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Piano Breakdown: The Structure & Technology Behind Modern Day Pianos

Piano TechnologyPianos are considered to be chordophones according to the instrument classification system of the Hornbostels-Sachs. The main types of pianos include grand piano, upright piano, digital piano, and toy piano. In most cases, pianos are used while playing jazz or classical music and for solo performances. Some of its other main application areas include its use of ensemble, chamber music and as an accompaniment as well as for compositions and for rehearsals.

Pianos are not a portable instrument and are usually expensive musicl instruments. However, its ubiquity and versatility have made pianos one of the most familiar instruments in the musical world. Below we go into greater detail about the structure and technology behind modern day pianos.

The Structure of Pianos

Usually the piano possesses a case that is made of wood. It serves as a protective component that surrounds the soundboard in addition to the metal strings that consist of a row of black and white keyboards. Sound is produced from the strings when the keys are pressed down. On the other hand, the sound is stopped when the keys are released.

However, it is possible to sustain the notes, even when the keys have been released. This is achieved by pressing on the pedals at the bottom part of pianos. Some of the main parts of a piano include the strings, frame, damper mechanism, soundboard, pedal mechanisms or rods, damper, bridge, and pedals.

How Pianos Function

By pressing keys on the keyboard of the piano, a padded hammer that is often with felt is caused to strike on the strings that are made of steel. There is a subsequent rebound on the hammers and the strings continuously vibrate at the reverberating frequency.

The vibrations that are produced are then transmitted through the bridge to the soundboard that is constructed with the ability to couple the acoustic air released into the air more efficiently. This is what makes the sound to be louder than that, which would have been produced by the strings. A release of the keys leads to the stoppage of a damper on the vibration of the strings and hence the sound.

You can find unique forms of pianos in Tampa FL and various places around the world; however, the technology behind these instruments all remains fairly consistent. The primary technology behind this process follows a number of steps. These include:

  • When the key is struck, there is a chain reaction that is brought about to produce sound.
  • Initially, the struck key raises the wippen. This forces the jack against the hammer roller or the knuckle.
  • It then lifts the lever that carries the hammer.
  • On the other hand, the damper is also raised by the key and fall back the moment that the wire is struck by the hammer. This action causes the wire to resonate.
  • Once the key is released, the damper falls back on the strings and stops them from vibrating.

However, when the piano strings are vibrating they are not as loud as when they pass through the soundboard of the piano through the transmission of the vibrations. It is made possible since it moves air making it possible to convert the energy into sound vibrations. The bridge that is located near the soundboard is structured in such a way that it is placed in an off-centered position and possesses an irregular shape. With these, it ensures the strong vibration of the soundboard regardless of the frequencies.


Samsung LED TV Technology: Smarter & 3D

Samsung LED TVSamsung is one of the leading innovators when it comes to LED TV technology, especially with their line of 3D Smart TV's. With Smart LED TV's by Samsung, LED TV's are integrated with social media apps and Internet content, and they seem to keep finding ways to improve on their televisions by adding 3D capabilities, voice activated commands, and motion controls which allow you to control your video by pointing your fingers, and the volume by moving your arms.

With all of the new technology Samsung is adding to their Smart TV's, they are still reasonably priced, which is a rarity with electronics. Below we go into greater detail about the technological features and benefits of Samsung LED TV's with Smart TV and 3D capabilities.

Incredible User Interaction & Experience

Samsung LED TV's have eliminated the need to plug in your laptop to your TV, to stream movies or listen to music, which used to be a hassle especially if someone wanted to use the computer. These Samsung Smart TV's are beyond your average high definition LED TV's in that they are already internet ready with and comes with a lot of apps to choose from, social media apps like Twitter and Facebook. Streaming video services like Netflix and Hulu, music apps like Pandora, and even game apps like Angry Birds. If you don't think there are enough apps, you can always download some more.

Other features the new Samsung LED Smart TV's have are the ability to share your photos, videos, and music that you have on any Samsung or other mobile devices through AllShare technology by just downloading the app on your device. Users have the ability to turn their Smart TV's on or off by speaking into the remote which has a microphone that relays the message to the television. You can even ask the television for recommendations if you are looking for something to watch.

If you don't feel like using the voice controls, you can try your hands at the gesture controls. You can flick your wrists to zoom in on pictures, you can swipe your hand in the air as you would on a tablet device, which will help you navigate screens, and you can also use it to adjust the volume on the television. The hand controls are much improved in the newer television models.

