure download and installation of the latest updates for specific software. This guideline could easily achieve computer repair for slow performing systems at home. Users can thus be able to establish the internal causes of system slow down, repair the systems, and take the necessary preventive measures. It is important for users to ensure that their computers are free of pop-ups and viruses at all times. These are forms of malicious codes whose installation is mostly done unknowingly and are potential causes of system slowdown.

Indeed, the troubleshooting and computer repair of slow performing PC's could be achieved without seeking the PC computer repair services of a professional.


The Computer-Like Technology Behind Samsung's Hi Def LED

Samsung’s innovative range of Hi Def LED Smart TV's takes your television experience to a whole new level. With its superior computer-like features, the new Samsung TV technology will easily blow you away. Samsung Smart TV

With an amazing picture quality, voice interaction, as well as other advanced features, this is actually the finest of Samsung TV's (let alone all Hi Def LED TV's) you will find on the market.

Using a technology that continues to produce even slimmer models, the new Hi Def Smart LED TV's from Samsung are even sleeker. With its S Recommendations, you no longer have to surf the TV channels looking for something to watch. Actually, the TV will recommend to you some of the channels you should try. This is according to your interests in TV watching.

All you need to do is ask the Samsung TV programs that are on. To this, it responds with an array of options that have been selected from catch-up TV, Live TV, apps and video on demand services. By spending more time with your TV, it gets to know what you like watching.

You will use the Smart Touch Control to ask your TV, “Anything interesting to watch? And it should respond by showing a Recommendation Bar that lists some of the viewing options available to you. This feature is found on some series of Samsung TV's, like the F7500 LED TV's, F6400 LED TV's, and F6670 LED TV's, among others.

Samsung Smart Hub

Just turn on your Samsung TV and it immediately shows the Smart Hub. This is an exciting media hub which organizes your entertainment in a convenient manner. The On TV lets you enjoy a shortlist of recommendations that offer you immediate access to the programs you like watching most. On Samsung's LED TV's can also navigate through the five panels seamlessly, and these have different types of from the common programs and movies.


The Smart Features Samsung' Hi Def LED Smart TV's

  • Social-infused Samsung TV This lets you see your friends’ best videos on twitter and facebook, but instead of on your computer, it's on your Samsung TV. Also, you can make video calls by using Skype, and this is through the Social Panel.
  • Smart TV Apps The technology behind the Apps Panel on most Samsung TV models enables users to store as well as access collections of apps quickly. These are the apps that you have downloaded on a particular Samsung Smart TV.
  • Movies & TV Viewing The feature of Movies & TV Shows Panel gives instant access to a whole world of videos on demand. You can also access recommendation, especially those for new and exciting videos that are tailored to your preferences. Also, you are able to enjoy a second screen experience using a Samsung mobile device.
  • Samsung All Share This feature lets you share photos, music and videos between your Smart TV and a compatible mobile device from Samsung. This feature is made possible by a wireless home network from AllShare Panel. This in turn lets you to be able to browse your content across all your devices.

Without a doubt, this is the dream TV for anyone who wants to take their television watching experience to a whole new level. More than just a TV, Samsung Hi Def Smart LED TV's are the latest revolution in the television industry. Slim and sleek, this is something you should not miss.


[Review:] The Samsung UN60F8000 3D LED Smart TV

Samsung UN60F8000 The Samsung UN60F8000 is the pinnacle of 60" 3D LED Smart TV's that Samsung has to offer. Released this year (2013) The technology behind the Samsung UN60F8000 great exceeds the competition for big-screen TV's.

Features of the Samsung UN60F8000

The Samsung UN60F8000 is equipped with quad core processor, giving this television computer-like features. As such, the Samsung UN60F8000 offers users "smart interaction" features that are, well, beyond intelligent for a TV.

TV users are able to give the Samsung UN60F8000 TV commands by voice and hand signals. This ingenunity alone as evolved the marketplace for HDTV's as we know it.

The Samsung UN60F8000 also offers "smart evolution", a feature allows users to make updates the Samsung TV as they are released. For the TV junkie who always needs the latest and greatest model, this feature makes replacing the Samsung UN60F8000 an obsolete task.

The Samsung UN60F8000 also offers a clear motion rate of 1200 for fabulous image quality, as well as precision black dimming and micro dimming capabilties. For audio quality, the Samsung UN60F8000 TV provides superior sound with a DNSe+ system built right in.

Adding to the level of Smart TV intelligence, the Samsung UN60F8000 TV enables users to browse the Internet with ease. With a 60" monitor, watching YouTube videos or sifting through images can be greatly enhanced.

With all these features as part of the complete Samsung UN60F8000 package, it's without a doubt the highest quality home entertainment system available on the market. As for price, the Samsung UN60F8000 is actually pretty well-priced for being a 60" LED Smart TV with 3D viwing capabilties.

