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Got a Computer Bug? Try an Online Virus Removal Service

online virus removal serviceOpting for an online virus removal service is a popular alternative to conventional virus removal software, or taking your machine to computer repair shop. Designed to get rid of persistent and dynamic spyware, malware, and other computer bugs, online virus removal is making strides as one of the most convenient and cost-efficient means to fix and optimize your computer for better performance.

What to Expect with Online Virus Removal

As the term suggests, the process of online (or remote) virus removal is conducted through the online, web-based platform and involves a third-party expert computer technician. To this end, the process is very easy and undemanding on your part as all that’s required of you is a reliable and secure (possibly encrypted) internet connection.

With a reliable and safe internet connection in place, the technician can then access and analyze any files and programs that may be infected on your computer and get rid of any bugs, spyware and virus; without leaving you vulnerable to more spyware and virus attacks.

Optimal Convenience & Efficiency

Albeit conventional virus removal programs are quite effective, they are ineffective against some enhanced bugs and virus, hindering the removal and even detection of virus. To this end, most anti-virus software require regular updating to keep their virus database up to date with emerging spyware, and to get possible solutions to persistent virus.

This is not the case by investing in an online virus removal service as the process is conducted by a real-life human technician. This comes with several conveniences like:

  • Flexibility - Unlike virus removal software programs, which are somewhat limited in nature, the technician is able to study and analyze any virus that may be lodged on your computer to find an effective and lasting solution. To this end, remote virus removal services are a popular option for eliminating persistent viruses.
  • One-on-One Consultation - In addition to limiting your computer’s performance and making it slow, virus and bugs may also alter other programs installed. Remote virus removal will give you a platform to inquire about such issues and possible get them resolved for smooth computer operation in the future. Furthermore, you can also get valuable advice on how to uphold your computer’s security to avoid such inconveniences in the future.

Average Cost of Online Virus Removal Services

The actual cost of remote virus removal services will depend on aspects like the nature of the virus/bug/spyware, the extent of infection and possible additional services like remedying affected programs and software. However, service providers charge an average cost ranging from $50 to $100. Furthermore, while some have fixed prices, others may go out of their way to offer discounts or even allow negotiating.

Do not let virus, spyware and bugs get in the way of your everyday computer operations. Make use of online virus removal services to get rid of any persistent virus/bugs/spyware while also addressing additional related defects in your computer to unlock its full performance potential.


The Technology Behind Weighbridge Truck Scale Systems

Weighbridge ScaleWeighbridge truck scales are large steel deck truck scales that are often mounted on a concrete foundation in a fixed or permanent fashion. Steel deck weighbridges are used to weigh the trucks or heavy duty vehicles and their contents to determine the load weight.

In essence, weighbridge scales facilitate the calculation of the load carried by the vehicle through weighing the vehicle when empty and when loaded. Load cells are the primary component that are used in the weighin mechanism of most weighbridge truck scales. These scale systems can then help users avoid overload fees, determine payload weight, as well as a number of other needs in weight management.

Nature of Weighbridges

The ramp is surface mounted on a weighbridge, which leads up weighing equipment underneath, as well as a short distance. In addition, to make the weighing surface be at the same level with the road, a pit is mounted with the weighing material and the platform found in the pit. Weighbridges are not only extremely robust by nature but also typically built from concrete and steel.

Earlier versions of truck scales are installed over a pit, which is rectangular and has levers that eventually connect to a balance mechanism. The arrangement of the levers below the weighbridge is the most complex portion in this type; it requires the response of the scale to be independent of the load distribution. Modern weighbridge truck scales use several load cells that connect to electronic equipment.

Weighbridge truck scale systems are therefore efficient since they can easily totalize the sensor inputs from this unique technology. Currently, a number of weighbridges are linked to personal computers. These personal computers have truck scale software that can print ticket and offer reporting features.

To a get an idea of a weighbridge scale in action, see the video below:

Technology of Weighbridge Truck Scales

In places where a weighbridge has multiple uses, such as temporary road intercepts, a large supplant of thin and simple electronic weigh cells are used. A vehicle is slowly driven over these weigh cells to allow the computer record the cell output as well as accumulate the total weight of the vehicle.

