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3 Samsung TV's Soon to Be for Sale in 2014

SamsungAlthough Samsung has over the past been relatively successful in keeping its trade secrets hidden, an overview of 3 of its most anticipated and highly popular TV models that are expected to be on sale next year can now be revealed. Samsung's 2013-2014 lineups primarily focuses on new releases for LED and plasma television sets, as well as its pioneering Ultra HD and OLED television models. The coming year will primarily concentrate on Smart TV and newer intelligent features, although Samsung TV's on sale currently happen to also guarantee vast improvements in picture quality.

Samsung OLED TV

SamsungOnline consumer electronics forums have been abuzz since this may when Samsung received exclusive rights from the US Patent Office to develop a description of "a bendable OLED television. This innovative idea allows for the "bending" of your television set via remote control to obtain a better viewing angle. Samsung's OLED TV is expected to include advanced custom-made software to adjust the image and ensure no distortion due to the bending.

Samsung headquarters in South Korea has already announced that it expects to unveil its much-awaited OLED TV prototype at next year's Consumer Electronic Show to be held in Las Vegas, Nevada from January 7-10, 2014. While the press release was sketchy on details about technical information, the TV's display size can definitely be expected to be huge. Samsung's OLED TV is also believed to incorporate plastic substrates in its body's design, as well as a spacious back panel to effortlessly deform the display. It is highly possible that Samsung will only unveil their OLED TV prototype in closed-door meetings. This particular model is forecasted to have wider angles in contrast with current models that are only slightly curved.

Samsung UE55F8000 LED 3D TV

This particular model is arguably the cream of the crop among the stack of new HDTV's released by Samsung this year. The seemingly short amount of time that has elapsed since it was unveiled is more than enough to sway even the most demanding consumers on the merits of the Samsung UE55F8000. This 55-inch is the best of the best from the Korean television manufacturer's highest-end and especially-exclusive 1080p LED LCD range. Larger 65 and 75 inch versions of this model are possibly already in the pipeline. Samsung's 55 inch F8000 model includes 4 HDMI input inlets, a DVB-T2 Free-view HD natural tuner, as well as a DVB-S2 satellite tuner.

The television set is powered by Samsung's new Quad Core processing technology, whose main purpose is widely believed to enable the provision of a wider range of Smart TV services, faster. The highly advanced is also employed to enable greater precision in the motion vector interpolation calculations performed in support of the 1000 Hertz Clear Motion Rate this TV is claimed to possess.

Samsung UN65H7100, 65-inch LED LCD TV

Any keen observer would have noticed that another press release put out by Samsung Korea earlier this year to highlight their 24 awards also included an addendum in the U.S version. This inclusion revealed Samsung's 2014 H7100 series. IT specifically focused on the company's UN65H7100, 65-inch LED LCD TV, which will go by the name UE65H7100 in Europe and promises to be one of the best Samsung TV's on sale. The current trend among Samsung TV sales indicates a shift from 2013's F models to the H series of 2014, curiously skipping the letter G. In line with Samsung's past branding methodologies, we can expect the entire series to run the complete gamut beginning with the lower ending H4000 series and rising up to the Samsung H8000 series and perhaps even the H9000 soon.

The first point worth mentioning about this future Samsung TV sale is that it is a best of innovation winner at the Consumer Electronics Show. Also, it operates under the power of a quad core processor while making good use of a "real" 240 Hertz panel that can churn out 240 images at a much higher rate without showing any ghosting. A quad core processor is really nothing to brag about because it comes included in all currently available high-end Samsung Smart televisions. The real 240Hz panel minus ghosting has generated a lot of interest on the other hand.

This ingenious technology utilizes the placement of blank frames between every other screened image to act as a sort of reset button for the image and thus eliminate ghosting effects. Samsung's entire Smart television platform has definitely been subjected to an ongoing slick redesign process this year. Samsung's UN65H7100, 65-inch LED LCD TV is one result of this process and is ideal for those with a an appreciation for inter-connected devices, that are faster and better designed. It will certainly cater to every TV watchers number one priority: perfect picture quality.


A Close Look Inside Modern

Painos RaleighPlayer pianos are best described as self-playing pianos built with a pneumatic (air-powered) or electromechanical device that mimics keyboard movements either by perforated paper or rolls composed of metal.