The best deal we could find for the Samsung UN60F8000 was at The High Definition Store for $2,797 (an unbeatable deal for the high performance Samsung UN60F8000.) In addition to the Samsung UN60F8000, these guys seem to offer some of the best prices for a wide variety of Samsung TV's.

Stay in-tune with Technology Scribes for more awesome reviews. We plan to cover additionall Samsung TV models in the future, so if LED/HD/Smart TV's is your thing, then we've got you covered.


The Technology Behind In-Motion Rail Scales

In-Motion Rail ScalesIn-motion rail scales (also sometimes referred to as "in-motion railroad scales" or "in-motion train scales") utilize some of the most advanced technologies in heavy-duty weighing equipment.

In-motion rail scales are designed to measure the payload weight of trains as they pass by (thus "in-motion") a given point on a railway. These scale systems used for agriculture, mining, or other large scale operations that demand accurate weight measurements of contents being transported via train. The overall purpose of in-motion rail scales is to efficiently provide a means to calculate the weight, and thus the value, of a train's load based on its unique payload weight.

How The In-motion Rail Scale Technology Works

In-motion rail scale systems are typically installed on directly on the railroad track's main line. There are two unique types of these rail scales.

The first and perhaps the most common technology of in-motion rail scales pinpoints a select spot on the tracks where trains must pass by at specific speed. When a train car travels over the scale system, the weight can be calculated based on the force applied to the track at this given location.

The second type of rail scale centers on measuring the train carts distance coverage. Weighing applications may be installed on select ends of the cart to measure the in-motion weight. This system, although more intricate, can provide a more accurate weight measurement than the former.

Advantages of In-motion Rail Scales

There are numerous advantages to using in-motion rail scales for large scale operations. Some of these include:

  • Efficiently measuring the payload weight of contents on train carts before being transported
  • Determining if carts have been overloaded and thus at risk of wasted content (or in some cases a penalty)
  • Detecting issues of drastically uneven loads and overall payload management inefficiencies
  • Controlling the weight distribution for improved operational efficiency

In short, in-motion rail scales are used to promote optimal efficiency in countless operations that demand accurate payload weighing and management.


Best Resources to Find IT Careers With Quality Firms

IT Firms JobsFinding IT firms that are looking for new technology grad students is often seen as a difficult task, considering the fact that it is a difficult field to break into. Numerous students are graduating in IT every year, and so the level of competition is quite steep when it comes to jobs.

Fortunately, there are many sites that provide information on current job openings for those looking to get employed. The IT industry may not be an easy business to get started in, but it isn't an impossible task. As long as you know where to look, you can and will find a job that pays a great salary.

Whether you're looking for career in IT support, network systems, or software testing, below best resources to find IT careers with quality firms:

There is probably no better place to find IT firms with available jobs than a site that's called ITjobs. This site is filled with information on jobs available in the IT field, plus the site also educates you further about what these jobs are all about. There are many different types of jobs you can get when you study IT, and so this site will let you know what types are available for you. The job categories include:

  • Open Systems
  • Internet/Intranet/Extranet
  • Network Systems
  • Client/Server
  • Legacy Systems
  • SW Development and Engineering
  • ERP/CRM/DW Management and Applications Consulting
  • Software Testing and QA

Dice is a site all about finding jobs in your area on the best Tech companies available. It basically is like Craigslist, but mainly on the Tech job sector in general. However, unlike Craigslist, the site is completely professional and has no hidden fees you have to pay. Furthermore, they have over 80,000 different available jobs that you can search from and all you need to do is put in your state or zip code, and it will automatically search a job for you.

TechCareers is a premier site for career advancement on the Tech industry having numerous fresh companies that are currently looking for new employees. All you have to do is search from its continuously updated database to find fresh and relevant opportunities perfectly suited for you. Connect with Engingeering and Tech employers as well as industry contacts from the site instantly. Also show off your professional achievements by creating your own personal Career Portfolio on the site for employers to come chasing you. The possibilities are quite amazing, and to begin, just sign up on the site.

Although this site may not be all that established yet, it offers a great range of available jobs for those who came fresh out of college. Unlike the other sites, this site isn't all that organized and neatly constructed yet, but it still offers great opportunities for those just looking to get started.

All of these IT-focused websites will a facet when finding great IT firms. They all have different styles in showing you jobs and companies, but all of them have one objective, which is to help you find a job as soon as possible.


The Technology Behind Portable Truck Scales

The purpose of truck scales are to weigh the payload of road vehicles to determine the contents being carried. Some truck scales are are permanently fixed on the truck (e.g. onboard truck scales) and others that are portable.

Truck Scale

The most common of truck scales can be mounted on a surface with a ramp on which the vehicle can pass over and the weighing machine is placed underneath. Weighing scales today are now linked to computers which can print tickets and give mini reports. They can be used not only in the transport industry but also the shipping and mining industries as well.

