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Infrared Military Technology That Keeps Soldiers Safe

Infrared patches, otherwise known as "IR patches" carry a significant purpose in many branches of the U.S. Military. During times of combat in the dark or in situations of air strikes, IR patches utilize unique technologies to signify fellow soldiers in field. As a result, IR patches help to protect military soldiers from risks of friendly fire. IR Patches

The Simple Yet Effective Technology of IR Patches

IR patches are required accessory for virtually all military-issued uniforms, particularly for units of the U.S. Army. At night, IR patches are visible when seen through specialized nigh vision technology.

In short, IR patches help to distinguish military personnel amidst the battlefield when other units or air strikes are warranted.

Other Military Functions of IR Patches

In addition to being used a signal of fellow soldiers in the field, IR patches also provide a number of other military functions. Each IR patch provides a specific piece of information, such as blood types, unit or identification.

Blood type IR patches are important in cases of injury or when soldiers need medical attention. Medics and hospital staff can refer to the IR patch (especially during the darkness of night,) to perform medial procedures more efficiently.

Another common infrared patch is the IR flag. IR flag patches are essentially the primary form of identification in which soldiers are distinguished in the field. More specifically, there are IR patches for specific army and military units. These help distinguish soldiers who are apart of particular unit or division.

To explore more options for military-issue IR patches, visit websites like Military Uniform Supply for a complete offering of IR patches for many units, blood types, and more.


Technology Advancements in the Mining Industry

Mining TechnologyTechnological advancements continue to be made for virtually every aspect of business. The mining industry has not been left out as new mining technology continues to be created. The technology is employed in all the areas of mining to ensure increase and ease in productivity. Locations using new technology include mining site evaluation and assessment, the actual mining processes, payload transport and processing of minerals.

All aspects of mining are also covered to promote growth wholly; these include underground mining, open cast and off-shore mining processes. Other than the mining technology, there are a number of other factors that need to be in check to ensure that the stability and productivity of any mining site. These issues sometimes pose great hindrances to mining processes if not well contained. The following are some of these issues and the challenges these factors/issues present, and how mining technology provides a needed solution.

Mining Site Evaluation

Firstly, we draw focus on challenges in evaluating a site and its content. Evaluation of a site is the first process taken once mining has been intended to occur. It should provide a base for economic decisions, identify and quantify risks and also establish the project priority. It also gives views to the technical aspects of the mining process if it should proceed. However, due to inaccuracy and poor mining technology the results obtained after an evaluation may not be accurate.

This in turn affects the whole mining process as the projected results will not be achieved in the end. The intended budget of the mining process may end up with a deficit or surplus and the duration might also be longer or shorter than expected. Inaccuracy in determining the quantity of deposits may also result in huge losses after mining, as it wouldn’t be able to generate back the input.

The solution to this common issue for mining companies is to use 3D scanning technology that reads the density and composition of the land of interest. This advanced mining technology can tell operators what areas of the landscape are best to extract the materials desired.

Mining Extraction, Logistics, & Weighing

Another challenge is in extracting, transporting and weighing payloads. Without the proper mining technology, the process incurs more costs than intended. The cost of transport especially over long distances is very high. This is due to the bulky nature of the minerals. It is advisable then that the processing factories are located near the mining fields in order to cut down on costs. False information on efficiency, revenue and regulatory compliance as a result of inaccuracy in weighing loads is also a challenge.

This is largely due to inefficient mining scales. Extraction industries are therefore advised to seek out advanced mining scale systems that can avail a full inventory system for incoming and outgoing loads. Mining scales are very essential for an extraction or mining company as they validate payload management systems; reduce maintenance costs, increase production levels and cuts down on operating costs.

There is great expectation that with the continuous advancement in mining technology, these challenges will be curbed. This is in turn will ensure that the mining industry continues to grow and create room for more opportunities in the economy. The environmental impacts of mining are also being addressed and measures to put it under control are in place. A lot of minerals are lying on earth waiting to be discovered, and with proper management, this can be achieved in an easy and less destructive but productive way.