Conventional pneumatic player pianos were manufactured back in the 1970's, but because they are not as common today, you'd be lucky to get your hands on one. Nowadays, the computer-controlled models are readily offered, particularly the QRS Pianomation and the Yamaha Disklavier player painos.

Mechanics of Player Pianos

The player mechanism or pneumatic stick is basically the uppermost part of the instrument. In the early models, they were powered with suction through two foot levers. Small-sized paper rolls within have tiny perforations the represents the notes to be played. As for the modern models, they are built with computers with a CD in order to control the keys.

Today, companies that produce the instrument made improvements to make them user-friendly. As a replacement to the music rolls, floppy disks and magnetic tapes are used for the recording and play back of music. Most of the modern models utilize MIDI interfaces that work hand in hand with computer equipment to play songs.

Different Styles of Player Pianos

There are two varieties of player pianos: design integrated and retrofit. Let's take a closer look at each model.

Design Integrated Player Pianos

The Yamaha Disklavier that was released in the market back in 1986 introduced the integration of digital electronics for automatic playback of songs and recording on the traditional pianos. Throughout the years, the computer-powered player piano models drastically evolved into superior instruments. These instruments are not only capable of delivering live acoustic concerts, but even provide ensemble music with vocal tracks and instrumentals.

Additional features include recording and playback of your own performance, connection offered by PCs, MIDI devices and Internet as well as creating complex multiple track schemes. Due to the distinct combination of digital and acoustic versatility, the instrument is highly preferred by music lovers all over the globe.

The latest improvements are offered by the Yamaha Disklavier E3. The features include Internet streaming broadcasts, crystal clear playback, simple and user-friendly operation controls, iPad or iPhone control, storage of 200 hours of music and recordings, transfer using USB and many more.

Retrofit Player Pianos

Whether it is a old vintage piano or a new one, you can still get the most out of a piano with certain integrations. You can easily have a player system installed (or retrofitted) in any piano. With a player piano, you can play any type of music that you want. Only select piano dealers offer these retrofitting services, so it may take some research and outreach to find the expertise to do this.

The latest retrofit systems for your piano are the QRS Pianomation or PianoDisc. These systems can modify your piano into a modern and digitized player piano.With QRS Pianomation, it utilizes full wireless control of the player system. This system emphasizes on providing the latest technology that will make your piano a modern instrument.

As for PianoDisc, the system can be added to pianos in different sizes or make and convert them into modern instruments. With its patented technology, it allows your piano to play at a higher dynamic range.

With the modern varieties of player pianos in the market, you can easily transform your old-fashioned piano into a modern musical instrument that can provide hours of entertainment.


Technology and Processes Behind Custom Screen Printing

 Custom Screen Printing T-ShirtsCustom screen printing is an increasingly popular trend in America. With the latest fashion more and more people are employing small businesses to utilize custom screen printing services. Custom screen printing helps to raise the value and uniqueness of the product.

The process of custom screen printing involves the printing of an image or pattern using ink onto a fabric surface. Usually, the pattern is preset using a carefully designed stencil onto the surface, and the colored ink is then applied to create the impression on tshirts, tank tops, and other forms of clothing. The screen is usually stretched on a casing and once the ink is applied a rubber device is used to spread the ink across the even surface. To create the stencil various art tools are used such as scalpels or blades.

It is always important to acquire good quality screen printing ink when starting the manufacturing process. Blotting pens are used to block out areas where no printing is required. After the printing process, the ink is cured with a textile dryer and the screen is washed before the process is repeated. Some systems use a conveyor belt system to automate the process.

It is an economical way of applying a set pattern on multiple sets of fabric, increasing cost efficiency and making larger scale production possible. This is especially effective when you want to show some form of targeted advertisements to a selected group of people. Once the pattern is preset, a large quantity of product can be produced with the logo or advert in a short period of time.

It is possible adjust the screen panel to the size of the eventual product, meaning it is a flexible way of creating a set pattern. It is also a scalable process. Custom screen printing can be utilized on a wide range of products including not only clothing but other garments, utilities and balloons. Once the ink is dried, the effect is also permanent and durable.

Creating a custom screen printing company can be a extremely rewarding process. Once the design is set the process can be repeated an infinite number of times. Some companies, like The Neon South, have carved a niche in custom screen printing neon tank tops, It is possible to be innovative and create any pattern that you desire to make a unique product that will satisfy your customer. The customer can see the results immediately rather than having to visualize on a computer screen.

