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Advanced Weighing Technology For Shipping Operations

Floor Pallet ScaleShipping companies demand very intricate and precise technologies for certain weighing operations and processes. In short, accurate weight measurements are a critical aspect of a shipping company's day to-day operations.

In this article we highlight some of the most popular weighing technologies used by various types of shipping and distributing companies.

Floor Scales

Floor scale is a popular weighing technology used for weighing in shipping companies and are extremely ideal for measuring weights in the range of 1000 pounds to 50000 pounds. The scale is made out of mild steel and structural steel and can be used in different types of surface areas including wet and dry areas. Floor sacles are typically low frame scales that come with a rugged industrial design. The floor scales make use of NTEP certified load cells that are capable of providing accurate weight measures.

As the scale is made out of stainless steel, it gets the capability to resist the formation of rust and corrosion. These scales are capable of providing repeatedly consistent weighing measures that are accurate in nature. Floor scales are a perfect fit for weighing uniformly distributed loads such as pallets. A basic weighing terminal is provided along with floor scales. This weighing terminal is very easy to operate and comes with a bright LED display that can be seen clearly from far-away distances.

Lift Truck Scales

Lift truck scales are one of the most dependable way of performing on-board weight measurements. These scales are extremely helpful in tracking the production data. The payload systems that are crucial for ensuring accurate on board weight measurements come with the state of the art patented sensor technology. The interface through which the lift operator notes the reading has been carefully designed to include all the tools required for performing the weighing operations.

The weighing terminal comes with a large and clear illuminated display through a Back lit LCD. The touch key pads provided with the weighing terminal have been designed for extended use. Lift truck scale is easy to install as it comes with a ready to assemble manual that is simple to understand and perform the assembly. Lift truck scales can be easily calibrated by making use of the certified test weights.

Pallet Jack Scales

The pallet jack scales help in performing the weighing operations on the spot, which can improve the efficiency of weighing operations. Pallet Jack scales typically come with a built-in scale that lets the operator to weigh the load as they continue to handle the load. The pallet truck scale frame is made out of heavy duty steel that increases the strength and durability of the scale.

Certain pallet jack scale model can be used in low height lifting applications. The Keyboard that comes along with this scale can be calibrated to take up different weight increments. One of the major highlight of this pallet truck scale is the digital filtering feature. This digital filtering helps to compensate the disturbances caused by vibrations and helps pallet jack scales to provide an accurate and a reliable weight measurement.

The weighing technology that goes behind the design of pallet jack scale helps in making this scale mobile. Instead of taking the pallet to the scale, using this scale, one can take the scale to the location where the pallets have been stored. The LED display comes in a protected housing and displays weighing data in a clear and a bright manner.

By choosing the technology, like lift truck and pallet jack scales, that best fits their weighing requirements, shipping companies can continue to optimize their weighing operations to achieve maximum weighing operational efficiency.


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