For assurance that the vehicle is within statutory limits, you weigh the force of each axle. Through this, you will be able to know the total weight of the vehicle, an individual limit axle, and a maximum weight within the limit of the axle span. The gross weight of the vehicle and the maximum weight within the axle span limit ensure the safety of the bridges while the individual axle limit protects the road surface.

Working Functionality of Weighbridge Scales

The main uses of truck scales include charging or selling according to weight over the bridge, and checking the total weight of the vehicle and the axle weight. In charging or selling according to weight over the bridge, weighbridges are used in industries that produce bulky goods such as quarries, electronic equipments, household items and dumping centers. Use of a weighbridge enhances the measure of the flow of bulk items in and out of various locations since the weight of the vehicle carrying the items is known.

To check whether the vehicle is safe to travel on public highways and avoid possible fines due to overloading, the weighbridge truck scales are used; to check the gross weight of the vehicle and the axle weight. To find weighbridge truck scales for sale, visit, a leader in all types of truck scale systems.

It is important to note that commercial scale must be National Type Evaluation Program certified or approved. National Conference on Weights and Measures, commonly known as NCWM, is the body that issues this certificate. NCWM collaborates with the National Institute of Standards and Technology during the issuance of this certificate.


Technology-Driven Local SEO Strategies for Sustainable Rankings

Technology-Driven Local SEOAfter the latest Google updates, it is important to make your website as user-focused and high-quality as possible. In turn, this can help to improve your local SEO efforts.

Shortcuts with local SEO are not going to provide sustainable search engine placement. In essence, creative thinking, quality work, and use of certain technologies can help you realize long term results for your local business.

What Defines Quality SEO for Local Businesses

Authority, credibility, and quality are important attributes that should be included in an efficient local SEO strategy. Author names and titles, badges and membership, density of advertising, content and keyword density, address and phone information, W3C compliance, and quality of the website’s link profile are all important factors to consider in developing a successful SEO strategy. These are the areas where white-hat high-quality SEO should investigate and come with improvements.

Local SEO brings various disciplines together. Web design, user experience, and information architecture are all important aspects in regards to how a website is scored by search engines. The credibility of a website, how the site feels to a visitor, are areas where website design plays an essential part. A website owner or a web master should also figure out what the visitors want. Wise local SEO strategies are chasing users and not algorithms. This approach can have the most sustainable long term influence on a website’s rankings.

Develop a Sound Local SEO Strategy

Much of the local SEO strategy development process hinges on having the right technology. This includes backlink scanning software (like Majestic), citation auditing platforms (like Yext) and others. With these technologies, you can develop actionable local SEO strategies that center on the follow concepts detailed below

Improve Link Metrics

One of the local SEO strategies that translate in better rankings is improving the link metrics of the website. Quality link building can build authority, credibility and brand awareness. It is important to build some locally relevant links in order to improve your local SEO efforts. For assistance in link building and improving link metrics, check out this webiste optimization group.

Build Citations

If you need to rank locally you need to work on your on-site local optimization and to add a few citations. It is important to acquire customer reviews in order to improve your local rankings. Building your brand in the local ecosystem may be a laborious task, but it is important to get it done if you want to rank higher.

Each of the citation sites where you are getting listed can provide you benefits beyond just helping your online business to rank higher for Google's local results. These citation sites can send potential customers to worthy vendors, as one of their goals is to provide a positive customer experience. Listing your business on these citation sites provides you another place to be found by potential customers as each of the citation sites gets their own traffic.

In your citation generation strategy you may use some of the most well known citation related tools:

Integrate Schema Markup

Schema markup is among the latest evolutions in local SEO. This form of optimization is very powerful and can greatly boost your website’s SERPs. The website for schema markup,, was created by collaboration between Yahoo, Bing, and Google.

