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New Resource Offers Ecommerce SEO & Marketing Guidance

Ecommerce SEO MarketingThere are thousands of ecommerce sites on the Web, so in order to get noticed, you can use all the tips and tricks you can find. One good place to get advice on how to make your site more successful is This site is designed to help you learn how to make your ecommerce site more successful by using search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to get your site to rank higher on search engines like Google.

Ecommerce SEO Tips & Strategies

This site can help small businesses to use online strategies to find more customers to increase their sales. Strategies like creating content for their website, using a mailing list and using social media to drive traffic to your ecommerce website.

To be successful in ecommerce SEO, especially when you have thousands of sites to contend against, you need to drive traffic to your site so you have the opportunity to make them paying customers. can help you learn those strategies.

Helping SEO Professionals to Realize Success

Not only can ecommerce site owners learn strategies to make their online business more successful, but SEO consultants and ecommerce SEO service providers can learn strategies that can make them more successful as well. The website can help SEO professionals create a coaching and consulting business to teach their clients about SEO strategies and how to use them.

Ecommerce Marketing Services Offered by the Website

Some of the services offered by include how to design and develop your ecommerce site in order to help it succeed. They give advice about the importance of link building, including building backlinks when you're off-line. The site advices that while building backlinks is challenging, it can help increase your site's ranking, which in turn helps drive traffic to your website.

Other ecommerce marketing services include site audits for ecommerce sites to see where they need improvements or which areas that need to be more developed on the site. The audit examines the backlinks to the site, the site's performance as far as loading speed or index rate. They also examine social media usage and how it can be improved, plus, they also look at the strategies implemented by the competition and what it will take to outrank those competitors.

Custom-Tailored Ecommerce SEO Services

The site also offers custom ecommerce SEO services to help ecommerce businesses to best their competition and be more successful by using strategies that have worked well when used by other clients. They will analyze the client's ecommerce site and find out where their weaknesses are to fix them. By customizing the SEO solutions for ecommerce sites, they can use the best solutions to meet the company's marketing objectives. can find the strategies that will make your ecommerce business stand out from their competitors by driving more traffic to your site in order to help increase profits. The site can also help other ecommerce SEO specialists to build their coaching and consulting businesses to make them more successful as well. The site offers the SEO services and strategies companies need to run competitive online businesses.


Optimizing Logistics Management for Mining Companies

The logistics difficulties of mining companies are complex and unique. In spite of this, investments in third-party logistics systems and processes, in many instances, take a back seat to core investments of searching, extracting and processing of minerals.

MIning Logistics Rail

A percent of a mining company's total operating expenses may be even small. However, these companies can actually uncover literally millions of dollars in profits which are hidden. These mining companies can do this by reexamining how they can address the challenges of logistics and distribution.

How 3PLs Aid Mining Logistics

In many instances, 3PLs (third-party logistics providers) who concentrate in industrial freight can offer targeted solutions which reduce operating expenses or costs. Also, the mining-specific logistics management solutions they provide improves service levels and free your own team to concentrate on the strategic initiatives. The following are some common challenges and solutions that logistics management can provide specifically for mining companies.

1. Managing logistics to & from remote areas

Mining sites are usually located in areas where there are minerals, mostly in remote areas. On the other hand, carrier pools are usually located in areas where businesses and the people are. It is not abnormal for the nearest carriers to remote sites to be two hundred (200) or even more miles away. This is so unless it is expressly formed to serve that particular mine. Some of the problems created by lack of a nearby carrier capacity include: insufficient capacity, inconsistent service and higher transportation costs.

The Solution.

Outsourcing freight management can help solve many of such challenges, especially if you consider partnering with third-party logistics providers that specializes or concentrates in industrial freight. The perfect 3PL companies have good working relationships with all major railroads and many trucking and logistics transportation companies, in addition to the distribution capacity to help mining companies thrive.

2. Managing complex, multi-modal transportation requirements

Right from extraction all the way to delivery, these companies usually use many distinct freight modes with requirements for specialized expertise and equipment. Outbound moves to ports and processing plants can use barge, rail, and trucks. Therefore, it requires special requirements such as HAZMAT certification and others. Inbound moves include a mix of full truckloads, LTL, multi-axle trailers, and flatbeds. Synchronizing and coordinating these moves is always difficult. Expertise is required across all freight modes.

