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Aaron Wolinski

Aaron Wolinski: Music Producer & Audio Engineer

Aaron Wolinski Technology Scribes FeatureAaron Wolinski is a cutting-edge and highly-professional music producer and audio engineer based in the Traverse City area of Northern Michigan. As an emerging entrepreneur, Aaron Wolinski has created many different local businesses and brands in the Traverse City area, each focusing on specialized audio solutions for events, musicians, causes, and other unique projects. 

Aaron has worked with a wide spectrum of film makers, musicians, and artists ranging from the likes of Michael Moore, Kenny Olson, E Minor, Ron Getz, Blake Elliot, John Phillips, Tim Hardy, and the Fundamentals. In short, Aaron Wolinski has cultivate a range of experience that's equally vast as his range of sound and expertise. Is reputation grows as he continues to work with recognized artists as well as contribute to large-scale projects.

Aaron Wolinski Music Producer

Aaron Wolinski's Avatar Media Productions

Aaron Wolinski Avatar MediaOne of the most reputable businesses behind Aaron Wolinski is Avatar Media Productions, a premier DJ service that caters to parties, events, and other gatherings all throughout Northern Michigan. As one of the leading DJ's in the Traverse City area, Aaron works closely with his clients to ensure the best possible experience. As a result Avatar Media Productions has become locally-recognized DJ in the Northern Michigan area. But that is not all.

Aaron Wolinski's Spiral Sound

Aaron Wolinski is also the mastermind behind Spiral Sound, a nationally-recognized audio and music production company. Having worked with both local and world famous artists in many areas of product, Aaron delivers a high degree of expertise and experience in virtually all things audio. On the local level, Aaron's Spiral Sound company has contributed to the transformation of Traverse City's music scene.

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From playing multiple instruments to writing and producing the music, Aaron has also unveiled a number of his own works. Among some of the most popular are Aaron Wolinski's "Several Reasons" (with other artists) and Sleeves, among others.

To learn more about this world-class music producer and audio engineer, connect with: Aaron Wolinski on LinkedIn, Aaron Wolinski on Google+, Aaron Wolinski on Facebook.

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