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The Most Advanced Lawn Mower Technology of 2015

Advances Tech Lawn MowersFor those who love their lawns but find it hard to mow with their old lawn mower, there is finally good news. 2015 is the year of great innovation and cutting edge technological advancements for lawn mowers.

This is the midst of a great lawn mower renaissance. The electric craze that has now been a revolution in the auto industry has trickled down to the suburban lawns. Just less than five years ago, you could not find a cordless electric mower with enough energy to trim anything bigger than a backyard of a town house. So if you're shopping for lawn mowers for sale, following are some of the technological advancements and cutting edge innovations in 2015.

Lithium-ion battery chemistry advancements

Thanks to lithium-ion chemistry, these machines are now quieter, muscled up and run time boosted considerably. While these cordless mowers once gave out a maximum voltage of 24 volts, the versions of today have batteries able for packing three times more than that. Some are even utilizing more than one battery in order to maximize their run time.

The almost maintenance free mower

This is another evolution in lawn mower technology in this category of machinery this year. In terms of raw power, gas-engine mower takes the day but it is more difficult and tiresome to maintain than its electric counterpart. Here there is no need of you to change oil, a cumbersome activity whatsoever in the whole mowing activity.

Immense power

Flail mowers are now in market to deal with the more hard core lawns. This technology has found something more elegant that the PTO of your tractor. This type of mower is best suited for providing a rough cut to taller grass. It has a flail fitted to its rotor to provide the cutting effect hence nothing is hard to cut now not like before when there was nothing to cut the hardcore lawns into at least a rough finish.

Zero turn mowers

These are types of self-propelled mowers which solve problems for home owners with small garages or shades. This is because of the size of the mechanical machine and its efficiency at doing its work. Like the Bush Hog, mower, it has a smart stow folds which allow them to be stored vertically hence saving on a lot of space. This way, the mower takes a third less space than the whole mower which is way much bigger on the horizontal posture.

The clever cordless finishing mowers

This type of mowers now uses shorter than normal nineteen inch blade and a pair of fifty six volt lithium-ion batteries which provide a longer run time than similar models. The superior handling and usability is the reason behind the position of this mower model in the list of innovations and technological advancements this year. This is comparable to many of the advanced robotic lawn mowers.

Advancements in technology is paramount as it has enabled us run our lawns without having to think too much on the welfare of the machines we are using since they are well taken care of. With technology in place, you can now just worry about where you can charge your mower and stop worrying about whether or not it will last long enough to finish the job you intent to do.


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