Schema markup is a form of semantic vocabulary or code that you can include on your website in order to provide the search engines with more informative results for users. Schema markup language is in a way similar to the rich snippets. The code included on your website can indicate to SERP to display helpful information for visitors, such as a schedule of upcoming hotel events, for example.

Schema not only tell search engines what your data says but also what your data means. With schema markup, some of your website content gets indexed and returned in a meaningful way and the search engines will then provide results that display better info for the users. Check out LocalBusiness Schema, which is the best place to start for local SEO in Traverse City and other cities of focus.

Schema markup is based on code in microdata format, which is a unique semantic vocabulary. However, in order to use schema markup you do not need to learn new coding skills besides HTML Microdata. The contact info and the geographic location of a local business are the most important elements of implementing schema onto a local website. Local businesses can also implement Schema Markup in order to allow search engines to display important information, such as reviews, testimonials, hours, and even menus.


Hiring IT Specialists for Improved Network Security & Performance

IT SpecialistsMany organizations have come to appreciate the role of IT systems in business management. Organizations need to store data, their employees need to communicate, and organizations need to process data to serve their customers.

There are two major concerns when IT systems come to mind: efficiency and the security of the system. There are a lot of moving parts involved in movement, processing, and storage of data in an IT system which makes security and efficiency of such systems hard to manage. There are networks to manage, data bases to maintain, application software to configure, and peripheral devices to install among other things. For such reasons, it is prudent to have IT specialists who is well accustomed to the ins and outs of such dynamics systems.

The Value That IT Specialists Provide

IT specialists have the proper training to deal with an organization’s hardware and software. Such specialists troubleshoots computer systems in organizations which goes a long way in reducing the systems’ down time. A competent specialist will always be on the lookout for software and hardware upgrades to ensure that the organization remains technologically up-to-date.

On the other hand, not all software applications and hardware is a perfect fit for the organization. Often, the specialist will have to make some technical adjustments to such software/hardware to suit the organization’s requirements.

With IT support and consulting companies like, the IT specialists are also the link between an organization and the world of technology. If an organization is to develop an application or purchase a piece of hardware equipment, its IT specialist will be the adviser on how to proceed about such acquisitions.

The specialist is closer to the employees than the technological vendors, and as a result is the better placed of the two to prescribe what the employees need to deliver on the organization's objectives. After all, the vendor is most likely after making a sale while the specialist being a member of the organization is after what is best for the organization.

Confidence in Computer Network Security & Protection

An organization has a diverse information resource which is all connected via a network which is under the management of an IT specialist. The specialist is served with the responsibility of configuring, monitoring, and maintaining the network security protocols. The specialist decides who will access the network and at what time. Issues such as the level of employee information access are also left to the IT specialist.

The organization requires employees to access resources such as email, the intranet, and the internet among other resources. However, this exposes an organization to network breaches that can lead to incredible losses. An organization cannot afford to make such risks. It thus employees a specialist who will diagnose possible network weak points and prescribe appropriate counter measures.

Every organization worth its salt has a database where it keeps all its data on clients and employees among other entities. Accessing database information requires intricate access algorithms to ensure secure and efficient data access. If just a part of the database gets corrupted, an organization gets into a state of disarray. IT specialists are charged with the responsibility of documenting issues relating to the database.

Such documentation come in handy in handing over from one IT specialist to the next or in the troubleshooting of the database. IT specialists also help in making recommendations such as database repair, back up, and expansion.

An ordinary employee can be baffled by even a printer error. These are not the kind of persons an organization wants to leave in charge of an entire IT system. An organization should hire an IT specialist who will train new employees on how to use applications and hardware equipment optimally to avoid excessive downtime and equipment break down.

With an IT specialist, an organization will not only be less vulnerable to network breaches, but it will also be well advised when it comes to making technological choices. Consequently, an organization’s becomes efficient as it uses technological resources that are suited to its needs under the supervision of an IT guru.


Rent Truck Scales for Convenient Weighing of Heavy Loads

Truck Scales for SaleDo you have an immediate short term or long term need for a truck scale weighing system? It is costly to buy truck scales for sale and thus, buying a truck scale to address a short term need or infrequent long term project need does not add any business value.