The Solution.

The perfect 3PL company can help solve this to improve services levels and also drive dramatic reductions in inventory, time, and transportation costs. Some of the strategies employed include applying JIT (just-in-time) service, securing the lowest rates without necessarily compromising safety and quality, optimizing modes, and taking control of the inbound supply chain.

3. Asset utilization for railcar fleets

Rail equipment management is a hard and time consuming challenge. When railroads are used, `free running` does not mean zero cost. Generally, this is a challenge facing mining companies especially those who lack the processes and systems which are required.

The Solution.

3PLs can also help here. Their services include; improvement of asset utilization, tracking movement of goods and analyzing the decision to use or lease railroad assets.

4. Managing risk

Risk management is a difficult challenge facing mining companies as far as freight is concern. This is because of broker reliance, remote locations and lack of time to collect documents among other things.

The Solution.

A 3PL which specialize in industrial freight, like minerals, oil and gas, heavy equipment, and lumber, will have a well developed network of professional carriers which have been vetted and also approved based on their own safety record, performance history, levels of insurance coverage, and operating authority. They are able to analyze your freight profile and choose carriers with the suitable coverage.

5. Lack of dedicated systems and resources

Due to absence of dedicated systems and resources, a wide range of negative consequences arise.

The Solution.

Outsource freight management to a trusted 3PL and supply chain management company.

In general, the above are some of the common challenges and solutions that logistics management can provide specifically for mining companies.


The Role of IT Consultants in Today's Hi-Tech Digital Age

IT ConsultantConventional business consultants find themselves more and more isolated as the technology we use today advances. Emerging concepts in business have led to a need for a new type of expert, the information technology (IT) consultant.

IT consultants are individuals with skills and experience in the efficient use of company resources to achieve good customer service, cut costs and keep pace with technology. Sampled below are the primary responsibilities and roles of the modern IT consultant in relation to business technology strategies.

1. Provision of Advice

IT consultants are very knowledgeable in their areas of specialty, always keeping abreast of current trends in business technology. They are experts integrating technologies to maximize output while cutting costs and avoiding obsolescence. Business IT consultants are outsiders in a company, and so, the advice they offer, is neutral, as opposed to in-house specialists who may exercise bias towards certain technologies.

2. Definition of Software, Hardware and Network Requirements of a Business

It is the responsibility of IT consultants to understand the nature of an enterprise. These experts should also examine the direction the enterprise needs to take in terms of using technology. Different hardware and software operate differently. In order to integrate these various pieces into one flawless system, a good understanding of the business in terms of goals, clients, and technological resources comes in handy.

This is primary focus behind the business IT consultants of companies like Facet Technologies, that center their model on the client's needs and objectives. This more personlized approach to IT consulting is vital in today's digital age.

3. Finding Solutions to Technological Issues, Designing and Implementing New Systems

Change is a fundamental element in the integration of new systems. Every day, new systems emerge and likewise, the efficiency of doing things improves. A piece of hardware, effective yesterday, becomes obsolescent today. The business environment is continuously evolving, and IT experts need to keep upgrading and developing new systems that integrate seamlessly.

4. Design, Testing, Installation, Monitoring And Maintaining Systems

Consultants are required to come up with systems that fit in with the agenda of the business. Alpha and beta tests are the best way to determine the effectiveness of systems after IT experts design them.

If sound, they move on to the next stage where installation takes place. Constant monitoring is critical in determining the effectiveness of IT systems. It also helps when it comes to fine-tuning the processes involved in their maintenance.

5. Technology Systems Support

In many businesses, company clients are always having problems that are technical in nature. IT consultants step in to help clients with technical issues they find hard to understand. A client might have a problem installing an application provided by the company, or obtaining updates on company gadgets.

When such instances happens, business IT consultants offer advice and solutions. Besides that, they try to establish possible technical problems within company systems that may have caused some of these glitches. This enables the organization to be more proactive and protect computer systems to avoid future issues that may arise.