Hi-Tech Luggage Sets for Frequent Travelers

Discounted Luggage SetsEveryone who frequently travels has had some kind of trouble with his or her luggage at some point in time. This can be in shape of lost luggage or a suitcase that just couldn't hold up for the entirety of the journey. Fortunately, with newer technology being introduced all the time, there has been a great improvement in discount luggage sets.

A few years back, the focus was on making the suitcases and other forms of luggage cases to be stronger and more reliable and easier to move. This allowed the manufacturers to try some novel ideas and gave the public products made from different materials and designs. Now that the goal of making lighter suitcases that are stronger and easier to move has been more or less achieved, the manufacturers are looking for even more options that the user of the age of extreme technology can relate to and use for more than just the traditional purposes.

The new generation of discount luggage sets offers a wide range of options that are truly amazing. The new technologies that are being tried and tested are incredible and the struggle to make the travel easier is ongoing.

Some discount luggage sets have been introduced in the market that contain their own charging docks for cell phones and other smart devices. In case a traveler are stuck in a delay and need to charge a device, there is no need to look for a power outlet, it's right there in the baggage he or she is carrying.

Experimentation is currently being done in the field of adding GPS to discount luggage sets. This will be a big leap for the industry towards the future as they will allow the owners of these sets to be at peace of mind regarding the location of their travel baggage. In case the baggage is lost, it will be tracked without much trouble.

Often people put their cloths in a suitcase and then press on it to drive the air out so that more cloths can be put in. To help you out, new discount luggage sets are available at certain online discount luggage stores which expand before taking all the air out of them. This allows the clothing to take lesser space and more objects can be placed, adding up to the ease in travel experience.

Another concept that has been recently introduced is fingertips feature for enhanced security of discount luggage sets. These discount luggage sets have their own memory of number of sets of fingertips. The suitcase can be locked and unlocked with the help of the fingertips that have been placed in the memory. This allows the person owning the luggage with the knowledge that his or her luggage cannot be opened by another other than him or her.

Last but not least on our list of features is a suitcase under experimentation that will follow the owner itself, following the owner's cell phone device. Such a luggage set will allow a person to not worry about moving the luggage around.

The technology surely is making the travel endeavors easier and in future, one can expect it to be much more comfortable than today with little or no worry regarding discounted luggage sets.


The Technology Behind Samsung's OLED TV's

 Samsung OLED TVThe term 'OLED' has become a household name almost everywhere these days. It is being thrown around by futuristic enthusiasts and TV advertisements, yet a few people can actually claim to know what the abbreviation stands for.

In full, it reads 'Organic Light Emitting Diodes', and was first extensively developed by Samsung. This means that organic molecules are incorporated into the design, leading to an impressive, solid-state, thin screen, which is surprisingly energy efficient.

Samsung OLED TV Technology

The latter mentioned "Diodes" are made through an ingenious method of placing the organic, or carbon based substances, in the middle of two conductors. The magic happens when an electric current is passed through the design - a bright light is emitted.

This can be regulated, leading to the emission of the whole spectrum of colors. Better still, the current can be passed through the extremely miniature diodes differently, leading to the fact that every pixel is in essence a diode.

OLED TV's Versus LED TV's

The materials used in making the OLED Samsung TV's do not require back-lighting, in contrast to their LED TV cousins. The accolades of advantages do not stop there. The TV's featuring the OLED technology have been credited with faster refresh rates; meaning that a picture is re-loaded on the screen with dizzying speeds, resulting in a high definition TV display, which is a feast to the human retina. Moreover, there is better contrast and reproduction of colors with the TV's.

The thickness of the screen is also amazing. For instance, some Samsung releases which are set to hit the market are just 1.7 mm thick. This means that it can literally be folded, since it is also pliable. There are prototypes which have been made to span a mere 0.3 millimeters.

The OLED's are also ahead of the LED's in terms of their impact on the environment. Being mainly organic, they have no bad metals. Moreover, the highest – inch versions are more energy efficient than most Samsung TV's in the market.