Instead, renting truck scales for short term use and specialized projects offers more value for businesses in terms of cost efficiency as it enables you to invest in what matters for your business. For example, it does not make any business sense to buy a scale when you only need to use it in a weekend or to cope with increased seasonal demand in your production line, on these occasions, truck scales rentals come in handy.

The Cost-Efficiency in Truck Scale Rentals

Furthermore, it is makes business sense to rent truck scales when building odd-sized equipment that requires weighing before shipping. The other reason why you might find it necessary to rent truck scales is when your business is short of money.

Most small and medium businesses barely have enough money to finance their primary projects and thus, investing a lot of money for weighing is not a priority, which makes renting truck scales the only viable option even in long term. The other benefit of renting a truck scale is that the repairs and maintenance are done by the company offering truck scales for rent.

There are many companies that offer truck scale rentals. One business that has the best reputation for truck scales for rent is Walz Scale. They offer a wide range of truck scale rentals and packages, in addition to other scale systems for rent that you might not be aware of. Check them out below.

Solutions Beyond Truck Scales for Rent

Truck scales for rent are available for any requirement. It does not matter whether your business specializes in construction, mining or anything else, you will find a suitable truck scale for your need. The options available for rent include portable truck axle scales, floor scales, axle scales and rail scales among others.

Different scales are perfect for a particular purpose and thus, you should choose the one that is ideal for the intended purpose. Choosing the right type of scale for hire offers convenience and effectiveness to your business, which may translate to better performance.

It also adds value to choose a scale that is highly flexible especially when weighing huge loads. For example, it is good to rent portable rail scales for large operations that use rail transport. Portable truck scales for rent are essential as they can be moved from site to site allowing you to use a single scale for different sites or jobs. The other factor that should play an important role when selecting truck scale rentals is the installation. You should choose the scale that is quick to install. When hiring, you should make sure the ideal option comes equipped with bulkheads and safety guide rails.


IT Staffing Services: Recruit Top Network & IT Support Specialists

IT Staffing Support SpecialistsInformation technology (IT) is crucial to the operations any organization that relies on technology to thrive. In today’s modern world almost everything is automated to make work easier, improve productivity, motivate employees, and increase work output. But sometimes find the right IT specialist to keep a company's technology in good working order is a challenge.

Hiring skilled and experienced IT support specialists is important to drive a business or the organization’s system towards success. IT experts are experienced and skilled in IT infrastructure, systems and networks.

In today’s competitive and dynamic world, it’s important for an organization to choose and hire only the best IT experts to ensure that the IT systems and networks are up and running smoothly throughout. This is where IT staffing services come in. IT staffing firms can help recruit the best candidate for your organization.

The Value IT Staffing Firms Provide

IT SupportIn the conventional hiring process, an organization or learning institution will normally advertise for a vacant position and perform the entire hiring process. While using IT staffing services, an organization contracts the staffing firm to look for and recommend the most qualified candidate based on a specific set of requirements.

Normally the IT staffing firm has a database of potential candidates. Using an organization’s job description, the firm will choose the most qualified candidate; carry out the interviews before recommending the best.

Consulting with professionals who can provide IT staffing services can save you time, effort and resources you would have used to find, interview and choose the most qualified candidate. In addition these firms know where and how to find the best talent for IT and computer network support.

Benefits of Investing in IT Staffing Services

1. Reduces hiring risk - IT staffing firms perform a thorough recruiting process to identify candidates with experience, networking and IT systems skills, good communication skills, confidence, desired education and working background. IT staffing firms ensure that they choose the best from a pool of qualified candidates. Compared to the conventional hiring process, contracting staffing firms can help reduce the risk of hiring the wrong candidate

2. Cost saving - The hiring process is not only risky but is tiring and expensive. As an organization, you have to advertise for the position, go through all the applications, choose the most suitable candidate, interview them before hiring the best. Staffing services takes this burden from you. The staffing service will do the searching, interviewing and everything else required to choose the most qualified candidate. You only pay the fee for the service

3. Time saving - IT staffing firms normally have a database of qualified IT support specialists. As such you only need to provide a job description detailing the skills, qualifications and qualities you desire in a candidate. The staffing service will then go through their database and pick out the ideal candidate

4. Industry experts - IT staffing services stay up-to-date with current trends and IT skills that are in demand. They therefore know how to choose a candidate based on these parameters.