Samsung LED TV's for 3D Viewing

The 3D versions of the Samsung LED TV's have the same features as the other Smart TV's, and they have a built in 3D converter which turns your regular 2D movie or show into 3D, providing you with a better viewing experience.

Unlike other television brands, you don't have to change your television every time there is an upgrade, Samsung has an evolution kit you can purchase that lets you upgrade to the new features that are available for the Smart TV's without having to buy a new one.

Samsung Smart TV's are considered one of the best because they have thought of and included everything you could ever want in a television, their televisions can project movies in 3D, you have all the apps you need, like Facebook, Twitter, and Netflix. You can control Samsung TV's without having to move from your couch, with the voice and motion controls, and your privacy is protected with the facial recognition software that prevents people from logging into your secured accounts. If you are in the market for a new TV, you should consider buying one.


The Technology Used to Design Custom Tank Tops

Custom Tank TopsCustom tank tops are in high demand. Individuals and groups use them as a mean to show their appurtenance to fraternities, sororities, sport clubs or vacation groups. Many companies offer custom tank tops at affordable prices. We will discuss in this article the technology and systems used to design and make custom tank tops.

The Software Used to Design Custom Tank Tops

The first stage in the creation of custom tank tops is using image editing software to create layouts, logos and custom prints that will be integrated on the tank tops. The software applications also allow the end users to choose their customized color combination.

The types of graphic files used range from vector files to raster files. The raster files are using a dot matrix pattern similar with the pixels on a screen. When it comes to designing custom tank tops, these files can have different set resolutions that determine the clarity of the image. The vector files are using plotted points and their size is not dependent on the image resolution. For this reason the vector files can be scaled without loss of the image quality.

Adobe Photoshop is one of the software programs used for the creation of customized tank tops. It is a fully professional image editing platform for photographs and raster graphics. Adobe Photoshop’s 3rd party screen printing plug-ins and its Channels palette are very efficient in raster film separations. Photoshop also offers a consumer version called Photoshop Elements that can also be used for creating T-shirt art

Xara Photo & Grapic Designer offers a combo package for vector and raster layout and manipulation. It is also a fully professional application for image editing that is often used in custom tank tops design

GIMP is open source software with great functionality in image editing. Many online provideres of custom tank tops, such as the The Neon South's custom tank tops use these types of systems. Other software applications used in custom tank tops design are Corel Photopaint, Corel Draw, or Adobe Illustrator.

The Hardware Used to Design Custom Tank Tops

The hardware used in the creating of custom tank tops is often integrated with the software. When the end user submits his design, the hardware processes the information and starts making the tank top. The process is called custom screen printing and involves using ink to transfer a design, pattern, print, image, or logo onto the surface of the T-shirts fabric.

The custom tank top design can be preset on a screen stencil that is applied to the surface of the fabric. The screen consists in a piece of mesh that is stretched over a frame. Before the printing process the screen and the frame go through the pre-press process. An emulsion is spread across the mesh in a shape identical to the desired image. The pallet ensures that the substrate is coated with a pallet tape in order to protect the pallet from leaking ink through the substrate.

Screen Printing Company Traverse City, MIThe frame and the screen are then lined with a tape. The last step of the pre-press process consists in blocking out any pin-holes in the emulsion. Then the screen is placed atop a substrate ad the ink is wiped across the screen to create an impression in such a way that is goes only through the design portion of the screen stencil. After completing the printing process the ink is dried. Most screen printing companies in Traverse City and other parts of the world modify the screen stencil to the size of the tank top to be printed. Various art tools such as blades or scalpels are used to create the stencil. The areas where no printing is required are blocked by blotting pens.

The screen printing presses used in making custom tank tops and other products like custom t-shirts can be of three common types: The cylinder, flat bed, and rotary. The rotary screen printing press is the most used type. For multicolor designs on custom tank tops is often used a wet on wet technique.

A popular stenciling technique is the photo emulsion technique. The original image created on a transparent overlay by drawing, photocopying or printing with a computer printer. The areas to be inked are not transparent. These screens are exposed by using film positives, unlikely traditional plate making. The screen is coated with emulsion and is dried in a dark room before exposing the print. The overlay placed over the screen is exposed with a UV light.

The new automatic presses can produce large quantities of custom tank tops up to 1800 per hour. Some presses are automatic while other are manual operated. There are many manufacturers that offer from simple to sophisticated printing press systems.