As professionals, these experts are always working to attain full integration and understand clients in order to give them the best service and correct system problems that may have led to website crashes or gadget malfunction.

Currently, IT consulting experts work in all industries, from hospitals to banks and government institutions. The roles of these professionals are many and varied, but the consensus is that they design a platform through which a business can operate within its specific scope. Integration and exploiting opportunities in IT is the ultimate goal of technology.

Building a system that works for clients, as well as for the enterprise, requires investment and expertise, and that is why IT consultants are some of the most sought after professionals in modern times.


Heavy-Duty Technology Behind Portable Scales to Weigh Trucks

Industries like transport, mining, agriculture, and logistics require demanding technology to perform vital task that support fluid operations. Scales and weighing systems are one these technologies, and play an important role in many important industries.

For instance in logistics, if a truck exceeds the legal highway weight limit, it could lead to large fines, in addition to a shorter lifespan of the truck. Likewise to benefit from such truck scales systems are mining operations that require portable scales to weigh truck loads for valuation purposes.

The most popular of this technology is portable truck scales. These portable scales to weigh trucks come in various forms which we describe in greater detail below.

Benefits of Using Portable Scale Technology

There are numerous advantages in using portable truck scales. It has been a popular notion that when a truck goes beyond its recommended weight capacity, controlling the vehicle will automatically become harder and the breaks less efficient. Therefore, a truck should only be loaded within the pre-determined capacity to make sure that its driver will have full control over it, all the time.

The fact that the portable scales to weigh trucks can be used whenever and wherever the driver needs it, makes the tool an invaluable and flexible equipment for transporters. These have improved through time, in fact, it has become very accurate in its readings.

Portable Axle Truck Scales

Portable Truck ScalesThe most known benefit of portable truck axle scales are their flexibility. Portable axle truck scales come in varied lengths and could weigh a wide arrange of vehicles. Created with a simple design to make it more portable, these scales are accurate. These axle scales can measure both multiple and single axle vehicles. A few of its features, include:

  • Easy to utilize; operation does not need special training.
  • Easy to transport from one location to another, making it completely portable
  • Comes with a protective system for overloads
  • Can manage heavy weights because it is heavy duty
  • Design simply; hence, don’t eat up storage space
  • Has portable ramps that could be utilized in uneven surfaces

Portable Wheel Weighers

Portable Weighing ScalesFor those who are in search for an easy weighing needs remedy, a wheel weigher that you can bring anywhere is the perfect device to go with. This kind of portable wheel scale is designed simply to allow the truck to go across it, easily. As the truck goes across it, you can acquire an accurate measurement through its digital indicator. A few of features of truck wheel weigher scales include:

  • Easy to use
  • Made of aluminum; therefore, light to carry anywhere
  • Could measure heavy trucks
  • Could be used under harsh weather and on wet ground because it is created out of waterproof material
  • A portable wheel weigher system could be connected to a built-in weighing system, which allows a user to gather numerous details of the truck
  • In remote areas, this could be operated through batteries
  • If it has to be used on uneven and rough ground, there’re a few portable wheel weighers made available for this purpose

Regardless of the specific kind of portable scales for weighing trucks that are invested in, the long list of benefits outweighs its costs.


Advanced Third Party Logistics & Warehousing Technology

WarehousingA lot of companies trust their supply chain management responsibilities to third party logistics and warehousing providers. As most companies would like to get the best warehousing and logistics services without incurring the costs of setting up their own warehouse management system, they have preferred to outsource these services to a third party logistics (3PL) firm.

This is because 3PL companies specialize in all of these transportation and warehousing services, and they can customize their services to meet the needs of their clients. However, when choosing a third party logistics and warehousing provider, most companies consider the physical and digital technologies that this company offers.

In fact, research has shown that most companies will demand more technologies from 3PLs than they would have ever demanded from themselves. The following are some of the digital and physical technologies that these third party logistics providers must have:

Document Automation Technologies for Warehousing

There are very many documents that are handled in supply chain management. Some of them include:

  • Packing lists
  • Packing sheets
  • Invoices
  • Pick tickets
  • Content lists
  • Arrival acknowledgement forms (including reports for damaged goods and returned goods)
  • Imports or exports forms
  • Bill of lading, etc.