There are many truck scales which are of various designs and uses. A portable truck scale simply means that it can be carried around and they vary depending on the capacity of the load they can hold. The vehicles wheels pass over the scales and their weight is measured and displayed. Some have external display for their results while others have an inbuilt display. The inbuilt display is preferable because you do not have to carry a laptop or computer with you. Furthermore the external display may be quite far from where the machine is giving you less control on the weighing procedure.

Each country has its own legally accepted for axle loads. Government officials or the police use them a lot when they want to ensure that the vehicles are not overloaded. A high quality portable truck scale is required for such operations and is important too, for checking the centre of gravity, measuring the force downwards and hence certifying trailers and other large wheeled trucks.

Most of them are light enough to be carried wherever they are needed. The casings in which they are stored give you the ability to carry it like a normal suitcase. The non-skid patterns on the vehicle provide a strong grip on the vehicle especially during the rainy or winter season. The height is low giving an equally low angle on the ramp. The best part of these gadgets is the accuracy of the weights provided for each vehicle.

Mining companies that are keen on the profits they make will not hesitate to use a scale for weighing purposes. Such companies have incorporated top notch truck scales and weighing systems for reliability and accuracy. Any untrue readings could put any business in jeopardy. The number of tones you could be dealing with should not be an issue so long as an appropriate and good quality scale is used. Customized scales may be an excellent option for businesses that want to maintain huge profits.

The shipping industry in particular cannot do without truck scales. Your shipping logistics solutions are well catered for by portable weighing scales. There are custom-made scales that are very reliable for this trucking sector. The protected screen cover on these trucks makes a whole lot of difference due to the fact that the display will never be tampered with at any given time.

Truck scales is ideal for large shipping companies that find it extremely difficult to move goods to the weighing area. Taking the machine to where it's required is actually faster and saves time and money.

There are only few suppliers who offer a full range of truck scales. One of the leading global suppliers of both portable truck scales and onboard truck scales is Walz Scale.


The Samsung UN65F7100 TV is Exactly What I Expected [Review]

Samsung UN65F7100 TVTaking informed decision is crucial when buying a product, electronic goods in particular. I had read quite a good number of reviews online about Samsung UN65F7100 TV before I made the final decision of purchasing this beautiful television. If you like LCDs, then this TV has a lot to like.

This Samsung TV has a bright beautiful picture, it is very thin (about 1.3 inches only) and light weight, has cool remote, and easy to navigate menus that will offer a good surfing experience while watching the TV. It is my most favorite model for any TV that I have bought till to date.

In my opinion, the Samsung UN657100 TV is one of the best looking 3D TVs out there in the market.

Features of Samsung UN65F7100 TV

  • The best and newest-released 65-inch smart 3D LED TV
  • Supported with Excellent Internet connectivity, and built-in Wi-Fi
  • Comes with great active 3D feature
  • Full HD 1080 pixels resolution picture quality
  • Voice-recognition/voice control
  • Super slim screen but makes the screen looks even bigger
  • Excellent picture quality is reflected by its strong elements such as contrast, color, and black levels
  • Provides LED edge lighting
  • Dual core processor for speedy browsing and downloading
  • Attractive and sleek appearance/design
  • Smart Hub provides more apps than any other TV
  • Four HDMI inputs
  • Three USB inputs

These are the primary features of Samsung UN65F7100 TV. There are many more cool features designed for an entertaining experience of this TV.

Benefits of Samsung UN65F7100 TV

Recognized as one of the leading LED TV's, Samsung's UN65F7100 is a huge-sized 3D LED TV that is supported with various different features and specifications. It is easy to set up and fun to watch. I can honestly tell that this TV is designed to give the best pleasure when watching the TV.I like the slim frame design of this TV supported with full-screen resolution. As one of the top LED TV's, the Samsung UN65F7100 has the most comfortable and lightest 3D glasses in the marketplace. You can enjoy the best picture quality in both 2D and 3D modes.

I am sure this slim design and 3D feature will make everyone really enjoy programs on this beautiful television. It gives different kind of viewing experience. The benefits of purchasing and watching Samsung UN65F7100 TV are varied and great. It is the best quality 3D television out there in the market. Its full-screen image, ultra-slim bezel, 3D features, smart hub feature have made this TV really amazing. It is more entertaining than ever before watching my favorite box-office movie on this TV.

The Last Word About the UN65F7100

I have come to this conclusion that no TV will beat Samsung UN65F7100 because the features it has and the benefits it provides are just simply fantastic. As I mentioned earlier on, I did my research online, and also the off, before I purchased this TV. You can read reviews online that can help you made an informed decision. It is a beautiful TV that is easy to set up.

You have everything in this huge-sized smart TV of Samsung to experience the best picture quality and smooth browsing. I cannot speak for others but in my opinion it comes with great price to purchase for all the great features and benefits it offers.

This Technology Scribes review was written by Shaheen Hammeed, an electronics guru and avid blogger.


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