Yield Management Software for Farm Truck Scales

Yield Management SoftwareFarmers too have something to celebrate when it comes to the ever improving world of technology. The advent of the yield management software, such as Yield Pro takes farming and yield/harvest management to greater heights. Yield management software was developed by the AgWeigh to aid farmers (with farm truck scales and farm axle scales) in determining the weight of their yields in the easiest way possible. Yield Pro is a technological agricultural software having its own hi-tech features and benefits of each feature as described below. These features define the technology behind yield management software and the principles behind its applications.

User-Friendly Interface

When integrated with suitable farm truck scales or farm axle scales, yield management software systems like Yield Pro has straight-forward navigation system that everyone with some computing skills can operate. Any farmer therefore can be able to quantify his/her amount of harvest using this software without any preliminary training. In fact, the interface is divided into categories, which benefits most the agricultural producers and farmers.

Yield Pro & Mobile Technology

For flexibility and easy management of harvest, yield management software system is compatible and can be used together with smart phones and tablets. Farmers and agricultural producers right at their farms can access and utilize the software without necessarily being in the office. This is a milestone when it comes to yield management and farmers have every reason to smile.

Management of Farm Truck Scales and Equipment

Grain Dump ScaleBesides offering great versatility in managing farm produce and the operations involved with farm truck scales, yield management software provides an ample platform for managing and checking the working of the farm equipment operators. The software enables any farmer to inspect the internal conditions of his equipment operators so that he ensures that the machines are working optimally.

Supervision over Each Farm Made Easier

Managing and controlling the data of a particular farm with ease is what every agricultural producer and farmer desires. Yield Management Software gathers for this through its simple user interface, where a farmer can monitor all the operations in each farm among the numerous farms in his big agri-business realm.

Managing Individual Fields

Regardless of the type of crops you plant, Yield Management Software enables you to account for the specific production levels of each of crop you produce. Yield Pro actually allows farmers to monitor and manage the yield per individual field. This makes the yield data of each crop organized, simple and easy to retrieve at any time. This farther helps in post harvesting activities like analysis and future planning.

Accounting Moisture Input Per Load

Yield Pro offers farmers an opportunity to determine the amount of moisture in each load of their agricultural produce thus helping them in determining he true value of the produce. Hence, farmers can accurately establish the value of their harvests without getting worried of either underestimation or overestimation. With this feature, the output of any transaction can be vividly explained.

Managing Inventory and Bins

Yield Pro gives helps a farmer in maintaining his/her inventory records. The value and amount of the stocks can be precisely monitored through Yield Management Software System with the input in each bin quantified specifically.

Yield Management Software and Farm Scales

This is system works well with various farm truck scales including the grain dump scales, wheel weighers and truck scales among others. With this software system, the weights of various farm scales can be obtained in order thus avoiding confusion arising from the weights of the multiple scales.

Yield Pro Reporting Capabilities

This software system gives an account and reports various farm activities ranging from drivers to the bin inventory. Yield Pro gives reports for any farm whether big or small.


The Technology & Features Behind Modern Day Digital Pianos

Known as the 'King of Instruments', the piano was used to create one of the most breathtaking musical masterpieces all throughout history. Since it was first invented way back in 17th Century, it has been played by musical legends such as Mozart, Beethoven, and Chopin and has successfully stood the test of time. Pianos are probably the most popular classical instruments used by modern day musicians. However the piano has undergone several technical changes and improvements at different stages of history. Digital Pianos

One of the modern variants of the piano that is increasingly becoming more popular is the digital piano. Some experts suggest that due to the lack of strings and the traditional feel of an acoustic piano it cannot be considered as a part of the piano family. However considering the near perfect sound reproduction and numerous features its presence cannot be ignored.

Found available in stores that sell pianos Atlanta GA and across the globe in Dubai, digital pianos are smaller in size, cheaper in price, and they come with features that no modern acoustic piano has to offer. With musicians looking at sound, features and practicality all on a tight budget, digital pianos may very well be the next stage in the evolution of pianos.

How Digital Pianos Work

A traditional acoustic piano produces sound when a wooden hammer strikes its many strings. The digital piano has no moving parts and completely eliminates the need of hammers and strings. All the notes produced by the digital piano are stored electronically in a memory chip, present inside the piano, as digital audio files, at the time of manufacturing. These files are recorded from a high quality acoustic piano, in a recording studio, using state of the art microphones, that captures the sound as accurately as possible.