The viewing angle of most Samsung LED TV's is just less than 150 degrees. OLED viewing angle in comparison is wider and more defined than this. The angle is 180 degrees, give or take a few off the figure. There is potential for the transparency of the screen, given extensive research in the area.

Types of OLED TV's

There are basically two types of OLED technology. These are the True OLED and White OLED's. Samsung has been using True OLED for it's Samsung TV models. This design features the three primary colors. These are built into OLED's which are smaller than a pixel wide. A combination of these small diodes makes up a pixel. The end result is a natural color output of the picture.

The Color Filter (or CF) OLED architecture has been put in use by other rival companies to Samsung. White pixels are used in conjunction with filters which give the output differently. As opposed to the True OLED, they are more likely to be less energy efficient. Surprisingly, they are projected to beat the LED's pants down, in terms of image quality, and energy efficiency.

There is a chance that the first releases by Samsung will be 55" wide. However, there are still some logistical details which are still keeping the enthusiasts holding their breath. One thing is for sure: they will not be disappointed.


Agricultural Technology for Yield Management

farm scalesThe application of various agricultural and farm scale technologies by large-scale producers has lead to optimal productivity and improved efficiency in yield management. In this article, we highlight the various farming scales and agricultural weighing technologies that help farmers manage their harvest in the most efficient means possible.

Farm Conveyor Belt Scales

Conveyor belt scales are effective in measuring weights and determining the flow rates of material. These farm belt scales are fitted with sensors, which trigger the conveyor belt to either start or stop in order to weigh a product.

The belt then transports the package for further modifications like sorting or packaging. The information obtained by the conveyer belt scale system may later be placed on the package or stored in a memory. Belt scales are specifically designed to improve accuracy of yield total weight and output. They require frequent calibration to maximize their accuracy.

Train & Rail Scales

Rail scales also offer accuracy in weight measurement for large harvest loads. They are useful for farmers in determining the weights of bulky farm yields. Rail scales are made by using weighing bridges to turn a section of a railroad into a weighing system. As the truck carrying yields pass through this point, the weight of the product being carried is taken. Rail scales can either be static of coupled in motion.

Static rail scales require that the truck stop at the point where the weighing system has been fixed for some time for the measurement to be taken. Coupled in motion rail scales take the weight of yields while the rail car is in motion. Rail scales and farm scales are most effective in the management of bulky farm yields.

The efficiency of rail scales, farm scales and conveyer belt scales can further be boosted by yield management software that fully automates the harvest process.

Yield Management Software

Yield management software comes with a variety of software specifications that make it easy for farmers to monitor their produce. First, the yield pro desktop software ensures full automation of the weighing process. This ensures easy calibration and detection of hitches in agricultural and farm scales. By using this software, producers can monitor the weighing process using computer desktops. This significantly cuts down on human labor that would instead monitor the process.

Further, the yield pro harvest software allows producers to be directly connected to their truck scales and axle scales. The software enables drivers to automatically access weight records from the comfort of their cab, via their smart phones or tablets. This feature of the yield management software dramatically simplifies the weight management process thus increasing the speed of weighing trucks during harvests.

RFID and video recognition systems in the yield harvest software further automate the weighing process. The automation of the vehicles serves to eliminate errors and further increase the product input and output across the scales. These particularly important for on board farm scales which are integrated on grain dump trucks and other ag equipment. A grain dump truck scale systems can measure the load while "on board" the vehicle, adding an extra level of convenience and efficiency.

The IP camera interface feature of the yield management software offers unlimited benefits to producers. The camera enables the monitoring and management of the harvest from any location that has an internet connection. It also simplifies the weighing process for those using axle scales.

The above technologies when applied in management of yields can significantly reduce losses that are usually incurred during a busy harvest. These ag and farm scales also greatly reduce on the time spent in processing farm yields. It's therefore very important to have full knowledge about this technology before trying it.