All of these documents should be handled by document automation technologies that will help in the creation and storage of electronic documents. These document automation technologies help 3PL companies to reduce the time that is spent on data entry and proofreading. It also helps the company to save costs on paper, postage, faxes, document storage and labor.

These 3PLs will require their customers to fill template based forms for any repetitive document. They are also using ERPs and CRMs to handle all the accounting documents that are used in the supply chain management industry.

Fleet Management Technologies for 3PL

Third Party LogisticsThird party warehousing companies should have technologies that help them to manage, monitor, track and trace the fleet vehicles. The best technologies provide real-time monitoring of anything that they have been entrusted with. The third party logistics and warehousing providers use GPS technologies, GIS technologies, mobile communication technologies and a number of information systems to achieve real-time management and monitoring.

A number of automatic vehicle location systems have also been used to track the exact location of a vehicle and to communicate with the transportation team. The Fleet Management Systems include modules that help to manage the performance of the vehicle and its tires, to check the level of fuel, to monitor the routes that the driver uses, and to take any precautionary measures in case a problem is noticed.

Cloud Technologies for Advanced 3PL

The cloud has made it easier for third party warehousing companies to store information that can be easily accessed by their customers and other people who are involved in the supply chain management. This has helped a lot with communication and supply chain visibility. A Customer Relations Management systems and Transport Management systems can be stored on a cloud server in order to improve communications between the 3PL company and their clients. This technology will make it easier for clients to get real time information on the status of their shipment.

Storage & Preservation Technologies for Warehousing

These technologies help with the storage and preservation of the goods that the 3PL has been entrusted with. It is very common with third party logistics providers who handle food and beverages as well as pharmaceutical goods. They may need technologies that help to keep the containers cold and that help to preserve these products.

Warehouse Security Technologies

Security is extremely important in supply chain management and warehousing. Third party warehousing companies must use a number of security applications to ensure that the goods that they are entrusted with arrive in one piece. The security technologies that are used in warehouses include CCTV cameras and real-time monitoring software. The security applications that are used in transit include tracking and tracing devices.

Technology has helped third party logistics companies to lower costs, reduce risks, and increase supply chain visibility. It has also helped to save time and to improve communication and relations with the clients. Ultimately, these technologies have helped to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction.


3 Ways to Build a Solid Brand on the Web

Building a brand online is not easy to accomplish, but there are multiple ways you could achieve that without much struggle. You will come to find that building your brand is all about properly creating your presence online.

In this article, we share three powerful ways to help get your web presence known online. Whether you want to improve the visibility of your business, organization, or you're a marketer looking to build an awareness on the web, these are three vital components you must apply. Implementing all three of these aspects can all together to build more awareness and overall visibility in your brand

Search Web PresenceSearch Engine Optimization (SEO)

When creating a website, you need to remember that to get it online and be seen online, you need to do SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization, and when you optimize your site to rank for certain keywords, your site will pop up after you do some SEO.

Hiring a SEO company who can help you out with doing this is worth paying for. Using pay per click (PPC) advertising and promoting via Google AdWords can be very beneficial for gaining more traffic. But all in all, you want to use a cohesive strategy that includes the right balance of SEO and PPC advertising.

Social Media Marketing

Social Web PresenceFacebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Google+ and almost every other social media site can help you to develop your presence and build more awareness about what you're trying to spread, whether it be a business or an organization. When you build your social media accounts and gain followers, you can increase your brand and showcase who you are.

This is much easier done when you have social media management professionals helping you, but you could almost always do this on your own. Just simply building your social media accounts can make a world of difference to your brand and for growing your follower base. In short, social media is a good investment regardless of whether or not you hire a company for web presence management services.

Content Marketing

Have you ever read an article online or watched YouTube video? Of course you have.

Articles, blog posts, videos, and other forms of content can be published online to share what your company offers. Share content online that helps teach others helpful advice, and it should also speak about what you're trying to let others know. You can always create content and do a bit of guest blogging or maybe even article submission distribution to article directory sites.