When a key is pressed, the piano plays the corresponding file, thus reproducing the sound of the piano. To improve the quality of the sound, some digital pianos now come equipped with a wooden soundboard, which helps it to accurately reproduce the resonating effect of an acoustic piano. Some high end digital pianos such as the Yamaha CGP 1000 and Roland V Piano Grand is even built specially to look exactly like a grand piano and manufactured to produce near perfect sound. Digital pianos often come with in-built loudspeakers and amplifiers some even have ports for headphones.

Features & Advantages of Digital Pianos

There are several features and advantages that sets digital pianos apart from its stringed counterpart. These advantages make it a perfect instrument both for students and experienced musicians.

  • Smaller Size: Thanks to its lack of moving parts and other traditional components the size of a digital piano is much smaller than an acoustic piano. This makes it a practical choice for people living in small houses and apartments.
  • Cheaper Price: As mentioned before digital pianos are much cheaper than acoustic pianos. An acoustic piano made by Steinway can cost anything in between $ 30,000 to $ 100,000, while a Casio mid level digital piano, PX850 Privia cost less than $1500.
  • Adjustable Volume: All digital pianos come with adjustable volume control. This not only gives greater control to the musician but also enables him or her to practice without disturbing others. They can also choose to practice in complete silence as most digital pianos has an output for headphones.
  • Cheaper To Maintain: With no moving parts the internal wear and tear of the instrument is reduced dramatically. This makes it cheaper to maintain with no need for regular tuning. Its also performs consistently in different climatic conditions.
  • Adjustable Styles: A digital piano often comes with the settings of different types of pianos. So it can easily change from a tack piano to a grand piano just by a mere press of a button. Due to its accurate sound reproduction of different styles of pianos, it gives a student an option to play different styles and find the style he or she likes, before investing on an expensive acoustic piano.
  • Adjustable According To The Environment: Some digital pianos such as the Yamaha Clavinova CVP 309GP automatically analyses the surrounding environment to reproduce a sound that is perfect for that room.
  • Storage Capability: Most digital pianos comes with an internal memory for users to store there creations. This enables the user to listen, store and transfer the played songs or even download and store MIDI data from the internet and play it on the piano.
  • Increased Connectivity: Digital pianos often come fitted with a USB port this lets it connect with storage devices and DVD burners. It also usually comes equipped with a MIDI connection which connects it to other instruments such as sequencers. Some of the high end models can even download songs and MIDI data directly from the internet.

Where to Find Digital Painos

Most piano dealers now carry all types of digital pianos. If you're looking for digital piano dealers in North Carolina, Piano Distributors is nationally recognized company with a number of stores that sell pianos in Raleigh-Durham, Greensboro, and Wilmington. Piano Distributors also has piano stores in Illinois, Georgia, Missouri, and Florida. Although you can find digital pianos at all types of musical instrument stores, Piano Distributors is a reputable brand that serves many customers in the southeast and midwest U.S.


Clean Fuel Associates: Advanced Technology for Fuel Tank Cleaning & Filtration

Clean Fuels Associates, Inc. is one of the country’s leading service providers of fuel storage tank cleaning and fuel filtration (with non-human entry.) Dedicated to making all petroleum consuming equipment run cleanly and efficiently, Clean Fuels Associates ensures that your fuel and fuel tanks are clean and maintained at optimal condition. Fuel Recycling

Aside from the advanced technology and equipment used in the process of fuel cleaning and filtration, the services offered remain among the best in the fuel industry.

There are a range of services that can help maintain the condition of your fuel supply, and the primary process in Clean Fuel Associate's fuel filtration services is the 'kidney’ style system. This system is proven effective to clean and purify fuel, allowing it to run optimally.

Let's take a closer look at the primary services and solutions offered by Clean Fuels Associates.

Commercial Solutions

For the commercial industry, power is the one of the most essential components to make a business stay functional. Having no source for it will affect the whole day-to-day tasks of an establishment. And we all know that most power comes from petroleum products. Fuel Tank Cleaning

This is where Clean Fuels Associates helps you and your business. Their services make sure that your fuel will not be in the way of your business from running its daily activities. A great option for you to bring back your power source is through the Filter Flush System, which impurities are removed and cycle-cleaned, bringing back the fuel into your tank under pressure.

It is also recommend that you have your tanks cleaned once a year depending on how much it is used. The company's service contracts can be custom designed on an annual, semi-annual and bi-annual basis to help you manage your tanks periodically.

If you want to avoid water microbes from getting into your fuel, storage tanks must be vented to the atmosphere. The process of venting pulls in outside air containing humidity and airborne bacterial and fungal spores that are highly detrimental to your fuel.