As long as you have a good art staff anything is possible in the business. A particularly lucrative business is customized tshirts for the younger population. A good screen printer can see their unique product paraded by people wearing their carefully designed tshirts on the streets.

In summary, custom screen printing is a valuable, simple, rewarding, yet crafty business in custom tshirts. However, it is now getting more competitive and more and more businesses are trying to get a share of the pie. As with every other business, start small and then build your business up slowly when you have expanded your customer base. There are already hundreds of existing templates to start with and you can then create your own when you have acquired some capital.


Increased Efficacy with Onboard Loader Scale Technology

Loader ScalesOnboard loader scales are highly effective electronic or pressure-aided technological devices that allow for the determination of the loaded weight at the site as a more convenient alternative to the in-ground scale.

These onboard scales (also known as wheel loader scales or more broadly as onboard scales) are designed to rely on load cell technology while others use pressure readings obtained from the air suspension in the determination of weight. The loader scale technology uses mechanical or strain-gauge transducers in calculating the weight of vehicles that have spring suspensions. Another type of onboard loader cells is the air-suspension PSI gauges that are particularly suitable for trucks and trailers.

On the other hand, the air-suspension loader scales are analog devices that give on-the-ground weight in pounds and kilograms. One of the most effective types onboard scales is the electronic scales that are enhanced with PSI sensors.

The Specifics Behind Wheel Loader Scales

The weighing of payloads requires the maintenance of certain records and specific data on the weights. The ultra-modern onboard loader scales are enhanced with data collection capabilities that aid in the monitoring of processes and the management of the systems' efficiency. Some onboard systems, such as the MC 402 have the capacity to keep the records of 500 clients, 400 trucks, 100 products, and 400 destinations.

This particular gadget uses iPCS software that can keep the data and allow for its transfer on a computer using a memory disk, GSM, or radio. This advantage makes reduces the danger of human error, which is usually associated with alternative processes. The most modern loader scales have very impressive interface features and highly effective keys that make it easy to control and interpret the information as displayed. Highly advanced scales come with multiple conveniences that make them ideal for telescopic trucks, compact loaders, and fork lifts.

Applications of Onboard Loader Scales

Onboard loaders scales are highly common in mining and resource extraction context. One of the largest challenges that mining operators face is effectively weighing the payload of the resources being extracted and transported. These wheel and onboard loader scales offer a sound solution to meet these challenges.

Many onboard scales can measure the weight of payloads as the truck or vehicle is in motion. This offers incredible efficacy and minimized downtime for mining operations. The types of mining weigh scales are optimal integration for all types of mining and resource extraction companies.


Fashionable Technology in Creating Custom Tank Tops

Custom Tank TopsCustom tank tops are highly sought-after by all types of individuals and groups, spanning from sororities and fraternities to vacation groups. Although many love to invest in custom tank tops and clothing, very few people consider the technology behind custom tanks, t-shirts, hats and other articles of clothing.

All types of companies offer custom tank tops. The technology they use is often both digital and tangible. Below we share a few of the different technologies used in creating custom tank tops.

The Software Behind Custom Tank Tops

In the beginning stages of creating custom tank tops, a software app of some sort is typically utilized. Software and web developers create these apps to enable basic end users to design logos and custom prints to be integrated on their tank tops. Additionally through the software, end users are able to choose the color combination of their tank top design. Some users can opt for custom pocket tanks which are emerging as popular choices for custom tank tops.

In some cases, certain companies offer custom tank top options using different materials and blends. It is usually through the software in which these types of end users can complete their design.

The Hardware Behind Custom Tank Tops

In addition to the software used to make custom tank tops, the hardware perhaps the most important technology. Silk screening is the way of the past, whereas in today's modern age, the silk screening processes has been revolutionized and computerized. Now, screen printing technology can make custom tank tops through a very efficient systems. These systems can process the product at a fast rate, making the overhead for providers very minimal.

The hardware behind custom tank tops is often integrated with the software. Once the end user submits his or her design, the hardware can then process the information and get to work. In many cases, an operator is present to ensure quality control.

Custom tank tops, custom t-shirts, hats, and other forms of apparel are becoming very popular for all types of individuals. There's a grow demand for custom clothing in all ways, shapes, and forms. And when the customer or end user has the capabilities to custom-design their finished product, the appreciation and value is magnified ten-fold.