5. Talent pool - People have discovered the benefit of using recruiting agencies to find their dream jobs. IT staffing services have a database of experienced and qualified candidates looking for jobs. Using their services, you can find the best and most qualified person for the IT or network support position.

IT staffing firms work to ensure that their clients only hire the most qualified personnel. The hiring process can be tedious, expensive, risky and unfruitful; staffing services makes recruitment stress free and fruitful.


Computer Optimization Tips to Avoid Viruses and Expensive Repairs

Computer Virus OptimizationComputer viruses are some of the major reasons why home computers become slow and others break down completely. With the integration of the internet into the daily lives of many people, it is important to learn how to defend your home computer from these frustrating viruses. This enables you to avoid the need for computer repair that might become necessary once viruses affect your computer.

Although there is nothing that can guarantee 100% security of your computer, there are ways you can lower the risk of virus infection to your computer.

Here are simple but effective tips that will help you ward-off frustrating viruses:

Install security software: Installing a strong anti-virus in your home computer keeps it protected from viruses, Trojans and spyware. This software runs a scan on the email attachments, disks and internet files as well as documents that are generated using spreadsheet and word processing to ensure that they do not have viruses that can affect the performance of your computer.

Keep windows updates on the automatic mode: Enabling automatic updates of your windows or downloading Microsoft updates on daily basis enhances the security of your computer. This is because it keeps the operating system of your computer patched against popular vulnerabilities. When other software manufacturers distribute patches, you should also install them immediately. As long as your computer is fully patched behind firewall, then it is protected against spyware, viruses and Trojan installation.

Ensure security precautions for cell phone, Wi-Fi devices and PDA: Viruses can be spread through data or files from other computers. Currently, there are mobile phone viruses that are passed when people share internet content. Therefore, if you connect your cell phone to your home computer, use a PIN code on it regularly and avoid installing applications that are downloaded from unreliable sources.

Be cautious while opening attachments: You should never open any unsolicited attachment or email if you did not expect it even if it comes from someone you know. It is also advisable that you configure the security software of your computer so that it can scan attachments and emails automatically. This way, you will avoid opening files that carry viruses that can affect your computer.

Adjust your browser setting and use a security conscious ISP: Some browsers such as the Internet Explorer allow you to adjust security settings. This enables you to specify the amount of information that you want your computer to accept from the websites that you visit. Using this feature and others like SmartScreen Filter you can protect your computer against viruses. There are also Internet Service Providers who have strong anti-phishing and anti-spam procedures. These can greatly protect your PC from computer viruses.

Remote Computer Virus Removal ServiceHackers target high-value victims who use peer-to-peer networks. They do this by incorporating viruses, mass-mailing worms, Trojan and other threats in free downloads. This way, viruses spread to as many users as possible stealing information which they deliver to cyber criminals.

Eventually, the criminals forge identities to commit fraud. Additionally, some viruses can damage the hard disk of your computer and this will cost you unnecessary computer optimization and repair expenses. Stay tuned on Technology Scribes for more great computer-related posts and how to protect your machine.


Internet Marketing Tips for Surgeons and Medical Professionals

In the last few years, the scope of the World Wide Web has substantially increased. Due to this, every business wants to build a strong online presence. Since new technologies keep emerging everyday, there are various strategies to market and promote businesses rapidly.Surgeon SEO

In order to optimize a medical professional or surgeon's website for better SEO performance, you need to consider an efficient strategy. It is important to use specific search marketing tactics that help you interact with prospects, while helping you build an online presence. In this post, we discuss some search marketing and SEO tips you can use to build an optimized website for your surgical or medical practice.