The solution to this is to conduct regular fuel tank cleaning and maintenance. Clean Fuels Associates has a variety of maintenance services for tanks up to 15 gallons and up. Some of these include Biocide Treatment, Diesel Stabilizer Treatment, Emergency Filtration Services, Ethanol Introduction Preparation, Manned Entry Cleanings and a lot more.

Residential Solutions

On the other hand, residential owners would also benefit from the services that Clean Fuels Associates provides. If you want your heat tank to work effectively and efficiently, especially during the times you will need it the most, it’s advised that you opt for fuel tank cleaning.

There might be a clog that’s preventing it from doing its purpose. The 'kidney’ style system will help you clear out all these impurities that are causing all the trouble and bring back the warmth inside your homes. Clean Fuels Associates offers services for both commercial and residential clients in areas ranging to Annapolis, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Montgomery, and Portsmouth.

Marine Solutions

Aside from the commercial and residential services that we provide, Clean Fuels Associates are also a great help to the marine industry. More so, that gasoline or diesel is what boats and ships use to make their engines running.

It is important to get rid of dirt, algae, any even water so as not to clog the filters and injectors. And this is effectively executed with the help of the Filter Flush System. So whether you need gasoline or oil clean up in Montgomery, AL or fuel testing in Philadelphia for potential bacteria and fungus, Clean Fuels Associates offers a wide range of solutions in many areas throughout the eastern U.S. 

Other services that the company offers includes pump-off and haul away solutions of Class 3 hazardous waste, Spill Kits for HAZMAT Class 3 wastes, fuel tank installation & removal through affiliate companies, tank pressure testing and inspection, and alternate clean energy sources research and development.



Smart TV's the New Wave of Television Technology

Samsung Smart TV SalesAt first it seemed that getting bigger TV's would naturally be the trend of the television industry, but big screens is not all consumers seek in a quality TV. Now, Smart TV's are becoming a hot commodity, and their sleek and intelligent features seem to override predicted demands in bigger TV sizes.

All they (TV's) need to do is appeal to the psychological and emotional needs of viewers, according to James L. McQuivey who is an analyst at Forrester Research.

Today, tablets and smartphones, which incidentally have lower resolutions than the best TV's in the market, are serving as preferred and primary devices for viewing shows and full length movies. The popularity of streaming networks such as YouTube and Netflix that allow access to content on almost any internet connected devices are responsible for driving people away from traditional viewing behaviors.

As consumer behavior changes, expectations shift. People are now more inclined towards interaction while they watch or wait for their favorite shows. Many people are watching shows in the company of others, even though they are physically away from each other. All this is made possible by the ever increasing means by which people and devices connect to each other.

A few companies that have realized the need to provide mobile-able solutions that offer connectivity to the internet are starting to reap the benefits. One such company is Roku that provides set top boxes that also offer video streaming services from Netflix. Another company is Apple although its connected TV is yet to appear in the market. Apple reaps mostly from its iPad tablets; nearly a third of US tablet owners watch full shows on these devices at least weekly.

Not to be left behind, traditional TV manufacturers have jumped in the bandwagon with Smart TV's. Besides trying to push their luck in ultra HDTV's and other fancy creations such as the curved HD TV's, these manufacturers have realized that having internet connectivity as part of the features is a must. They might be early on this innovation, but that does not mean that they will triumph; not just yet.

Connectivity in itself seems as half the solution. People want meaningful connections, and they would rather use their other devices to connect to the internet, if that was the issue. As for fancy features such as curved displays, most people just do not see the need to upgrade their TV sales. Many consumers already saw the move to HD TV's as significant, and they see no need to upgrade.

It's the apps in Smart TV's that is important, and that is according to 38 percent of people buying these TV's today, compared to 33 percent two years ago. Roku, the set top box manufacturer, has realized this new trend in apps and has since partnered with Hisense and TCL, which are both Chinese companies, to provide TVs with built-in smart features. According to Roku, the aim is to build the largest platform for apps to make their product smarter than the rest in the market.

As it stands, many app developers like media firms are hesitating to build Smart TV apps for the other TV manufacturers like Samsung and LG because of product segmentation. On the contrary, the Roku platform enjoys 1200 apps that include the popular HBO Go and Vodu. The verdict is that media companies and TV set makers must work together to create both the platform and the content in a standardized way for them to win consumers' hearts.


AgWeigh: A Leader in Farm Scales & Agricultural Weighing Systems

AgWeigh Farm ScalesAgWeigh is the premiere leader of large-scale weighing technologies and software for farmers and agricultural producers. Whether for high-volume or small-scale harvest management, AgWeigh has one of the largest varieties of weighing solutions for all types of agricultural producers.