When it comes to custom tank tops, this is a special niche that's still growing in popularity. Spanning from custom pocket tank tops to neon t-shirts, the growing demand is accelerating fast. Knowing how it's created can help you better understand the source behind your creativity.


Determine Your TV's Optimum Viewing Distance

TV viewing distanceBeauty lies in the eye of its beholder. When it comes to the optimal TV viewing distance, your eyes give you signals whether you are sitting too close or way too far. There have always been years of debate on what would be suggested as the best viewing distance as well as TV viewing angle. We have heard lot many advice from your usual next door neighbor and your top of the line tech savvy experts. But who exactly is correct?

In this unique Technology Scribes post, we share some tips to determine your TV's optimum viewing distance.

Every human possess a gut feeling of their own superior visionary reflexes. Suggestions vary from one to another. Let us take a look at some of the best pointers which one must follow before hitting the remote. Shall we?

You can determine Your TV's Optimum Distance" by dimensions, angle, screen size, lighting and ambiance of the room space which play a major role and it gets very trivial yet daunting when you head out to buy the best of the best and hence get frustrated to not get the best of both worlds. Nowadays, the market is flooded with tons of HDTV's. Gone are the days of old school CRT's. If you consider buying a flat screen HDTV (LED, LCD, PLASMA, O-LED are the usual suspects), then these ground rules must be implicated.

What size TV do you wish to possess?

Yes. Size does matter and so does its production value. Let us just say bigger the size equals distant you sit. But it is all about common sense because there needs to be a co-relation to distance of viewing and size of T.V. They go hand in hand. If a T.V is too massive, and you tend to sit closer, there is a hindrance in detail loss as the screen size is evident to pixelation. Native resolution must be taken to point. Higher the resolution ends up giving you the sharpest, saturated, and vivid detail and may cause short term optical epilepsy which could be experienced through your eyes without a second glance, given if you have a near perfect vision.

Practical Example - Let us assume you have a 50 inch full HDTV. Then the ratio of its threshold detail value and pixel optimization for the TV viewing distance equals 6.6 feet with an angular degree of 30 for 1080p, 10 feet for 720p, 12-13 feet for 576p.

Note - Amplifying the resolution will not cause pixelation but detail loss further because human eye cannot distinguish 1080p or 720p if one sits in the same distance for both resolution. Mix and match the distance. Higher the resolution, nearer you sit for sharp details likewise lesser the resolution, farther you go to avoid detail loss. Maximizing detail is of primitive importance than pixelation which you can optimize experimenting with TV Viewing Distance hampering size of your TV.

Here is a reference below for angular resolution and distance from T.V. Screen size (in inches)/Optimal TV viewing distance (in feet) for 1080p resolution/30 degree angle view:

30/4.0, 35/4.6, 40/5.3, 45/6.0, 50/6.6, 55/7.3, 60/8.0, 65/8.6, 70/9.3

So, there you have it folks. The above schematics will give you a sure shot chance to determine your best TV viewing distance. I am sure you will have to go according to the chart for best output. Results may vary. Happy viewing!


Prominent Travel Technology Innovations for Today and Tomorrow

Discount LuggageFrom discount luggage sets to innovations in gadets, tech products have swiftly changed everything we know and do with travel. This has resulted in the respective role players having to adopt and tap into the abundance of innovation to gain a foothold in their various market niches.

Even though some sectors like luggage or security have been completely revamped through innovative tech products, the revolution has been across-the-board. In the travel industry, abundance of groundbreaking technology has facilitated competition between travel companies and increased customer expectations.

Through the use of big data, travel providers have become empowered to cut costs, increase their revenue and restructure their operations for improved dealing and customer service provision.

The influence of technology on the travel industry has majorly been through improved information delivery in that providers now have the capacity to address travelers’ precise needs. This has been fostered by the growing popularity of online surveys which act as data banks.

The understanding of what customers want has therefore necessitated companies to focus their customer approach. This targeted information delivery approach has worked especially well on mobile devices which offer limited space and time to connect with customers.

Social media has also significantly transformed the way people travel by bridging the gap between providers and their customers. Even though social media has been uncharted by most travel agents due to marketing uncertainties, heavy investment by hotels and airlines on the same has been the ultimate wakeup call.