MultiCam®: Blending Creativity with Military Technology

MultiCam UniformMultiCam® is an andvanced camouflage pattern that represents one of the newest uniforms of the U.S. military. MultiCam camouflage was designed using some of the most advanced military technologies in an effort to disguise soldiers amidst a wide spectrum of environments and conditions.

MultiCam was initially engineered as a test to determine if a single camouflage design could effectively conceal the visual sight of an individual, as well as the near-IR (infrared) presence of soldiers from the air. Spearheaded by the United States Armed Forces, the need for this experiment was particularly emphasized by the first units deployed to Afghanistan (and area rich with diverse landscapes.)

During missions, these units quickly realized that the current "desert battle dress uniforms" were not sufficient for the middle east's terrain. For this reason, the Armed Forces underwent research and development for a new more adaptive camouflage; and as a result, the MultiCam uniform was born.

Crafted by Crye Precision, the MultiCam camo pattern centers on the need for optimal concealment in various environments. While there are several types of military uniforms and camouflage designs that offer adequate concealment in specific environments, MultiCam uniforms are known to be effective in many different changing conditions.

MultiCam camouflage is now applied to all types of military componentry and gear. Of the most common applications are textiles and fabrics, such as military footwear, uniforms, packs, and helmet covers.

Visit Military Uniform Supply to learn more about MulitCam, as well as purchase MultiCam uniforms, combat gear, footwear, and other equipment tailored using this cutting-edge design.


Technological Advancements Made to the Military Boots of Today

Military BootsThe military boot of today is part of the complete combat uniform that military personnel would normally wear while on duty. The combat undergoes varies updates in a year to match up to the expected threats, and also to take advantage of new technology that not only makes them safer, but easier to use too. Boots protect the feet of the wearer and work to regulate various environmental aspects to allow the wearer cope with hostile territories.

Premium military boots come in different camouflage patterns to correspond to the immediate vicinity of the wearer. This includes a match with the other combat gear, the vegetation, soil and buildings or vehicles around him or her.

Other boots gets hot and humid making a person's feet sweaty, but that is taken care of by the moisture wicking socks. To accommodate the socks, the military issue boots come in slightly larger shoe sizes. You can expect to have an 8-inch high boot at the least, which is the minimum standard for today's military boots. The units are also made of tan, having rough side out cattle hide. All this is combined with a plain toe. You also get tan rubber soles for comfort and shock cushioning. Unlike industrial boots, the military boots lack metal cleats or side tabs mainly as a precaution against personal injury that would be cause by the boots while the individual in active on site.

When it comes to weather, there are slight variations to the available boots. Extreme cold weather goes with vapor barrier boots that keep feet warm throughout the day and night. To keep someone hot, the boots rely on a liner-less bulbous sandwich of wool. This together with the rubber lining and the sock expected to be worn by a soldier all aid in containing the heat from the wearer's feet. The rubber used does not breakdown when exposed to oil or diesel. Typically, the boots for extreme cold weather tolerate up to negative 28.9 degrees centigrade for the basic type and negative 53.8 degrees centigrade for the advanced cold weather military-grade boot.

Some specialized military boots also come with an air release valve to get rid of excess pressure within them, without subjecting the wearer to the need of removing them. This applies to both cold season boots and the standard or hot weather boots. The most preferred boot technology for military uses is the modular boot system. It works on a large temperature range, without disintegrating or becoming a nuisance to the wearer. It is also an all terrain boot thanks to the use of industrial grade rubber that is infused with nylon. These can be found at most suppliers of military-issue boots for sale.

In conclusion, today's military boots for sale are highly versatile and meant for use in extreme environmental situations. Military boots are specifically designed for extreme weather, extreme terrains and will hold up firmly the wearer's feet, keeping them warm without posing any danger. The use of military textiles, and other materials as well as intuitive design technology keeps the boots versatile for their appropriate use in combat and non-combat situations.


Advanced Technology behind Befco Mowers, Tillers, and Equipment

BefcoBefco is an equipment production company that offers 11 major groups of products. These groups have over 100 models for you to choose from. All of Befco products models are built with very high quality and are easily found in most Befco mowers, tillers, and other technologically advanced equipment.