Today's farmers need to the best and most dependable weigh scale technology for their yield management needs. As up-and-coming pioneer in farm scales and yield management software solutions, AgWeigh offers a wealth of cost effective solution for agricultural producers. AgWeigh has produced a variety of scales for almost every harvest weighing operation of farmers.

AgWeigh farm scales are work with a variety equipment, machinery, as well as computers and devices for harvest management, such as PC's, printers, smartphones, and other hand-held devices. For producers who need a more mobile solution, AgWeigh offer its own yield management software platform known as Yield Pro Software, which can be integrated on most smartphones.

The company has also built a superior display of farm truck scales and grain dump truck scales for larger operations. Below we go into greater detail about each weighing solution available at AgWeigh.

Farm Truck Scales

AgWeigh farm truck scales are designed for easy installation. The standard steel-deck scale comes in a multitude of configurations and sizes to fit the application of your individual needs. AgWeigh's farm scales are a version of electronic truck scales with diamond safety steel decks for above ground with low profile weighing. These farm scales are agriculture professional’s number one choice for a variety of vehicles and farming equipment.

Features of AgWeigh Farm Truck Scales

  • Field Tested Scales
  • NTEP approved and “legal –for-trade”
  • Multiple Scale Sizes

Product Details

  • 12 FT Wide Scale Decks - The 12 ft scale allows drivers to easily locate the deck. AgWeigh offers truck scales in 10 ft, 11ft, 12 ft, and 14 ft wide widths.
  • Modular Farm Scale Design - Modular designs eliminate the needs for cranes, lowers freight costs, and makes instillation simple.
  • Galvanized Suspension Components - Extends the life expectancy of your farm scale. Superior AgWeigh design protects load cells by keeping debris away from scale electronics
  • Safety and Protection - A yellow stripe is painted on each side of the scale so drivers can easily access the scale. Load cell cabling is encased in stainless steel armored cabling to protect them from the elements.
  • Install Yourself - Producers can install scales on their own. AgWeigh's farm truck scales can be installed with the average truck or tractor.

Grain Dump Scales

AgWeigh grain dump scales allows producers to weigh and unload goods while on the grain dump. These farm scales offer an exceptional solution for farmers who use grain dumps for harvest management. Features of AgWeigh Grain Dump Scales

  • Field tested
  • Available in multiple truck scale configurations
  • NTEP approved

Product Details

  • Includes all of the product details that make the AgWeigh farm scales unique and durable.
  • Can utilize New and Existing Grain Dumps

The AgWeigh team can help producers design a grain dump scale system that fits your specific needs. These adaptable dump scales work with old and new grain pits. A grain dump scale allows you to keep all aspects of your operation by keeping everything on site. These grain dump scales allow for weighing while loading and they are available in the following configurations:

  • 1215-1229: Simplest economical dump pit solution
  • 1229-1229: Popular dump pit with efficient scale configuration
  • 1229-1243: Most efficient model. Trucks can stay on the scale for the whole dump cycle.

Portable Farm Scales

Also known as portable weigh pads, AgWeigh's portable farm scales are designed for mobility and use in various locations where needed. These portable farm scales are also designed with a high level of versatility and can be applied in almost any situation that demand accurate weighing.

Features of AgWeigh Portable Farm Scales

  • Available in a variety of scale configurations
  • Enables portable truck weighing
  • Available in waterproof designs
  • Extreme durability

Product Details

  • This new alternative solution is for farmers to weigh their products right in the field. This can prevent costly overweight fees.
  • The AgWeigh AX Series is an easy solution for farmers who don’t need a full sized truck to weigh products.
  • No Maintenance with Access Ramps
  • Available in Multiple Sizes

A heavy duty steel construction means these portable axle scales needs little to no maintenance. Farmers can use these to easily access weight scales. There are a few sizes of portable scales available: 7 ft long models and 11 ft long models.

Onboard Farm Scales

AgWeigh onboard farm scales offer an exceptional solution for farmers who want to streamline their weighing operations. As the name implies, onboard scales are applied on the actual vehicle or piece of equipment, enabling weight measurements to be determined directly on the scale. These onboard scales offers exceptional convenience and efficiency.