More so, social platforms have enabled easier and faster service provision hence improved the customer experience. For instance, tracking one's luggage set is made much easier with these tech innovations. The fact that a smaller number of staff can handle multiple inquiries, implies that quality of service provision can be sustained at a much lower cost.

With increasing number of digital platforms, travel providers have been forced to adapt their services for easier data access across the board. Designing different mobile sites and apps for every operation system, has however proved to be challenging for travel companies. Even so, the evolution of devices has led to emergence of wearable tech that can be used to engage users through updates on travel delays and discount luggage set tracking.

The increasing reliance on travel technology has also led to fierce competition between travel companies as well as intermediaries who now have to formulate fresh approaches to woo customers. This has compelled the involved parties to consolidate unique and relevant information to the preferred digital platforms for easy customer access. This outlines a shift from transaction based operations to focused data, while also encouraging customization of customer products.

Tech advancement has correspondingly facilitated predictive analysis through advanced data tools which has factored significantly in bettered travel management. These tools use past performance as parameters for prediction of future trends in travel business.

In a similar way, near-field communication (NFC) has streamlined travel processes such as tracking luggage and payment through automation. This has become relevant due to seamless mobile integration, the need for improved security and the fact that currency trade is slowly but surely getting forgotten. Global distribution systems have also been transformative in the travel industry as they help customers filter through travel choices and weigh their online booking options.


Tips to Find the Best Deals for TV's on Sale

In case you need a new TV, you must take into account some factors before choosing the favorite one. From the budget to size, TV’s display type, resolutions as well as its features, all these factors must be figured out before you purchase a TV.

Below are a few tips to find the best deals for TV’s on sale.

Price of TV's on Sale Samsung TV Sales

The first thing you must set first is your budget. Before purchasing a TV on sale, first set your spending limit. For example, if you need a small TV for the kitchen, you should not go beyond two hundred US Dollars.

If instead you would like to buy a new home cinema system that you can watch the movies on the big screen, you have to set aside quite a large budget for you to purchase the TV. TV price will definitely be one of the major factors you must consider.

Size of the TV on Sale

This is another important aspect that you need to consider. In case you have a limited space in your home, always take some measurements of the space available and ensure your new TV will really fit. It is not wise for you to purchase a large TV where you will be needed to make some modifications in your room. This is because extra work will be needed as well as extra expenses will be incurred.

Other Customers’ Reviews

In case you make purchases online, you can check what other customers had to say about the TV that you are interested in. A number of web stores usually allow you to choose the best TV’s in accordance to the customers’ reviews and also their ratings. Considering this factor, you will automatically land into the TV that you want to buy. 

Display Type of the TV's on Sale

Always think of the kind of the TV you that need to buy. There are numerous technologies out there where the standard LCD starts first. The second one is the much brighter and also energy efficient LED display TV’s. The third one is the plasma TV’s and projection (DLP) TV’s. An LCD TV is usually cheaper than the LED backlight display TV’s. LED display TV’s consume less energy and therefore you will definitely get energy savings once you purchase one. 

Resolution of the TV's on Sale

It normally translates in picture quality. There are a few numbers of TV’s on sale that still are made under 720p tag. In case you need true HD quality TV's and also enjoy the extra details, always look for those that are rated 1080p. This simply means that it can comfortably support resolutions of up to the 1920x1080 pixels. 

Features of the TV's on Sale

Several TV’s on sale often do exactly what a TV is needed to do. That is playing movies and that’s all. Other TV’s come when packed with many extra features that allow you to simply surf the web, keeping in touch with your family and friends via social networking, have 3D capabilities and also play games.

A standard TV on Sale is usually fine to get but why don’t you aim higher to get a TV with some of these entertaining features since it does not cost much money over the regular ones? Consider all these tips and purchase a TV of high quality.


The Importance of Business Network Security in Today's Digital World

Business Network SecurityBusinesses today rely heavily on computers and networks to store and transmit sensitive information. Some of this information includes corporate secrets and customer information among other sensitive information. It is therefore no wonder that there is great temptation for hackers and other unscrupulous persons to break into business networks.

The threat of network intrusion is very real, no matter the size of the business. Smaller businesses generally don't take business network security seriously, much to their own peril.

Ideally, all kinds of businesses both big and small should have sufficient security frameworks in place to prevent the theft and malicious damage of crucial information.