Befco Cyclone Finishing Mowers

This product is very advanced technically built with modern technologies and constructed to offer you highly professional performances. Befco Cyclone mowers are the best and most ideal machines for maintaining sports fields, golf courses and lawns.

This product comes in a wide variety of models that include Cyclone C30-CE5, C70 and C50. These models are ideal for use with HP 16 to 70 tractors. Their parts are widely available and can be assembled very fast. Befco Cyclone mower models are mounted on the rear or front end of tractors. Their parts and features are mowing blade, PTO Shaft, which are fitted at both ends of the mower, 4 rubber tires, spindle shafts, safety kill witch and a precise blade overlap.

Befco Hurricane Flail Mowers

The Befco Hurricane Flail mower offers you three series of models, each accurately designed to offer the best performance and safe mowing. Its models include H40, which is designed to work with tractors from 15 to 40 HP and mows for 48”, 72” and 60”. Another model under this brand is H70 and is ideal for work with tractors of 30 to 70 HP. Befco Hurricane Flail Mowers latest model is the H80, which works well with most tractors from 40 to 80 HP. Its parts include heavy duty enforced belts, usually 2. Other features and parts include a grease fitting extension, a highly engineered gearbox, adjustable cutting roller with a scrape, steel pulleys and mowing blades.

Befco Tornado Rotary Cutters

This yet another product of mowers and is built to be dependable and solid. It comes in models of Tornado RSD, Tornado RMD and Tornado RHD. These models also have the capability of chopping wheat and potatoes. Its parts include a floating top link, heavy duty gearbox, a standard slip clutch and steel blades that swing freely. These models’ parts and features are heavy duty belt, steel pulleys, a spiral gear, safety chain shields, a heavy duty 8 gauge deck, replaceable skids, laminated tail wheel, spring steel blades and telescoping wings among others.

Befco Till Rite Rotary Tillers

These are versatile, very sturdy and very economical tillers. It comes in five models like T40, T50, T70 and T60 and operates with tractors with 16 to 70 HP. They can be used anywhere from orchards to all kinds of landscaping jobs. Their parts and features include heavy duty tiller blades, adjustable side skids lateral chain drive transmission in an oil bath, six knives per flange and a side-shift system that doesn’t require levers to operate.

Befco Cyclone Flex Gang Mowers

Befco came up with this product and made it ideal for mowing in wide areas like sports grounds and golf courses. Models of this product are Cyclone Flex, Cyclone super Flex and Cyclone Ez-Flex. These models offer very high mowing speeds and excellent quality finish. Their features and parts include a tail wheel fork, Mowing blade, stamped wheels, single action hydraulic folding wing and height adjustment bushing set, which are available online and in equipment stores near you.

Befco mowers and tillers are the best equipment that come in competitive pocket-friendly prices and are easily available. Befco mower and tiller parts are equally easily accessible and can be found in equipment stores and online in some sites. Try them today and have the best mowing experience.


Technology Advancements in Luggage: The Future of Travel

Luggage TechnologyEver since passenger ships, trains, buses and air planes came into existence for mass modes of transportation, people have been packing bags to take their important things with them. As more and more people have joined the moving masses, more and more pieces of luggage have been mistaken, stolen, or gone missing altogether. But the modern age of technology is working to change all that.

Researchers at MIT and other technology labs, have come up with luggage that will follow you around. This technologically advanced luggage moved at a slow walking pace, and sometimes it's homing signal would latch onto the wrong cell phone, but it worked. These little bags have built-in wheels, and an app for your phone. You connect the app's signal with the bag's signal and away you go. No more sore shoulder as you pull another heavy bag behind you. They have more work to do so that each unit will only latch onto it's owner's app and not someone else's. They need to increase it's speed of movement as well so you don't miss your plane. But other than that, such technology is promising.

Luggage that lets you use a QR code at check-in is already in the works as well as luggage that will use biometrics to ensure you are the authorized person to access it's contents.

