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3 Innovators in Automatic Box Opener Technology

Automatic box opening technology is comprised of unique systems by which boxes and cartons are opened automatically on a conveyor or any other pass-through environment. This technology was invented to fill the gap of automation that existed in warehouses, distribution centers and shipping industries.Automatic Box Opener Machine

Since the invention of automatic box opener machines, the trend has continued, evolved and advanced to new state-of-the-art automatic box openers. Automatic box openers perform work that can be done by up to 10 people in the fastest and safest way possible. In this article, we review three automatic box opener machines, namely: IBOD Box Opener, the CCU Automatic Box Opener, and the RED Stamp Cutters.

IBOD Box Opener

The IBOD box opener is perhaps one of the top industrial-grade box opening machines found on the market today. This state of the art machine has been designed by Walz and has found a wide range of applications in operations found in warehouses, shipping and receiving just to mention but a few. The IBOD Box opener provides the safest, easiest and the fastest way to open boxes in industries. There are three main types of IBOD Box opening machines, namely; the IBOD single, the IBOD double and the IBOS 12M Casecutter.

The IBOD single also known as intelligent box opening machine/device is fully programmable and is capable of cutting and removing the carton tops automatically at rates up to around 600 cartons per hour. Not to mention, the IBOD single is also perfect and its 100% safe. It has unmatched logic and price and also adjust for random carton sizes and cuts fairly well, whether they are in line, or even stand alone with casters.

IBOD Automatic Box Opener

On the other hand, the IBOD double auto box opening machine is an extension of the IBOD single and can open up to a thousand cartons per hour. These machines have also been fitted with 2 in-feeds and have various options such as sorting added to it. The 12 M Case cutter on the other hand is designed to open Dc’s cigarette cartons at a rate up to 12 cartons per minutes or even faster for standard cartons. The speed at which these automatic box openers open the cartons highly depends on the size of the box and the cut of the depth among other variables which may alter the cut times.

The IBOD box opener is also capable of emptying contents of cartons to dustbins conveyors or even hoppers once the top of the carton and the liner is opened. In case you need to change the blade the IBOD box opener will never slow down the operations since it has been fitted with an option to have blade changed without altering the speed. This option ensures fast moving of DC’s at high volumes. Besides that the IBOD box opener is also fitted with another option, which will help you to cut tape lines only in case of a need. This option helps to save you carton in case you will need to reseal it later.

CCU Automatic Box Opener

The second automatic box opener in my review is the CCU Automatic Box opener/cutter. The CCU Automatic Box opener/cutter is an automatic box cutting machine which is designed to open HSC and RSC boxes. This auto box cutter typically cuts the top sides of the boxes making hand-cutting unnecessary thereby reducing labor and improving safety. Besides that, this technology speeds operations, minimizes injuries, save carpal tunnel and saves insurance premiums.

Not to mention, CCU Auto box cutters also operate independently from any human interventions by measuring, metering, cutting and automatically indexing cases from the cutting cell. Regardless of the box size, CCU Box opener cut 3 or 4 sides of the box presented to it at certain designated locations.

Advanced applications, such as bar code and other form of identification are also incorporated in this box opener to enhance the efficiency of operations. To further enhance efficiency of operation, the system has been equipped with high tech cameras which are used to inspect and sort the cut items.

So how does the CCU automatic box cutter/opener work? The CCU Auto box opener uses a state of the art 24 VDC conveyor system to index box case entering into the opening area. The case is then measured in three dimensions, namely the length, width and height using a high resolution sensor.

The robotic servo motors then positions the blades as needed and cuts the box case at designated locations as specified the Auto Box cutter operator. The round shaped blades provide a wide surface area hence increasing the life of blades by helping them to resist breakage. This superb machine opens the boxes perfectly every time and in case there is an over current, the machines stops immediately. Besides that, CCU box opener has numerous maintenance and logging alarms, which are used to enhance efficiency of operations.

Unlike other competitive models, CCU auto box opener logic and functionality are contained in a single user-configurable PLC thereby allowing customers’ freedom to help or support the machine themselves at their own will. The cutter also includes safety guarding package which interlocks the machine automatically in case any guard is opened.

RED Stamp Automated Box Opener

The third automatic box opener that we reviewed is the RED Stamp’s Automated Box opener. This machine is ideal for large distribution centers warehouses and shipping and is a top choice for opening tobacco cigarettes or any other tobacco products. The RED Stamp’s automated box opener is a productive alternative to all manual case cutting since it ensures fast, safe and efficient opening of various product box tops by minimizing product damage throughout their entire operation.

The RED Stamp automatic box cutting machine is also known for its speed, versatility and is designed to reduce human labor and increase output. This smart machine measures the size of every incoming carton and cuts it in a designated location as specified by the operator at rates up to 1800 cartons per hour. During feeding, boxes are fed in sizes and order and do not mix since batches of the same sizes are grouped together.

RED stamp’s automated box opener, find a wide range of industrial applications, it assists in order fulfillment, re-park and reverse logistics buy opening boxes and cartons. RED Stamp auto opener also facilitates faster replenishment, access to returned products and order picking.

Boxes of different goods are opened in a way that ensures safety of the product inside and ease of access. Some of the feature of this automated box opener include, precision multi-axis cutting, automatic product sizing, precision sensors which measures to within 0.001’’ and integrated touch screen operator interface just to mention but a few.



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