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An Inside Look At Today's Advanced Bank Vault Technology

A bank vault is simply a secure space where money, records, documents and valuables are stored. Bank vaults protect these assets by use of armored walls and tightly fashioned doors which are closed with complex locks.

Bank vault technology was developed to help keep money safe in the banks. As burglars came up with sophisticated methods of breaking into bank vaults, banks vaults developers came up with more innovative way to foil them. Today’s bank vaults are armed with wide array of alarms as well as anti-theft devices. As compared to older vaults, modern bank vaults are made using thinner and lighter materials but they are still secure and easy to dismantle.

modular bank vault system

Material Advancements in Today's Bank Vaults

Materials used in manufacture of bank vaults have changed as well. The older bank vaults doors were usually made of steel, but since steel doors could easily be cut using acetylene torches, different materials were used instead of steel. Today's bank vaults doors are made of massive cast iron and are made more resistant to acetylene torches as compared to steel doors.

Modern bank vaults doors consist of concrete, steel rods for reinforcement as well as proprietary additives which gives concrete more tensile strength. Refinement of metallurgical techniques and new lock designs have also brought a true revolution in the world of bank vaults.

Introduction of massive cast iron has enabled creation of much more durable bank vaults which are both fire and chemical resistant and also hard to crack.Burgary safes in particular are designed to withstand any type of unauthorized intrusion by use of a security system that is capable of resisting attacks that last for even up to 20 hours.

Bank Vault Mechanisms & Configurations

New and modern bank vaults for sale also features walls that are incredibly thick, these walls are encased with strengthened concrete and incorporates one of the most complicated locking mechanisms ever known to human kind.

In ancient times, lock mechanisms were made from wood and since these locks were expensive to produce, susceptible to damage and also complicated to design, they were overtaken by technology.

Today’s locking mechanism have advanced greatly, the lock of a modern bank vault is often a dual-control combination which means that it requires two people to open it. Besides that, this lock is also connected to a time lock which can be set in such a way that the combination lock will only open after the pre–set number of hours passes. This locking system is theft proof and was invented in the late nineteenth century. Such locks are only manufactured by a few companies worldwide and are supplied already assembled by the vault manufacturer.

bank vaults access control technology

Access Control Integrated Bank Vaults

To counter the threats of tunneling, modern bank vaults have incorporated certain types of access control systems to ensure that no one attempts to tunnel their way in. Besides that, modern vaults uses sophisticated access contol door system. This access control system establishes a unique line of defence outside the bank vault hence improving safety as well as access control to the facility.

Such high tech entry and exit monitoring system makes robbery almost impossible since criminals are prevented from bringing fire arms as well as assault rifles into the building. Biometric readers are also integrated in today’s advanced bank vaults, such readers are very vital since they validate the credentials of the individual accessing the bank vault hence further enhancing the security of the overall system.


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