Features of AgWeigh Onboard Farm Scales

  • Easy instillation
  • Extreme Durability
  • Onboard Scale Systems

Product Details

  • Dependable production data
  • This integrated system allows for simple field installation and gives you the right weight every time. The payload management system uses information from hydraulic pressure on your skid loader.
  • Convenient Interface for yield management and other fine tuning needs.
  • The digital display unit on the skid steer scale makes it perfect for any type of cab space.

Floor Scales

Industrial strength floor scales come in a variety of sizes: basic floor scale model and heavy duty floor scales. As a design that dovetails on the floor scales found in most shipping operations, these versatile scales from Ag Weigh are designed to be applied in a variety of weighing operations for agricultural producers.

Features of AgWeigh Floor Scales

  • NTEP Approved
  • Long lasting construction
  • Digital Floor Scale Readouts
  • Industrial Scale Design

Product Details

  • Basic Floor Scale Model
  • Designed for light duty and non “legal for trade” applications. This scale is perfect for basic pallet weighing.
  • Heavy Duty Floor Scale Model
  • This scale is designed to last. These heavy duty applications also need NTEP approval.

AgWeigh scales give farmers and agricultural professionals the best in weighing technologies. A variety of scales and scale accessories provide all of the durability and reliability you will ever need. Visit for more information.


3 Unique Technologies that Support Today's U.S. Military

The U.S. Military today is known to use the most sophisticated and effective tools and devices to aid their soldiers on the field. Researchers and developers continuously learn from real life battle scenarios, which in-turn inspires the development of specific technologies meet various challenges in the field.

In this article, we will take a look at three unique military technologies that are known to help soldiers 'Save', 'Protect' and 'Execute' in the field.

Military Technology that 'Saves' 

Let's start with a technology that has saved thousands of lives over the few years of its deployment in several battle zones. It's the MarkV-A1 remote bomb disposal robot, which was developed by Northrop Grumman. This remotely operated robot was developed to diffuse bombs and explosives from a distance keeping its operator out of the blast radius.

The device comes equipped with a surveillance camera that can be remotely controlled. The camera has a 26X optical zoom lens with tilt and pan capabilities. The surveillance camera also comes with image stabilization which gives a clearer picture to the operator when the robot is on the move. Apart from the surveillance camera, the robot is also armed with a stationary arm camera which has a 10X optical zoom lens.

The MarkV-A-1 comes with a plug and play mount that can easily be fitted with different sensory devices and tools depending on the mission. The operator controlling the MarkV can easily move and manipulate objects remotely with the help of its arm which is fitted with a gripper capable of rotating in both directions. MarkV-A1 is capable of maneuvering through the roughest of terrain, all thanks to its patented articulating tracks.

In today's battlefield scenario, where enemies increasingly use bombs and explosive, MarkV-A1 is an indispensable tool that is capable of saving lives.

Military Technology that 'Protects'

The next piece of equipment helps protect military soldiers in the field of combat. It quite literally forms a barrier between the enemies bullets and the soldier wearing it. 

Issued to over 60,000 troops in Afghanistan, one of the most crucial components to wear over soldier's U.S. Military uniforms is the SPCS or Solid Plate Carrier System.

This new generation body armor developed by KDH defence systems is light and known for its superior ballistic performance. This light weight armor gives better maneuverability to the soldiers on the ground. This helps shave off valuable and life saving seconds in a battle field scenario.

This armor is known to be highly comfortable and can be easily fitted with the help of its side adjustable straps. The SPCS is fitted with standard issue ESAPI armor plates which is capable of soft ballistic protection. The carrier system is compatible with all the standard issue US military equipment such as M4 or M16 magazines, hydration systems and other equipment such as night vision devices.

Body armor is one of the most basic yet essential forms of military combat gear. By providing the best protection combined with unmatched maneuverability and comfort, the SPCS helps protect the lives of the soldiers on the ground.

Military Technology that 'Kills'

The main objective of any battlefield scenario is to minimize threats from enemy forces while keeping soldiers safe. The MQ-1C Gray Eagle also known as the Sky Warrior is capable of doing just that. The Gray Eagle is an unmanned combat air vehicle. It is an upgraded version of the MQ-1 Predator which has proved its capabilities in Afghanistan. 

Developed by General Atomics Aeronautical Systems to provide airborne reconnaissance and strike capabilities to the ground forces with upgraded range and weapons systems. The Gray Eagle has the capability to spend non stop 25 hours in the sky while reaching a maximum altitude of 29,000 ft.

What this means is it can hover over a battle zone providing continuous air support to friendly forces by taking down enemy forces without even being detected. With a payload of 800 pounds the aircraft can be armed with the AGM-114 Hellfire missiles and Viper Strike guided bombs. The MQ-1C can also be fitted with an external fuel tank that can increase its non stop fight time to 50 hours.