Perhaps more than biometrics and automaton luggage, is the research making strides to one day have your bags check themselves in using RFID technology. Airbus is reportedly working on such technology right now. If their research leaves the lab and enters a German manufacturer's hands, you could be buying luggage that tells you how heavy it is, tells you where it is at each point along your route, and thanks to GPS, tells airline workers where it is in the event you can no longer communicate with it. The working project title is "Bags2go".

Looking at futuristic luggage can remind one of the Jetsons. Take packing your clothes for example. Although this option is far from being discounted luggage, one piece of luggage you can buy right now, by Briggs & Riley, contains compression technology where the bag will expand up to 33% before compressing the air out of your clothes as it shrinks back down to normal size.

A couple options I looked at, contain batteries that will charge your phone. One of these bags creates it's electricity via the wheels used to move along the ground. Sadly, the battery-only bag is currently on the market. The kinetic-charge bag is still in concept stages.

Now what if the airport is busy and you need to get from point A to point B quickly? Would a bag that turns into a scooter help? Would a bag that lets you comfortably take a seat be of assistance? Technology such as these have reached the concept stage as well.

Lastly, how about the problem of over-weight luggage? In the UK, you can purchase luggage right now that will weigh itself!

The future of technologically advanced luggage is bright! Will you be on board?


Tackling a Computer Virus with Remote Virus Removal Services

Virus Removal ServicesA computer virus is basically a software program (or "malware") that's capable of reproducing itself in a harmful fashion. As an anti-programming form of software, computer virus obstruct other system files and programs causing all wealth of issues.

Computer virus are usually spread through download from the Internet. It can spread either from e-mail attachments, video and audio downloads, and even instant messaging messages. Different viruses cause various effects, and some can be more determinental than others.

When not computer viruses are not removed in a thorough and timely fasion, a number of harmful effects can occur. A computer virus is responsible for corrupting and deleting computer data which is usually stored in the hard disk drive. The computer virus spreads or reproduce rapidly and sometime erase everything on hard disk.

One of the best solutions to get rid of computer virus as fast as possible is looking into remote virus removal services ("remote" meaning the virus removal service is done online and not done in person.) It's important to note that remote virus removal services are not always an option for computers that are too corrupt to function. In this case, we recommend contacting a local computer repair shop.

The Value in Remote Virus Removal Services

While surfing the internet or opening e-mails and attachments, there is always a threat to computer of being exposed to the virus. When a virus infects a computer it steals business and personal information, slows down the system and completely stop the systems functionality.

So for fast action and to protect the computer from active threats, remote virus removal servicesare a fast and efficient way to remove/clean hard disk drive from viruses with just a basic internet connection. Everyday different remote virus removal companies responds with emergency remote virus support for customers who are effected with virus threats like viruses, worms, spam, spyware and trojans.

Different organizations hire technicians who are best in the industry and have vast knowledge and experience for all virus removal needs. These service engineers remotely support the customers on a 24/7 basis.

What Virus Removal Services Can Handle

Different active threats which can be removed by investing in virus removal services. These include:

a. Anti virus: Detection and protection from different active viruses.

b. Anti-spyware protects the computer identity.

c. Ant-spam: This ant-spam option helps in the elimination of unwanted mails or junk mails from the computers.

d. Enabling the firewall option to lock down the computer system from network attacks.

e. Activation of parental control option to protect the children from harmful internet videos, pictures and e-mails.

These are the threats which can be handled very efficiently by the industry experts or service engineers who are the best in their department.

Remote Virus removal services: Remote virus removal service is one of the best options to remove active threats with just a phone call. The service engineer are always ready for constant support and the persisting problem of the computers is solved with efficiency in a real quick time with the help of internet connection.

The service engineers track the computer from Internet Protocol (IP) address mentioned by the customers and act accordingly. Geographic location is irrelevant in this case and all the formalities can be done remotely with the help of a PC. The engineers can solve the problem without visiting the customer's house.


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