Local SEO for Surgeons

A medical professional or surgeon’s success depends on local customers. Therefore, you need to optimize your website for mobile and local search results. It is very important to build a strong profile on Google+. It is also important to generate links to the website of interest from relevant blogs, websites, and medical directories. This entails the true challenge with doing any form of local SEO for surgeons and medical professionals.

In addition to building links, the citations (mentioning of the practice's name, address, phone number) generated from new off-site profile or directory listings can help with local SEO in the Google Local Search results. However, the first step is to ensure your Google+ local page is well populated. With a detailed profile on Google+, you get better exposure on Google Local Search. Your results will be accompanied by red pins on the map describing your specific location. In addition to linking your Google+ profile with the website, you should also use a responsive design for the site.

Local Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

When you want to develop an effective web marketing strategy for your healthcare business, you need to focus on PPC advertising. It is always better to supplement organic search presence with paid advertising. For better returns, you should integrate Google Local Search Results with Local PPC Advertising. Paid search makes a lot of money for Google. Thus, the company gives preference to paid advertisers. With paid search results, your SEO results will be more consistent.

Social Media Marketing

In the last few years, almost every person has started using social media platforms to interact with individuals and business. When you are focusing on a local SEO strategy, social media marketing is even more important. On your social media page, you need to develop relevant and interest content. It should be able to engage visitors, and make them share the content. It’s important to be active on various social media networks, such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter and more.

Content Marketing Medical Internet Marketing

While considering SEO, you can’t overlook the importance of content marketing. In order to promote your website, you need to focus on content. Without relevant and interesting content, your search engine optimization, public relations and social media strategies will suffer. It’s important to hire experienced writers to develop content for your blog posts, YouTube videos, ebooks, printed books, infographics, podcasts and more. In order to establish your healthcare practice as an authority, it’s important to develop high quality content.

Just like other business organizations, a healthcare practice also needs to build a strong online presence. In order to drive more traffic and grab people’s attention, you need to develop an extensive web marketing strategy. It’s also important to list your Name, Contact Number, and Physical Address on every page of the website. This allows your local prospects to call you instantly. They won’t have to look hard to find your details.


Portable Truck Scale Technology

Portable truck scales are unique weighing systems that designed specifically to measure an enormous amount of weight while enduring loads of abuse from the elements. For instance, some portable truck scales can provide specific measurements of trucks weighing up to 36,000 kilograms - some with a guarantee of handling about 200 trucks a day, for 365 days a year, for almost 25 years without breaking.

Truck scales are built out of ordinary steel, concrete or sometimes a combination of both. However, the technology used varies. Under this segment, we will be discussing briefly about different forms of portable truck scales and the technology.

1. Load Cell Systems

These are the most popular technology used for traditional and portable truck scales. Each cell is fashioned from a durable material, which is usually comprised of mostly concrete or steel embedded with one or more strain gauges. The embedded strain gauge consists of a wire(s) whose main purpose is to transmit mild electric current.

Different currents passing through the wires usually results in a difference in resistance causing each cell to sent a signal to a designated junction box where there is a mechanism with capabilities of calculating the amount of weight being supported merely from variance in the current flow. The embedded strain gauges inside the load cells are classified as either compression or tension based on their functionality.

Portable Truck Scale System2. Bending Plate Systems

These truck scale systems on the other hand uses metal plates with strain gauges embedded on them. Consequently, as substantial weight is applied on them, just like the cells, the plates are also subjected to stress/tension. The stress on the portable truck scale's plate is in turn used to calculate the amount of weight that can result to it. Often, the weight of each gauge is measured separately, and then later added together to get the cumulative weight of the axle.

3. Piezoelectric Systems

This technology uses a series of specialized sensors, formally known as, Piezoelectric Sensors. Piezoelectric sensors on weigh scales for trucks are implanted in a conducting material; when stress is applied, it causes a change in voltage of electric charge flowing through the conductor; the change in voltage is in turn used by the sensor to calculate the load.

Framework of Portable Truck Scales Truck Scales usually have a lower frame work and doesn’t require typical surfaces. These truck scales are equally accurate with an accuracy error of up to +/- 1%.