The U.S Military today has most advanced unmanned combat air vehicles in the world. This not only extends their reach in a battle zone helping them see real-time but also helps them act on the situation by eliminating threats.


Discount Luggage and Travel Accessories for Tech-Savvy People

Tech-Savvy LuggageIn today's digital world, avid travelers find it hard to imagine spending a few hours away from their gadgets. Be it your smartphone, your tablet, your luggage, your tech-savvy laptop or MP3 player, you want to be able to take your gadgets anywhere and everywhere.

As the need for smart, compact and highly functional luggage and travel accessories increase, tech-savvy people find more and more options in discount luggage that simplifies their life by offering an easy and intelligent way to pack.

So here is a look at some of the smartest and sleekest discount luggage options that offer tech-savvy commuters something technologically-advanced and creative.

The Trek Support Backpack

This tech-savvy backpack from Quirky is both sleek as well as stylish. It's USP a portable charging station that conveniently keeps all your gadgets charged and ready to use no matter where you go, and how long you stay enroute before a charging point is available to you.

Whether it is trekking trips or a hectic business meeting, this backpack is high in aesthetics as well as practicality. This is just the backpack you need for all your travels roomy enough to fit your gadgets and charge them on the go, along with other basic essentials. As a versatile luggage option, the Trek Support backpack can easily fit 3 small devices and a 15 inch laptop, charging them through USB. If you want one piece of discount luggage that will let you stay connected to the world irrespective of where you go, this is the one to order!

Birksun Levels' Solar Backpack

As the name suggests, this backpack charges Gadgets on the go using solar energy. The black solar panel collects natural energy and sends it to the built-in battery backup' within the bag. It doesn't matter whether you are packing your laptop, your iPad, MP3 player, camera or your iPhone inside the bag, it will keep the charge on all gadgets topped up at all times so you don't have to worry about finding a charging point' when on the go. And for the cloudy days, there is a USB cable that lets you charge the battery backup before you leave home.

Although the Birksun Levels' Solar Backpack might not be the best discount luggage option, this is a highly practical bag with marked compartments that also let you pack your essentials and water bottle with ease. Be it a trek into the wilderness, a cycling trip, or a crazy commute out station for a day filled with meetings, this backpack' has your back' on the go!

Airo Backpack

Are you often traveling out-station for day long meetings? If days that include two flights and a hectic grueling day in between leave you exhausted with their back-breaking pace, the Airo messaging backpack is the ideal choice for you.

Now turn your waiting time at the airport lounge in to a relaxing spa treatment, as this Airo bag comes fitted with 4 back massagers to soothe your tired aching muscles. The bag uses easy to charge battery backup to fuel 4 separate engines which work on the back and shoulder muscles using vibration and integrated heating. What's better it comes with massage speeds and settings that you can easily control with buttons!

The Alppac Backpack

Desire a piece of discount luggage that can wirelessly charge all your gadgets? Choose the Alppac Backpack that comes integrated with wireless charging that can keep your Smartphone, Laptop and iPod completely charged. What is even better is that this creative, intelligent design turns the energy you generate while moving in to electrical energy to charge your devices!

This discount luggage option comes with a built-in toothed rack which gets rubbed by walking motion along a pinion generator. This makes the device gathers the power you generate and creatively store it to be used later to charge small devices. And don't be fooled by its high-tech practical design; it's still stylish and sturdy and has ample storage space to pack all your essentials in a compact bag.

Scout Backpack from Astro Gaming Luggage

For avid gamers, traveling without their everyday gaming essentials is unimaginable. So here comes a knapsack from the tech-savvy and crafty designers of Astro Gaming, which makes it so simple to pack gaming essentials in an organized way. The specially designed compartments make it easier for a gamer to pack everything required, without the fear that something would be missed out or damaged in transit because it's squashed together in a space too tight.

Genius Packer 22" Carry-on Luggage

This peice of luggage comes for the avid travelers and boasts of labeled compartments that simplify packing for the organizationally impaired' commuters. Easy to handle with designated compartments for everything from clothes to undergarments to laundry to toiletries, it also comes with a charger pocket' that keeps your Smartphone charged even when you are on the go.

From backpacks that offer organized compartments for your gadgets to discount luggage sets that can charge your gadgets on the go, there is no limit of genuine creativity in the options available in tech-savvy luggage and travel accessories.

So learn more about these products to help make your travels easier.


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