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Improved Performance Among 3PL's is Driven by Technology

Logistics TechnologyWhen in regards to third-party logistics and supply chain management, technology has always had a pivotal role. This is even more true when you consider the deregulation of the transportation industry because third-party logistics (3PL) has recently provided customers with innovative technology which is bound to truly alter how the industry operates.

In the past, businesses have perpetually looked for various avenues of getting goods out more quickly, in bigger amounts and in a good range of economy as well. The invention of the railway to automobiles, all the way to the creation of the computer have completely revolutionized supply chain management is such astonishing ways that when it is looked at closely, it is awe-inspiring.

Third Party Logistics SolutionsWith the help of 3PL and the ever emerging logistics technologies of the modern era have revealed products built of speed, security, accuracy and a seamlessness developed to produce quickly and effectively. Some of these profound technologies are products such as driverless vehicles, 3D printers, drones and augmented reality. This article will give you some ideas of just how unique and innovative these products really are.

Driverless Vehicles

They are still a prototype but what is known as of now is that driverless vehicles can pose as a fantastic tool for the supply chain management industry. These special vehicles will completely change the way things are currently because there will never be human interventions and errors to slow down the overall process. Another aspect is it will cut down the cost of operation because of the lack of paying driver’s salaries. 3PL will be able to cut their overhead by quite a margin by utilizing the lack of salaries as well.

3D Printing

Even though it’s concept has existed far back as the 80’s, 3D printing is a myth technology which is finally becoming reality. Not only a reality but 3D printing products are being produced on a large scale. What this innovative technology creates is special metals, plastic, various materials and believe it or not, human tissue. Additional manufacturing will free-up everything within the manufacturing process. This will also give businesses a way to easily print on-demand and what this will ultimately do is enable the supply chain to be shorter.


A drone is an aircraft which is flown entirely without the on-board supervision of man. They are typically flown by remote or they may be controlled by software which is embedded within their system. What makes drones so special is that they have the ability to fly into areas where other types of transportation have no way of doing. They are very small, light and economic, proving to be an asset to the transportation industry.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is truly special because it enables a look at the planet that can be totally direct or indirect and it is operated by sensory-inputs which is totally computer generated. These CG realities also incorporate sound and even video and it will give businesses a live open-world look that will create an awareness of the environment. This type of technology will be highly effective for 3PL and the supply chain challenges in the industry. This will ultimately increase the speed of delivery and it will also make it much cheaper to operate.


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