Unlike on board scale solutions, portable truck scales use different mechanisms when calculating the weight. Common methods include:

  • One-Axle - This is the most cumbersome method, the truck is supposed to stop every time the wheels are on the scale for measurements to be taken which later, are added together to give the total weight of the truck.
  • One-stop - With this method, a series of scales are used making it possible and practical to measure the entire truck weight at once.
  • Weigh-in-motion - This method works the same way as one-stop, however, with this method there is no need for a truck to come to a complete stop while at the measuring pad. This method is somewhat sophisticated and has the ability to weight even fast moving trucks.

As noted before, each state operates under a set of guidelines regarding to how much in terms of weight a truck is allowed to carry. It is therefore our obligation to ensure that these guidelines are adhered to, to the latter. Finally, it is imperative that apart from maintaining the premeditated weight, that we follow all traffic rules for both our safety and other road users.


Payload Management Solutions for Mining Operations

In the mining industry the accuracy of the weight data is a critical aspect. Accurate weight data is an indication of effective cost control, operational efficiency, regulatory compliance, and revenue management from mining exploration to the waste materials disposal.

The mining industry requires using industrial weighing solutions and large-scale mining scales. Today there are various payload management solutions designed for mining, spanning from weighbridge truck scales, and portable truck scales, to loader scales, and 3D volume load scanning. In order to optimize efficiency payload management software is also available. Some manufacturing companies specialized in payload management solutions provide to custom-tailored solutions for their clients in order to maximize the throughput of any mining site.

Mining scales are employed in order to maintain an effective payload management. For this purpose is necessary that they provide a high degree of precision and reliability. The technological advancement had made possible designing modern industrial weighing scales that are accurate and dependable.

Today the heavy-duty mining scales are essential tools in various types of applications that require weighing payloads accurately. The mining industry took advantage of the modern innovations applied in weighing scales technology. These truck weighing scales come now with software and specific applications and have now been integrated into their control system.

Some specific mining operations require special mining scales and advanced features. Portable mining truck scales and on-site mining scales are today essential tools for the effective payload management systems. Digital portable truck scales can now be paired with weight indicators and a sophisticated database. The weight data can be easily exported to a variety of programs and integrated in the control system.

Conveyor Belt Scales

Conveyor Belt ScaleConveyor belt scales can gather weight data while materials are in motion. Weighting is performed when the materials are passing through the conveyor belts. The advantage of this type of mining scale is that in order to gather the weight data the operation is not disrupted.

Mining Truck Scales and Weighbridges

Mining Truck ScalesWeighbridges and mining truck scales are specially designed to withstand the tough conditions present in the mining operations. Despite extreme environmental conditions, they provide reliable and accurate weight data. The advantage of weighbridges truck scales is that the weight data is taken as trucks are directly places on the weighing scale, without the need of unloading the extracted materials. Super heavy-duty weighbridges are mining scales that can be customized to fit any mining site’s requirements.

Portable Mining Scales

Portable Truck Axle ScalesPortable mining scales are not permanently installed on a specific site. Portable weighing scales can be transferred from one truck to another and enable target payload data of any loader or given truck with reduced operating costs. Additionally, portable truck weighing scales can often times be rented out. Many manufacturers are starting to provide truck scales for rent, as opposed to having to buy truck scales for sale

3D Volumetric Load Scanning Technology

3D Volume Load ScannerThe mining industry needs more than just weighing equipment and mining scales. Beyond that the industry needs solutions and technologies to help reducing operating costs and increase productivity. Among such solutions and technologies are the scale 3D volumetric scanning solutions. They are proved to be an invaluable tool for mine operations.

The 3D volumetric scanning technology allows mining operations to troubleshoot and monitor effectively many aspects to their process. The 3D volumetric load scanner can monitor material fragmentation, material density, load position, and bed volume. Such payload management solutions can reduce wasted resources and improve significantly operational efficiency.

The load scanner comes with great capabilities and features, helping to ensure that haul trucks are sufficiently loaded. While passing through the scanner the system can scan a 3D image of the trucks and their contents.


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