Marketing any business is tough, but the time you put in will pay off if you take the time to invest in all three different marketing strategies above. With good SEO, PPC, content distribution, and a bit of social media marketing will all come together to help you market your business successfully.


How Home Automation Technology Can Improve Your Quality Of Life

 Home Automation System TechnologyAdvancements of computer technology and the invent of smartphones capable of running robust applications has brought in numerous advantages and possibilities. One often intensely acknowledged benefit of computer technologies is automation of tasks and easy error identification or monitoring.

Home automation systems have become very popular in the last few years and are now quite comprehensive. These systems basically help home owners monitor and control various systems that include lighting, entertainment, security, heating and cooling among others.

What Are Home Automation Systems?

Home automation systems comprise various technologies that work together to handle desired tasks and functions around the home. There are sensors which sense motion and interference for lighting, heating, cooling and air conditioning. You also have the common smoke, heat and fire sensors, CCTV cameras and audio sensors.

These sensors relay information that triggers switching on and off lights, opening and cutting down water flow in taps, music and entertainment among other things. Normally, an automation system is an intelligent program that uses sensors to perform certain routine tasks without the homeowner doing them.

Improving Life with Home Automation

There are many ways in which the automation systems improve your life. Firstly, automatic switching on and off of lights and other home utility ensures wastages are reduced to zero. This conserves resources and also reduces energy bills for the family. Heating and cooling systems are set to provide the desired heat or cooling effect only when needed.

Convenience and efficiency are almost inseparable from home systems used in automation of routine tasks and monitoring. These systems are designed to sense specific circumstances and situations and then trigger the required activity. They allow programing to initiate tasks without user presence and monitoring in order to ensure the required condition is accomplished just at the right time.

Facet Tech, one of the leading home automation companies in Bloomington IL enables users to customize their home automation systems with the features and functionality that they desire. With home audio a primary focus of the company's systems, you can learn more by visiting

Synchronizing With Mobile Devices

Synchronization with mobile devices and smartphones is anther very important capability that characterizes most modern automation systems. This means users can monitor their homes and activate tasks via their mobile gadgets from anywhere. The security seamless monitoring provides is simply incredible and offers home owners a chance to react first to emergency situations.

Automation reduces labor and effort, energy bills, time and depreciation rate caused by repeated touch and use. They allow home owners to be in constant awareness of their property surroundings and also allow easy control of systems such as lighting, heating, cooling, air conditioning and entertainment. More advanced technologies include reminders that keep track of incoming messages and calls on home telephones and emails.

Home automation technologies often involve highly durable components whose troubleshooting is quite easy and affordable in the long-rum. These technologies are designed to fulfill specific tasks and communicate with all the other elements. Usually after installing them, maintenance and troubleshooting is done with the contracted company.

There are various home automation systems for different tasks. These systems are provided by different companies whose quality of service and products vary depending on experience, capacity and professionalism. It is always advisable to contract licensed, expert companies with a verifiable reputation of high quality service only. This will ensure you have automation systems that meet all your requirements as desired.


Tech-Minded SEO Tips to Rank Your Site Higher in Google

Most techies and marketers who embrace technology are familiar with SEO. However, only handful these folks understand how to implement proper SEO on their websites.SEO for Techies

The fact is, SEO is far more than just using your target keywords in the right places. Most of what generates a high ranking site is fueled from external sources (or the inbound links and activity stemming from other websites,) whilst a small 30% Google's ranking algorithm is on-site factors.

In this post, we share a handful awesome and actionable SEO tips for the tech-minded individuals who are looking to rank higher in Google. These tips extend into both on-site anf off-site SEO. Let's dive right in.

Nail the On-site SEO Basics

We'll get the most obvious and rudimentary SEO stuff out of the way first. In short, when optimizing a page, you'll want to include your keyword target in a few important places. Mention your keywords in these areas is important to establish keyword relevancy. SEO TIps

  • Page Title (or Meta Title)
  • Meta Description
  • Headers (H1-H3)
  • Page Copy (wrapped in strong tags, italics, and other text styling elements)

You can also benefit by including your keywords as image file names (and the images' properties prior to uploading them to the site.)

