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The Best of Bush Hog Technology for 2015

Bush HogThe Bush Hog brand has been involved in the manufacturing and development of various forms of equipment used for agriculture, landscaping, earthmoving, lawn maintenance, and other related applications. For years, Bush Hog technology has been successful in delivering high-quality performance for a wide range of customers.

In this agri-specific Technology Scribes blog post, we highlight some of the best of Bush Hog's incredible products and the technology that supports these amazing machines.

Bush Hog Rotary Cutters

The rotary cutter technology from Bush Hog comes in wide variety of ranges each with unique characteristic features. The rotary cutters are capable of performing even in the terrain with most tough surfaces. The tasks like shedding of crops, clearance of roadside, maintenance of orchard, or the mowing of pastures become easy with the Bush Hog’s rotary cutter with its outstanding performance.

Bush Hog rotary cutters are maintainable with fewer efforts and do not involve much of the expenses. The wing rod of the hydraulic cylinder in the rotary cutter does not move, hence extending the life of the cylinder. The performance of Bush Hot's rotary cutters to overcome the obstacles is attributed to the spring-loaded, auto-reset shanks which protect the equipment. The shank spacing is adjustable and can be done easily by the user. The plow points have the capability of being reversed and are made of high carbon steel which has high durability.

Bush Hog Load Attachments

The loader attachments from Bush Hog are quite robust and economical solutions for many applications. The performance is steady even after many years of usage. They are constructed with high-quality carbon steel and fittings are of tough features making their performance superior. They offer very high lift capacity of around 4950 pounds and can reach up to a height of 153 inches. The movements are very precise and works are done in a smoother way.

The mounting and dismounting of items are relatively easier with the loader attachments from Bush Hog. The equipment is provided with the grill guards for the mid-mounting and the grill guards are easily foldable downwards. The designs of the front-push are very attractive and strong. For absorbing heavy loads, heavy single cross tubes are provided to avoid metal fatigue.

Bush Hog Compact Rear Blades

The compact rear blades from Bush Hog comes a wise option for the lighter works like landscaping, maintenance of driveway, removal of snow during the snow season as well as for the heavy duty works like the construction of roads, building of dams, terracing or cleaning of feed lots.

Bush Hog Technology

The options of various adjustments in the blades like tilting, offset, angle are provided and they can be manually done by the user. The option of hydraulic adjustment is also available on Bush Hog compact rear blades. The moldboard is reversible in nature for the purpose of back filling. Depending on the blade width, they can be used across various tractors. The construction is robust and works under extreme conditions.

Bush Hog Cultivators

The cultivators from Bush Hog comes in various specifications. They are useful in getting rid of the weeds of the soil in a more effective way. They are involved in the aeration of the soil before cultivating and are helpful in the preparation of the land before planting seeds. The provision of mounting holes in the cultivator makes it useful for the seed planters.

Bush Hog Mowers

The mowers from Bush Hog have been widely used in many house owners and landscapers in the recent times. They are very rigid and have the long-lasting life with higher performance. The maintenance is easy for these mowers which make them more favorable. They are easily operable with the cutting works done perfectly.

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