Potential Threats to Business Networks

There are many threats facing business networks on a day to day basis. Some of these threats include:

  • Spyware and Adware
  • Viruses
  • Zero-day attacks
  • Identity theft
  • Hacking

Implementing business network security

There are a number of ways that businesses can ensure that their networks are secured and safe from both internal and external threats. It is important that the network is built to be secure in the first place before any additional security measures can be employed.

The basis of a secure business network is in the network equipment such as switches, routers and firewalls. A qualified network architect should therefore be called in, and should be able to determine how to effectively protect the network from the aforementioned threats. This applies to small networks for small businesses as well as larger networks integrated into bigger global enterprise networks.

A larger business network security strategy should also be drawn up to determine how best business networks can be kept secure. This means creating policies that limit access to the network to only the relevant parties, and for prescribed purposes only.

It is important for a business of any size to limit network access to password protected log-in. The authorized user(s) should also be trained and educated on how to create strong passwords as well as how to keep their passwords out of reach from third parties and otherwise unauthorized users.

Additional Business Network Security Measures

There are additional business network security measures that can be put in place to protect the business from potential threats. One of the most important is conducting regular audits to asses which data assets are most prone to attack as well as how to effectively protect or even pre-empt the attack.

It is equally important to come up with policies and guidelines that protect the network when in use by authorized parties and specialized IT companies. Such policies include limiting unauthorized browsing and download among others.

Lastly, it is important to sensitize the authorized network users on the simple things that they can do to promote network safety. This includes not writing down passwords, creating strong passwords, not sharing passwords with unauthorized parties and regularly changing their passwords.

It is impossible to overemphasize the importance of business network security for businesses of any size. There is a lot to lose from a malicious attack whether internal or external including downtime, loss of revenue, disgruntled customers and more. This is why it is extremely important to have an effective network security framework that protects any and all business data.


The Technology Behind Wheel Weighers

Wheel WeighersYou may have seen wheel weighers at truck weigh stations located on the side of interstate highways, but did you ever think about the purpose of these heavy duty wheel weighers?

These weigh stations are designed to ensure that the trucks travelling between States should not exceed the maximum limit of safe weight standards as prescribed by State law. In essence, there is a complex technical system working behind these wheel weighers, and many types of weighing scales available.

Most wheel weigher systems are are authorized for the sole purposes of maintaining State law for trucking and freight regulations.

Load cell weighing scale

Load cell weighing scale is the most commonly used truck weighing scales of all. This type of truck scale is comprised of a number of cells. The cells are made from industrial grade steel and they are very strong.

The cells are connected with strain gauges and all the gauges are joined in a wire shape that carries out electrical current. When a truck comes above a portable wheel weigher scale, the level of electrical signals changes across the strain gauge wire. This information is redirected towards the junction box.

Its purpose of these truck scales is to determine the differences in the value of current on the load cells. This way the weigh scale system determines the exact weight placed in the cells.

Bending plate weighing scale

The working mechanism of the bending plate weighing scale is somewhat similar to the load cell scale. The weight calculation is done by determining the amount of stress placed on the plates whereas the load cell system works by analyzing the differences in electrical current.

Wheel weighers with bending plate technology works better in plain land. This weigh scale also has metal plates with strain gauges attached with each plate. A truck comes onto the bending plates and the stress placed on each plate is calculated via strain gauges. The cumulative weight information from each strain gauge is added together in order to determine the total weight.

Piezoelectric weighing scale

Piezoelectric weighing scale is most unlikely to be seen at weighing stations. This truck scale system follows the piezoelectric technology, a high tech weighing method. This type of scale has sensors beneath the weighing plates. These plates are conductive and the sensors are pressure sensitive. Whenever a truck is pulled onto the sensor plates, the amount of voltage streaming throughout the conductor material suddenly changes. The sensors record this voltage difference and calculate the weight accordingly.

Accurate weighing results

When it is the time to compare these 3 different truck weigh systems in terms of accuracy and efficiency, the load cell wheel weighers win undoubtedly.

Designed by only a select few manufacturers, such as Walz Scale these truck weigh systems are widely used and give accurate results in any terrain.

The Piezoelectric weighing technology is comparatively new and it needs more improvements for efficient weighing purposes. The load cell technology works faster and give accurate weights every time. However, all these technologies have their own set of pros and cons. For instance, the bending plate scales are ideal for use on the plane lands as it uses the stress values in determining weight.


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