Master More Advanced On-site SEO Strategies

The latter SEO tips are the basics. Below are some advanced SEO strategies that can help you maximize the remaining 30% of on-site optimization.

  • Sitemaps - Be sure to include a comprehensive HTML sitemap page and link it somewhere site-wide, such as in the header or footer of your website. Consider the HTML sitemap the roadmap for search engine spiders to easily crawl and index your optimized pages. Also, generate, upload, and submit an XML sitemap on your Google Webmaster Tools account. This notifies Google that your site is all ready to be crawled and indexed
  • Schema - Schema markup is massively powerful for SEO, although not many search marketers and webmasters take advantage of Schema. In short, Schema markup is specific HTML code or tags that add to your site's content, enabling Google and other search engines to better interprety your website.
  • Linking - Within the body of your page copy, you can embed cross-links to other relevant pages of your website. Do this mindfully and strategically use keyword-relevant anchor text. This will help pass some degree of keyword relevancy to pages being cross-linked. This SEO strategy can also result in two listings of your website showing up in the Google search results. We call this a "double stack" (attack!)
  • Calls-to-Action - Make sure your SEO efforts and new influx of search traffic pays off. Implement sufficient call-to-action throughout your website and prompt visitors to take desirable action.

For more information about on-site optimization, check out this awesome SEO guide by the director of TC Top of Mind, an SEO consulting company that specializes in the best Google SEO Traverse City has to offer.

Generate Inbound Links (Backlinks)

The volume and quality of inbound links (or "backlinks") pointing to your website is what ultimate fuels top ranking websites. Even sites that are hardly optimized (using the on-site SEO tips above) can rank hard with a huge influx of backlinks.

Seek out opportunities to generate more quality inbound links to your site. By quality, we mean backlink sources that are relevant to your site. The more popular the site, the more SEO link juice it will pass to yours.

Generating links is not easy. It might take some outreach. Or better yet, make your website so badass that people will want to link to it naturally. This what makes a truly authoritative domain that's owns-it with SEO.

Social Authority Contributes to Stronger SEO

SEO Google Social MediaParallel to generating backlinks is building a strong social media presence. Emerging as an up-and-coming Google ranking factor that's getting more respect, social media and social signals (Google +1's, LinkedIn Shares, Pinterest Pins, Facebook Links, etc.) are helping Google define content and pages that are credible and high quality, and thus deserving of higher rankings.

For the greatest SEO impact, maintain an active presence on Google+, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. These social sites have the most weight for SEO. Here you can share your brilliant content and earn all those natural links. Easier said than done, right?

Are you super SEO savvy? Do you have any solid SEO tips to share? Let us know in the comments section below!


11 Awesome Toys for Tech-Savvy Kids

Tech Toys for KidsAs the holidays approach fast, the hunt for awesome toys for kids becomes more intense. Long gone are the days when simple toys like hula hoops, dolls, stuffed, animals, and other more natural toys for toddlers and kids are found entertaining. Children now a-days are able to program computers before they can write their names. Below, are eleven toys that are sure to please even the most tech-savvy of kids.

1. MiP Robot

This Segway style robot can be controlled with hand gestures and movements; or it can be control through an iOS or Android capable device. This 10 inch robot can balance items on a tray, dance and more. It is available in either black or white and is powered by AAA batteries. Learn more.

2. LeapFrog Leap TV

This educational tool has been described as a cross bread of the Xbox Kinect and the Nintendo Wii. The motion sensor controls allow children to move freely about as they play the education based games that accompany the device. The vast majority of the games are centered around a variety of Disney characters. Learn more.

3. Barbie Color Change Handbag

By way of LED light technology and a switch at the rear of the handbag, the color can be changed to whatever you desire. The handbag can match any color that it is placed inform off. Learn more.

4. Scalextric ARC One (App Race Control)

The iOS and Android operator race control system allows for a hands-free race and the ability to show key race information on the screen of your smartphone. This new app is compatible with older Scalextric race tracks, etc.; therefore, clean out the attic and add to the racing excitement. Learn more.

