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The Art of Bank Security System Design

Banks are the repository of many of people’s lifesavings – which is why it’s crucial for the bank management to ascertain the safety and security of their offices. In special cases like this, ordinary security will not do. For this reason, an extensive and highly sophisticated bank security system design is often determined with experts creating a lock and release approach for every aspect of the bank.

Bank Security System Design


 Bank Security System TechnologyPlanning and implementing bank security systems requires two complementary areas of expertise. Considering the different areas of concern, it makes sense to employ only the best for this particular need.

Typically, bank security system design is an art form that can be divided into two categories: the physical protection of the assets and the digital protection of the information. A good security system must encompass both concerns, making sure that employees, physical assets, and the electronic information are all kept secure against any intruders.

In addition to this, the design must complement the overall layout of the bank, bearing in mind the protocols followed by the employees for security purposes and taking them into account when devising a system. More often than not, the goal here is to make sure that all bases are covered through careful planning and leveraging the right security technology.

Different Bank Security Systems Today

So what exactly is covered with bank security system design? Following are the different aspects of financial institution usually requiring the expert input of security personnel’s.

ATM Security Systems

Often located outside of the bank - or even in populated areas far from the actual bank, ATM systems are perhaps the most vulnerable portion of any financial institution. There are instances when these ATM systems have been rigged to obtain the code and pin of its users, putting them largely at risk. With a well placed security system however, these problems will not occur as new digital and mechanical developments are enforced to prevent interference of third parties. The standard use of cameras and tracking also enhances or prevents possible illegal acts involving the machines.

Digital IP Surveillance Systems

IP surveillance technology is currently the latest innovation when it comes to surveillance. A major improvement against analog, this method instantly records a video and compresses it into a digital format. Utilizing the internet to transfer data from one device to another, the digital IP surveillance system gives anyone the chance to view the video feed with just simple access to a computer. In most cases, these same feeds are being automatically recorded and may be deleted upon the discretion of the user.

Access Control Systems

Access control systems are an all-encompassing process that unifies what would be a confusing security system in a bank. The control system essentially gives authorities the chance to manipulate everything within the bank simply and easily without compromising the security. Access control systems typically vary in their coverage but with the right provider, they can be made to control as much systems as possible.

Bank Security Equipment and Vaults

Of course, the physical aspect of bank security must also not be overlooked. Physical barriers include safe deposit boxes and vaults/ – all of which contains highly valuable items left by the clientele. It is crucial that said containers are rock solid and virtually impenetrable. Response is often limited to a digital entry of the keys, released only to authorized individuals.

Bank security systems and design must be handled by experienced professionals like as it requires the input of a company with extensive experience to make a difference.


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