Parrot Rolling Spider Minidrone Toy5. Parrot Rolling Spider Minidrone

This drone weighs 1.95 ounces and is able to fit in the palm of your hand. Geared for older children, the drone is operated by way of the FreeFlight 3 app (available for iOS and Android). It takes 90 minutes to fully charge the drone and that only provides the pilot with 8 minutes of flight time. The drone does come equipped with proper protection against inevitable crashes into walls and such. Learn more.

6. Nintendo Ambiibo

This is Nintendo’s way of bringing toys to life. Each miniature figuring has a microchip in its base and can be used to play a variety of games on the system. Learn more.

7. Lego Fusion

Lego has given itself a technology make-over. This year, Lego landers can upload their block creations into the virtual world. Learn more.

8. Kano Kit

For the most extreme of the tech-savvy kids, the Kano Kit allows them to create their own computer, essentially. Included are a motherboard, customizable, case and cords as well as programming books. Learn more.

9. Anki Drive

This is a millennium update on the traditional slot car racing toy. The cars have been drastically updated and race on a rolled out vinyl track and the cars are controlled via an iOS or Android operated device. Learn more.

10. Kinetic Sand

This high tech, mess free moldable sand is perfect to children of all ages. It is simple but it also serves as the perfect marriage between a traditional toy and technology. Your child can experience the joy and fun that you did when there age, with less mess. Learn more.

11. Littlebits

This collection of lights, magnets and more allow for children to be creative while learning the basics of engineering. Learn more.

Do you have any awesome tech-savvy toys for kid to share? Let us know in the comments section below!


Static & In-Motion Rail Scales: Weighing Technology for Many Industries

Rail Scale SystemRail scales provide many solutions for various industries. They can deliver tailored solutions for your particular demands.They are used in many operations, from recycling and agriculture, to mining and chemical applications. The rail scales are installed on the railroad track in order to measure the weight of the train or cars when they pass over the scale system.

There are two main types of rail scale systems available on the market today: the in-motion rail scales and the static rail scales. Depending on the industry, site characteristics, environment, business organizational needs and other factors, operator can choose between these two types of rail scales for the best suitable solution for their needs.

Rail ScalesStatic Rail Scales

Static rail scales, as the name implies are installed in a fixed location and they are not portable. This type of rail scales is best suited for measuring the loads of rail cars that are stationary in one location for some time. This type of rail scale can be installed on any part of the rail where it is required to measure the loads. In order to measure the weight, the car being measured should be stationary on the top of the static rail scale.

In-motion Rail Scales

In-motion Rail ScalesIn-motion rail scales are a type of weighing scales used for measuring the loads of in motion cars. This type of scales is the preferred choice in the mining industry. They are very accurate and effective. In-motion rail scale technology can be set up in as little as just half an hour and they can be placed anywhere on the rail.

Portable in-motion rail scales can be used anywhere is needed to measure weight and they can be moved along the rail line. Some of the in-motion rail scales also feature smart software. There are various types of rail scales for different types of trains and rail cars.

Industry Applications of Rail Scale Technology

Chemical Industry

Rail scales can help chemical companies to follow the safety regulations and control costs. They help companies in the chemical industry to achieve operational effectiveness. Rail scales used in the chemical industry are designed with special features for hazardous and corrosive environments.

Construction Industry

Rail scales used in the construction industry help companies to measure inputs, finished goods and waste in order to improve the efficiency of their operations by minimizing wastage and maximizing investment.

Food & Beverage Industry

In the food industry rail scales help with regulatory compliance, consistent quality, hygiene, food safety, and efficient production.

Manufacturing Industries

Rail scales can be custom integrated into existing operations and manufacturing networks. They help in improving production efficiency and respecting the industry specific regulation.Rail scales designed for manufacturing industries can stand up to the rough environment and conditions in the manufacturing industry.

Mining Industries

In the mining industries, rail scales provide information on efficiency, regulatory compliance, and revenue. In-motion rail scales are the most preferred option in this industry.

Recycling & Waste Management

In the recycling and waste management industries rail scales are the key to legislation compliance and operational efficiency. These industry applications are typically reserved for high volume waste management and recycling companies.

For more information on rail scales and the various systems and technologies available, please check out the portable and in-motion rail scales at Payload Pros is an industry leading in advanced weighing solutions for many applications.


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